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Keepin' the Faith!

Cancer Support for the Heart and Soul. Over 150 pages of cancer survivor's stories, practical advice, cancer awareness and activism material, prayers for cancer patients and more. Spiritual and emotional support and information for cancer patients survivors and loved ones. Email support, volunteers, online prayer list, crisis prayer team, original poetry, informative articles, survivors' stories.

Imhotep Research
and Informatics Society

A student body at the faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. IRIS promotes research among undergraduate medical students.

Today's OncoTip

From OncoLink's excellent site!

Introduction to Gynecologic Oncology

Includes 80+ pages of information for women and their families newly diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer.

Empowermed, Inc
Creating completely customized medical reports.†  

Englemed Health News

An independent news service reporting on the latest in health and medicine. Updated daily. Linked to source wherever possible. This service is exclusively on-line. There is a popular free e-mail subscription service.  


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Cancer and Oncology Health

News . Research . Associations
Treatments . Drugs . Tests . Online Journals

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  • See Also:

    • CancerNet   - Credible, current, comprehensive cancer information from the National Cancer Institute.

    • Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma - Information, support, and research links for this disease.
    • All About Cancer - Links, articles, interviews, trials, glossary, and news.
    • Allexperts Cancer Questions and Answers - Doctors and others answer your detailed one-on-one questions about cancer for free.
    • At Cancer - Cancer and oncology website with medline search engine and related links.
    • Beatriz Amendola, MD PA - Information regarding the use of radiation therapy and its delivery in the treatment of cancer and benign diseases, as well as information regarding types of disease and other available treatment options.
    • Better U for Health - Information about the use of shark cartilage for people with cancer or tumors.
    • Cancer - Home Page from - The directory of is guided by a physician. Most types of cancer are covered.
    • Cancer Q - Information, chats, personal survivor stories, ask the doctor, and childhood. The types are broken down into categories for easy searching with a description, symptoms, diagnosis, genes and treatment on each.
    • Cancer Breakthroughts - Reported DAILY - Information about the newest treatments, cures, research breakthroughs reported from 2500+ medical, scientific, and research journals, biotech firms, centers and FDA trial sites.
    • Cancer Care, Inc. - Topics of interest to cancer patients and their families: radiation and chemo side effects, controlling pain, nutrition, bereavement issues.
    • Cancer Chart - Quick reference listing the most common types of cancers and while giving a description, possible causes, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment options and any additional resource information.
    • Cancer Drug - A consumer web site for information on cancer causes, prevention, treatments and chemotherapies.
    • Cancer Drug Feed Back - Accumulates and presents statistics on the side effects of cancer-related drugs, as reported by the site's visitors.
    • The Cancer Expedition - Departing in January 2001, a vehicle-based expedition to circumnavigate the tropic of Cancer in aid of cancer research.
    • Cancer Facts - The purpose is to empower cancer patients with the latest cancer information and help them make informed decisions about their personal treatment options.
    • Cancer Headline News - Cancer related Headline News for patients and healthcare professionals. The News Room of is updated daily.
    • Cancer Home - Personalized cancer recurrence and survival predictions using your prognostic factors to compare treatments and select your best therapy; predictions are based on real patients and advanced technology.
    • Cancer Immune - Samuel Bogoch, M.D., Ph.D., and Elenore S. Bogoch, M.D. The work presented in this book provides the first direct evidence that throughout most of our lifetimes all of us are in fact cancer immune, that a challenge to this immune state is associated with clinical cancer, and that immune system products are becoming available to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer.
    • Cancer Information Network - Cancer information site for professional, patients and families. Includes full-text content from leading cancer publications.
    • Cancer Information Services - A source for the latest information from the National Cancer Institute. Links to press releases, fact sheets, updated NCI publications on prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment are also included.
