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    Full Spectrum Lending, Inc. - Independent, national lender offers residential financing to borrowers with problem credit.

    eMortgage Solution - Mortgage and refinance auction for problem credit.

    Mortgage Market Information Services - An independent consumer guide to mortgage information.

    System Built Mortgages - Mortgage information for manufactured homes.

    Financial Marketplace Online - Provides mortgages to consumers nationwide.

    Mortgage Loan Specialists Inc - Assists home purchasers nationwide to locate lenders with the lowest mortgage rates.

    Financial Ave - Mortgage service offers commercial and residential mortgages and advice.

    Mortgage Associate - Enables financial professions to write mortgages for their clients. - Use step-by-step tools and advice to help you buy or refinance a home. Get a dedicated Loan Consultant, full up-front fee disclosure, no application fee, and on-time closing or $500 back.

    Americas Money Center - Provides mortgages nationally to all credit grades. - Gives users the ability to locate mortgage rates from local lenders.

    Mortgage Muncher - Amortization program enables user to structure debt reduction to his budget.

    Met Mortgage - Offers commercial real estate mortgages and hard money private bridge mortgage loans nationwide.

    America's Mortgage Corporation - Mortgage company offers a wide array of mortgage products and services.

    Conseco Finance - Providing financing for houses and pre-owned and existing mobile homes.

    Billionaire Boy - Provides mortgage financing services through a network of lenders.

    MortgageMan - Mortgage service offers industry news and mortgage financing products.

    The Mortgage Rate Directory - Locate local mortgage lenders and view live mortgage rates in all 50 states.

    Ally Mac - Mortgage company offers mortgage financing programs nationwide.

    1st Direct Mortgage - Mortgage company offers home mortgages nationwide.

    Commercial Real Estate Mortgages LLC - National commercial mortgage broker provides commercial real estate financing.

    Amlend - Provides appraisals, abstracting, loan closings and title work in all 50 states.

    First Bank Inc. - An approved VA mortgage lender servicing the continental U.S.

    Loan Simple - Comparison shop hundreds of lenders for a residential mortgage.

    Americorp Credit Corporation - Provides second mortgage financing throughout the nation.

    Just Found My Mortgage - Provides residential mortgage financing for Pittsburgh and across the nation. - Marketplace that connects users to a network of lenders who compete for their business.

    Matrix Financial - Offers a bi-weekly mortgage payoff program for homeowners. - A full service real estate and mortgage banking company. - Offers to help American homeowners reduce personal and mortgage debts through refinancing. - Provides borrowers with access to a network of mortgage lenders. - Mortgage broker offers comprehensive home financing programs.

    East West Mortgage - Mortgage broker offers full-service mortgage financing nationwide.

    Trust U.S.A. Mortgage Corp. - Licensed mortgage lender offers residential and commercial mortgage financing. - Provides mortgage and personal financing, and related financial services.

    EquityMax - Offers a mortgage payment program that helps convert interest charges into loan equity.

    Quicken Loans - Offers simplified home lending and low mortgage rates.

    LoanCity.Com - A combination of lender, technology provider and mortgage marketplace.

    Hard Money Funding Network - Offers a national database and source for hard money funding throughout the nation.

    The Associates - Financial services company providing full-service mortgage financing nationwide.

    Apex Mortgage - Mortgage company offers commercial and residential financing, serving all 50 states.

    Equity Builders LLC - Offers the homebuyer new ways to build their new home.

    Express Financial Corp. - A nationally licensed mortgage lender offers full-service commercial and residential financing.

    MTi - Mortgage service connects brokers and lenders to qualified homebuyers.

    Mortgage Rates - Provides real time mortgage rate quotes from lending institutions across the country. - Assists homeowners in buying and refinancing homes nationwide.

    rateOne - Offers mortgage home loans and quotes for refinancing, improvement or first time buyer.

