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    IP Filter - Software which provides packet filtering and network address translation (NAT) capabilities for multiple platforms. Source code is available.

    extradesk - Secure web based file share database. Instantly tracks associates, people, projects, files, logs, calendars, reminders & invoices for companies of all sizes.

    Nautilus Secure Phone - Nautilus is a program which allows two parties to hold a secure voice conversation over the phone or using TCP/IP. Unix and Win32 versions. Source code for both the Unix and Win32 versions is available.

    Proton Engineering Inc. - Degaussers and data declassification systems to completely erase, purge and declassify computer data on floppy disks, hard drives, other magnetic media and optical media.

    Safetynet Antivirus and Security Center - Antivirus and Y2K solutions.

    Secure Computing Corporation - Developers of such products as SecureWire, Secure Computing Firewall for NT, BorderWare, LOCKout FORTEZZA, etc.

    BindView Development - BindView provides LAN Security and Administration software tools for NT and NetWare.

    SEM - Security Engineered Machinery Shredders - Shredders for secure document disposal.

    Vindicator Technologies - Security Products - Manufactures industrial, correctional, commercial and military security systems for intrusion detection, perimeter security, access control, asset protection, assessment systems, video surveillance systems, vehicle bomb detection, CCTV, fiber optic, redundant, encryption, J-SIIDS and security services.

    Nessus - A security auditing tool with source code available.

    Lexias Incorporated - Provides next generation solutions in data security and high availability data storage.

    Visual Automation - Visual Automation is the developer of Secure Desktop, a Windows security application designed for industrial automation uses. They also make iLock and ePortal.

    Silanis Technology - Makers of ApproveIt, an off-the-shelf electronic signature and electronic approval software product that expands upon the concept of digital signatures to allow for the automation of the electronic signing of MS-Office, PDF, JetForm FormFlow, internet/intranet documents & electronic forms.

    Mission Critical Systems - Comprehensive Data Security - Providing organizations with the tools, controls and training to secure your infrastructure.

    Folder Guard - A security solution for Windows 95/98.

    DigiSAFE - A family of InfoSecurity products offered by an accredited InfoSecurity solutions provider in Singapore that includes VPN solutions and hardware encryptors.

    SunTel Services - Network Security - Internet and enterprise security solutions. They provide a full range of comprehensive services and products to assist clients with designing, implementing, and assessing security solutions. They also provide comprehensive training that includes an understanding of a broad range of security issues which will give IT professionals the resources to stay current with on-going changes in security technologies and their business needs.

    TriStrata Inc. - Secure Information Management Solutions for conducting business on the Internet.

    Sandstorm Enterprises - Products include PhoneSweep, a commercial telephone line scanner, and TCP.demux, a session re-assembler to make sense of captured network traffic.

    Bardon Data Systems - System Administration and Access Management Tools for Windows. Systems management, access control, PC protection, web browser monitor, security, remote network asset management and troubleshooting.

    ISS - Internet Security Systems - A pioneer and leading supplier of adaptive security management systems, providing innovative software that enables maximum protection from network security risks.

    Service Strategies Inc. - Offers email, network security and Internet connection software for AS/400 and PC network based business users.

    Reflex Magnetics - Reflex Data Security -. Comprehensive data security software enforces IT security policy by creating Protected Environments, delivering complete anti-virus protection, PC network access management, system and program security, plus anti-theft encrypted data storage.

    WebTrends Corporation, Portland, Oregon - Manage Your WWWorld! Management, analysis, and reporting for Internet and intranet servers and firewalls.

    Livermore Software Laboratories, Inc. - PORTUS firewall systems, high-availability firewall solutions, workload balancing, web caching and URL content filtering products.

    Stonegate - Stonegate is the only distributor in Nordic network security market that provides resellers with global market leading network security products, best-of-breed services and training, and successful co-operation.

    Perico AS - Scandinavian supplier of security products including software protection, storage management, secure communications, firewalls and virus protection.

    Certicom - A new product line that secures sensitive facsimile communications from inadvertent or intentional disclosure + SDKs, Plug-ins, Embedded System Designs, IC Designs, etc.

    CyberSafe Corporation - Modular software security solutions including multi-mechanism authentication and single sign-on, end-to-end access control over TCP/IP communications, and host and network-based intrusion detection.

    Security Awareness, Inc. - Security awareness products for all types of organizations, including security brochures, custom screensavers, brochures and computer-based training.

    iSecurityShop - Network Security, Firewalls, Cryptography, Anti Virus, Intrusion Detection and much more.

    EnCase - Secure and Analyze Computer Evidence. Forensic Software computer forensic investigation.

    eSafe Desktop by eAlladin - Content security with protection from malicious mobile code, trojans, worms, VB/JavaScript, viruses, data exposure and inappropriate content using filtering based on keyword, URL, port and protocol.

    History Kill 2001 - History Kill defeats forensic software.

    Password Software BySierra - Password Software BySierra. More for locking and keeping up with a workstation then for password management.