    • The Cancer Letter - News and information on the world of cancer research, including activities of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the latest research funding opportunities.
    • Cancer Links - Information and support site for victims, their families and friends. Cancer message board and chat. General and illness specific links.
    • Cancer Lynx - An online zine for cancer patients and professionals.
    • Cancer News - Articles and links of interest to many cancer related topics.
    • Cancer Nutrition Center - The expert source for information on links between cancer and nutrition, dietary advice for cancer patients and more.
    • Cancer Page - Cancer information and community resources including chat rooms, message boards, a doctor directory and a clinical trial directory.
    • Cancer Protocol - The treatment and management of cancer today. A regimen of low dose chemotherapy and angiogenesis inhibitors.
    • A Cancer Resource for Health Professionals - Links to cancer sites around the world.
    • The Cancer Supportive Care Programs - Book excerpts covering cancer supportive care topics, including psychosocial support, nutrition, pain control, spirituality and more. Extensive self-help advice.
    • Cancer Survivor Row - A man with cancer is fighting for research in a rare form of cancer. He decided to do something about it and started a donation fund to Dana Farber. He gets donations by rowing miles and people donate money for miles rowed. A real touching site.
    • Cancer Testing and Prevention - Early diagnosis is dependent upon testing. Those with a high risk, a history of previous cancers or history in the family should be particularly aware of the tests available for early detection.
    • Cancer Treatment Options - Provides information about the many options of cancer treatment available to cancer patients. A helpful resource for those undergoing cancer therapy.
    • Cancer Trials Support Unit - Information about an NCI funded program which facilitates participation by both patients and physicians in phase III. Offers first time user instructions, press release, objectives and registration with CTSU.
    • CancerBACUP - Information and support site about various kinds of cancer. Includes online books and a variey of cancer resources.
    • - Improving cancer care through the dissemination of up-to-date and accurate educational programming (MedClipsTM) and information for healthcare professionals, cancer patients and their family members.
    • - Causes, symptoms and management of cancer fatigue by browsing educational materials, or ask an oncology nurse a question about cancer fatigue and receive a confidential answer.
    • CancerGuide - CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page
    • CancerHelp UK - Covers a wide range of topics including cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow up and has an extensive questions and answers section.
    • Cancer-Incidence in Natick, Mass. - Environmental problems and certain rising cancer-incidence data.
    • CancerLinks - Resources on cancer, its effects, and treatment.
    • - An Oncologist edited website for cancer patients, their families, and professionals. Your starting point for cancer information on the Web.
    • - Information and links for all types of cancer.
    • Cancer-Options.Net: Prevention and Treatment of Cancer - The truth about complementary and alternative medicine and the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Dr. J.J. Stark guides you through the wealth of information available.
    • Cancerpoint - A forum for individuals and/or families that are related to someone with cancer. Includes support, medical tips, and message board.
    • CancerSafe - Guide through the process of cancer prevention. Cancer treatment professionals offer you screening, detection, diagnosis.
    • - Comprehensive site for cancer information.
    • CancerTrack - Tracking cancer online. Cancer news, books and links. Up to date information on cancer.
    • CBSHealthWatch - Caner - CBSHealthWatch is a free site that provides information and interactive health management tools across a variety of disciplines.
    • - A consumer website for information about cancer chemotherapies.
    • CNN's Health News: Cancer - Offers current news and developments.
    • - Information on available cancer clinical trials, cancer patient support groups and cancer treatments.
    • Dr. Gonzalez's Nutritional Regimen - Drs. Nicholas Gonzalez and Linda Isaacs offer an enzyme based therapy for patients with cancer and other degenerative diseases; it is being evaluated in an NCI-funded study on pancreatic cancer.
    • Drug Information Center for Cancer Patients - Cancer drug information, health and medical resources, case studies, discussion threads and treatment FAQ’s.
    • Health Environment Analysis Laboratory - Details about cancer research for prevention and cure in areas that involve natural products and avoid extreme side effects associated with usual treatments.
