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    Metrum-Datape - Specializing in research, development and manufacture of high-performance recording technologies for a number of data acquisition and storage applications.

    Rare Systems, Inc. - Manufactures and integrates high capacity, maximum performance storage, backup and server systems for UNIX and NT environments.

    Softworks - CenterStage-SST, manages and maintains data and storage systems in multi-platform environments. Supports multiple operating systems, all from one or more management consoles.

    FlexStar Technology - Provides advanced data storage testing devices to the computer peripheral and data storage industries.

    Teac - Leader in the field of data storage. Development and marketing of both optical and magnetic storage devices throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

    Consan - Integrated mass storage solutions hardware with the widest selection of solutions. Disk, tape, optical, CDR, RAID, jukeboxes and libraries.

    USI Corporation - Independent technology supplier providing tape and disk solutions and system memory enhancement products.

    Ultratec - Suppliers of storage products specializing in stocking new and end of life, discontinued products, products which are no longer supported by the manufacturers.

    IBM Storage Systems Division - Storage Area Network initiative to enable access to information anytime, anywhere. Connectivity solutions for disk storage systems.

    StorageTek - Information storage solutions that combine automated tape libraries, tape drives, disk arrays, networking products, software and consulting services.

    TriSys - Provides business and pre-press companies with scalable SAN and LAN products.

    Castlewood Systems, Inc. - Designs and manufactures ORB, market's first high-performance, universal removable media storage device using revolutionary Magneto-Resistive MR head technology.

    Memtech - Designs and manufactures non-volatile, solid state flash drives for the industrial, military, and portable markets. Standard, off the shelf solutions, or create semicustom flash drives based on our standard product.

    BiT Micro Networks Inc. - Designs, develops, and markets flash disk, solid state disk drive electronic E-Disk storage devices, and storage area network SAN and network attached storage NAS systems.

    Fantom Drives - RAID arrays, USB storage, hard drives, DVD, CD, DLT, AIT and all your computer storage needs.

    Topgon - A distributor which offers a line of hard drive, floppy disk and CD duplicators as well as media accessories.

    Microstorage - Reliable storage upgrade solutions for server, desktop and notebook computers. Your single source supplier in storage upgrades.

    Optisys - Produces Network Attach Storage servers for optical, CD-ROM, RAID, PD and DVD mass storage devices.

    Antares Microsystems - PCI and SCSI bus add-in boards for Solaris, NT and Linux systems.

    BlueSmoke Storage Reviews - Reviews, previews, guides, news, interviews and a case mod gallery.

    Phoenix International - ISO 9000 certified manufacturer, specializes in storage subsystems that work in any system or network.

    Integrated Archive Systems - Source for high availability products and solutions provider.

    Imperial Technology - Enhancing the productivity of computing systems through the use of high performance solid state disk storage accelerators and caching devices.

    Curtis, Inc. - Specializes in solid state disk technology and solid state storage systems.

    CMS Peripherals Limited - Distributor of storage and backup devices. Supplies a wide range in storage technology, from hard drives to RAID subsystems.

    PsiTech, Inc. - Develops leading edge products for the capture, storage and display of computer data. Manufacturing both the hardware and the software to enable vast amounts of data to be viewed, analyzed, stored and retrieved.

    Pacific Computer Expansions, Inc. - RAID disk arrays, hard drives, tape libraries, memory for all systems, and tape media.

    Boulder Instruments - Storage and recorders: disk based recording products. Design and manufacture disk-based recording and FIFO systems for a wide variety of applications, such as industrial, military and scientific.

    Westpoint - Peripheral storage specialists providing data storage solutions for integration into a range of computer systems including windows NT, UNIX, Sun Solaris and mainframes.

    Voyager - Backup and storage specialist, distributing high quality optical storage, tape backup, data archiving and RAID systems.

    Cremax USA - Manufactures ICY Dock removable hard disk modules.

    HP Storage - Hewlett-Packard's strategy and vision for the future of storage and an index of the product solutions available.

    Nishan Systems, Inc. - Introduces storage over IP, a complete end-to-end SAN solution based on the widespread, proven networking standards IP and 1 and 10-gigabit ethernet.

    Optima Technology - Develops products that include DeskTape tape backup software, CD-R access recordable CD software, CD-R, CD-RW, and DiskArray software for hard drives, RAID, and storage area networks.

    Verbatim - Designs and manufacturers a range of storage media products including tape, CD, DVD, MO, CompactFlash and SmartMedia.

    Aspen SAN Management Solutions, Inc. - Integrated storage networks with control by Veritas software and Brocade switches.

