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   See Also:

    Explorations - John M. Dollan's essays and reflections on the power and beauty of the written word.

    Wicked Cool Mouth-Offs - Short essays on everything from god, to money, to sex, to stupidity.

    Bill Ross - Writings for business and fun, and 20 pages of short-chunks-with-links.

    In the Mind of Methos - Weekly philosophical writing.

    Tommaso's Thoughts - Soon you will be as cheese... melty melty melty. Journal-like setup of random thoughts.

    Essays for Entertainment - Humorous essays, and literary, and political spoofs by K. Gordon Oppenheimer.

    Ranting - Social commentary by pissy Midwestern type.

    Short Stuff - A collection of humor and essays from professional writer Lin Stone with the focus on family and growing up.

    The NothinOfficial Hangout - Hangout to exchange unofficial non-pseudo philosophical thoughts and views on life, old age, nature etc.

    Brothers and Angels - A true story written by Tyler Krebs about the relationship with his brother Tim. This site includes the full text, information about the author and his brother and links.

    Synthetic Sam - Observations, realizations, complaints, and the daily hoo-ba-doo of Life. (Javascript required.)

    Out to Lunch with Mr Hollywood - Every Monday morning, some new comic truth will be revealed in the life and hard times of Hollywoods favorite insider, Mr. Hollywood, as he negotiates the twists and turns of a business that is stranger than any movie.

    A Step Back: A Journey Around the World and Into the Future - Philosophical study of life, the American Dream and being human, via a journey around the world. Interesting insights into the nature of being an American in a global community.

    The Web Author Zone - is composed of articles written by people that for whatever reason found and decided they wanted to use the software provided to post articles about a variety of subjects.

    Journeys - Stories about every day life. From tucking your daughter into bed at night, to good friends who have departed, to Christmastime during a war.

    It's All About Me! - A weekly column by SereneBabe with topics controversial, thought-provoking, trivial and trite.

    Bella's Domain of Mischief and Enchantment - This little corner of my cyberworld is dedicated to Mischief and Enchantment and Mayhem. I like trouble. . . thats me! :)

    EWG Presents - A contemporary e-zine of literary thought and exploration. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Humor, Mystery and Writing columns.

    The Dichotomy of the Dog - Check back each week for new columns reminiscent of The New Yorker (except you can read these in one sitting).

    Hole in the Sky - "Hole in the Sky" is a true story about how two young flyers, with their imagined immunity, stared down very real dangers. This book along with the author's other publications are available on the at his personal website.

    Words - A library of work from people like you, on Life. We are dedicated to bringing art to the web by giving an old craft a new meaning.

    Mr Confession - A place to submit a confession for others to read and respond. Choose from many categories and read online anonymous confessions.

    The Omni's Thoughts and Writings - Thoughts and opinions on everything and some works of fiction.

    Nonfiction - Personal things and boxes from Haiyan Zhang.

    Private Correspondence - Collection of thought-provoking letters by R.A. Barrington, illustrated by paintings and photography.

    The Katie Archive - Collection of humorous essays, and articles.

    Buyproducts - Commentary on politics, pop culture, media, technology, and materialism.

    World Views: A Personal Journal of Politics and Travel - Come explore the world with Amitava and Sushmita Mazumdar.

    Thoughts Beneath The Trees - A collection of essays on consciousness, spirituality, the creative process, brain nutrition, & things transpersonal. Intended to inspire and provoke a new view of your creativity.

    Dear Me - Everyone has a story to tell, welcome to mine. Online journal with lots of pictures, links, graphics and music.

    Living With Nature - Weekly articles about enjoying nature, making it accessible for everyone, and living with respect for the environment; by a professional journalist with science degree in wildlife biology and ecology.

    Vertigoirl - An eZine with a collection of rants, essays, and the occasional poem, about life and society by Vertigogirl, Kate Douglass.

    Arlyn - Various & sundry essays, photos, drawings, & quotes.

