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    Wyrm Software - Author's Site (Laurence Mee). Offers communications and games utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

    Ricksoft - Developer for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'AnonyNews ' news server, 'Port Scanner', and 'Mandelbrot'.

    MobiusWare - The Mobius site offers a variety of "FreeWare, Not FeeWare" software for NT, focusing on NT security.

    Klaatu Software - Developer of stock market, logic, and desktop utilities for Windows.

    Absolute Freebies - Offering free stuff, freebies and Windows freeware.

    Freeware - Download the latest free sSoftware for Win 3x/9x/NT. Games, utilities, screen savers, themes, net tools, drivers and libraries.

    B.T. Square Peg - Free software and services reviewed by category. Including freeware graphics editors, text utilities, anti-virus, system utilities and tutorials.

    UCmore - A free Internet navigational tool that simplifies and organizes your web browsing by showing you relevant links without having to use search engines.

    Moochers Freeware - An extensive archive of Windows 95/98/NT freeware available for direct download, plus reviews and daily updates.

    The Open Technology Portal - An extensive web resource for Open Source Software news, products, discussion, tools and licenses. Most freely available code from OpenSource projects is cataloged.

    Tiny Clock Home Page - Alarm clock for Windows, customizable with skins, with several included and instructions for making new ones.

    Shadowcraft homepage - Home to iNFERNO and other freeware software. - Screen savers, desktop themes, music files, and music players.

    Cool Freeware - A Windows freeware utility is showcased each week. In-depth reviews and instructions make even new users, power users.

    Grey Olltwit - Developer's site - Offers freeware games and educational programs.

    Mucky Paws - Developer's site. Offers a collection of software utilities, and Javascript games.

    Softnik Technologies - Developers of free Windows software tools and utilities. All software is free for commercial and personal use and do not include any advertisements or nag screens.

    XaltraNet - Author's site. Offers Diary Defender (to help write and store a secure diary) and The Cheater's World (to help 'cheat' in your favorite games).

    BiTMiNDS CiC - Program for converting CD-ROM track images from one format to another. Note: May not support some browsers.

    Spell Checker for Edit Boxes - A near-universal spell checker for Windows edit boxes; free for private use.

    SW Express - Developer of utilities for Windows such as a network scanner, telnet client, file splitter, and network echo tool.

    FissionSoft - 3D file managers, games, logo producers, and bar builders for Windows.

    FreeSoft - Developers of Windows applications such as a font lister, audio player, meta tag generator, and an HTML compressor.

    Gain PIS - Personal information manager for Windows with address book, date book, to do list, memo pad, and talking parrot.

    Telephone Message Software - Keep track of your company's phone messages in a central database. (Windows)

    REM Publications - Hidden camera control and email checker for Windows, and a directory of programs for OS/2.

    Blaiz Enterprises - Windows utilities such as an antique clock, a system information display, 3D text creator, and an icon creator.

    NONAGS Freeware World Center - Download free software for Windows 95, NT. Everything in the huge freeware section is really free.

    Expedioware - Setting Software Free - Home of free full featured software. No gimicks, no expirations, no 30 day trials.

    STG FolderPrint - Print and visualize Windows folders with disk space indicators, file filters, and display customization.

    Kryosoft Software - Developers of Windows software such as a database program, an HTML compressor, and a web counter refresher.

    Mach's Place - Useful freeware utilities offered by the author.

    GnuffSoftDesign - Home of TalkingClock, a multilingual speaking clock, and WinMeasure, A unit conversion utility.

    Cheezy Development - Cheezy web browser, theme creator 2000, and Cheezy fighter.

    Prime Time Freeware - Publishes mixed media collections of Open Source software.

    Automotive and Accounting Software - Check Writer, mailing list, note writer, federal payroll tax calculator and payment calculator. Plus links to other software vendors.

    PoirierSoft - A Freeware company that develops java games. Drop by and sign the guestbook, vote for the site, and check out the cool links.

    Free Christian Software - Baptist and Reformed Tiles for your computer. Home of the 1677/89 BCF Assistant and BCFHelp. 1689 Baptists Confession of Faith

    LetmeSee - A nicely designed freeware site with reviews of all the latest programs.

    Roger Smith Software - Free software.

    CoolMon: System Stats on the Desktop - Utility which displays system information including CPU, memory, page file and disk space usage, network stats, IP address, uptime, CPU temperature and more transparently on the desktop.

