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    Get Into It - A site specifically dealing with writer's block. Includes advice, resources, exercises.

    Warnings and Cautions for Writers - A webpage focusing on warnings for writers about areas in which they should protect themselves

    Pure Fiction - Offers tips for writers, writers' competitions, a guide for Internet research for writers, and more.

    Victory Page - A source of original articles by Victory Crayne on motivation and writing fiction or non-fiction.

    Wacky Writer's World - A forum for the discussion of topics of interest to writers. Also at the site is a monthly newsletter for writers which provides in-depth feature articles, interviews with publishing professionals and authors, and market tips.

    Cheat Sheets for Writers - 36 dramatic situations. 5 basic conflicts, 20 master plots, 12 steps to intimacy, and editing.

    AllExperts Writing Q&A - Answers questions about writing and publishing books, magazine articles, screenplays, short stories, poetry, e-books; jounalism; poetry; grammar.

    The Vocabula Review (TVR) - A free, monthly journal about the state of the English language. TVR battles nonstandard, careless English and embraces clear, expressive English.

    Vicki Hinze Writers Aids - Writers' Aids consist of Tip Sheets, articles, seminar notes for aspiring or multi-published authors, beginner through advanced. Articles cover topics on the writing craft, the industry, and the writing life. Also an email list at Onelist.

    Write Tools: Editors' and Writers' Toolkit - A practical, categorized compilation of Web-based references for professional writers and editors.

    The Editorial Department - Writing tips included in this publishers site.

    Writing for the Web - A research project about how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages (a study by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen): includes downloadable files, tasks, and questionnaires to allow replicated or revised experiments.

    Ivan Hoffman - This attorney hosts a great site discussing writers' legal issues. Also about publishing on the Net.

    Ink -- Homage to the written word - Tips and links by writers.

    Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts - Free or low-fee representation for low-income writers, only US lawyers are listed here. From Stu's Comic Strip Connection site.

    Write To Inspire - The Complete Resource and Tip Site for Inspirational and Christian Writers.

    What Makes a Good Short Story? - Analysis of what makes short fiction work.

    Funds for Writers - Gives writers sources of grants, fellowships, contests, awards, markets and nonprofit partners so they can make a living at words, not seeking work.

    Published!  How to Reach Writing Success - Collection of free advice on getting published and making a living as a writer. From Marcia Yudkin.

    Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica - A concise and informative guide for amateur writers, especially those who enjoy writing erotica. Includes basic rules and advice on grammar, usage, and mechanics. Informative tips regarding perspective and style. Explains the differences between erotica vs. pornography.

    The Quick and Dirty Guide to Avoid Plagiarism in Fan Fiction - Site helps writers of fan fiction avoid potential ramifications of plagiarism. It offers suggestions for "paying homage" to one of your favorite authors, television shows or movies without copying verbatim from the authors.

    11 Rules of Writing - Help with the most common mistakes in grammar, usage, and mechanics. A helpful aid for all writers.

    Writing Advice - From Dan Perez, writer and editor. Articles about agents, short story contracts, writer's groups, discipline, and more.

    Harold Underdown's Frequently Asked Questions File - General questions about children's books, writing, and publishing. Copyright 1996-2000 Harold D. Underdown.

    The Falcon's Pen: A Writer's Resource - Help with the craft of writing and becoming published. Includes articles on writing genres and topics, resource and publisher links, free writing software, forums, and chat.

    The Fine Line - Occasionally-published author Jenn Thorson shares writing tips, observations, discoveries, online resources, and humor.

    Litopia Corporation - International literary agents. Site contains useful "how-to" information on the business of getting published.

    Helpful Articles for Writers and Publishers - Legal aspects of contracts, copyrights, permission forms, invoices, and more, by Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., Attorney at Law.

    A Hero at Heart - Over 190 romance authors define the perfect hero.

    Writing Tips - Tips and writing business advice for writers remains consistent throughout hundreds of pages of writing information, which includes a message board, an interactive story and a new book releases listing. Updated weekly.

    Perseverance, Publishing and the Urge to Write - By James Van Pelt.

    The Process of Publishing a Novel - You've got an idea for a novel. Now what?

    Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc. Literary Agency - Represents all areas of non-fiction, and commercial and literary fiction. Offers guidance on the publishing process, book proposals, and finding agents.

