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    Xceed Software Inc. - Makers of Zip and Unzip data compression controls for Windows developers that use ActiveX, OCX, VBX and DLLs.

    Pkware - Develops and markets award-winning compression tools and utilities for both the developer and consumer markets. Products available through distributors and dealers in the US and internationally.

    Aladdin Systems - Developer and publisher of the StuffIt compression product line for Macintosh and Windows, and other internet utilities.

    WinZip - WinZip is a windows data compression utility that focuses on the Zip data compression format for windows users. It took the lead from PKZIP when windows was introduced.

    Data Compression ActiveX and DLL Components - Makers of DynaZIP and Active Delivery Zip Data Compression and Self-Extract ActiveX, DLL, VCL, VBX Component Library with ASP support, all royalty free.

    Inner Media - Maker of DynaZIP and Active Delivery zip and unzip data compression component libraries. Active Server Page (ASP) compatible, with ActiveX, DLL, VCL, OCX, VBX and other interfaces.

    1st Choice Zip - Looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from Zip Archives. Download a fully-functional evaluation copy for free.

    RemoteZip Zip File Manager - A ZIP File Manager that runs on a Web server and has a browser based interface.

    Summus Technologies, Inc. - Superfast 4U2C Wavelet Image/Video compression outperforms JPEG, Fractals and standard video compression. SDKs, utilities and Free Demo available.

    BitJazz Inc. - Lossless compression for photoquality images. Cross-platform. SDK. Free reader.

    WarpZip - Data compression utility for the OS/2 family of operating systems. Extensive drag and drop implementation and speech enabled utility that deals with "zip" and OS/2 "packed" archive formats.

    Official RAR archiver site - Downloads, Support, Tips, Tricks and Tools. The RAR format, like the other newer formats (bZip, SIT, etc.) compresses files better than the popular, but older Zip algorithm.

    Official WinRAR/RAR/Far Download and Registration Site - Download, Support and registration site for WinRAR, RAR, RAR/2 Lunix RAR and more. New WinRAR Beta 2.60b released Aug.08/99.

    Zzip - A new compression tool still under development it can compress files with a very high compression ratio. Compression algorithm is based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform Method. Released under the GNU LGPL.

    WIS Technologies, Inc - Developing and marketing compression technologies for audio, video and images by using wavelet, multirate DSP and WIS innovations. Demo of images compressed with WIS wavelet techniques and audio streams compressed with WISmp3.

    USENET Compression FAQ - This URL takes you to a compression FAQ that explains compression to technical people as well as describing the various programs, and what they do to users.

    SolutionSoft Systems, Inc. - E-Space, compression software for online archiving and disk space management.

    x-PRESS - Delivers cross-platform data compression for data transfer, archiving, and retrieval.Part of the CoSORT family of sort and data manipulation solutions.

    zlib - A massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library.

    File Shooter - A software program that can send and receive any kind of file or message instantly, securely and directly from one PC to another PC, no attachments, compressing and decompressing files as they are sent.

    NeoLite - Compress, encrypt and protect your programs. Reduce the size of your 32-bit Windows programs by up to 70%. The compression is automatic and completely invisible to the user. Designed for software developers.

    PowerArchiver - A full-featured free archive manager program provides complete support for ZIP archives, as well as support for ARJ, ARC, ACE, BH, CAB, GZ, LHA, TAR, ZOO, XXE and UUE formats.

    7-Zip - Command-line and Windows shell utility for manipulating ZIP archives. Supported formats: ZIP, CAB, RAR, GZIP and TAR.

    Video Codec - LEAD Technologies - A multimedia compressor and decompressor which compress AVI files up to 100 times smaller than their original using the standard MJPEG compression option. Compress AVI files even more, down to 200 times smaller than their original size, by using the MCMP option. 30 day evaluation period.

    Info-ZIP - A distinct Internet-based workgroup that has designed Zip, a highly portable version of the popular compression program, and UnZip, an expander of zip archives.

    New WinRAR U.S.A. - Official WinRAR, RAR and FAR product support and download site.

    Inkado - Software that compresses data that is cross platform safe for Windows to Mac and Mac to Windows. Wakit data compression is available as stand alone applications, PhotoShop plugin called Flat Tir, as an instant compress on fly, decompresses, and plays streaming lossless communications compressor.

    PowerZip - Shareware compression utility for Windows, which supports a wide variety of archives of, compressed files. Other features include multiple-disk spanning, encryption, password protection, and support for extracting multiple files in a single operation.

    galaxyZip: Zip File Compression & Decompression - galaxyZip - Zip file compression and decompression.

    Dynamic Adaptive Compression Tool - DACT is a file compression program.

    GZIPSite Website Compression - Tool that can help you make static HTML websites run 50% faster and save 50-80% of the bandwidth.

    Ascent Solutions Inc. - PKZIP data compression software for MVS (mainframe), Windows (Netzip), VM, VSA, AS/400, UNIX, OS/2, DOS, VMS. All products are 100% cross-platform compatible.

    LSPack for CW - Programmers toolkit for Clarion for Windows developers who want to use compression and decompression functions from within their CW applications without having to 'shell' to a DOS session. Shareware.