    Micro Solutions, Inc. - Designer and manufacturer of external mass storage products which connect via parallel or USB ports.

    XIOtech - Extending intelligent IO processing to stand-alone storage subsystems.

    Maxtor Corporation - Manufactures mass storage products. Once known as a manufacturer of hard disk drives, Maxtor has launched its innovative new network attached storage appliance, known as the MaxAttach product line.

    Andromeda Systems - Working with Dyna 5 to solve your corporate or small business problems. Data storage and workstations.

    U.S. Design Storage Solutions - Supplier of direct and internet connect storage management solutions.

    Hitachi Europe - Supplier of high-capacity, high-performance hard disk drives and DVD drives throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Liberty Systems - Offers small portable, high capacity, data storage devices with multi I/O, parallel port, PCMCIA and PC card.

    Storage USA - Offers storage solutions.

    Turtle by Perm-A-Store - Permanent storage cases for data backup media. Product sold online.

    LaCie - Specializing in storage peripherals for both PC and Macintosh platforms.

    Comix Computers, Inc. - An OEM distributor of industrial enclosures, rackmount chassis, file servers, SCSI devices, USB enclosures and IPC's.

    Integration Systems Pty Ltd - Distributor of enterprise storage products including RAID, SAN, Backup, etc.

    Bering Technology, Inc. - Manufactures compatible hard disk and removable disk solutions for HP9000 and HP1000 computers. Supports legacy HP systems with HP-IB interface and MAC controller.

    SanDisk - Data storage - compactflash memory cards, ImageMate, PC cards, chipsets, multimedia cards and flashdrive, for digital cameras, PDAs, and mobile computing devices.

    Octave - Offering the latest in CD burners, CD burner software, MP3 recorders, and DVD recording technologies.

    Solid Data Systems - Industry leader in file-caching solutions that dramatically increase system performance for demanding online, real-time applications.

    Fujifilm Computer Products - Creator and manufacturer of DLT tape, 4mm tape, 8mm tape, CD-R, DVD and Zip disk data storage media.

    CS Electronics - Provider of cabling for mass storage subsystems and storage area networks. Products include custom-made LVD and SCSI backplanes, adapters, internal and external cables, and terminators for laptops to mainframes.

    Skydata Corporation - Leading Canadian vendor of mass storage products.

    Nanochip Inc. - Manufacturers of nanofabricated storage devices.

    Ultratec - A UK-based distributor specializing in stocking end-of-life and discontinued storage products. Also offers data recovery services and hard drive password removal.

    Eurologic - Supplier of high performance, data storage solutions, focusing on the OEM marketplace and a network of strategic partners, worldwide.

    Kudo Microsystems, Inc. - Offers refurbushed Clariion SCSI and fibre channel models.

    Instar Corporation - Provides high performance storage solutions. Focusing on MO, DVD, and CD-R optical technologies.

    Loma Technologies Inc. - Design and manufacture of rack mount disk array systems, Data storage and power supplies.

    CyberData Systems - Specializing in high performance data storage systems for workstations, PCs, Macs and metwork servers.

    Open Storage Solutions - High performance data storage: backup, RAID, servers and networking.

    Western Digital Corporation - Leaders in information storage management, provides a broad array of hard disk drives for personal and enterprise-wide computing. Hard drives, replacement and add-on data storage products to the consumer market through resellers.

    Data Systems and Games, Inc. - Offers disaster recovery and prevention, programming and network management, data collection and reporting.

    Data Duplication Ltd - Suppliers of duplication equipment for hard drives, floppy disk drives and CDs, CD printers. They also offer duplication services and media.

    Infinity I/O - Provider of open systems training for the SAN/Fibre Channel community.

    JMR Electronics - Manufacturer of electronic enclosures for computer peripheral devices. Products includes enclosures for RAID and CD-ROM storage, fibre channel rackmounts and towers.

    Cybernetics - Specializes in the design, manufacture, and direct sales and service of disk and tape storage products.

    Postware - Integrated fibre channel storage for the post-production industry.

    CTS Inc. - Solutions provider and offering SAN, NAS, disaster recovery, backup and recovery.

    CyberKey Corporation - Provides state-of-the-art storage solutions through compact, portable devices allowing fast, convenient, secure data transportation between computers, handheld PDA's and mobile telephones.

    Sanbolic - Offering volume sharing software for enhanced inter-SAN communication.

    SanCastle Technologies - Designs and manufactures a high-speed integrating switch that enables connection of SANs over a wide area network.

    Minds at Work - Back up, store, archive or transfer any file on the 6GB Digital Wallet, the portable smart storage solution.

