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    Origins International Game Expo and Fair - Thousands of games to play, including strategic war simulations, board games, card games, and miniatures. Held on the Fourth of July weekend, in the heart of Columbus, OH, a couple blocks away from the Midwests largest fireworks celebration. Managed by Wizards of the Coast.

    Gen Con Game Fair - Recognized as the largest gaming convention in the US. Aims to offer something for every science fiction, fantasy, or general game-playing fan. A good spot to spend a squelching August, surrounded by famous celebrities, thousands of games, and shopping opportunities.

    ConnCon - Events held in Connecticut throughout the year. Includes may systems of roleplaying and wargames. Features a number of ongoing campaigns.

    Dragonflight - August event at Seattle University, Washington, featuring board games, miniatures, roleplaying, CCGs and computer games.

    JonesCon - Gainesville, Florida, in January. Mostly miniatures and historical games. A no-frills convention at a low price.

    Con of the North - Non-profit, all volunteer games convention held annually in St. Paul, Minnesota. Roleplaying, war, board, miniatures, collectable card, and computer games.

    CobbCon - Held in a mystery location with twelve selected players (not open to the general public, although you are welcome to apply). Bed and breakfast atmosphere.

    Virginia Role Players Association - Hosts two conventions in Richmond, Virginia: Patriot Games (May) and Reindeer Games (December). Roleplaying, CCGs, Camarilla, miniatures.

    SiliCon - Annual science fiction & gaming convention held in Sunnyvale CA near San Jose, CA. Features artists' colony, dealers room, art show, fan tables, fencing demo, belly dancing, seminars, filking, masquerade ball, GOHs, Scheduled & Open Board Gaming, RPGs, CCGs, & more to come!

    ConQuest - Held in Northern California every Labor Day weekend. Features many different kinds of games, including miniatures games, role playing games (RPGs), board games, collectible card games (CCGs), and live action role playing games (LARPs). Welcomes all gamers and their families.

    Carnage on the Mountain - An annual gaming convention the first weekend in November at the Ascutney Mountain Resort in Brownsville, Vt. Features RPGs, Historical and Fantasy Miniatures, CCGs, Board Gaming, LARPs, and Networked Computer Gaming.

    PrinceCon - Over the course of twenty-two years, the PrinceCon system has grown from RPG infancy into rich fantasy world in which scores of players gather every year to pit their imaginations against a few of the most talented GMs around. Princeton, New Jersey.

    Midsouthcon - Science fiction, fantasy, science, horror, and gaming convention held in Memphis, TN, in late March.

    TennCon - A full weekend of gaming held each October, in Knoxville TN. Representatives from dozens of manufacturers on hand, plus many games--from roleplaying games to card games to miniatures games to board games--run much of the day and all night.

    MACE - Held in North Carolina. Featuring LARPs, roleplay, board, card and miniature games. Events by Hollow Hills, Game Society, and RPGA.

    Total Confusion Conventions - Three Northeast gaming conventions: Total Confusion (Andover, MA), MassConfusion (Worcester, MA), ConMan (Merrimack, NH). Includes roleplaying games, RPGA events, Vampire, LARPS, miniature, board and card games, painting contest, art shows.

    Florida Con-Quest - Regular conventions held in various Florida locations. Live action games, CCGs, miniatures, PlayStation, Nintendo.

    Winter Fantasy - January, in Fort Wayne, IN. Roleplaying, RGPA Summit (seminars/discussions). Managed by Wizards of the Coast and featuring many of WotC's games.

    EveCon - Held in early January in Frederick, Maryland. Board games, strategic miniature games, card games, war games, video games, and a live-action roleplaying game (LARP).

    UCon - Held in Ann Arbor, MI, in November. Roleplaying games, CCGs, board games, miniatures, train games, LARP, DCI-sanctioned Magic tournaments, dealers' room, auction, specialty gaming tracks.

    Festival of Dreams - A gathering of LARPs from around the South East, held in Atlanta, GA.

    Gamicon - Annual game fair held in Iowa City, Iowa. Offers roleplaying, CCGs, board and strategy games, miniatures events, and live-action roleplaying games (LARPs), as well as special guests, an auction, and free pop all weekend (That's soda, for those not from the mid-west).

    DunDraCon - A February convention in San Ramon, California. Featuring board games, miniatures, card games, LARP, roleplaying, and SCA.

    BASHCon - Hosted by UT-BASH (The University of Toledo Benevolent Adventurers' Strategic Headquarters). Typically held in late February or early March, it is a three-day event filling much of UT's Student Union with: dealers from all over the Toledo area and beyond; an auction; and, of course, gaming of all sorts.