    QuikCAT Technologies - Specializing in data compression software technologies for wireless transmission, Internet acceleration, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes E-mail acceleration, and PDA video conferencing, using cellular automata transforms.

    Archive Comparison Test - This site compares the many different compression algorithms compression performance against each other on a standardized set of data files. Most of the formats reviewed are programs that are in development/research (which will probably not become part of commercial products). A number of the compared programs are available to end users, however.

    TurboZIP - A fast and powerful ZIP file manager with a number of unique features. Total archive and email manager, with auto backup and command line options. Supports viewing, printing and searching files within archives. Download a 30-day trial.

    1StepUnzip - Easy to use shareware tool for unzipping and installing your downloaded Internet files.

    Compression Page - Personal listing of the latest versions of compression and decompression programs for download. Also includes information about the programs.

    Data Compression Solutions - Makers of highly optimized zip compression tools. Products include: BigSpeed Zipper a versatile zip compression utility with unusual features, BigSpeed Zip OCX a fast zip compression ActiveX control, and BigSpeed Zip DLL a fast and small 32-bit zip compression library.

    BitZipper - Bitberry Software produces a low-cost Windows compression tool supporting 15 archive formats. Features include easy backups, Windows Explorer-like interface, easy to use Wizards, and advanced search capability and a lot of other features.

    BitArts - Crunch - Compress and encrypt any 32-bit executable, OCX, DLL or Screensaver by up to 70percent using the world's most powerful PE compressor.

    CAM Development - CAM UnZip - Free zip file utility, which allows you to quickly, open, create, and modify ZIP archives. In addition, CAM Unzip supports password protection, and can run an archive's Setup file automatically after it is unzipped.

    ZipALot - Takes all the ZIP archives from one directory and extracts them to another one, allows you to handle more than one ZIP archive at once. Free open-source software for Win32.

    FilZip 2000 - FilZip is a free application to handle a variety of archive file formats, including .ace, .arc. arj, .cab, .gz, .lha, .jar, .rar, .tar and of course .zip. (Win 9x/NT/2000/Me)

    How Stuff Works - How File Compression Works - Detailed narrative fully describes how a file is actually deflated, or compressed to get rid of redundancy and save space.

    The Art Of Lossless Data Compression - Results of tests performed to compare lossless compression of various data by all known good enough programs. Descriptions of test terms and files. Links to related programs, and pages.

    Spirit Corp - Offers MP3 codecs and voice compression algorithms.

    Smacker Video Technology - A compressor for video, animation and sound data includes video compression with twice the video quality and now uses the Bink audio codec for perceptually lossless 8 to 1 compression.

    The Bzip2 and Libbzip2 - A command line application and a library for the .bz2 file format. It typically has superior compression compared to .gz or .zip, but takes more CPU performance to (de) compress

    Automatic File Archiver by JSPayne - Does automatic archiving and backup of recently modified.

    gzip - GZIP is an open source command line datacompressor which is available on most UNIX flavours. It is a datastream compressor (not an archiver) which can be used as part of shell scripts.

    ARJ Software - ARJ is a DOS/Windows command line archiver which has been around for a long while. It has a huge amount of options including version management, multi volume support and self extracting archives.

    XMill - Compressor for XML data, available as source code and binaries for Windows and Linux. [Freeware]

    WinAce - Relative new though already used on many sites. When compared to WinZip the most important advantage of WinAce is better compression. - We offer downloads, support forums and registration for WinRAR, RAR, RAR/2 Lunix RAR, MacRAR, and FAR. RAR is the easiest and quickest way to compress, store and create backups today.

    DCP Research Corp. - Develops data compression products including Genetic Compression Algorithm (GCA) and DCP816 products. Online data sheet, evaluation schematics, compression comparisons and principles of operation.

    GCA (General Compression Archiver) - GCA is a freeware portable general purpose lossless compression program. It has a high speed and high compression and archive ability.

    BrilliantZIP HOME - Compress and extract tool from China.

    Crusher data compression toolkit - Cross-platform compression for C/C++ and Visual Basic. Crusher supports Linux, Unix, Windows, DOS, OS/2, Macintosh, and embedded systems. Full C source code is included.

    JET-Software - JET-Software, a software house in Germany, with compression products for mainframe, midrange and mini systems.

    ActiveX Zip Compression Component - The Xceed Zip Compression Library ActiveX/DLL component web site, with real-time demos of Visual Basic (VB), Active Server Page (ASP), Delphi and C++Builder source code. Self-Extracting Zip file creation demos.

    Data Compression - From PC Webopedia definition and links.

    Quick Zip - Free zip compression utility for Windows, create, extract, and testing for zip archives.

    UniquE RAR File Library - Small static library for decompressing RAR archives (Listing, decompression, and decryption with full RAR 2.0 compatibility). Free, fast, open source, platform independent (SunOS, Win32, Linux, OS/2, ...).

    Rarissimo - Rarissimo is a companion tool for WinRAR for preserving NTFS alternate streams.

    Iterated Systems - Applys digital image science to the prepress, graphic arts, video and digital photography industries.

    RICAZip from CAPTEC - High performance lossless image compression applications, utilities and libraries.

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