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    Steve Jackson Games Home Page - Steve Jackson Games publishes roleplaying and card games, including GURPS, In Nomine, Dino Hunt, Knightmare Chess, Car Wars, Toon, and others. And Pyramid Magazine, which centres on the entire role-playing industry.

    White Wolf Publishing - Publishers of the World of Darkness roleplaying games.

    Columbia Games - Publishers of Harn, a "magic-weak" FRP setting, and its detailed gazeteers and rules system, Harnmaster.

    HolisticHome - This is THE site for all Holistic Design games and books. We have information and previews on both our computer and paper games including FADING SUNS, our science fiction roleplaying game.

    MADHOUSE - Madhouse is a worldwide organization dedicated to offering you the best in play-by-mail RPG entertainment via our unique and original games such as Necromancer, Mortis Maximus, Dungeon, Steel Fury and Starjammer.

    Chaosium Games - Publishers of Call of Cthulhu, Elric!, Pendragon, Nephilim RPGs as well as Starry Wisdom magazine and Mythos CCG. Chaosium were also the original publishers of RuneQuest.

    FASA Home Page - FASA is the creator of BattleTech®, Shadowrun® and Crimson Skies!

    Basement Games Unlimited - Home of the newest FRPG to hit the streets, Forge: Out of Chaos. Explore the lands of Juravia, download maps, and take a tour of Forge.

    Wasteland Games - Northern Ireland based role-playing games company, who's titles include STOCS Lite and Point Blank. These basic systems are expanded with many inexpensive background supplements.

    Grey Ghost Press - Company that publishes FUDGE, Gatecrasher, and other great Role-Playing game stuff. Includes other 3rd-party FUDGE game resources such as optional rules, magic systems, characters, monsters or creatures, adventures and campaign backgrounds.

    Dream Pod 9 - The home site of Dream Pod 9 on the web. With links to their products and online ordering available

    Flying Buffalo Inc (FBI) - Flying Buffalo Inc is a game company (since 1970) specializing in play-by-mail games but also publishing role-playing game books (Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, Catalyst generic role playing books: Citybooks and GrimTooth's Traps) and other popular games such as the Nuclear War card game, Lost Worlds booklets.

    Hero Games Company - Official home of Hero Games, publisher of the Hero System, Champions, and co-publisher of Fuzion/Champions: The New Millennium.

    SSDC - Your source for all things BattleLords and BloodDawn.

    Chameleon Eclectic - Publisher of The Babylon Project RPG, Millennium's End RPG and other games.

    Palladium Books - Publishers of Kevin Siembieda's Palladium system role playing games, including Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Macross II, Nightbane, Ninjas & Superspies, Rifts, Robotech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness.

    Alderac Entertainment Group - AEG is a publisher of Shadis Magazine - the source of information about hobby gaming industry. Most known AEG games: Shadis and Legend of the Five Rings.

    PANIC Studios Homepage - PANIC Studios developers of Zen and the Art of Mayhem, the Anime Style Roleplaying game

    Stonewander Publishing - Stonewander Publishing is a "phantom corporation" dedicated to the net-publication of free, original literature and Role-Playing Games.

    Gold Rush Games - The official site of Gold Rush Games, publishers of fine roleplaying products, including Usagi Yojimbo, San Angelo: City of Heroes (Hero System City supplement) and Sengoku.

    West End Games - Official site for the publisher of DC Universe, Masterbook, Paranoia, Star Wars, and Torg.

    Crucible Design - Northern Ireland based role-playing games company, who produce such titles as The 23rd Letter, SNCC XDO, and Qabal.

    Nearside Games - Producers of the Nearside project, a game heavily influenced by Sliders, where players travel between alternate dimensions.

    Atlas Games - A publisher of roleplaying games, card games, and board games, including Unknown Armies, Lunch Money, Over the Edge, On the Edge, Once Upon a Time, Ars Magica, Spammers.

    Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. - Pinnacle Entertainment Group publishes Deadlands and Brave New World.

    Target Games - Creators of the miniature and roleplaying games, such as Warzone, Chronopia, Drakar och Demoner and Mutant Chronicles.

