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   See Also:

    FAQSYS - A wealth of programming links, including 3D/2D math, fractals, optimization, compression, video cards, graphics file formats.

    DDJ, July 1995: BSP Trees - Implementing and Using BSP Trees: Fast 3-D sorting

    Map Projection - Very basic grey page with some useful links on map projection.

    Ray Tracing News Index - Hand-built topic index to some of the articles.

    Ray Tracing News - An infrequent newsletter on ray tracing and general computer-graphics research and resources.

    Exaflop - Articles of interest to computer graphics.

    Hugues Hoppe's Homepage - A collection of research graphics articles.

    Graphics Gems Repository - The official site for source code, errata, and addenda to the Graphics Gems book series.

    Portal Technique for Real-time 3D Engines - This document describes how you can render a set of 3D polygons using the portal technique.

    Representing a Camera in a 3D Real-time Engine - This article describes how you can use a 3x3 matrix and a vector to represent a camera in a 3D viewing system.

    3D Coding Blackhole - A tutorial series discussing several aspects of 3D graphics programming, in C. Topics include mathematical background, transformations, polygon filling, clipping, hidden surface removal, texture mapping, and shading.

    Faster 3D Graphics by Not Drawing What Is Not Seen - Published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.

    STEEL's Programming Resource Page - A website with information, explanations, and source code about 3D graphics.

    Shadow Generation Algorithms - This page gives a link to a (compressed postscript) paper on a shadow generation algorithm.

    Levels of Detail and Polygonal Simplification - "This paper covers the techniques of Polygonal Simplification in order to produce Levels of Detail (LODs). The problem of creating LODs is a complex one: how can simpler versions of a model be created? How can the approximation error be measured? How can the visual degradation be estimated? Can all this be done automatically? After exposing the basic aims and principles of polygonal simplification, we compare recent algorithms and state their various qualities and weaknesses. " Published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.

    Real-time Optimally Adapting Meshes (ROAM) - A paper describing a method for continuously maintaining view-dependent triangular meshes to achieve desired frame rates.

    Implicit Surfaces - 3D modeling using implicit surfaces blended based on a CSG tree. Publications on the theory, picture gallery, and links.

    2D special effects - A master thesis about various 2D special effects, with example movies.

    GFX: Computer Graphics Programming - Almost an e-zine format, this site offers several articles on advanced graphics programming, mostly 3D-related.

    University of Florida Surflab - Research in geometric modeling and its application to areas such as Rapid design of complex geometry, 3D Graphics, Scientific Visualization

    Zime: archaic ornament and data encoding vehicle - Personal graphical signet for your internet site and/or HTML email.

    Ken Turkowski's Contributions in Computer Graphics - Antialiasing, color spaces, testure mapping, shading, geometry, image registration, numerical computation, open source articles.

    Stylized Depiction - Survey of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) for computer graphics and animation: painterly rendering, toon shading, painterly image processing, and simulation of traditional artistic media.

    Java Demo & Games Programming - Java Demo & Games Programming. Tutorials, Examples, Applets, Links. 2D & 3D Java Graphics Programming.

    PseudoGrey - Algorithm allows accurate encoding and decoding of 1786 levels of grey within a 24-bit image; text overview, sample images, and a Java test program can be found at this site.

    Modeling Sprite Animation Using Finite State Automata - Article by Diana Gruber on how to model sprite animation in a computer game.

    Algorithm's Computer Graphics and Simulation Hot-list - A weekly updated collection tutorials for beginners, how-to resources, theoretical resources and Non-product content-oriented links for computer graphics and simulation resources. Frequently Asked Questions - Basic computations frequently needed in graphics.

    VDSlib: A View-Dependent Simplification Package - Public domain package for view-dependent simplification and rendering of polygonal environments.

    Modeling Ocean Waves using IFFTs - A practical tutorial on using the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform to generate and animate a deep ocean wave heightfield. Includes source and demo.

    Map Projection Overview - Everything you always wanted to know about map projections, and then some.

    The Midpoint Algorithm for High Speed Graphics - Introduces the Midpoint Algorithm which is commonly used for high speed drawing of lines and arcs. The technique is extended to provide fast true perspective texture mapping of the type used in games such as Doom, Descent and Quake.

    An Interactive Introduction to Splines - Bezier, B-spline, NURBS and many other spline curves and surfaces with interactive 2D Java applets and VRML.

    The Progressive Fans Representation - A new technology for progressive transmission and view-dependent simplification of manifold and non-manifold meshes.

    Alan Kalvin's home page - Alan Kalvin is a researcher at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Here are publications on his work of applying computer graphics to fossil reconstruction as well as archeological reconstructions.

    BSP Tree FAQ - How to manipulate and use binary space partition (BSP) trees.

    Fast Line Drawing Algorithms by Po-Han Lin - Contains sources for graphical algorithms to draw lines. Included are the popular Bresenham algorithm, the Wu's Symmetric Double-Step, and the fastest non-cpu dependent algorithm, the Extremely Fast Line Algorithm (EFLA).

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