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    Barrington Commodity Brokers, Inc. - Specializes in the sales and service of commercial, hedge and speculative trading accounts.

    Absolute Futures - Full service and discount online trading. Commodity charts, quotes and option prices.

    Access Futures and Options Trading - Full service and discount online trading. Daily research, commodity charts and settlement prices. A Ken Roberts friendly broker.

    Acuvest - Full service brokerage firm formed by a commodity professional with over 40 years experience.

    Advanced Commodity Trading - Offers full service and discount trading. Competitive rates.

    Advantages In Options - Full service and online discount trading. Live webcast every Tuesday, daily market summary. No account minimums. Real-time access to account information.

    Advantage Futures Inc. - Full-service and online trading. News, charts, weekly newsletter for speculators and hedgers.

    AFS World Wide Brokers - Global derivatives trading for professional customers. Market updates, and a weekly agenda containing economic data and corporate earnings.

    AgWest Commodities LLC - Full service brokerage specializing in agricultural risk management.

    Aim Trading - Full service, discount and online futures trading. Free quotes, charts and research after registration.

    Alaron Premier - Full service brokerage, twenty three years of experience, day and system trader specific execution services.

    Alaron Trading Corporation - Flash fills in most markets. Premium execution services for day traders. Stops accepted on E-Mini S&P 500 futures.

    Allendale Inc. - Proprietary market research, risk management, consulting services and futures brokerage.

    Alpha Commodities Inc. - Investing with a long term perspective.

    Altavest Worldwide Trading, Inc. - Full service brokerage offering research, real time charts and quotes, TradeScope newsletter, paper trading accounts, and online trading direct to the floor.

    Altra Energy Technologies, Inc. - Offers real-time online electronic trading for energy commodities where traders actively view and exchange bids and offers.

    American Futures and Options Inc. - Offers full service and discount trading. Online account review, commodity phone and links to other services.

    Anspacher & Associates - Network of full-service brokerages.

    APPL International, Inc - Full service brokerage offer services in several languages including Spanish, German, Hebrew, Korean, and English.

    Atlantic Capital Group - Full service,and managed futures.

    Atticus Partners - Full service brokerage with an emphasis on educating new traders.

    Aurex Management and Investment AG - Precious metals and energy investment, physical trading, listed gold trader.

    Avenir - Trading methods and buy/sell signals on all stock index, currency, precious metal, energy and agricultural markets. Links to all relevant news, charts and quotes.

    Axis Trading Company - Full service brokerage at discount prices. Free quotes charts and newsletters.

    Balmac International, Inc. - Global commodity trading company specializing in green coffee, cocoa bean products, metal ores, rubber.

    Barnebee Trading Group,Inc. - Free information on futures trading including options, research, and online trading.

    Barkley Financial Corp. - Full service brokerage.

    Brewer Investment Group, Inc. - Full service brokerage.

    Basic Commodities, Inc. - Introducing broker for ADM Investor Services. Providing service since 1987. Offers fundamental and technical research.

    Beall Investment Services - A full service brokerage firm specializing in the agricultural commodities.

    Beddows Commodities, Inc. - Full service and managed accounts. Free online charts, quotes, and market information. Since 1984.

    Bell Commodities - Full service brokerage.

    BMC Brokers International Inc. - Full service brokerage.

    Bohl and Associates - Full service broker. Offers free commodity charts on any contract since 1990. Clients have access to weekly, spread, and minute charts for any current contract month.

    Chadwick Investment Group - Full service and discount brokerage. Free market report.

    CFG Futures Canada Inc. - Independently owned Futures Commission Merchant with 10 branch offices and 36 brokers across Canada.

    Bridgeton Global Investor Services, Inc. - Research, clearing, and execution services using technology and traditional desk support.

    Broker Professionals Commodity Investment Group - Full service and discount trading. Consulting staff with more than 75 years combined experience offers advice on delta neutral, seasonal and other investment programs.

    Buchanan & Company, Inc. - Full service commodity broker with a emphasis on hedging for agricultural producers.