    Aventail - Extranet Security and Management by Aventail. Gain a competitive advantage by extending your enterprise to partners, customers, and suppliers with Aventail's Extranet Management & Security solutions.

    World Wide Digital Security, INC. - Developers of web-based security assessment tools such as SAINT and WebSaint.

    DLA Security Systems, Inc. - Key control software, key records management software, master keying software.

    SecurDesk! - SecurDesk! security environment. Access control and verification, Protection for sensitive files and folders, Log usage, Customizable desktop environment, Administration, Limit use, more.

    Paktronix Systems: Network Security - Design, supply, and implement secure networks. Provide secure border Firewall systems for connecting networks to the Internet or each other. Offer Network Address Translation (NAT), Virtual Private Networking (VPN), with IPSec, and custom port translation capabilities.

    Sun Microsystems Security Solutions - Comprehensive security solutions: IP level encryption, firewalls, authentication, and network management.

    Random Passwords - Random passwords that are easy to pronounce and remember.

    Veracity - Veracity is an advanced portable commercial data integrity security tool that detects unauthorized changes in file systems by monitoring the cryptographic checksums of files.

    Digital Pathways Services Ltd UK - Providing specialised security products for encryption, risk assessment, intrusion detection, VPN's, and intrusion detection.

    Pelican Security - SafeTnet's Dynamic Sandbox provides firewall and virus security in the fight against hacker attacks, hacker programs, and malicious mobile code.

    Anyware Technology - Offers EverLink Suite, a cross-platform, client/server software package that provides secure and instant file transfer, email and chat over the internet, intranets and extranets.

    Micrology - Digital video security allows you to look at your premises on the web anywhere in the world. It will also record to your hard drive when people appear via motion detection.

    DCA Programming - Windows desktop security for the home office or school. Makers of Computer Guard.

    Regnoc Software Inc. - Windows and Java security programs. DataSAFE-Java for browser-based file and download security. DataSAFE-SE for personal file and mail security. Signature Program for secure signatures of Windows documents.

    Adavi - Adavi's Silent Watch is a computer security software enabling monitoring and surveillance of computer networks and databases from a desktop computer. Ideal for schools, business, government, and any organization with networked computers, Silent Watch provides security and monitoring ability for up to 49 desktop computers in real time from a single screen.

    C&A Systems Security Ltd. - Makers of COBRA. COBRA offers a 'self analysis' approach, allowing the user to perform security risk analysis without the need for consultants.

    Carraig - Carraig offers IT Security with Black Whole, a secure login and encryption product, as well as Web Design and Consultancy.

    OutGuess - universal Steganography - OutGuess is a universal steganographic tool that allows the insertion of hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources. The nature of the data source is irrelevant to the core of OutGuess. The program relies on data specific handlers that will extract redundant bits and write them back after modification. In this version the PNM and JPEG image formats are supported.

    TenFour - World leader in secure e-mail.

    Data Circle - Products include Datapass, Dataware, and Dataguide.

    Imagis Technologies Inc. - Imagis is a leading supplier of software products to the criminal justice and public safety markets.

    Unipress Software, INC. - S to Infinity is a security application that is designed to allow you to restrict the access that users have to the programs, files and functions on your computers.

    Unique Security Software - Software for securing data from internal employees, e-mail borne threats and data/disaster recovery. Computer forensic analysis & Spyware.

    AS400 Security - PowerLock Network Security Software for the IBM AS/400. Intrusion Detection and Control, and auditing of Security related events.

    Network Forensics, Inc. - Providers of network forensics analysis systems.

    Networking Technologies - MailMarshal: an "email firewall" gives you total control concerning email in the enterprise.

    Smart Stuff Software - FoolProof Security is the leader in desktop security software, Macintosh security and Windows security in the K-12 education market.

    Computer Security - Links, articles and tools that relate to computer security.

    Dynamicdesigns - Home of Lockout Desktop Security Software, Protection software for windows 95/98.

    Flocker File Locker - Lock, secure and protect your sensitive computer / pc files against unauthorized access with this innovative password protected software.

    Timeproof - Timeproof time signature systems provide a service which furnishes digital data with the official time, counterfeit-proof, unmistakable and verifiable.

    CONQWEST - Supplier of advanced Internet security solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to better leverage and control their investments in Internet and related Information Technology.

    PCSL Security Software Solutions - authentication, access control, encryption and secure electronic commerce solutions for Windows 3.x, 95 and NT PCs.

    Verity Systems - A leading manufacturer of magnetic media degaussers for all audio, video, computer and security applications. This website contains information on each of the degausser products.

    Capslock - Develops, licenses and operates enabling technologies and concepts with which mobile operators and large content providers can wireless-enable existing Internet sites and build new value-added services, securely.

    Security software - DataLynx, Inc. - Security Software

    Symark Software - Provides security and administration software solutions for UNIX and OpenVMS platforms.

    SECUREguard - SECUREguard is a distributor of IT security products for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the baltic states.