    TriDComm - 3D file manager for all Windows platforms. It requires OpenGL and a 3D accelerator card.

    The Crispen Family - Programs are provided without charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The software consists of Windows, general purpose, VRML, Website and Internet tools and programming tools.

    Resume Detective - Free software for finding resumes on the web. Probe over 40 sources of resumes using your own search criteria.

    WinMac - Macintosh style menubar that can be used in Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.

    Grant Tracker - Software to manage the budgets of grants so that you do not overspend a grant, runs under Quicken. [Win/NT/Mac]

    File Informer - Adds a tooltip to Windows Explorer with extended information such as image dimensions and audio file play time for numerous file types.

    MiniIde - Windows GUI shell for Borland C++ Compiler.

    FileC - Tab completion utility for the DOS prompt. Type the first few characters of a filename, then hit tab to complete the filename.

    Click-N-Type - A on-screen virtual keyboard for Windows that may be used by anyone with a disability who can't type on a physical computer keyboard, but can use a pointing device like a mouse.

    RJL Software - Designs many free utilities for Windows including an uptime monitor, system logger, and startup manager.

    Asf Tools - A Windows utility to repair, join and cut ASF and WMV files.

    Ware-Lords - Original programs and games for Windows including an MP3 player, a picture puzzle, and a Tetris clone.

    ScoreExtractor - Program that can help to manually convert wav files to midis. The idea is to draw notes on a time-frequency picture, then test yourself, and save the results. [Windows 95/98/Me/2000]

    S-Calculator - A scientific engineering calculator for Windows 95/98/NT.

    Aisle-By-Aisle - Grocery shopping list for Windows that organizes coupons, tracks sales, manages recipes, and helps plan meals.

    Son OF Spy Freeware - Macintosh and Windows freeware listed in categories with a short description. Links to other freeware sites.

    Stellar Rock Software - Free software and internet utilities. Play java, javascript, html script and Active X games. Daily cartoons and jokes.

    Sports Software by Sydex - Free software for youth soccer coaches and track high school and college coaches.

    CyberJunkies Custom Executables - Custom made executable programs absolutely. Submit your request to have one made custom for you.

    Big Fat Panda - A collection of free programming resources, retro computing stuff (Sinclair Spectrum) and some self-described "cheesy bits of artwork".

    Point-N-Click - On-screen virtual mouse for anyone with a disability who can't click a mouse, but can otherwise move a pointing device like a mouse or trackball. - Programs for webmasters, investors, and news-group users.

    Movie Organizer - Get organized with the OXD data movie organizer. It's easy-to-use, and fun.

    Gav's Freeware Productions - Useful stuff for your computer here, personally created by Gav.

    MickSmith's Mix - Newsletter with brief reviews of a variety of utilities.

    Gabaoft Emoticon - Helps you keep track of over 250 emoticons, and lets you quickly and easily apply them to your favorite Windows program.

    Mark's Web Page - Tray Animations, WarShip and other freeware applications.

    MacExplorer - Windows program allowing to analyze Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT Server. Site includes download and a general information page on the software. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]

    Magical Tools - Currency converter for Windows that resides in your task bar.

    RaptureSoft Computing - Freeware programs.

    Indonesia Delphi Developer - Windows utilities such as a program to log you onto web sites, a Indonesian search engine front end, and a program start manager.

    Profish Software - Downloads, tutorials, links, and games for Windows.

    Dutch's Software - Unit conversions, HTML body tag colors, an image viewer, and a sound player.

    Philex Atomic Clock - Matches a computer's clock to the US Government's atomic clock.

    Zipdy - Program for Linux to calculate the distance between two zip codes. [Open Source, GPL]

    Anna-Lyse Ros 2000 - A virtual secretary and announcer for Windows that can do announcements and help remember things.

    Bret Johnson - DOS TSR (Terminate/Stay Resident) keyboard and screen utilities . Some can also be used in Windows. Source Code is available for most.

    Calculator - Windows utility that lets you add, subtract, divide, and multiply.

    Mango - Recipe management software for Unix that is mealmaster compatible and includes support for RecipeML. [Open Source]

    Vocab - Windows program helps to improve vocabulary while learning a foreign language.

    Benfold - Original Java and Windows games, screensavers, math, and science programs with screenshots.