    SuperGirl Falls - All or one of the following: neglected crevices of paradise, music for a way of life, living not for work, an exploration into myself, as elusive and selfish as I want. Breathing existing emo punk rock celebrating falling.

    Men With Guns - Featuring a poetry contest, movie reviews, and editorials. Plus, our monthly Jackass Award-- picked by you. Stop by and learn to cope with a world gone mad.

    Ambient Roar - An attempt at ambiguity, at anonymity, a place to for the things that aren't personal, that aren't political, that make no sense to go anywhere else.

    Andrea Wesselenyi - Focus on internet romance, relationships. teleworking opportunities, freelancing, career development, cyberspace jobs and other internet issues.

    The Art of Escapism - There is a tainted cloud of imperfection cataracting the vision of all. Dare we escape from this fog and let our vitreous humor poor out?

    Things - Published twice-yearly by an independent group of young writers and historians as a forum for the free discussion of objects.

    Plaid Eggs and Flour Sack Panties: Growing Up during the Depression Years - The creative nonfiction account of a young girl's life in the midwest during the Great Depression.

    Nautically Correct - Captain Lee's entertaining monthly ranting and ravings, beach gossip. St.Petersburg, FL.

    The RIghteous Order of the Devine - Writtings and philosophy of a recluse in harmony with nature.

    Words of Love - A fine romance with romantic stories and romance poetry for lovers and lovers of love.

    Get A Life Network! - An exploration of our lives through journals, fictions, and poetry. Original writings from new authors in an upbeat environment.

    Stratis Through Time - Personal daily thoughts.

    Ambient Writing Project - Articles by the editor of Dartmouth review.

    Tammy's Titles/Words of a Child - The struggles of growing up in the ghetto and beating the odds.

    The Road to Nowhere - John Sealander's essays that take a humorous look at American life in the 90s.

    My Word - Bob Sanchez Writes Non-Fiction - Contains the author's non-fiction work that has been published in several high-tech magazines.

    Gladwell dot com - An archive of New Yorker articles by Malcolm Gladwell and information about his book "The Tipping Point."

    The Skeptical Believer Site - Author John Shirley rants on political corruption and conspiracy theory.

    The Writings Of Sarah Bracey White - A self-examination of the life and times of a South Carolina born author and professor Sarah White and her journey to professional growth and self-acceptance.

    Scene Storm - Covers music, movies and some social issues.

    Aaron West - A freelance writer's site containing published articles, product reviews and tutorials related to computer, web design, and search engine issues.

    Voyager, by Candice and Company - In her new book, the author declares that "human evolution, where science and nature and weather depicts a mysterious force." The website introduces her work as a discovering of subconsciousness.

    Western Author Glorianne Weignad - Glorianne Weigand, California author, relates stories about cattlemen, ranchers, buckaroos, loggers,and other people that she has met during her years as a rancher.

    DeathMog's Dojo - A misanthropic view of the world, among other things.

    True Adventure Cowboy Short Stories - True adventures of a South American cowboy told from his perspective.

    The World of Mat Landers - Includes an introduction to his poetry and non-fiction as well as photo links to his family and friends.

    Open Letters - A new magazine of first-person writing in the form of personal correspondence.

    The Haywire Mechanic - Read some of the Haywire Mechanic's previously published no-nonsense technical articles and enjoyable stories. Laugh and learn at the same time.

    NuMoon Creations - Using humor to sketch ideas, two people defining ourselves through pictures and prose.

    A Hidden River - A site of writing (prose, poetry, journal, etc) by Nellie Levine. - Random thoughts, poetry, and dispatches. Links to spiritual resources, read the latest news from around the world, Hollywood, and literature.

    Ashley Pomeroy - Essays by writer, Ashley Pomeroy.

    No More Heroes - Discussion, opinions, reviews and advice for modern life. Discussing heroes and events and their influence on our lives

    Mental Meanderings - Thoughts on life and matters from a teen's point of view.