    Dymasty Presentations - Makers if the Dark Conspiracy RPG, as well as, many other games.

    Java's Crypt - Fine Jewelry based on various role-playing and card games. Vampires. Magic the Gathering. Illuminati. Many others.

    Escape Ventures, Inc. - Publisher of Element Masters and Gatewar.

    Trawna Publications - Trawna Publications' main project is Infinite Horizons, a multi-genre role-playing game. Concurrent with that is work on Fantastic Horizons, which is the fantasy supplement, and Kyrdalm, the fantasy campaign world.

    Fantasy Makers Inc. - A gaming system company concerned with returning to the basics of gaming and the social environment. Publishes RealmQuest, a gaming system that is comprised of elements of high fantasy and sorcery.

    Badge Publications - Bargain role-playing games and supplements in the World of Esaene. Also includes several handy reference lists and blank square/hex grids for GMs looking for tools.

    9th Level Games - The official KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!The Beer and Pretzels RPG website. Includes game information, errata, free downloads, and maps.

    Iron Crown Enterprises - MERP and RoleMaster/SpaceMaster editors.

    Guardians Of Order - The official home page for Guardians Of Order, publishers of Big Eyes, Small Mouth, The Sailor Moon Collectable Button Combat Game, and licensed japanese anime role-playing games and resource books based on the popular titles: Sailor Moon, Dominion Tank Police, and Demon City Shinjuku.

    Hero Wars - Glorantha - Issaries Inc., founded by Greg Stafford, publishes Hero Wars: Roleplaying in Glorantha. The site has information on the Hero Wars game, the mythical world of Glorantha, and more.

    Realm of Imagination home page - Accessory kits for your RPG! Modules with easy to adapt races, societies & cultures. Unique ideas add depth and breath for you world. These products have been extensively field tested by veteran players to ensure play-ability. Free online updates to your modules after purchase.

    Studio Cranium - Roleplaying products. Publisher of Tinker's Damn Anime RPG system. Come visit Alison and Mittens, their cat-woman mascots!

    Digital Graffiti Free RPGS and Wargames - Wargames and Sci-Fi role-playing systems available as shareware PDF documents or for purchase in book form.

    Wizards of the Coast, Inc. - Wizards of the Coast is the company that invented the Trading Card Game, Magic the Gathering. All of the latest cards, sets, rule changes, etc. are available at this site.

    Hubris Games - Creators of the Maelstrom Storytelling RPG. Information, free downloads, newsletter and company news.

    Aetherco - Developer of Continuum, the time travel RPG, and Yamara, comic strip and RPG.

    Clockworks Games - A publishing company dedicated to the creation and production of role-playing games.

    Eden Studios, Inc. - Creators of roleplaying games, including All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and C. J. Carella's Witchcraft.

    Galileo Games - Publisher of The Legend of Yore, a roleplaying game based in a fantasy medieval world.

    Future Shadows Inc. - Future Shadows is a science fiction role-playing game that is temporarily being published on the net, while search for a publishing company, for free.

    TSR, Inc. - Now owned by Wizards of the Coast, TSR is the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Wizard's Attic - A partnership with small-press game companies lets Wizard's Attic offer cool games from Atlas Games, Hubris Games, Holistic Design, 9th Level, and many more.

    Deep 7 - Roleplaying for the digital age - Deep 7 is a Digital RPG developer and publisher. Makers of 1PG - role playing game rules that fit on the character sheet! Makers of SHREIK(teen horror), BLOODE ISLAND(swashbuckling) and more.

    Convivium Central - An organization dedicated to Interactive Literature... role-playing games for people who don't play games!

    Citizen Games - Publishers of MAFIA: The Organized Crime Role Playing Game and a line of D20 adventures and supplements. Offers news, message boards, and game information.

    Creative Encounters Homepage - Reich Star RPG Homepage - Alternate future under Nazi Control. Includes links to many Reich Star fan pages and company information.

    Pulsar Games, Inc. - Home to the Blood of Heroes: Superhero and villain RPG using the MEGS Game System.

    Concept Syndicate, Inc. - Publishers of independent games on CD-ROM. Developers of Skew Effect, Kronos, and Rumours.