    Vestevich & Associates, P.C. - Provides nationwide licensing for mortgage brokers and lenders.

    Capital Mac Finance - National commercial mortgage lending firm serving the forty-eight states.

    The Lending Outlet - Provides residential mortgage and equity lending throughout the nation. - Mortgage service provides home financing and refinancing services.

    TCS Enterprises - Provides mortgage leads to lenders in every state.

    Cogent Services - A trainer for mortgage professionals.

    4Mortgage - Provides a guide to mortgages with links to related topics.

    The Wiley Group - Provides a mortgage management and reduction software program. - Allows homebuyers to pre-qualify for financing in all areas of the country. - Mortgage leads for brokers and lenders nationwide.

    Addie Mae - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the nation.

    Quick Apply - Marketplace offers mortgages through hundreds of lenders nationwide.

    Mortgage Lending Learning Network - Offers sale, marketing and technical training for the mortgage lending industry. - Provides residential mortgage financing services throughout the United States.

    Vermillion Consulting - Provides training and consulting programs developed for the mortgage industry. - Specializing in refinancing homeowners with less-than-perfect credit.

    Mortgage Sources Corporation - As a full-service mortgage broker, we offer a wide range of loans from government to conventional for credit levels from A to D.

    Lending Masters - Assists homeowners or new buyers with home financing options.

    eHomeCredit - Lender offers first and second mortgages for all credit situations.

    All Home Loan Markets - Mortgage broker providing real estate financing services nationwide, access to over 150-plus institutions.

    JumpLoan.Com - Provides information and connections to residential mortgage lending institutions.

    Ditech - Mortgage banker offers direct mortgage lending nationwide.

    Loan Biz - Lender offers residential and commercial mortgages, business financing and venture capital.

    Home Savings Program - Offers a savings tool that reduces the interest rate on a mortgage.

    Money Cops - Financial advice on mortgage programs and lenders.

    Provident Consumer Financial Services - Broker offers residential mortgages throughout the United States.

    Loan Mart - Full-service mortgage company that considers all types of credit.

    Bank of America Mortgage Network - Correspondent and wholesale mortgage lending site for members and non-members.

    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter - Provides residential mortgage financing services nationwide.

    Eastern Mortgage Services - Mortgage broker provides home financing programs and services nationwide. - Mortgage lender offers a wide variety of financing programs across the entire US.

    Washington Mutual Mortgage - Provides residential mortgage financing nationwide.

    1st Family, Inc. - Consumers can obtain a mortgage from a pool of 300 mortgage brokers and lenders.

    Norwest Mortgage, Inc. - Mortgage lender offers residential mortgages nationwide.

    MortgageCap Financial - Provides commercial mortgage financing throughout the USA, as well as internationally.

    Fremont Investment and Loan - Focused on originating and acquiring commercial and residential real estate loans.

    Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co. - Provides residential mortgage financing in all states.

    Mortgage Rate Quotes - Shoppers can fill in a single form and lenders will compete for their business.

    American Real Estate Association - A residential and commercial mortgage and business lease financing fund source.

    All-In-One - Provides mortgage programs and a realtor location service.

    Equity Express - Nationwide mortgage servicing company specializing in biweekly mortgage servicing. - Mortgage service offers to locate the best mortgage for a client's needs.

    American Mortgage and Home Loan - National service matches borrowers with the best residential mortgage programs.

    Mission Hill Mortgage Bankers - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the nation. - Provides residential mortgage financing across the nation.

    American Loan Search - Service enables users to locate a mortgage lender or view daily national mortgage rates. - Provides residential mortgage financing services nationwide. - Debt reduction by automatic bi-monthly mortgage payment programs.

    Cambridge Mortgage Corporation - Mortgage broker offers a wide variety of mortgage programs nationwide.

    The Loan Place - Full service mortgage company for the manufactured housing industry across the US. - Provides residential mortgage financing services.