    Thing-Thing - The home of The LEF Newsletter On-line, a webzine containing a clever mix of self-aggrandisement, self-deprecation, ambiguity, tomfoolery, and sincerity.

    Powell, Chris - Freelance writer working primarily in nonfiction including historical biographies, sailing adventures and technical computing.

    Puke on Pavement - A collection of rants, essays, and tasteful blends of insight and bullshit. A variety of topics are included, as well as a message board and other interactive forums

    I Mind Do You - Empty space, new book, old pen. Waiting company, companion, escape. Too much coffee. Breathing cancers fog.

    The New Companion - Essays on a variety of subjects. Updated regularly.

    Current Directory - Online magazine of unusual stories and thoughts emanating from experiences of growing up in the South, traveling abroad, grad school and being young parents.

    Terrie Lynn Writer - Commentary style reflecting issues from gender stereotypes to equality and feminism; plus other social issues.

    Sheila Moss, Humor Columnist - Introduction and index page to articles of an online columnist.

    A Skater's Memory - An essay detailing a memorable childhood experience.

    Paul Daly Fiction World - Subject comedy and sport, a collection of humorous articles, jokes, diarys and quotes.

    Just Hangin' on the Corner - Writings on a variety of topics, from movies to politics to stuff I've seen on the corner. Updated as things get in my craw.

    Fox in a Box - Gallery of artwork, photos, written word, animated childrens story, angel oracle, elves, fairies, magick.

    Writing4Fun - Personal web page including links to my works of art.

    Lisa's Rantin' an' Ravin' - Rants about current issues, often humorous, but occasionally serious.

    Another Blooming Writer - A place to read humor,poetry, opinions, etc. and submit your own.

    Escape Hedonist Hippydom - Continuous since 98; major categories: indiginous foibles and frays. Alternative economics like micro-credit, free-banking and community currency; last but not least: understanding and applying rock dust as the ultimate bottom up measure possible.

    The Book of Wonders - Submissions about extraordinary moments in ordinary life.

    Steven C. Scheer's Web of Words - This site deals with essays on literature, film, the arts of reading and writing, and related topics.

    Out of Step - News, essays, webcam, message board and photos.

    Scriven - Our writing includes observations on technology, society, science and journalism. Our aim is simply to express ourselves. We hope you find the words here thought provoking, informative and, in the right places, humorous.

    Giddyap, Napoleon, Small Time Bound - Words and pictures by Juliet Clark: memoir, movie criticism, essays, comics.

    E-nough - A book without the 'e'-letter.

    Typical Tragedy - Have you ever been in a situation that you felt this can only happen to you? Well, it turns out your not alone. Read my life philosophy on my about me page. Send in your philosophies as well.

    The Misanthropic Humanist - One human's take on life, love, and current events in the 21st century.

    River Teeth - A journal of nonfiction narrative.

    Larry Delmar - True stories for children, teenagers and adults.

    Everything2 - Writings about everything. Add your own, also.

    Dog Singing - A book with paintings by the author. A dissertation on women, mother earth, animals, and the Australian political and environmental situation.

    Svelte-Prose - Essays written by Linda Nakasone about her gallery hopping, personal mishaps and pathetic obsessions.

    You and Your Tribe - Free online book related to consciously creating community in your life.

    Mr - A collection of stories about the Mafia, police and the underworld. Also included are the Writer's Guides to Crime for both fiction and nonfiction writers.

    Writings from the Outside - The personal philosophies of Stu Maclean. Contains a complete anthology of his works.

    A Socratic Dialogue - California newspaperman C.H. (Brick) Garrigues and his sixteen-year-old son, Chuck, correspond about literature and about writing.

    A Fine Kettle of Fish - An extensive collection of stories covering many topics including sexual and physical abuse, relationship and marital problems, anxiety, depression, suicide, self-injury, grief, anger and violence.

    entries and exits: a notebook - by andrew mccarter.

    Art Notes - Extensive writings of contemporary artist Harry Hilson.