    Teddy Bear Press - Includes information on the Guardians of Metro City Roleplaying Game, as well as about Michael T. Desing's Army Ants Roleplaying Game and Comic Books.

    Cloud Kingdom Games - Publishes riddle and puzzle resources for roleplaying games.

    Wingnut Games Homepage! - Dedicated to Cheap, humorous games - makers of OG, role-playing as cavemen and Battle Cattle.

    6-0 Games - Makers of ORBIT, sci-fi role playing game and Champions of the Galaxy, a sci-fi wrestling game.

    Three Fates Gaming - This site by designer J.C. Connors includes expansions and variants for his game Monsters Ravage America (Avalon Hill).

    Darkforce Games - Makers of "Nether-World" a customizable fantasy/scifi/horror RPG.

    Fantasy Games Unlimited Online - The official Fantasy Games Unlimited website. Includes information about the company, a complete product catalog, ordering information, free downloads, and links to author and fan websites.

    Fiery Dragon Productions - Publishers of role-playing adventures based on the d20 system.

    Wormhole Studios - Wormhole Studios and Bob Goat Presents brings the finest web design and Role Playing Games.

    Sorcerers of the East Coast - Comprehensive FRPG with new and interesting spells, balanced combat, and percentile based skills. Artwork, maps, adventures, campaigns, and everything else you might need to play an RPG is available FREE.

    Tomb Reavers - An original fantasy role-playing game that stresses creative freedom over charts and rules.

    The Nova Games Partnership - UK based games designers specialising in RPGs, and PBM games.

    Spiderweb Software, Inc. - Software company that made the Exile series among other RPG games.

    UnderWorld - Marketing and informational page for Criminal Productions - UnderWorld: games,books, merchandise, and all other materials.

    Tim's Games - Publisher of WOOD WARS, Fantasy Miniatures Game, Bottle Cap Brawlers, Barbarian Hordes, and HARG! High Adventure Roleplaying Game. Accepts Credit Cards

    Hex Entertainment - Hex Entertainment produces the QAGS (Quick Ass Game System) RPG and supplements. This irreverant site includes comics, philosiphy and more.

    Dark Age Games - Makers of Cyberworld Dark Ages LARP. Secure ordering, upcoming projects (Medieval and Espionage LARPS), company information. (Graphic Heavy Site.)

    Brittannia Game Designs Ltd - Publishers of "Chivalry and Sorcery", the original medieval Fantasy Role Playing Game.

    OtherWorlders RPG - Professional publishing of your adventure modules on-line. Also: free downloads, modules, rules, reviews, the Freedom authoring system, gamefinder and more.

    Lasalion Games - Publisher of Demon's Lair fantasy system.

    Anarchy inK Corporation - Publisher of deadEarth.

    Shooting Iron Design and Publishing - Publisher of Talislanta and Force 9.

    Heliograph, Inc. - Publisher of historically-based science fiction roleplaying games.

    MAC-CONUS Games - Publisher of the Second American Revolution.

    Burger Games - Finnish game company publishing games in Finnish and English.

    Heroic Visions: The RPG - New Vision Enterprises publishes the Heroic Visions: the RPG, a comic book/sci-fi game. Free download.

    Grinning Goblin Adventures - RPG Adventures for all Gaming Systems - Home of multi-media based Adventures that work with all gaming systems. Magazine-style subscription of modules.

    Cumberland Games & Diversions - Tabletop RPG publisher specializing in electronic publishing. The Risus RPG, Sparks paper-miniature fonts, and the Fly From Evil crime-drama RPG.

    Tri Tac Systems - Publishers of Bureau 13, Fringeworthy, and FTL:2448.

    RTalsorian Games - Developers of anime, Cybergeneration, Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein and Mekton Z products. Game news, errata and links.

    Living Room Games - Licensed publishers of Earthdawn RPG.

    The Griffin - Home of Griffin Games - Griffin Games is a role-playing game publisher. We publish in a variety of genres. Our best known product is the Realm Of The Gateway.

    Dragonwizards - Self-generating RPG adventure game, with rules. Hard-copy and electronic versions available.

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