    • Healthlink: Cancer - Offers news, research, and developments. [Medical College of Wisconsin Physicians and Clinics]
    • How Stuff Works: Cancer - Comprehensive information and facts about cause of cancer, detection, and treatments with many medical terms explained.
    • Imipenem Versus Targeted Therapy - Imipenem versus targeted therapy in cancer patients.
    • International Health New Database - Summaries of the latest research concerning fish oils and cancer.
    • Johns Hopkins Acoustic Neuroma Radiosurgery - Johns Hopkins Acoustic Neuroma Radiosurgery resources.
    • Ladyscreen - Easing the Worry of Female Cancer - At some time in their life, one in 11 women faces the trauma of being diagnosed with a female cancer. Fortunately, if diagnosed early enough, many of these cancers can be treated successfully.
    • MedincineNet - Highlights the latest therapies and research about all forms of cancer with links to doctor produced content. A discussion about biological therapy.
    • Metronomic Dosing: Shrinking Cancer Tumors - Metronomic dosing shrinks tumor and provides quality of life to cancer patients with low dose chemotherapy and anti-angiogenics. A personal story and some scientific journal articles.
    • Mike's Cancer Resource - This web page was originally designed not only to be a personal tribute to Mike but also a resource page for those with cancer, their carers and families to find a series of links to cancer related web sites.
    • Natural Healthlink - Information about diet and cancer prevention — not treatment. Prevention of cancer in a person who has never had cancer is called primary prevention, which is the focus of this section.
    • Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer - An article from Page Wise Inc. about the use vitamins, minerals, and supplements which researchers have deemed anti-cancer causing agents. Also offers detail about the disease and some of the traditional treatments.
    • The New Medicine - A lengthy article written with the principle in mind that biological conflict-shock results in a cold cancerous or necrotic phase and how, if the conflict is resolved, the cancerous or necrotic process is reversed to repair the damage and return the individual to health.
    • The Novartis Oncology Living with Cancer Initiative - Determined to look beyond conventional sources in an effort to discover unique therapies in diverse areas of cancer research.
    • OncoLink - Extensive information for the patient, caregiver and clinician. Cancer news, disease oriented menus, causes and prevention, clinical trials, conferences, and psychosocial support, from the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.
    • Oncology Network - Meeting place for oncology specialists and consumers. Information about experts, organizations, headlines, research and events.
    • Page Wise - A detailed account of radiation treatments for cancer from a radiation therapist.
    • - A not-for-profit organization serving people with very rare cancers (neoplasms). Provides hard to find information on 120 truly rare cancers. Cancer statements written by Cancer Information Specialists are based on MedLine/CancerLit articles, and numerous oncology textbooks.
    • Regaining Health After Cancer Treatment - This site contains information about therapies to help people regain their health after standard cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.
    • - Physician-edited site serving as an educational resource for patients with sarcomas to inform about the disease as well as options for treatment.
    • Spotlight Health - Articles and information on different forms or cancers.
    • State Best Practices in Cancer Prevention and Control - This new NGA web site is designed to provide a national clearinghouse of best practices in cancer control and prevention -- empowering states to share what works in the battle against cancer.
    • Tennessee Oncology - Provides cancer and chemotherapy information, clinical trials, patient support and a mission statement, location, doctors and insurance details.
    • Vancouver Cancer Forums - Live web casts of Vancouver Cancer Forums 2000. The latest in cancer research, treatment and care.
    • Vital Imaging - State-of-the-art technologies that detect diseases in their earliest stages, the company specializes in uncovering early disorders, such as heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer, and other conditions - years before a patient become symptomatic.
    • Women and Cancer - Articles about coping with cancer, how the disease affects your family and friends, and why fighting is not always the best choice.
    • Your Cancer Risk: The Source on Prevention - The Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention developed this interactive site to estimate your risk of cancer and offer personalized tips for better health.