    KanastaCorp - Developers of a music player, a file viewer, and command line tools for DOS and Windows.

    Sensible Freeware - Utilities for network management, web-site monitoring, and computer-based paging.

    Take a Hike Software - Windows desktop utilities such as a web popup window closer, an image viewer, an internet connection launcher, and a password generator.

    EvenMore Textviewer - User-friendly, highly configurable textviewer for the Amiga platform that supports ANSI and AmigaGuide documents.

    Unsatisfactory Software - Tips, warnings, freeware.

    Peter Rocker - RememberIt (Stores e-mail addresses, phone numbers and URLs) and other utilities.

    IndianShareware-Freeware - An assortment of shareware and freeware utilities.

    X-Tool - Downloadable web portal with media player and private web office. (Registration required)

    Lythos - Simple utilities for Windows 9x, NT 4, and 2000.

    OpenUniverse - 3D solar system simulator for Linux, OpenGL, or Windows that uses NASA data.

    Eggcrate Software - Useful Windows utilities with a sense of irreverent humor.

    ArmadilloMP3 - Windows 95/98/NT/2000 database builder to locate and classify MP3 files.

    Freeware Network - Extensive database of Internet utilities, business tools, video and audio players, and desktop graphics.

    VCool - Windows utility to cool Athlon/Duron processors on Via KT133 or KX133 (VT8363 or VT8371/VT82C686x) chipsets during idle.

    AM Productions - Small collection of Windows utilities. - Author's site. A collection of useful Visual Basic freeware programs, including a small HTML editor. - Developer site; offers an IRC client, a web-server monitor, and other utilities.

    ApT Coding Group - Developers of Windows utilities with screen shots and downloads.

    Unlimited Free Traffic - Free Software,Free Email with Autoresponder and Top-Online-Training for every Internet-Business.

    Business - Windows business program with enquiry, quotation, purchase order, sales order, inventory management, account journal transactions, reports, and data conversions.

    RJL Software - Developers of Windows software covering entertainment, utilities, internet, desktop, and security.

    VidiSoft - Windows utilities for accessing and getting information about drives and files.

    LineCounter - Free command line tool that counts the number of source code lines. It counts individual files or integrates with your favorite IDE.

    Burn to the Brim - Windows Utility which takes the group of files or directories and selects those which optimally fill a cdr.

    Onko - Onkoder is a freeware program for encoding and decoding text.

    HELP Read - Text-to-speech software for Windows 3.1 or later. Supports English and Hawaiian languages. Different characters read aloud, allows correction of pronunciation, highlights text.

    The Site 4 Sore Eyes Freeware - Contains free software, graphics and backgrounds.

    ABClassroom and Kelsea's Classroom - Software programs to help children improve computer mouse and keyboard skills along with an alphabet and mathematics learning experience.

    Chungsoft - Javascript and Windows freeware, including JavaScript Guestbook, Chungsoft Windows and CallMaker.

    Directory Control - File manager for MS DOS - Features support for long file names, dual panel display, mouse control, text and hex viewers, and MOD player. Developer's site.

    Information Organizer - Organize digital photos, digital music, daily calendars, business meeting minutes, diaries, in such a way that it is easy to access, browse, compare and share with others. (Java)

    Banshee Screamer - An alarm clock program featuring a large skinnable display, alarm actions, and snooze. - Swiss portal with large archive of freeware and shareware. In German and English.

    MP3Z0nE 2000 - Small collection of MP3 utilities.

    PASO2000 Purchase And Shipment Organizer/Planner - Developer site - offers a desktop utility that helps organize Internet purchasing activities. Includes an extensible merchants directory.

    JR Directory Printer - Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies). Freeware for Windows 9x/2K/NT/ME/XP.

    FreeTime - Countdown timer software for Windows.

    Exposímetros Paelo - Selected freeware for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/DOS with some platform-independent freeware too, all with clear descriptions, in several categories.

    Moon Software - Developer's site. 'Bookmark Wizard', 'Copy URL', 'Font Xplorer Lite', 'FileTargets', 'FontLoader', and other desktop utilities for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Includes information on shareware, a newsletter, and links to related resources.

    Free Dezign - Desktop and internet utilities, games, and screen savers for MS Windows 95/98 and MS DOS.

    CoMa's Freeware List - A collection of good freeware programs for Windows 9x/NT

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