    MortgageBot - Mortgage lender enables consumers to apply online and receive credit-verified approval in under 15 minutes.

    Loankey Financial - Nationwide mortgage broker network organized to offer borrowers the best mortgage. - Daily mortgage rate update and consumer resources. - Assists first time homebuyers with FHA, no money down, and impaired credit programs in 46 states.

    Network Mortgage Servicing - Specializes in the disposition of financial institutions real estate owned. - Lender specializes in home equity financing, and lowering a client's monthly payment and interest rate by switching from compound to simple interest rates.

    Enhance Financial Services - Provides financing to churches throughout North America.

    Hard Money Direct - Offers borrowers and brokers direct access to the nation's aggressive lenders.

    ValuMortgages - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the United States.

    Abacom Loans - Provides residential mortgage financing nationwide.

    IMX Exchange - Marketplace where mortgage brokers and lenders price and lock loans in real-time.

    Mortgage Start - Offers residential mortgage financing and home buying advice.

    Allied Mortgage Capital Corp. - Provides residential mortgage financing across the nation.

    Mortgage Trader - Mortgages broker offers advice and arranges residential mortgages in the Chicago area.

    Mortgage Referral - Provides mortgage rates and information for hundreds of companies across all fifty states.

    LoanStreet - Provides residential financing for all 50 states. - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the nation.

    Home Finance of America - Lender provides a variety of home financing options, including 1st and 2nd mortgages.

    FamilyCredit Connection - A national mortgage banking company specializing in residential financing and lending.

    YourMortgage - Allows consumers to choose a mortgage package from a multitude of lenders.

    The Mortgage Academy - Mortgage certification training, service and consulting company.

    Mortgage Bankers, Ltd. - Provides residential mortgages in the United States and commercial lending worldwide.

    1-800-LoanShark - Provides residential mortgage financing across the nation. - Provides residential financing to veterans and active duty military personnel nationwide.

    Fresh Solution Mortgages - Nationwide company supplies mortgages to the adverse market.

    Western Thrift and Loan - Resource for the mortgage broker who wants to get answers to HLTV related questions.

    Societas: International Institute for Real Estate Finance - Site contains a Broad range of global resources including "Mortgage Finance Abstracts," "Global Forum" discussions, securitzation updates, and full-text article archives.

    MortgageDataWeb - Mortgage data and origination statistics for mortgage lenders. - Offers a search service allowing consumers to locate lenders for residential mortgage products.

    Keystone Financial Mortgage - Specializing in 100% Financing for First-Time Buyers and A-D Credit.

    Nexstar Financial Corp. - Provides residential mortgage financing throughout the nation.

    SuperiorBank - Provides banking and residential mortgage financing services nationwide.

    Choice Home Lending Services - Offers bi-weekly residential mortgage financing servics.

    Home Loan Systems - Marketplace where residential mortgage lenders compete to secure business.

    800USA-Loan - Provides residential mortgage financing products throughout the United States. - Helps people buy homes with no down payment and zero percent financing.

    F&M Mortgage Services - Provides residential mortgage financing products throughout the United States.

    Home 1-2-3 - Bob Vila shows homeowners how to obtain a mortgage for their particuliar need. - Direct lender providing residential mortgage lending nationwide.

    At Mortgage - Develops web solutions specifically for the mortgage industry.

    AMI Capital, Inc. - National multifamily and commercial real estate mortgage lender.

    Go Direct - Offers brokers and owners access to 100's of commercial real estate lenders. - Provides residential mortgage financing through a nationwide network of lenders.

    Link2homeloans - Provides residential mortgage and financing services throughout the United States.

    Netscape Mortgage Center - Shop and compare rates from top lenders. Save 50% on broker fees. Apply for a mortgage at no cost.

    Select Lenders - Matches an applicant's loan request to a database of lenders.

    Mortgages USA - California-based mortgage broker offers residential mortgage financing nationwide.