    Cannon Trading Company Inc. - Full service and discount online trading direct to the pits. Free day trading numbers for Globex NASDAQ and the S&P 500.

    Buffalo Trading Group, Inc. - A small brokerage whose goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

    Capital Trading Associates - Full service brokerage offering advise in the commodities market, risk management, hedge placement, and spreads.

    Capitol Commodity Services, Inc. - Full service and discount online trading. Electronic Market Alert System, historical and live commodity charts and quotes.

    Castle Trading Company - Full service and discount online commodity trading.

    The Centrotrade Group - International commodity brokerage. - Live quotes broker analysis and chat room.

    Chapel Hill Brokers - Industry leader in us electricity, emissions and broadband markets.

    The CGD Group - Full service brokerage specializing in agricultural commodities. Risk management, in house research.

    Chicago Futures - Completely electronic brokerage. Low commission rates.

    Chart Top, Inc. - Full services brokerage and managed funds operator.

    Charting Your Futures - Brokerage offering full service and managed accounts. Free daily charts and seasonal cycles.

    ClearTrade Commodities - Daily trading recommendations via email. Specializes in risk management, trade suggestions, day-trading, and spreads.

    Coastal Future and Options - Full service broker-assisted accounts.

    Columbia Asset Management - Managed accounts, online trading, traditional broker assisted and IRA accounts. Free charts, quotes, videotape.

    Columbia Futures Group, Inc. - Full service, discount, managed and system trading accounts. Over a decade of experience.

    Comek Financial Group - Full service futures brokerage.

    Commodities Management Exchange, Inc. - Provides total commodity management and hedging services for industrial users.

    Commodity Central, Inc. - Full service brokerage, managed accounts, and free options report.

    Commodity Investors Group - Research, analysis, and news after registration. Full service brokerage.

    Commodity Research Institute - Full service, online and discount futures brokerage.

    Commodity Shop - Full service, online and discount trading. Toll free 877-950-9950

    Commodity Traders of America - A full service brokerage. - Full and discount online trading services. Institutional quality order execution, dynamic account updates and daily market alerts.

    Compass Financial - Full service, discounted and Internet trading. Free quotes, charts and research on our web site.

    D&S Commodities - Full service brokerage. - Online futures trading. Free research.

    Comprehensive Commodity Service - Offers online and broker assisted trading.

    ComTech Trading - Provides traditional and online discount trading. Free research after registration.

    Consultant in International Bulk Commodity Trade Finance. - Specialized in financing international trade in bulk commodities and raw materials. Extensive international experience.

    CrowFilte, Inc. - Full service Broker and CTA which handles fully managed accounts.

    Crown Futures Corp. - Intermediate to long term investing in commodities, focus on consumer education. Free trial subscriptions to daily market report and newsletter.

    Crown Futures of Colorado - A brokerage that considers you a long term investment.

    Custom Brokerage & Services - Full service and online trading. Available in English and Spanish.

    Cytrade Futures, Incorporated - Full service and discount online trading.

    Czarnikow Sugar - Large sugar broker and consultant. Sugar market reports and price information.

    David Hall Commodities - Full service broker.

    Dallas Commodity Company, Inc. - Full service brokerage firm. Internet trading software available for qualified clients. Quotes, charts and account statements available on-line.

    Fidelity Financial Group - Full service brokerage, investor resources, and a free market report.

    The Dealing Floor - Online trading of physical commodities. Free trading and analysis software. No time constraints and a guaranteed loss limit.

    DEC Capital Inc. - Independent introducing broker and a registered CTA. Professional execution services for qualified accounts.

    Devo Capital Management, Inc. - CTA investment services, hedging and marketing. - Online trading solutions for the financial market. Trade futures and stocks.

    Dubling Trading Company - Provides broker assisted, discount and online trading.

    Eagle Market Makers, Inc. - Futures Commission Merchant offering full service, discount and system trading. Competitive commissions.