    Ramblings Of A Silent Voice - An intelligent teen girls opinions on everything from Britney Spears to abortion. For the open minded only, please.

    Abelard - Redundancy in language and the capitalisation of ego. Civil liberties and orthography.

    What Would You Say? - Tragic heroes in conversation. Essays written by Mr. Watkin's advanced english class at Baylor High School.

    Scott C. Endsley - The Salvaged Autobiographical Accounts Of Clyde P. Hipwing. About a manic depressive author. Is it all just a delusion, or is it all for real?!?! - Essays and poetry on different subjects in the arts and humanities.

    From the Heart - A series of short articles about growing up in a small town in southeast Missouri on the Mississippi river. By Ron Farrow.

    Chidester - Essays, commentary, poetry and opinion by Chidester.

    The Official Cynics View Website - A collection of both humorous and serious essays, dedicated to the cynic in all of us.

    Welcome to Hell, Would you Like Fries with That? - Being a Christian, I'm not a fan of hell. Mostly this is just me talking about what's going on. Some of my writing, and other thoughts.

    ummm_page - A site for young intellectuals, no matter how thick they are, where they can submit their scribblings for the whole, hard, cold, cruel world to see.

    The Bent Sun As Risen - An extremently abstact journal. Or something like that, only different.

    Hostage of my Liberal Semi-Psychotic Mind - Essay's by Soggy.

    Engelhart, L. Kurt - Essays in philosophy and on society.

    Rant of the Day - A nearly daily look at nearly everything that pisses me off, which is nearly everything.

    Quiet Little Cycles - Embrace the meltdown with some ramblings from Tiger Beat heartthrob Matt Sedik. - A clearinghouse for creative expression. Questions presented on a regular basis. Selected responses will be published in a series of Humanwrites Journals with royalties to those whose efforts find their way to print.

    Open Letters - Open Letters is a new magazine of first-person writing in the form of personal correspondence.

    Authors of Themestream - Featuring the authors of ThemeStream. Find and subscribe to new and on-the-rise authors for free.

    World - Information on culture, literature and arts, through academic works, essays, texts, suggestions, references and reviews.

    Clifton, Chas S - Personal columns, excerpts from books, and reviews.

    Chikako Atsuta - Essay and Writing by Chikako Atsuta. Mainly on US/Japan cultural differences and women's and family issues.

    Caffeine's Rants - Slightly-mentally-unstable rants, ranging such diverse topics as 'why plastic plants suck', to 'why boring web diaries suck' and why 'Judge Judy sucks'.

    Nugae Litterariae - Writing in non-fiction, containing personal experiences the past month, year. Memoir type.

    Shah, Gibran - Provides a proposed solution to the mind-matter controversy.

    Backwoods & Forwards - The writing and photography of Nigel Campbell.

    Peripateticus - Personal essays on humanism, growth, life and exasperation.

    Cartania - A life in essays and pictures.

    The Mirrhour - An online journal, poetry, fiction, and essay site profusely illustrated with the works of Pre-Raphaelite painters.

    Subtle Femininity - Collection of rants. Some are about really minor and inconsequential things, also reflective, introspective, insightful and funny.

    The Old Yanker - Commentary on television shows, movies, and music, especially when they include attractive women.

    Shape of the Universe - A collection of philosophical thought on a variety of subjects. By Steven Castro.

    Scott's Rants - Rants and observations.

    Rebecca Mead Dot Com - Rebecca Mead is a staff writer for the New Yorker. This is a collection of her articles.

    The Senseless Bastard - These are the rantings of one Senseless Bastard.

    Grilled Pterodactyl - An electronic personal magazine or fanzine full of entertaining articles about computers, cooking, classical music, chatter, cycling literature and life in general.

    Dannyrambles - Ramblings on the facets of Pop culture that take our fancy. Namely movies, tv, videogames, current events and lots of chocolate.

    Industrial Beauty - A site for personal, reflective writing. there's poetry, essays, stories, and photographs from time to time.