    JohnCon - All-gaming convention run for 48 straight hours on the campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. RPGs, board games, CCGs, and more mundane games.

    GameCon - Oakland convention held Memorial Day weekend. Lots of miniatures, roleplaying, LARP, board games, card games.

    Barracks Battles - One-day miniatures game convention organized by Big Muddy HGA in St. Louis, MO during March.

    Gamefest - Full gaming conventions located regionally around the US.

    Global Gaming Expo - A trade show hosted by the gaming industry, for the gaming industry.

    ManaFest - San Francisco, July. Three days of family gaming fun covering collectable card games, classic and modern board games, roleplaying games and miniatures. Activities include tournaments, special events, demonstrations, prizes, a game flea market and an exhibit hall filled with game manufacturers from around the country.

    Egyptian Campaign - A three-day annual convention held in March at Southern Illinois University. Features games, auction, contests, dealers.

    ShaunCon - Roleplaying, miniatures, card, and LARP games presented by the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd, in November.

    OurCon - April, UMass' Campus Center, Amherst, MA. Mostly roleplaying with a touch of CCG and LARP.

    International Camarilla Convention - A gathering of members of the Camarilla (an ongoing worldwide campaign set in White Wolf's World of Darkness setting). Usually held in October, in a different city each year.

    ThunderCon 99 - Roleplaying, miniatures, card, and LARP games presented by the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City, Ltd, in June.

    Bay Area Games Day - A full day of convention-style open gaming at a very low cost. All sorts of strategy games: abstract boardgames, German games, wargames, and collectible and non-collectible cardgames.

    Little Wars - A wargaming weekend in April in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Run by HGMS Midwest.

    PointCon - Central Wisconsin, April. Featuring roleplaying games, strategy games, board games, collectible card games, Japanese animation, science fiction, and live action games.

    TechCon - Run each April by the GameMasters Guild of IIT in Chicago, IL. A three-day event that features both role-playing and war games.

    SAGA Con - Miniatures gaming in San Antonio, Texas, in May. Also roleplaying, LARP, and card games.

    WarFair - A miniatures convention in June, in Atlanta, GA.

    Complete Strategy Gaming - Organizers of ShoreCon (September) and MonCon (March), two NJ conventions. Board games, card games, miniature games, role-playing games, computer network gaming, live-action events.

    Great River Gaming Guild - Presents a yearly convention called QuinCon in Quincy, IL, as well as a series of Mini-Cons throughout the year.

    Game Storm - Held in Portland, Oregon, in March, and featuring board games, role playing games, collectible card games, and miniatures.

    SAGACon - Springfield, Missouri. Star Trek tournaments, RPGA events, and live action roleplaying.

    Revelations Convention 2001 - A gaming convention at Southern Maine Tech College - Portland Maine

    MOBICON - Annual fantasy and gaming convention in Mobile, AL. Features roleplaying, board, miniature, computer, and collectible card games, live action roleplaying, and anime rooms.

    CastleCon - Annual games convention held each summer with HMGS standards in effect.

    Millennium - November, in Austin, Texas. Emphasis on miniatures.

    ConGames - Offers roleplaying games, collectible card games, miniatures games, board games, dealers room free to the public, charity raffle benefiting wildlife rescue, and a guest of honor. July. Tampa Bay, FL.

    OpCon - A mini-convention hosted by the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club at Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park, IL (near Chicago), in April. Mainly a gaming convention.

    Nuke-Con - Supported by a not-for-profit group that promotes the positive educational, creative, and social benefits of gaming, through the yearly convention and monthly events and located in Omaha, Nebraska.

    PentaCon - The largest and oldest gaming convention in the state of Indiana. It includes roleplaying games, miniatures games, board games, live action games, and some networked computer games. In addition, there is a large dealers area, special guest personalities, seminars, demonstrations by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a charity raffle, a charity Jail-N-Bail, and a flea market.

    EconoCon VI - April 27, 2002, Plymouth, NH. Sponsored by the PSC Gaming Club, this convention is geared toward being affordable.

    Octocon - A slower-paced 'relaxacon', held in Cincinnati in October. Run by the Cincinnati Fantasy Group.

    InConJunction - Science fiction/fantasy convention with a strong gaming track. Includes events such as roleplaying, miniatures, and collectible card gaming, tournaments with prizes, RPGA events. Indianapolis, IN. July.

    HexaCon - July, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Includes roleplaying, board gaming, miniatures, live-action roleplaying, dealers room, miniatures painting contest, used-game auction, sanctioned Magic collector card game tournaments. Past special events have included 'Bot Bash, where the participants pit their robotic creations against each other.