    Mortech - A source of research on the mortgage industry and its use of technology.

    Mortgage Insurance Companies of America - Provides information on related legislative and regulatory issues.

    Muirfield Mortgage - Lender offers real estate mortgages in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

    Mortgage Yellow Pages - Offers resources for the mortgage and real estate industry professionals.

    Flaming Enterprises - Provides bi-weekly mortgage repayment services.

    Loanlane - Provides daily updated rates and a variety of calculators.

    Multisource Financial Services - Mortgage brokerage specializes in hard to do, non-conforming real estate loan requests. - Program allows homeowners to borrow up to 100% of their home's equity.

    FHA Today - Mortgage lender offers FHA financing and refinancing for home buyers nationwide.

    Ameriquest Mortgage - Originator of refinance and home purchase loans in the United States.

    ABC Debt Consolidation Loans - Specializes in second mortgages, home improvement, equity and consolidation loans.

    America's Lending Partners - Homeowners can receive up to four loan offers from lenders.

    World Class Real Estate Services, Inc - Provides residential mortgage financing products and services throughout the nation.

    Ziegler and Company - Provides long-term mortgage financing for churches and private schools nationwide. - Offers mortgage financing through national mortgage lending institutions.

    Equity Answers - Providers of home equity information and financing services. - Provides mortgage and finance services nationwide. - Business-to-business site dedicated exclusively to the mortgage loan servicing industry. - Free service to borrowers enabling them to get the best terms on mortgages.

    American Home Equity Loan and Mortgage - Specializes in consolidation loans, second mortgages, and home equity lines of credit.

    Agape Economic Development, Inc. - Non-profit organization offering an assistance program that helps families obtain a home loan.

    Approved Bad Credit Loans - Specializes in consolidation, personal loans, home mortgages, and bad credit financing.

    AMC Real Trac - Provides a turn-key loan origination system for real estate professionals.

    Mortgage Options - Specializes in loans for home buyers, refinancing, and opportunities for lenders.

    1GoMLA - A nationwide lender based in Jacksonville, Florida, offering programs for all types of borrowers.

    Mortgage Management Corporation - Offer homeowners an accelerated mortgage payment program.

    Pacific Guarantee Mortgage - Offers individuals and brokers access to mortgage operation services. - Mortgage broker offers mortgages for purchase or refinance nationwide.

    Prosperity Funding - Mortgage broker serves the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders and home buyers nationwide.

    Home Mortgage Loan Directory - Offers current interest rates and a directory of home mortgage lenders categorized by state.

    Home Financing Center, Inc - Showcases credit unions offering residential mortgages.

    Mortgage Savings Program - Offers a program that shortens the payoff term of a mortgage.

    Elam Consultants - Offers a bi-weekly mortgage and equity acceleration program.

    Loan Update - Allows borrowers to locate local lenders and shop for the best mortgage. - Mortgage banking firm offers real estate lending nationwide.

    Fleet Mortgage - Financial institution provides residential mortgages nationwide.

    Irwin Mortgage - Provides mortgage products and services to mortgage brokers and correspondents.

    Loan Services - Allows visitors to shop different lenders online.

    ABC Mortgage Consulting - Offers mortgage consultation services that help clients obtain the best possible mortgage.

    LoanLeaders of America - Broker offers a full line of mortgage programs and services nationwide.

    Mortgage Management Company Inc. - Manages bi-weekly mortgage payments for homeowners.

    Nationwide Bancorp - Broker offers commercial and residential real estate financing nationwide.

    FEAT Inc. - Offers a mortgage reduction program.

    Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. - A nationwide independent residential mortgage lender and servicer.

    Loanguy, Inc. - Mortgage broker offers commercial and residential mortgages in all 50 states.

    HSH Associates - Publisher of mortgage rates and consumer loan information.

    Fannie Mae - Provides financing for the multifamily and single-family housing market throughout the United States.

