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   See Also:

    InfiniteOS - An open source OS for the Mac. No real GUI yet, it is more of a CLI. - Resource Center for Free Operating Systems: articles, documentation, download sites, news, links, and anything related to all Free OSs.

    PublicOS - Want to be part of a Great Operating System under development? You don't even need special skills. Come and check our site out.

    legOS - Unofficial, free Lego OS: open-source embedded OS for LEGO Mindstorms (Lego bricks with brains). Compared to the standard software, it has far better performance and flexibility.

    Free Linux CD Project - Volunteers who send used Linux and other open source OS CDs to people who need them. Please contribute your CDs or get a Free CD.

    demingOS - Open-source, component based OS using message-based programming, threadless execution, and virtual file systems to be a fully modular programming environment. No code yet, but 2 very clear explanations of philosophy. Good reading. - Volunteer-based web site committed to providing non-biased information to the computer industry.

    Corel's Open Source Development Community - Corel shows a strong commitment to the Open Source community and devotes large resources to projects such as setup UI, WINE, printing technologies.

    STORM - New free French OS with source! - Open source news, scripts, software. Tips: Linux, FreeBSD, C programming, PERL scripting, reviews of many popular free OSs: Linux, BSD, BeOS.

    KAOS: Kick Ass Operating System - Preemptive, multitasking OS for MIPS R4400 processor, class project at Uppsala University, Sweden.

    LittleOS - New operating system. Goal: to be stable and easy to use. Everyone can join. In Fran├žais and English. [Open Source]

    BOS - Starting, in planning stage with bootloader. Mix between DOS and UNIX. Goals: modular, fast. Kernel is pmode, command line is rmode. Written in mix of Assembly (NASM), C, C++ (GCC). [Open Source, GNU]

    KOSH: Community Operating System and Hardware - A concept that has been around in one form or another for many years. Its root is the failure of single companies to address all the needs of all its customers, lack of interactivity, communications, feedback and involvement between producer and consumer, and lack of radical advancement and innovation due to fear of the producer in alienating its biggest customers.

    Bart Project - Freeware, multivalue OS database virtual machine for Windows; best summed up as Pick For Windows.

    Cefarix OS - New project, intended as stable, fast, secure, reliable, easy to use, 32-bit protected mode OS for x86 and later PowerPC systems, open source, many features, graphical user interface (GUI), to replace Microsoft Windows, all versions.

    FREENIX - Tiny, well done page of links to resources and distribution channels for freely redistributable UNIX, and a few other open source software projects.

    XMLOS mailing list - eXtensible Markup Language OS; mailing list for XMLOS open source initiative, soon to be putting up a website. To be built using XML, XSL, XSLT, and XQL.

    Colelus project - We at Daybo Logic are developing a partially open source OS. Interest welcomed.

    WebRing: Free Operating Systems - About a dozen sites offering free OSs.

    GeckOS/A65 - Full-featured, preemptive multi-tasking/threading operating system for 6502. Implements some Unix-like features: signals, semaphores, relocatable fileformat, standard library, internet support via a type of simplified sockets, virtual consoles.

    BeBox2 Supercomputing Project - Researching supercomputing based on technologies in BeOS, BeBox, Linux, Unix, other open source projects, and making it all open source. Goal: bring supercomputing to everyone, so all can have cheap high performance like the legacy free BeBox.

    Bill Currie kernel - DJGPP-built OS kernel. Does little so far, but may be used as starting point. Needs working GNU C/C++ capable DJGPP sed, djasm, Bison, djp file compression.

    dingOS - Attempt to produce free, full, Unix-like OS, with kernel and user programs, for normal users, under liberal license. Now in early stages, and more suited to hackers than normal users.

    Free Operating Systems - Short, annotated, alphabetically sorted list and links, part of larger system.

    SpecOS - Working title for long-term project with goal: create an alternative operating system for 80x86 based machines which is Spectrum compatible.

    Managing the Complexity Curve - Short paper explains ease and expense to maintain OS changes over time. Contrasting models are shown for closed vs. open source: with closed source, the more you know the harder it gets, with open source the more you know the easier it gets.

    Stupid OS - It's just an operating system, from India, written in assembly and C. [Open Source]

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