    Writing Tips Depot - By Syneca Featherstone. Contract tips for writers. See bottom of page for other tips.

    Writing Tips - A collection of tips on writing (focusing on mysteries and SF) including a simple, mechanical way to develop a plot by Sarah Smith.

    The Author's Almanac - Writing Section - Resources to help writers of all stages. Includes research, advice, etymology, terminology, publishing, quotes. - Personal writing experiences, including letters, pen pals, hobbies, journalings and other kinds of creative self-expression.

    Andrew Crofts - Ghostwriter - Advice from an established ghostwriter/author on how to earn a living from writing, ghostwriting and business writing. Also has extracts from successful fiction and non-fiction books.

    Common Mistakes in Manuscripts - By Jerry Gross, Editor of Editors on Editing.

    The Truth about Online Content - Advice on why writers need a website to market themselves.

    Ethics for Writers - Fills a void in the writing industry by including informative articles about issues and values for ethical behavior in writing.

    Write a Killer Release - by Dr. Paul Hartunian

    The Pen and Sword - A tidy collection of tips, help, quotes, inspiration and advice, beginning with overcoming writer's block.

    Writing Help Central - Offers tips, advice, and real-life samples on: letter writing, resume/cv writing, and the writing of term/research papers using APA or MLA style/format. Examples of typical kinds of writing requirements plus links to other useful writing-related resources.

    Writing in Flow - Contains excerpts & sample exercises from the Los Angeles Times Bestseller Writing in Flow.

    Advice Writing Forum - Tips on earning from writing books or articles, poems or reviews, from Authors Society.Org

    Articles on Writing - Basic tips for all writers in articles that are available for reprint.

    Hot Tips For Hot Writers - How writing erotic fiction compares with writing other fiction.

    Getting the Right Agent - Article from Sarah Smith, Sisters in Crime.

    How to Get Happily Published - Sensible solutions for getting happily published.

    Locating Copyright Holders - Comprehensive list of useful links and postal addresses to assist you in identifying and locating rights holders. From the authors of "The Copyright Permission & Libel Handbook", by Jassin & Schechter (John Wiley & Sons).

    How to Make Yourself Irresistible - Essay about getting an agent or publisher.

    Writing Articles & Interviews - Articles from The Internet Writing Journal.

    Tips Products International - How to write, edit, and self publish tips, booklets for advertising, marketing, and promotion.

    Write Great Queries - How To Write Great Queries Without Resorting To Threats, Bribery or Coercion. By Wendy Keller, ForthWrite Literary Agency

    Writer's Heaven - Published freelance writer and short story book author, Pam Calvert, gives valuable information to get you on the road to publication.

    How Do I Get Published - Cader Books book publishing FAQ.

    Writers R Us - Some writing tips and links. Site also publishes writing. - Tips for the business side of writing from a site for a book about writing with a partner.

    Writing the Right E-mail - OutStretch Publications explains how writing an e-mail isn't the same as writing a letter.

    Insights from Editors - Insights From Editors, Agents, Authors. Library of articles from AuthorLink.

    Knowledge Hound - Writing - Links to how-to guides, tutorials and tips on novels, plot, poetry, fiction, screenwriting, comics, business and research writing.

    Overcoming Writer's Block - Learn to cluster, free-write and revise to improve your writing.

    Erica Jong's Tips For Writers - Weekly tips for writers by Erica Jong.

    How to Tell a Legitimate Press - How to tell if a new or small press is legitimate.

    Fair Use in a Nutshell - An easy-to-understand 16-step roadmap to copyright's most important exception. By Lloyd J. Jassin, a New York-based publishing attorney.

    How to Write Bad Poetry - OutStretch Publications explains that writing bad poetry is an easy task. Submit to websites carefully.

    Talewins Writing Tips - An index to the writing tips articles freely available on the Tale Wins Literary Agency web site.

    Over the Back Fence - Articles for writers in the Writers Resources section.

    What is Good Hypertext Writing? - A cogent guide to using hypertext effectively and avoiding pitfalls.

    The Five W's and How - OutStretch Publications Editor, Stephen Earley Jordan, II, tells how to use the reporter's formula in all types of writing.

    Basic Ideas for Writers - Hundreds of pages to help writers. Answers questions about writing and publishing, from starting to write, to selling your book.