    Ecommodities - Full service futures brokerage for traditional and online/electronic trading.

    eFloorTrade - Discount and full service brokerage. Execute trades online with eFloorTrader. - Automating the processing of giveup agreements by creating and managing agreements electronically.

    Essex Futures - Full service and discount brokerage.

    eStreet Trading - Offers full service and online trading. Free paper trading assistance, research, real time account access, and online seminars.

    Excel Futures - Retail brokerage services at reasonable rates.

    Hanse-Oil - Sellers on the international oil market. Tracks the 24 hour global oil market through a proprietary network of offices, refineries and brokerage operations.

    Finacor - Specializing in money market products, derivatives, and securities.

    First American Discount Corporation - Offers online trading. Customers can place orders, receive confirmations and check account status with basic Internet access.

    First International Commodity Group, Inc. - Full service and discount brokerage.

    First Elite Investment Group, Inc. - Full service commodity firm.

    First National Futures Group, Inc. - Full service and discount brokerage.

    GNI Inc - Access to electronic futures markets via dedicated line or the Internet to Eurex, Liffe Connect and CME products.

    Hi-Tech Futures Trading Inc. - Offering full service, discount and managed accounts. Free delayed charts and quotes.

    Fox Investments - Full service retail brokerage and clearing services to commercial accounts.

    Frontier Trading Company - Full service commodity brokerage.

    Futures Canada - Investment services for Canadians.

    Futures Direct - Futures Commission Merchant offering retail, hedging and risk management services. - Full service and discount brokerage, online account access, system trading.

    FuturesInvesting - Full services brokerage offering online trading, real time quotes, news, charts and educational resources.

    Glasgow Financial - Full Service and online discount trading. Trades as low as $5.50 flat, charts, quotes, and research.

    Global Capital Management - Full service commodity brokerage.

    GLT Direct - Offers full service, discount online trading and a chat room.

    Grain Field Commodities - Full service brokerage, The Kimmel Market Perspective advisory service.

    Grants Pass Futures and Options - Full service commodity brokers. Free daily charts and historical options data.

    Great Lakes Trading Company - A full service brokerage Firm. Offers complete service and financial consulting. No minimum deposit to open an account.

    Great Pacific Trading Company - Full service brokerage.

    Halewood International Futures Ltd. - Offers brokerage services on the major exchanges along with margined foreign exchange trading facilities.

    Growth Financial Trading Services - Brokerage firm providing system trading, and broker assisted accounts.

    Gulf Coast Futures and Options - Full service brokerage.

    Harbor Financial Group, Inc. - Offers three different account plans with a wide range of services that can be customized to achieve the needs of each individual trader.

    Hollander and Feuerhaken - Full service brokers specializing in agricultural commodities. Grain accounting software development.

    Harris Capital Management, Inc. - A full service futures broker offering discount commissions, and a daily market letter to clients.

    Heartland Investor Services Inc. - Discount online trading and full service accounts. Free live quotes & charts. Online access to account information.

    Hudson Commodities, Inc. - Providing floor execution for the NYSE Composite, Russell 1000, CRB and Pacific Stock Exchange Index.

    Investment Analysis Group - Broker assisted and discount services. Daily buy/sell recommendations, and investment analysis.

    Infinity Brokerage Services - Comprehensive array of services for traders and investors.

    Interactive Brokers, LLC - Provides online execution services in listed equity and equity-based derivatives in the US, Europe, and Asia.

    Iowa Grain Company - A full service clearing firm with an online order entry system and extensive commodity market research.

    Investment Trading Services, Inc. - Independent introducing broker specializing in self directed and managed trading accounts.

    Ira Epstein & Company - Discount, retail and managed trading accounts. Research, intra day quotes, futures and options closing prices.

    Ironhorse Trading Partners - Full service brokerage, trading recommendations and links to quotes and charts after registration.

    J. Howard Trading, LLC - Full service and discount trading at competitive rates. Free quotes, charts, and real time news feed. Trading seminars and home study course.