    A Journey Out Of Darkness - A powerful and extraordinary autobiography which tells the story of a traveler child's harrowing journey through life. An autobiography by Patricia Whyte.

    A Cracker-Barrel Moment - A fun site of many topics: art, books, original stories, childrens tales, games, puzzles, recipes, nostalgia, essays, poetry, and even a little Shakespeare.

    Alienation - A place for disaffected writers to share their stories.

    Education Homeroom - Essays on many topics including WWII, Poetry, Economics, and Countries.

    CB's Stories: Creative Nonfiction - Stories, and some writing about creative nonfiction. Humor and serious work combined.

    21st Century Rock & Roll boy - Rants on a variety of topics.

    PopRally - Pop culture essays

    1954 Diary of a 10 Year Old Boy - Depicts play and recreational activities of small town boys during the 1950's, before the effects of television.

    Do you Understand? - This is to be an anthology concerning issues dealt with in youth, such as anorexia, depression, alcoholism and emotional, physical or sexual abuse suffered as a child.

    Colonist Papers 2001 - Editorials, articles on hemp, marijuana legalization, alternative politics, trying to buck down the NWO!

    The American Register Newsletter - The articles focus on the rights of women, teens, blacks and homosexuals. - Sharing ideas on how to change the predictions of doom and gloom and keep them from becoming reality.

    Articles Indexing Directory Project - Browse over 800 articles or add your own for increased Internet exposure. Special section for writers.

    Bonifah's Thoughts - Thoughts on my world.

    The Cavymage Page - Socio-political commentary. Addresses such topics as respect in the media, potential for revolution, leisure and changing perceptions of family.

    Blue Lawn - Essays that are honest and dedicated to the celebration of a thing rather than its destruction.

    Scottishworld - A personal Scottish current affairs agenda covering issues relevant to contemporary Scotland.

    A Few Taxi Tales - A glimpse of what its like to be a cab driver.

    Terra Tales - Submit stories and tell the tale of what it's like to live where they live.

    Comfortably Numb - Online babbles by extremely bored people for extremely bored people.

    Brian's Random Thoughts - Writings on what Brian and his friends think.

    Something From Nothing - Writing about fate and the human condition.

    Bringing in the Light - An art book about the Eastern European transition and genocide in the Balkans by Craig Alan West.

    Moonlight Writings - A mixture of articles geared at helping writers in various ways.

    Inspirare - Home of "The Inspirare Project", a one year-long writing journey during which writers take part in an in-depth exploration of the sources and expressions of their own spiritual and creative energy.

    Princz, Andrew - On the Globe - A freelance journalist and project manager working from Budapest, Hungary offers feature articles and news on journalism and media projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Reverendflint Dispatch - Random ramblings.

    Two Stones - Articles on several topics, and book recommendations.

    Peace and Bread in Time of War - Jane Addams book about women's participation in the peace movement during World War I.

    Crushes - Memories of childhood crushes and first love.

    The Media Desk - Gonzo Journalist, freelancer, humorist, and professional observer Levite covers sports, religion, politics, with essays and humor thrown in for good measure. AKA- Dr. Leftover

    Adieu - A boy wanders the world without looking back, or even that far ahead.

    Tracy Levine - Articles about education, families, and health for women.

    The Fabien Opinion - Views on current political events and news.

    The World According to Axis - Commentary and humor in daily life.

    Everyday Heroes - Inspirational stories of people who do heroic things.

    Webranting and Diary of Exploits - A mid-20's-something woman shares her views on various issues involving friends, men, dating and work.

    Journeying my Destined Fate - This is about the life of a girl who engaged in pre-marital sex at 17, got pregnant at 19 and was abandoned by her boyfriend.

    From the Desk of Mark Renner - Includes essays on a variety of subjects - particularly politics, religion, history and journalism.

    Driveby Musings - A site dedicated to the "spray & pray" idea of content delivery -- quick and to the point with a lot thrown at you, encouraging you to become a target.

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