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   See Also:

    MacMusic - Resources, searchable links, downloads, updates, classified ads, mailing-list, articles, and information, about making music with your Macintosh.

    Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) - Music software and hardware products for the Macintosh and PC.

    SoundJam MP - Full-Featured, all-in-one, MP3 Player and Encoder for the Macintosh.

    Make A TestTone - Free Macintosh test tone Generator

    SampleTank VST - Sound module which combines, into a VST instrument, a sophisticated sampler/synth engine with high quality multisampled sounds.

    PlayerPRO - Tracker, composer, and player, all in one.

    Audiocorder - VOX program which allows your Mac to act as an audio recorder. It allows you to set the volume that the sound must reach to begin recording, and the volume at which it should end recording.

    AudioCatalyst - AudioCatalyst is a complete CD to MP3 conversion solution featuring the acclaimed interface of AudioGrabber with the power of the XingMP3 encoding engine.

    Music Ace - A fun, engaging and non-judgmental music education software program designed to provide an introduction to music fundamentals for beginning music students of all ages.

    Sibelius - Music notation program designed to notate, edit, play back and publish music of every kind, to the highest professional standards. (Now ported to MacOS from the Acorn)

    Music Ace 2 - Designed for beginning and intermediate students, this is the second title in the highly-acclaimed Music Ace series from Harmonic Vision.

    Music Doodle Pad - Creative software program designed to provide beginning music students, young and old, with the opportunity to easily compose and listen to their own music.

    Rocket Science - Bundle of real-time plugins for Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer and Audio Desk.

    SoundApp - Norman Franke's sound player and converter for the Macintosh. (PowerPC native, freeware)

    Autoscore - Audio-to-MIDI music software program that allows you to compose music by simply singing or playing an instrument. (Wildcat Canyon Software)

    Rapster - A fully featured, unofficial Napster client for the Mac OS. It already supports file downloads (including resumable downloads), searching, and a complete chat and private message system.

    Clixsounds - Adds a new freeware sound every week and also sells CD-ROMs chuck full of other audio morsels. Most sounds are offered for download in 8-bit and 16-bit stereo versions.

    ReCycle - Audio processing tool for drum loops and grooves.

    QDesign Press Release - MP3 encoding and decoding software released.

    iStream - MP3 Streaming Server for the Macintosh from Arctic Software.

    Macintosh Music Programs - Briefly annotated link compilation. - A natural video compression system that is compliant with MPEG-4v3.

    SFX Machine - Audio effects plug-in features hundreds of presets from conventional to bizarre. The new try-before-you-buy version features better audio quality and G4-optimization.

    CellSynth - Software synthesiser, MP3 and AIFF sample player, DSP processor and sequencer all in one production tool which outputs stereo CD quality audio.

    RhapsOGL visual effects - RhapsOGLApp X visual effects generator for MacOSX - This is a visual plug-in for SoundJam MP and MACAST

    Vision DSP - Complete software system for recording, editing, effecting and playback of MIDI and digital audio. PowerPC native.. (Opcode)

    MacMusic - News, resources, more than 1600 reviewed links, classifieds, and freeware all related to making music on Macintosh computers.

    a2b music - Download the AT&T a2b music player for the Mac.

    thOnk_0+2 - Extremely simple to use Freeware Macintosh application, that uses Granular Synthesis to produce very diverse sounds based upon a sound file provided by the user.

    Audion - A top-notch audio player from Panic Software for MPEG Layer III (MP3) files, CDs, and streaming audio from the Internet. The interface can be changed with skins, known in the Audion universe as faces.

    AudioFusion - A music software program created to transform your PowerMac into a professional studio. Includes standard audio tools such as a sampler, synthesizer, and beatbox, as well as a mixing system. Provides MIDI compatibility and AIFF exporting.

    MacOS Resources - Mac OS Resources is the most complete MacOS resource site for system sounds, system sound sets, desktop patterns, desktop pictures, and other system enhancments.

    MusicCatalog - A program to help organize your music collection. Track your entire collection, sort it however you like, use artwork and sound, enter lyrics and even publish your collection on the Web!

    Studio Vision Pro - MIDI and digital audio recording and sequencing with professional hardware support. (Opcode)

    CMN (Common Music Notation) - Free western music notation package written in Common Lisp.

    Cakewalk Metro 5 - Complete digital audio and MIDI studio for the Mac.

    Cakewalk Metro SE - Multitrack digital audio and MIDI recording studio for iMacs.

    GrooveMaker - Revolutionary loop-based remixing software and sound libraries, with real time groove-generator and import/match of any audio file (including MP3).

    QDesign Corporation - An audio compression technology provider including MP3, MP2, and the QDesign Music Codec for Apple QuickTime.

    Pro Tools PowerMix - Software-only version of ProTools for PowerPC Mac.

    fLOW - ambient sound generator - Generates an everchanging sound scape in realtime; flooding sounds that evoke timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. (freeware for Mac G3).

    Syd - Software Synthesizer - A software synthesizer for Mac and Windows. Similar to CSound in capabilities, but easier to use.

    Apple Quicktime - QuickTime is Apple's complete technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes.

    Creative Music and Audio - A section on Apple's website featuring articles detailing how musicians use Macs.

    BarFly - Freeware integrated text editor/player/viewer for abc music files.

    Lime - Music Notation software for Macintosh. Also available for Win32. (CERL Sound Group)

    MacAlert - Downoload Macintosh system alert sounds recorded from television, movies, nature, and everywhere else. Collection is added to every week and is totally free!

    Lexikon-Sonate - interactive realtime composition - A computer program that generates piano music in realtime and which can also be used as a meta-instrument for improvising highly complex piano music. Macintosh freeware (3 Mar 1998).

    Piper calls the tune - SBP 7 June 1999 - Dara McCluskey met Davy Spillane who uses the oldest of instruments with the latest technology to make his own music.

    Macintosh Music Software Site - A large collection of music software for the Mac. Hundreds of free and shareware programs are available for download. - USB Audio software for Macintosh.

    SoundHack - Manual and download information for a shareware sound processing program that does sample rate conversions, changes sound file headers, plays headerless files and other sound file conversions

    Apple - iTunes - Free program from Apple that lets you listen to 100s of internet radio stations, organize and encode MP3s or even burn your collection to CD.

    MicroLogic AV - Entry-level desktop studio software. (Emagic)

    WaveBurner - Eddie-award winning software for Audio CD Mastering using the Mac. (Emagic)

    Barbabatch - Institues a Quicktime 4.0 codec that converts MP3 files. Demo download available.

    Mac Digital Audio - Source of timely news, information, reviews, and software updates. Features a collection of skins, an MP3 search engine, and a forum.

    AudionTi - A serie of faces designed with first objective to port the look & feel of the new design from Apple on the best mp3 player available today, audion from panic software.

    Roxios Jam Software - Sound editing software for Macintosh allowing users to easily create 100% Red Book compliant audio CDs.

    Virtual Composer - Shareware multiple track graphical sequencer, allowing files to be exported in AIFF, abc, or MIDI formats.

    DivX4Mac - A MPEG-4 codec for Quicktime Pro. Compresses up to four times better than MPEG-2.

    Microsoft Media Player 7 - Support among others Microsoft MPEG-4 (version 2.0 and 3.0)and the ISO MPEG-4 video (version 1.0) video codecs.

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