    CyberScrub - CyberScrub deletes data beyond recovery (exceeds US Dept of Defense standards)and removes evidence of online activity.

    Cybersoft Computer Security Solutions - Company offering computer security software, including Linux virus protection and Windows virus scan products.

    Tao Group - Tao Group is the manufacturer of Tumbler, a cryptographic toolkit that includes an implementation of encryption, decryption and authentication algorithms developed by NTRU Cryptosystems inc.

    Secure Directory File Transfer System - An essential tool for organizations that demand the ultimate in security. This "special purpose firewall" will safeguard the privacy of your data residing on a private network, while at the same time, providing an inflow of information from the Internet or any other outside network.

    Sam Spade - Sam Spade is an integrated network query tool for Windows 95, 98, NT & Windows 2000. It's a great freeware tool for tracking down spam. - Provides technology and application that can embed visible or invisible watermarks into digital properties.

    Project:SIGMA - Intelligent and flexible system to help Network Administrators distribute security information to clients and manage it effectively and safely with minimum overhead based on Filemaker Pro.

    Bangkok Systems & Software - System & software security. Offices in Thailand and India.

    LANguard patrolling firewall - LANguard - guards against internet & network misuse. Monitors & protects against: External threats (hackers), Internal threats (unauthorized access) and unproductive use of the Internet.

    3M Notebook Privacy Computer Filter - This 3M computer filter features patented micro louver technology that allows the screen to be viewed clearly straight on but shows only a dark, blank screen from the sides.

    CenturionSoft - CenturionSoft offers a series of advanced security utilities for Windows. Some of the award-winning computer security solutions marketed by CenturionSoft: Steganos Security Suite, Steganos, & SAFtyLatch.

    AppGate - Provides a secure and comprehensive solution in dynamic application access control. AppGate main security solution is divided into two products, the AppGate Server and the AppGate Client.

    Protocom Development Systems - Specialise in developing network security software for all needs - server management, scheduling tools, console security, network management, login script tools + more.

    Evidence Eliminator - This security tool eliminates all evidence from your PC in one click. Defeats all known "Forensic Analysis" software.

    Global Protective - Providing Global Security Solutions - GPM has created a unique suite of PC-based security software applications called SecureAssess. The SecureAssess product line takes full advantage of current mobile technologies to provide clients with tools to effectively address their security vulnerabilities.

    Activator Desk - Internet desktop and browser program for a faster, more secure, Windows and Internet. It may be used for simple child-safe internet filtering, or as an advanced security shield for computers at home or in business networks, preventing tampering and unauthorized access to both conventional programs and questionable internet content. - Directory offers a comprehensive collection of shareware PC security and privacy applications.

    Network Security Systems, Inc. - Home of iNETPATROL, an Internet-based ASP service for online interactive penetration testing, and LANPATROL, a blackbox appliance to test your internal network security.

    WinShell - Keep Windows 95/98/NT and Internet, safe and secure. Uses a simple Windows style interface.

    Proginet - Technology that moves information reliably and securely across disparate computer environments over a company's internal network and over the Internet

    Aurora Binary Systems - Our Journals and Diaries are wonderfully designed and very easy to use. They protect your private information around the clock, day after day, year after year.

    BootLocker Security Software - BootLocker secures your computer by asking for a password on startup. Features include multiple user support, screensaver activation, system tray support, and logging.

    Tropical Software - Security and Privacy products.

    Technology Pathways LLC - Technology Pathways LLC was founded to provide superior software tools, consulting and training to the Computer Security community at affordable prices.

    Solsoft - Design, implement and manage access security policies on hetrogeneous enterprise networks using IP filtering with Net Partitioner.

    Cobra - An Introduction to Security Risk Analysis & Risk Assessment. Everything you ever wanted to know about COBRA, including where to buy it.

    Lockout Desktop Security - Brings you many ways to secure and lock your desktop. You can define different sets of permissions and restrictions for specific users and groups, control access to certain applications, restrict when your PC can be used, restrict CD usage, log Internet usage, and log attempts at restricted activities.

    OnSign - OnSign is a free electronic signature software that allows users to personalize documents by adding their unique handwritten electronic signatures. Works with Microsoft Word97 and Word 2000.

    WhiteCanyon Security Software - Providing software products to securely clean, erase, and wipe electronic data from hard drives and removable media.

    Data Security Inc. - Department of Defense approved Degaussers for declassifying or destroying data on computer hard drives, hard disks and all types of magnetic tape formats.

    EnsureTek - Develop and implement security process automation software tools.

    PiVoT Software Services Limited - RML (Rule Manipulation Language) assist in the administration of CA-ACF2 by automating rule processing.

    AS/400 Security World - Makers of DetectIT.

    Wintracks - Cleans system tracks (cache,web cookies, etc). - A comprehensive range of Magnetic Media Degaussers including security approved PC hard drive erasers.

    Secure your PC - A few notes on securing a Windows98 PC.

    Evidence Eliminator UK - This security tool eliminates all evidence from your PC in one click. Defeats all known "Forensic Analysis" software.

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