    Gresham Enterprise Storage - Specializing storage technologies. Provides custom device drivers and other specific solutions for manufacturers of disk, tape, and fibre channel components on open systems platforms.

    XtraDisk - Offers storage solutions including notebook hard drives and caddies, external USB hard drives, firewire hard drives, and PCMCIA hard drives.

    Storlogic, Inc. - Leader in storage networking technology.

    Emulex Corporation - Designer, developer and supplier of a broad line of storage networking products based on Fibre Channel and IP Network technologies.

    StorageWay - Managed storage utility designed to service the unique data storage needs of companies that have a strong Internet presence.

    Sun Microsystems Australia - Leader in storage solutions.

    Mountain Optech, Inc. - Customize standard mass storage solutions for application-specific rugged environments. Products include removable non-volatile solid state, magnetic hard drives, cd-rom drives, rewritable optical drives and dat drives.

    Storage Area Networks Ltd - Designs, develops and manufactures broadband networking solutions. ADVA products include WDM communication systems, high-speed fiber optic converters, storage networking gateways and all-optical switches.

    Entrada Networks - Transports storage data over IP and optical fiber.

    Storage Engine - Continuous availability mass storage enhancement subsystems including its own internally developed storage products designed to meet Open Systems emerging market needs.

    Archos Technology - Manufacturer of small storage devices for mobile computing. Devices include portable hard drives, mini ZIP drives, CD-ROM drives and DVD drives.

    Panasonic Industrial Europe - DVD technology for data storage including Rewritable DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM. Product range includes floppy/super floppy category including a choice of standard floppy, SuperDisk 120MB and Panasonic Zip 100MB products.

    AlphaStor Media - Provides a media management software system for enterprise-class media and storage device management across all backup and other data mover applications.

    WiebeTech - Mobile computing storage, pocket size and portable for Windows and MAC.

    US Duplication - Offering CD and DVD duplication and replication as well as packaging and turnkey solutions for the software, audio, and entertainment industries.

    Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. - Supplier of open Fibre Channel fabric solutions that provide the intelligent backbone for SANs.

    In-System Design, Inc. - Portable personal storage management featuring 4GB to 12GB of storage space allowing extra room need to use, store, manage, and backup the growing electronic library of files and programs, with plug-and-play access.

    DataFab Systems, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of portable systems for hard disks, CD-ROM, CD-RW, and flash memory cards with all interfaces.

    StorageNewsletter - A monthly periodical in English on the worldwide data storage industry (magnetic and optical disk and tape NAS, and SAN).

    TidalWire Inc. - Products and services for enterprise storage area networks.

    Addonics Technologies Inc. - Design and manufacturers of portable CD-ROM, DVD, CDRW, hard drives and flash menory readers that connect to USB, Firewire and PCMCIA ports.

    Dicoll Tape Broker - Buys, sells and repairs data storage back up devices, both in the tape and optical markets,

    Terapin Technology Inc. - Handheld, internet enabled, personal data storage device.

    Datacore Software - Manufacturers of SanSymphony, storage area network management software.

    Bretanix Limited - Offers SANs, servers, NAS, data backup and rescue.

    SANZ - Storage and data management solutions. Also offers support for geospatial data management. - Manufacturer of external CD-ROM, CD-RW, and hard drives. Specializing in the parallel, PCMCIA, and USB interfaces.

    StorCase Technology Company - Offers a complete line of rugged and reliable data storage products, providing system integrators with solutions to increase storage capacity and assure ongoing system flexibility.

    Shugart Technology - A developer of integrated products for testing, monitoring, and analyzing a wide variety of data storage systems including SCSI, SAN, NAS, RAID data storage systems.

    Modern Storage LLC - Offers products for data archiving, backup, and CD/DVD publishing. RAID systems, jukeboxes, and magneto optical drives.

    NetCon, Inc. - Suppliers of mass storage solutions to government(GSA) and corporate customers. Products include CD/DVD towers and jukeboxes, tape libraries, email management systems, MO and RAID.

    Peripheral Storage Solutions - Offers network storage products, tape libraries, backup software, optical storage, and portable backup.

    TREK ThumbDrive - Very small, solid state USB storage device with capacites from 8 MB to 512 MB.

    Ultrium LTO - Information about an open format tape technology jointly developed by IBM, HP and Seagate.

    Legato Systems, Inc. - High-availability products for managing application and service-level availability within Storage Area Network deployments. Also provides real-time data protection and server availability for various server configurations.

    Network Appliance - Manufactures high-performance multiprotocol file servers and caching appliances for UNIX (NFS), Windows (CIFS) and Web (HTTP) environments.

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