    • Web site helps cancer patients get help. - A Web site designed to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer obtain a second opinion. It can put them in touch with a nationwide network of 50 leading cancer diagnosticians. (October 16, 2000)

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    Cancer and Oncology
    Articles and Information

    Adult Cancers
    Adult Hodgkin's disease
    Adult Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - CancerNet
    Breast Cancer - OncoLink
    Breast Cancer Intro - OncoLink
    Breast Cancer Tumor Types - OncoLink
    General Information about Cancer - OncoLink
    Information for People with Cancer - NCI
    Keepin' the Faith!- Cancer Support
    Liver Cancer - OncoLink
    Living with Cancer - NCI
    Look for Danger Signs in Pigmented Lesions of the Skin
    Lung Cancer - Tirgan
    Lymphedema - OncoLink
    Mammography - National Cancer Institute
    Melanoma Risk Factors
    Nature of Cancer - OncoLink
    Ovarian Cancer - Cancer Care
    Pancreas Cancer- OncoLink
    Prostate Cancer - Who Should Be Treated?
    Prostate Cancer - Mediconsult
    Skin Cancer - At OncoLink
    Prostate Cancer - Mediconsult
    Testicular Cancer and How To Do The TSE
    Twelve Major Cancers - Scientific American
    Understanding Cancer Pain - NCI
    Understanding the Immune System - NIH
    What are the Different Kinds of Cancer? - Tirgan
    What are the Different Stages Of Lung Cancer?
    What Skin Cancer Looks Like?
    What is Lung Cancer? - Cancer Care
    What is Skin Cancer? - AAD
    Your Medical Oncologist - Tirgan

    Cancer and Oncology
    Drugs . Glossaries
    Treatments . Tests

    Biopsy Report - A Patient's Guide- OncoLink
    Cancer Screening and Prevention - OncoLink
    Cancer Treatment - NCI
    Cancer Treatment - Tirgan
    Cancer Treatment and Side Effects - Cancer Care
    Cancer Treatments - National Cancer Institute
    Glossary Cancer-Related Terms - NCI
    Glossary of Terms - Cancer Care
    PDQ Bulletins, Press Releases, and Fact Sheets
    PDQ Treatment Summaries and Disease Topics
    PDQ Treatment Summaries - Health Professionals
    PDQ Treatment Summaries - Patients
    Surgical Oncology - OncoLink

    What is PDQ?
    "PDQ stands for Physician Data Query. It is a computer database that contains cancer information summaries, listings of research studies (clinical trials), and directories of physicians and organizations involved in cancer care. PDQ was developed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) with the help of cancer experts from across the Nation. The Hypermedia PDQ project is supported, in part, by grants from the National Cancer Institute and the National Action Plan on Breast Cancer."

    Cancer and Oncology
    Organizations & Associations

    Canadian Cancer Society
    Natl Action Plan on Breast Cancer
    Natl Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)
    Natl Breast Cancer Centre - Australia
    National Breast Cancer Coalition
    National Cancer Institute
    National Cancer Registrars
    National Institutes of Health - Consumer Health

    Cancer . Oncology . General
    Health Journals & News

    AMA's JAMA
    BreastCancer.Net News
    CNN Health
    Cutting Edge Cancer Research - OncoLink
    Englemed Health News
    Financial Times Healthcare
    Journals - OncoLink
    Journals on the Web
    Mayo Cancer Articles
    Medical News
    Mediconsult Journal Articles - Breast Cancer
    Medical Tribune
    Medscape - Journals
    Oncology Drug Reviews
    Reuters Health Information Services
    USA Today Health Index
    Wiley InterScience

    Top Cancer and Oncology
    Health Web Sites

    American Cancer Society
    Amgen - Biotechnology Company
    Breast Cancer Answers Project
    Breast Cancer Information Service
    CDC Diseases
    Cancer Care
    Cancer Centers - NCI-Designated
    Cancer Directory
    Cancer Directory Commmunity Resources
    Cancer Directory Discussion Forum
    Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
    Empowermed, Inc
    Lung Cancer - Tirgan
    OncoLink: University of Pennsylvania Cancer
    Oncology - Medscape
    PDQ National Cancer Institute
    PDR Pescription Drugs
    Pediatric Oncology Group

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    about their health...

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