    Cap Parlier's Books - FAQ about writing and being published.

    7 Powerful Tips for Getting Published - Bestselling author offers writing advice on creating manuscripts that sell. The pre-published writer's guide to selling a novel.

    Wordwrights Canada - Director Susan Ioannou provides handbooks for writers, manuscript reading, editing services, and The Poetry Tutorial writer's correspondence course, as well as contest listings and links to important Canadian sites of interest to writers.

    Choosing an E-publisher - A guide to get the most of your e-published work by Terje Johansen.

    Wesselmann's Page for Writers - Debbie Lee Wesselmann, published novelist and short story writer, provides tips and reading selections for fiction writers. Updated monthly. Contact information provided.

    Maggie Klee Lichtenberg - With 20 years of publishing experience, Maggie helps aspiring/seasoned authors and publishers complete, publish, market, and distribute their work through customized coaching sessions via telephone.

    Freelance Writing - Advice and links to help jump-start a freelance writing career. Short article.

    Ray's Writing Tips - Mainly links to search engines. Some essays about writing can be found by clicking the links to the left and scrolling down a couple of times.

    Polishing Your Writing - How good does your work need to be before you submit it to an editor?

    Writing for the Web - Guidelines and tips for writing articles, tutorials, white or green papers, and other ruminations for online magazines, corporate and educational Web sites, and other online content.

    How To Answer an Essay Question - Clear, concise explanation of the structure of an essay, with a sample opening paragraph. Very user-friendly.

    Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal - Provides instructions on how to write a funding proposal along with examples. Designed as a tool for graduate students and others who want to learn more about the proposal writing process. By S. Joseph Levine.

    Tips, Tools and Ideas to Improve Writing - Includes tips for writers, grammar helps, and a guide to online resources.

    Suggestions for Revising Prose - Suggestions, with good and bad examples of each.

    A Good Read - Article "How to Create A Free E-Book", Newsletter Archive with useful information for writers. Three link pages filled with free software, writing sites and other useful sites for writers.

    Writing a Critique of a Novel - Walk through the steps required to write a novel critique.

    Creative Writing Tips - Hints on writing, from starting out to submitting a manuscript. The emphasis is on short story fiction. Site is not complete.

    Write Australian - How to write about Australia.

    Getting Published in America - What does it take to get your first book published in America in the millennium?

    Dale Keiger - What editors want.

    Monica Wood's Writing Tips - Monica Wood is a novelist and short-story writer who teaches fiction workshops. Her website features tips for writers, updated monthly.

    Work911 Article Index - Free articles on writing so you can improve.

    Daily Tonic - Tips and advice with daily articles on how to write, from bestselling Irish author, Gareth O'Callaghan.

    Freelance Writing Market - A short guide on how to market your writing, freelance style. Written by Vanessa Mullins.

    Adventures in Writing - A young author web-zine with Janie Lynn Panagopoulos, historian, author, lecturer, has worked in the field of historical research, interpretation, and historical writing for nineteen years.

    Fear of Writing - Suffering will make our writing real, give it depth and integrity.

    Writing in the Age of the Network - A brief text of ideas about authoring in an age of multi-media: the computer's effect on writing, the book as a media space, and an invitation to respond.

    William Safire's Rules - Rules for writers.

    The Paying Writing Market - Paying market sources for your writing, and tips for submitting a professional manuscript to increase your chance for acceptance. Written by Christina VanGinkel.

    The Creative Cauldron - A site for writers, photographers, artists and other creative people. Articles and links.

    Chronicles Of An Internet Writer - Helpful articles and links. Articles focus on: publishing, writing, writing portals, promotional tips.

    Writing For a Book Packager - How to cash in on an under exploited market.

    A Writer's Tool Kit - An online community and learning resource for both aspiring and established writers; a companion forum to the book of the same name by author/teacher Carroll Dale Short

    How to Write a Manuscript - Provides an explanation about how to write manuscripts and how to submit for publication.

    What Do Publishers Do? - Inside scoop on the business of publishing and why editors choose some books and decline others. Written by Bill Germano, Vice-president of Routledge.

    How To Write A Book And Get It Published In Record Time - ETA Online Review resources for authors and writers, tips from one of the Education and Training Academy's writers.

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