    The Once and Future Con - Fredericksburg. Magic: the Gathering, roleplaying, Diplomacy, board games.

    Rudicon - Rochester. Roleplaying, war games and card games. During the fall quarter generally around or before the first of november. Games Workshop and White Wolf are regular guests.

    Cogcon - Each September, in Rolla, Missouri. Roleplaying, CCGs, wargames, computer games.

    Dragon*Con - The world's largest fantasy/SF convention, held annually in Atlanta, GA, on Labor Day weekend.

    PortConMaine.Com - An anime/gaming convention for Portland, Maine. A yearly convention that will just get better and better!

    Dreikonigsnacht (Twelfth Night) - A Role Playing experience, sanctioned by the Camarilla. Held in St Louis early in January at the Henry VIII Conference Center and Hotel.

    Con on the River - Roleplaying, cards, LARP. Winona, MN. October.

    BPA World Boardgaming Championships - The World Boardgaming Championships, held annually in Hunt Valley, MD and sponsored by the Boardgame Players Association. The convention runs 100 boardgame tournaments.

    Command Con - Three-day miniatures convention run by Big Muddy HGA in St. Louis in November.

    KublaCon - Annual science fiction convention, located in Beloit, WI. Events include roleplaying games, live action-roleplaying, network computer gaming, as well as wargaming and CCG tournaments.

    Archon - St. Louis Science Fiction hosts the Archon Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention, held annually in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Large gaming section.

    Prezcon - Held in February, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Board games, miniatures and CCGs.

    Dreams' Haven - Presents the Phoenix Inn, a live action fantasy festival held twice a year in northern California.

    UB Con - Annual gaming convention around March and April, featuring roleplaying, card games, board games, and miniatures. In Buffalo, NY, USA.

    Chaos Con - Run every March by the Clarksville Gamemasters Guild in middle Tennessee. Features roleplaying, miniatures, card games, board games, computer gaming, anime, charity and gaming auctions, costume balls, and LARP.

    MarsCon - Features southeastern Virginia's premier science fiction/fantasy/gaming Relax-a-Con.

    MassCon - Largest northeast gaming convention. Offers over 400 scheduled events, among them several roleplaying games including RPGA events, miniature, board and card games. North Chelmsford, MA. November.

    Games University - Focuses on demonstration games for roleplaying, card games, board games and miniatures. Held in Southern California.

    The Madison Wordplayers - Meets monthly at Borders Book Shop for word game fun in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Marmalade Dog - Marmalade Dog is a gaming convention held each year by the Western Michigan Gamers Guild (WMGG) on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The largest in SW Michigan, this convention features role-playing games, collectible card games, board games, special events and guests.

    Intercon XVI - Intercon is produced by independent local groups working in close cooperation with LARPA (, and has consistently featured some of the best, most innovative, diverse, and exciting LARPs produced. If you enjoy live roleplaying, you won't want to miss Intercon.

    Plattecon Mu - Held in March in Platteville, Wisconsin, on the UW Platteville campus in the Ullsvik Center. Includes: White Wolf, SJ Games, WOTC CCGs, Atlas Games.

    Uni-con - Three-day gaming convention held in Joplin, MO.

    FreeCon 2001 - Three-day roleplaying convention in the Lansing, Michigan area.

    Cod Con - Held in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in April. Events include Magic:TG, AD&D, L5R, Live Action Vampire, and Battletech.

    Chicagoland Gamer's CONclave - Site for Chicagoland's November 23-25, 2001 Con. Held at the Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale, IL.

    BCon - Role-playing and board game convention held on the campus of Bradley University in Peoria, IL late in February.

    Castle LARP - Annual World of Darkness LARP event held in Oregon, Illinois.

    DarkCon - RPGA gaming, LARP, miniatures.

    ProtoCon - Student-run gaming convention at Texas A&M University.

    Keeper of Ancient GenCon Lore - If you want to know about GenCon this is the Site! Great listing of Milwaukee hotels.

    Koncentricity: Ground Zero - Arkansas' largest gaming, comics, and collectibles convention. October 26-28, 2001. RPGA events, Steve Jackson games, and others. Plus costume contest, dealers, and other stuff.

    Con*Stellation - An annual science fiction convention held in Huntsville, AL which is sponsored by the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. It features a full line of events from gaming to panel discussions.

    Winter War - The Conflict Simulation Society hosts this three-day event every first full weekend in February, in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Lots of miniatures and wargames, and a good selection of roleplaying too. One of the oldest games conventions in the world, started in 1974.

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