    Jack Carl Futures - One of the world's largest discount futures brokerage firms. Jack Carl is the retail division of E D & F Man International Inc., a clearing member of all major U.S. exchanges.

    Jones Ag Marketing - Introducing broker with ADM Investor Services. Provides internet based order entry, free access to simulated trading.

    Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. - Futures Clearing Merchant offering full service, discount, and online trading.

    King Commodities - Discount and full service brokerage. Online account access, strategy testing, free daily research, charts, and quotes.

    Keystone - Futures Commission Merchant, specializes in discount trading.

    Kidder Trading - Cash grain broker, specializing in the California feed and dairy industry.

    Lakefront Futures and Options, LLC - Offers Full service, discount, and online trading.

    Kis Futures Trading - Full service brokerage with offices throughout the United States, and London. Market newsletter, quotes and charts.

    Klute Investment Services Inc. - Financial opportunities for the agriculture industry, including full service brokerage, risk management, and an investor cattle feeding program.

    Lind-Waldock - The world's largest discount brokerage.

    Lee Capital Management - Full service brokerage specializing in teaching new traders. Free instructional trading package.

    LFG CT - Online and broker assisted trading, IB's welcome, free online demo software. Connecticut branch office of Refco Inc.

    LFG, division of Refco, Inc. - One of the world's largest registered futures commission merchants, maintaining memberships on all principal U.S. and international exchanges.

    LLW Commodities - Full service brokerage.

    Liberty Trading Group - President James Cordier is regularly quoted in the WSJ, Futures Magazine and Bloomberg. Specialized in writing options.

    The Linn Group Inc. - A professional clearing services and research group. They provide clearing services to brokers as well as execution and market analysis for large institutional and commercial clients.

    Main Street Trading - Full service brokerage, Internet quotes and charts for clients.

    Louis Dreyfus Corporation - Bulk agricultural commodities, telecommunications, shipping and real estate company. - Full service brokerage. Online weekly class teaching Richard D. Wyckoff trading methods.

    Man International - Offers a wide range of services including 24 hour Forex trading, managed accounts, and Internet trading for European or US futures.

    Man Financial - One of the world's largest discount futures brokerage firms. A clearing member of all major U.S. exchanges.

    Newco Commodities Ltd. - Offers hedging and full service brokerage. Freight bidding page lists current rates.

    McFarland Commodities, Inc. - A family owned discount and full service brokerage firm. Individual, managed and risk management accounts. Internet charts, quotes, paper trading, market commentary & research. Competitive commission rates.

    Nextrade, Inc. - Full service brokerage. Links to charts, news, and weather. New account forms available for download.

    Meridian Commodity Corporation - Full service brokerage specializing in Grains, Energy markets, Currencies and Metals.

    Nautica Financial Corporation - Full service brokerage firm, opening calls, charts and quotes.

    Newhall Discount Futures and Options - Discount brokerage offering full service attention, online quotes, charts and paper trader services.

    NFC Commodities - Full service brokerage.

    Nordburg Financial Group Inc. - Full service and discount online trading. Articles on technical analysis and investing.

    Olam Online - Market intelligence, order tracking, contract management, online trading and risk management solutions. Global Supplier raw materials with operations in 30 countries.

    One World Capital - Offers retail and professionally managed accounts. Specializing in personalized assistance and experienced advice.

    Op Wiz, Inc - Full service and discount brokerage.

    Opportunities In Options - Full services brokerage and specialists in trading options.

    Crossland, LLC - Providing clearing services to futures and options traders for nearly two decades.

    Oystercatcher Management B.V. - Specializing in Soya and grains. Hedging services for major European trade houses. Based in The Netherlands.

    Peregrine Financial Group Inc., California Division - Trade of the Day advisory. Online, full service and managed accounts.

    Phillip GNI Futures Singapore - Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS) offers a one stop Internet trading system for Singapore, KLSE, Hong Kong Shares, SIMEX Futures and Spot Forex.

    4-Paragon Investments Inc. - Discount online and broker assisted trading, quotes, written and audio commentary.