    Armed Forces Lending - Mortgage financing benefits for veterans and active military personnel.

    Paul Meegan, Security Mortgage, Inc. - Mortgage broker offers residential financing to the Chicago metro area and all 50 states.

    Mortgage Department - Provides mortgage services exclusively for credit union members nationwide.

    Emerald Mortgage, Virginia Lawson - Broker offers commercial and residential real estate financing.

    GLM Commercial - Mortgage broker originates commercial real estate mortgages nationwide.

    GL Mortgage - Licensed mortgage brokerage offering a full line of mortgage programs nationwide.

    Manu-Fi - A financing conduit for both retail and land home manufactured finance.

    Upland Mortgage - Direct lender offers a full line of mortgage products to all credit types.

    Loan Designer - Mortgage broker provides a wide range of mortgage financing packages. - A national residential mortgage facilitator.

    Commercial Mortgage Yes - Mortgage broker offers commercial mortgages in all 50 states.

    eZ Desk - Provides online tools for mortgage professionals.

    Real Estate Mortgage Exchange, Inc. - Mortgage broker offers a wide range of real estate financing programs.

    National Online Mortgage - Mortgage brokerage firm acting as representatives for several leading financial institutions.

    Pacific Mutual Mortgage - Helps clients obtain the best mortgage for their individual situation.

    Mortgage Shopping - Offers mortgage tips on choosing a lender, calculator, daily commentary, mortgage analysis and product descriptions.

    Mortgage Only - Mortgage broker offers home financing nationwide.

    LoanWeb - Comparison shop hundreds of lenders for a mortgage.

    JCF Acceptance Corporation - Specializing in mobile and manufactured home refinancing nationwide.

    MCA Mortgage Division - California-based lender offers a wide range of mortgage programs nationwide, including commercial and residential financing.

    Americas Finance Center - Center offers residential mortgage financing.

    Kingston Mortgage - Provides a training manual for mortgage loan officers.

    Waterfield Mortgage - Mortgage company offers home financing programs from dozens of branches nationwide.

    Evergreen Moneysource - Mortgage broker offers home financing nationwide.

    LoanWorks - A national lender offering a full line of mortgage financing services.

    National City Mortgage - Offers FHA 203k home rehab mortgage financing programs.

    Lightning Loans - Mortgage brokerage offering mortgage financing nationwide.

    Premier Lending LLC - California-based mortgage banker offering home financing products nationwide.

    Wall Street Credit - Provides multifamily and commercial real estate financing worldwide.

    eQuick Loans - Nationwide mortgage lender offers a full line of home financing products and services.

    Global Direct Marketing - Provides mortgage leads for mortgage brokers.

    Homeside Lending, Inc. - Mortgage lender offers home financing programs nationwide.

    Mortgage-Home.Com - Provides loan reviews, rates and calculators.

    Wholesale Mortgage, Inc. - Mortgage lender offers real estate financing throughout the United States.

    MaxSaver - Offers techniques to save consumers money on mortgage transactions.

    Prime Lend America - Licensed lending institution offering mortgages to homeowners throughout the nation. - Consumers can locate lenders and comparison shop for low mortgage rates.

    Alexander Mortgage - Mortgage brokerage service offers mortgage programs throughout the country.

    Republic Mortgage - Mortgage lender offers a full line of mortgage programs nationwide.

    QuickStart - Provides loan officer training materials and programs.

    Great Eastern Investments - Mortgage lender offers financing on commercial properties in the continental United States.

    Mortgage Association - Offers a database of U.S. mortgage lenders and available programs.

    Alliance Home Mortgage, Inc. - Mortgage broker offers residential mortgages nationwide.

    International E Mortgage - Mortgage lender caters exclusively to foreign nationals who are buying or refinancing properties in the United States.

    COMPSCapital - Provides a platform for borrowers to search for commercial property financing programs that match their requirements.

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