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    Empower Pro - Makers of Macintosh security products. Empower and Empower Professional provide features such as password requirements, user logs, file encryption, and floppy prevention.

    Macintosh Security - A site dedicated to security-related issues and software on the Macintosh.

    Password Key - A desktop security program by Carl Powell III designed to provide a limited amount of security.

    Highware - Publisher of security and utilities software for the Macintosh since 1986. Products include SafeMail, Personal Backup, OpenKeyserver, and more...

    Web Confidential - An application that stores all of your user IDs, passwords, registration keys, PINs, serial numbers, and the like for easy retrieval using a card metaphor. For protection of this sensitive information, the password database can be scrambled with up to 448-bit encryption!

    Unvisible Universe Software - Security software for the Power Mac featuring shift key disable and modules for Realbasic!

    Power On Software - Makers of security software for the Macintosh including DiskLock and OnGuard.

    Keys Off - A security utility by Blue Globe Software. You can configure it to lock out the keyboard, menu bar, mouse clicks, power key, command-key shortcuts, or disk insertions.

    MacPrefect - High Resolutions security program protects machines against accidental or semi-malicious damage.

    Mac Manager - Desktop security, personal folder management with disk quota, e-mail, lockable screen saver, disk encryption, and virus protection.

    PGP Freeware - A security program distributed by MIT that allows users to send information securely using two-key encryption.

    QuickEncrypt - A shareware utility provides drag and drop encryption/decryption of files and folders.

    SecurePass - An archiving utility designed for the user who accesses secure network services or who deals with multiple passkeys that are difficult to secure, memorize, use, change, or keep track of.

    SuperLock Pro - This security program by TriVectus provides powerful features to keep your Macs secure, such as three access levels and support for thousands of users, protection even when the computer is booted off a different disk, and various password cracking prevention measures.

    DeltaVideo - Video motion detection and tracking software for the Macintosh by Channel D Corporation that can use any QuickTime-compatible video input source.

    PGP Personal Privacy - This utility by Network Associates is the first security solution that protects e-mail, files, folders, disk volumes, and network communications quickly and easily in one integrated product.

    ForgotIt? - Erich Rast's 560-bit encryption password storing program for easy retrieval.

    RanPassword - A HyperCard stack that generates random passwords of a length you specify, making it a useful utility for system administrators.

    MacAnalysis - Security auditing suite for the Macintosh, will scan whole networks for known vulnerabilities and recommend fixes.

    PassMan - stores passcodes, and other confidential information in a central location using rc4 encryption.

    LockOut - Low level shareware security application for the Macintosh.

    NetBarrier - A security utility by Intego that provides personal firewall, antivandal, and filtering capabilities to protect your Macintosh from Internet or network-based attacks.

    eKiosk - eKiosk secures Macintosh internet and email kiosk services in public spaces.

    ASD Software - Creator of various well-known Macintosh utilities and security programs such as PopupFolder, and Yank Pro.

    Sentry - A security software control panel by Quade Publishing that creates a log listing dates and times that your machine has been used.

    YooZ - A monitoring program by Pascal Cardon that keeps track of all applications launched on your Macintosh, providing the date and duration of each session.

    iEmpower - Advanced Macintosh security software implementing Apple Computer's latest Mac OS 9 technology.

    International PGP - An encryption program that can be used outside the United States and Canada.

    DoorStop Firewall - A software firewall providing IP address-based protection for any and all TCP-based services running on your Macintosh.

    Secure Image Pro - Protect images from unauthorized downloading and printing with this image protection system by Artistscope.

    DiskGuard - Protect any hard disk connected to your Macintosh and prohibits unauthorized access.

    FileGuard - Intego's desktop security program offers multi-level, multi-user security for files, documents, folders and applications with secure deletion, password protection and time restrictions.

    Fortify for Netscape - Upgrades Netscape Communicator to 128-bit encryption.

    gifted unlimited - Creator of the security/network software titles: FoneSpy, PortInspector, Rameira, WingateCentral

    Macintosh Security News Portal - Latest Macintosh and Mac OS X security news, advisories, downloads, and discussion.

    VSE My Privacy - A secure repository for your passwords, notes and all kind of data that should be kept secret. It protects your data with military strength 448-bit encryption.

    Fairly Good Privacy - A text-encryption program that can be used to send encrypted messages to recipients. This is considered a low security product.

    ContentBarrier - Intego's content control helps parents protect their children and businesses optimize employee productivity by monitoring Internet usage and enabling content filters.

    FoolProof Security - A complete Internet security solution for schools accessing the web. This utility creates a safe, structured Web environment within which students are free to explore and learn.

    Mac GNU Privacy Guard - GnuPG Mac OS X port the open source OpenPGP client.

    IPNetSentry - Silently and intelligently watches for suspicious behavior, and when triggered, invokes a solid filter which completely bans the potential intruder from your Macintosh

    Apple Airport Network Security - Practical security tips to make Apple's Airport wireless network more secure.

    Gideon Softworks - Makers of OpenSSH Helper and Secure Shell Helper.

    Logik - Homepage and discussion for security testing applications caem, silo, asaka, and xcgi.

    MacOS Secure Shell Client - Download links and FAQ for MacSSH, a free Secure Shell version 2 (SSH2) Terminal for System 7.5.1+ and MacSFTP, a shareware SSH1 and SSH2 SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) Client for MacOS 8.6 to MacOSX.

    The Block & Shift Key Suite - These are two security utilities for your Macintosh. The former is an extension that will ask for a password on startup. While the latter is meant as an addition to a currently in place security system that doesn't disable the shift key on startup.

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