    Parker Trading - Full service futures brokerage offering tips and recommendations.

    Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc. - Bulk agricultural cash commodity broker.

    Peacock Trading, Inc. - Broker assisted and managed accounts for individual, retirement, and institutional traders since 1989.

    Phibro Inc. - Provides hedging, derivatives and risk management services.

    Stick Defense Central - Troutman's secret underground trading base contains reflections and opinions on futures trading and the world of making money in general.

    The Pixley Group, LLC - Full service, and online futures trading.

    Potomac Trading, Inc. - Secializes in executing mechanical trading systems for their clients.

    Plains Commodities - Full service brokerage in Illinois.

    The Price Futures Group, Inc. - Full service, discount, online, and managed accounts. Direct electronic access via the Internet to electronic clerk terminals in the Bond, Dow, Soybean, Corn, Oat and Wheat pits.

    Professional Market Brokerage, Inc. - Futures Commission Merchant, execution for self directed, broker assisted, CTA, and IB business. Offices in the USA, Germany, London, and Italy.

    Professional Services Division of RCG, LLC - Specializing in clearing and trade execution. Online trading, forex and commercial hedging.

    Progressive Futures - Offers online trading at discount prices, full service and CTA managed accounts.

    Pyramid Futures - Full service brokerage, no obligation paper trading program with charts and graphs. Competitive commission rates.

    RB&H Financial Services, LLC. - Futures clearing firm at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Provides broad range of hedging, trading, and research services.

    Redlands Futures and Options - Specializing in a full range of brokerage services. Low $1,000 minimum to open an account. Daily market research also available.

    Refco Europe - Online trading, OTC cash and derivative products and global clearing and execution.

    Rhino Trading - Self directed and professionally managed futures accounts. Real time trading system monitoring.

    Roach Ag Marketing Ltd - Full service brokerage, monthly market letter, AG Fundemetals Book.

    Roark Capital Management - Trade online or use a professional money manager to handle your commodity investments.

    Rock Financial Services - Off shore brokerage in forex, global equities and futures.

    Saddle River Futures Trading Group - Clearing, execution and risk management.

    Sinta Commodities Service Company - Full service and discount brokerage. Over 25 years of trading experience.

    Slipka Trading Corporation - A full service brokerage, no account minimums. Help for novice traders.

    Smart Futures - Discount online brokerage offering Internet order entry and a professional order desk. Qualified accounts can call their orders directly to the trading pit.

    South Futures Limited - Direct access to the trading floor, fundamental and technical analysis, a daily coffee market report and a 24-hour desk agent with automated order entry.

    Spike Trading - Full service and discount brokerage. Specialist in system trading.

    STA Trading Services - Full service brokerage, Ag Marketing Service.

    Southwest Futures - Full service, discount, managed accounts, registered CTA.

    Sucden (UK) Limited - Full service brokerage. Free daily analysis.

    Swiss Financial Services - Futures commission merchant, offers cotton brokerage services to commercial users, producers, mills, etc. Daily commentary on fundamental and technical factors effecting NY cotton futures.

    United Capital Securities - Sydney based broker. Online trading information, charts and reports are available free of charge.

    United Futures Trading Company - Offering managed, broker assisted, and online trading.

    System Broker - Online access to most markets with a high level of personal service.

    TFS Telecom - Broker of OTC inter-dealer physical and derivative products. Offering foreign exchange, commodity, equity and network bandwidth.

    Time Leverage Capital - Full service, online, and discount trading. Interactive charts and daily research available for registered visitors.

    TPL Capital Management, LLC - Professionally managed futures accounts and online trading services.

    Trade Center - Brokerage firm offering online trading and Omega system monitoring.

    Trade Depot Futures and Options - Full service and discount trading.

    Trade OIS - Full service futures brokerage.

    Trader's Edge - Full-service brokerage firm, Offering quotes, research, electronic order-entry software.

    Traders Forum - Professional brokerage services for experienced and novice traders.

