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   See Also:

    Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation - Comprehensive FAQ for An unconventional and often witty introductory compendium. ASCII text only.

    Genetic Algorithms Archive - Archives of GA-List, the genetic algorithms mailing list. Hosted at the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence.

    Generation 5 AI Repository - A high school level introduction to the fundamentals of genetic algorithms. Site is not Netscape compatable.

    Genetic Java - A simple genetic algorithms applet with instructions and some sample problems.

    Introduction to Genetic Algorithms with Java - Introductory pages with interactive Java applets, useful tips for your own genetic algorithm

    GA Playground - A general GA toolkit implemented in Java, for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems. Source code is available.

    IlliGAL - Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Contains a large collection of technical reports and software.

    Bibliography on Genetic Algrorithms - Genetic algorithm citations starting with ICGA and FOGA. Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection at the Universitat Karlsruhe in Germany.

    Evolutionary Programming Society - Formed in 1991 to promote research in the areas of evolutionary computation and self-organizing systems.

    GAlib - A C++ library of genetic algorithm components. The library includes tools for using genetic algorithms to do optimization in any C++ program using any representation and genetic operators.

    Genetic Pattern Finder - Uses genetic algorithms to detect the best trading patterns and will adapt to any financial data. The trading signales generated are statistically validated and can be easily exported.

    NeuroDimension Inc: Genetic Algorithm Software - Use NeuroDimensions Genetic Server or Genetic Library products to embed genetic algorithms into your own VB/C++ application.

    Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox - GEATbx is a comprehensive implementation of evolutionary algorithms in Matlab. A broad range of operators is fully integrated into one environment.

    Crystal Ball Pro - A global optimization and risk analysis software tool. Uses a unique combination of genetic algorithms and neural networks.

    Creativity Machine Paradigm - Device for the autonomous generation of useful information. A chaotically perturbed net produces novel concepts derived from its training while a second net isolates any concepts of potential value.

    GA Tutorials Notebook - A collection of links to on-line tutorials about genetic algorithms.

    Genetics-Based Machine Learning - Generalization, scheduling and performance evaluation from the Teacher Research Group.

    SPHINcsX - "Zeroth-Order Shape Optimization Utilizing a Learning Classifier System" Web-based textbook.

    Genetic Algorithms for Squeak - This GA framework in Squeak implements the operation of selection, mutation and crossing-over with visualization features.

    Evolutionary Design of Neural Architectures - Information, bibliography and resources on evolutionary synthesis of neuromorphic systems. Maintained by the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Iowa State University.

    Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory - An independent, nonprofit research laboratory involved in the transdisciplinary study of complex systems. Invented the GA-based design of statistical quality control.

    Netadelica Genetic Algorithms - A brief experiment in coding a simple genetic algorithm 'bit counter' that compares different evolution parameters.

    Cell Matrix Corporation - Publications describe an application of their computer architecture to genetic algorithms. Software includes an online circut simulator.

    Genetic Algorithm Maze Solver - A Java applet demonstrating the evolution of maze solving algorithms.

    Lithos Evolutionary Computation - An evolutionary computation system using a stack-based virtual machine. Source code available.

    Introduction to Genetic Algorithms - An introductory explanation of genetic algorithms available in HTML and PDF formats. The Genetic Algorithm Viewer Java applet shows the functioning of a genetic algorithm.

    rEvolutionaryEngineering - Researches and develops applications using evolutionary algorithms and genetic algorithms for finance and engineering.

    GA-search - An advanced dedicated genetic algorithms search engine. The "Spider" indexes only GA related sites.

    optiGA - An ActiveX control for Genetic Algorithms written in Visual Basic. Provides a generic control that will perform the genetic run for any optimization problem. - An internet data harvesting and analysis company that uses techniques based on genetic algorithms to develop business solutions.

    Papers by Lee Altenberg On-Line - Research publications in mathematical population genetics, evolutionary computation, and genetic algorithms.

    CEC 2001 - Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2001, May 27-30: COEX Center in Seoul, Korea.

    GECCO 2001 - Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2001, July 7-11: Holiday Inn in San Francisco, California.

    Genetic Algorithm Experiment - This Java applet demonstrates a continuous value genetic algorithm on a variety of problem spaces with a variety of reproduction methods.

    PPSN VI - Sixth International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (2000), September 16-20: Paris, France.

    PC AI Genetic Algorithms - Contains links to genetic algorithms information on the Internet along with vendors and references. Published by PC AI magazine.

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