    Traders Network - Full service and discount brokerage. Newsletter, online trading quotes, charts, and news.

    TradeStat Inc. - Full service, discount, and online trading. Options trading specialists.

    TradeStation Platform - Combines the speed of direct-access order routing with the power to test and automate trading strategies.

    Transitions Trading - Commodity brokerage offering full service, discount and online trading. Specializing in helping new traders.

    Trendex Commodity Corporation - Full service brokerage offering sound customer service and fast order executions.

    Trident Trading Corporation - Full service and discount futures brokerage at competitive rates.

    TRX Futures Limited. - Specializes in coffee and cocoa.

    U. S. Commodities, Inc. - Full service firm providing investment, hedging and risk management in the grain and livestock markets since 1986.

    Aegis Financial, LLC - Futures Commission Merchant offering 24-hour world wide market access, free daily research and personalized service.

    Union Securities Ltd. - Full service brokerage, trading services in all Canadian and United States markets.

    Wilshire Investment Management - Full Service brokerage specializing in personalized service for the individual or seasoned investor.

    U.S. Futures and Options, LLC - Full service and online discount brokerage.

    U.S. Commodities Group - Full service brokerage with links to charts, quotes, and news. Registration required.

    VIP Futures - Full service, discount, and online trading. Links to charts, quotes, and news. - Specializing in equity futures. Direct to the floor trading service provides flashed order entry and immediate confirmations.

    WebVestor - Online commodity trading with direct floor access for S&P traders.

    West Wind Financial - Assist agriculture producers with risk management by developing hedge strategies using commodity futures and options in the corn, wheat, cotton, and cattle markets.

    Wheatland Brokerage - Full service brokerage, dealing in cash grain, flour milling, transportation of grain, and the operation of grain elevators. - Full service and managed trading. Offers free daily trading suggestions by email.

    World Brokerage Services - Market research, news alerts, and advisory services.

    Pacific Rim Asset Management - A full service brokerage offering managed accounts, as well as discount trading.

    Refco Beverly Hills - Offers several futures and forex online trading platforms, trading floor access, OTC Derivatives, and global research.

    First Fidelity Trading Group LLC - Full service and online trading. Contract specs, daily futures research.

    Infinity Trading Corp - Full service firm specializing in futures and options trading.

    World Futures Financial Group, Inc. - Full service, broker assisted and Online trading.

    World Link Futures - Premium full service and online trading accounts, free commodity course, online paper trading, and free quotes and charts.

    Worth Trading Associates, Ltd - Full service brokerage firm focusing on, but not limited to coffee futures execution on the New York Board of Trade.

    AgriTrends - Full service and online discount trading. Free quotes, charts, and daily research for agricultural hedging and speculators. - Full service and discount brokerage with no account minimum. Technical analysis, seasonal research, and market data.

    Online Markets - Online trading in treasury bonds, fixed income derivatives and foreign exchange.

    Harvest International Consultants, Inc. - Risk management consultation and advisory services. Full services and discount trading.

    Benchmark Financial Services - Market research, hedging, and managed futures as well as mutual fund, stock, and bond trading.

    Carr Futures - Dedicated to the specialized needs of institutional investors, offering expert trade execution and global clearing services.

    Michael's Wine Cellar - Large selection of Bordeaux 2000 futures. First and second growths available.

    Celtic Brokerage Inc. - Services for professional futures traders. Electronic order-entry systems for all available markets 24 hours per day.

    Baas Commodities - Full services and discount online trading. Free traders kit and live quotes.

    Comek Direct LLC - Discount, online and full service trading. Specializing in customer support. Free charts, quotes and research.

    Byrne Investment Services - Full service and online discount trading.

    Barron's Commodity Corp - Full service and discount online trading.

    Ibero International - Deals in physical commodities including seafood, chemicals and agricultural products. Bilingual staff to managing the entire trade process.

    Spectron Group - Manages Europe's largest neutral electronic marketplaces for the trading of gas, electricity and London Metal Exchange contracts.

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