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    Clan Links - Recruiting list, player search, and downloads.

    Blue Monster Clan - Plays RA2, Jailbreak, and Q3A combat.

    BlackDeath Clan - Plays Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, Worms II, and Unreal Tournament.

    B.V.F.A. - Plays Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Diablo, Tribes Demo, Aliens vs Predator, and Quake III.

    Elite! - Involved in WarCraft 2, Rogue Spear and Unreal Tournament.

    Black Knights HQ - Plays Diablo 2, Tribes, Half-Life, Unreal, Quake 3, and Allegiance. Have their own server.

    Wolfs Dragoons MPBT Regiment - Multiplayer Battletech 3025 group. Features member roster, archives, screenshots, message boards, and join details.

    Little Army - LA is a based clan that gives degrees for recruitment and sponsors tournaments.

    Allied Realm Kingdoms Together In Council - Plays Diablo 2, Ultima Online, Quake, and Half-Life.

    Doom Troopers - Sign up and member information for a clan playing Tribes and Unreal Tournament.

    MCDP - Clan that plays X-Wing Alliance, StarCraft and first person shooters.

    Last Resort - Clan has flight simulation and Quake divisions.

    Alpha Force homepage - Plays Quake, Unreal Tournament, StarCraft, and Diablo.

    Winter Killers Clan Web Ring - A ring of multiplayer clans.

    Gods of War - The Gods of War arose as a multiplayer gaming guild who were forced to address the issues of security and privacy in the days of its infancy. We strive to protect the right to think.

    Bah Jen Task Force - Plays Klingon Academy, Elite Force, SFC, Armada, Alien Vs. Predator, and Half-Life.

    TNT Shaker Club - Plays Descent 2 and Tribes.

    VeX Clan - Plays Outwars, Starcraft, TFC, Rainbow Six, Tribes and Infantry.

    X Clan Syndicate - Plays Battle Zone, Counter-Strike, and Dark Reign.

    The WTF clan - Plays Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament.

    The Clan Phoenix - Plays Mech Warrior 2 and Anarchy Online.

    Scorpion Pirate Fleet - Plays X-Wing Allaince and Jedi Knight.

    The C4 Group - Plays Quake, UT, Half-Life, and Diablo 2.

    The-Feared - Plays Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Diablo 2, Tribes, and Asheron's Call.

    Jedi/Dreadnaut Incinerators - Clan [JDI] - Plays Outwars, Rainbow Six, Half-Life, and Deus Ex.

    The [R] Clan - Plays StarCraft, WarCraft III, and HalfLife - Counter Strike.

    Black Ops - Plays Fallout, Jedi Knight, Counter-Strike, and Half Life.

    Knights of the Round Online RPG Gaming Clan - Plays Asheron's Call, Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies, and WWII Online.

    Grim Reaper - Features clan member listings and game mods.

    30plus - Clans or guilds for Team Fortress, Quake III Team Arena, and Counter Strike. Offers message boards and members area.

    Broom of Doom - Features member area, guestbook, message boards, and site news.

    The Clashers - Plays StarCraft, Diablo 2, Rogue Spear and Age of Empires 2 - Internet Explorer only.

    Dark Sun Clan - Plays RPG, RTS, and Shooter games.

    SDB Gamers - Offers hardware/software reviews, forums for popular games, and an Unreal Tournament section.

    The Legion of Angels - Neutral no PK Diablo, Ultima Online, Baldur's Gate and StarCraft guild with membership information and downloads.

    Steel Maelstrom - Plays Quake, Half-Life, Tribes, and Unreal Tournament.

    Black Scorpion Clan - Plays Diablo 2, Tribes, and Unreal.

    The Commie Killers - Plays Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, and Rogue Spear.

    Lethal Warriors - A gaming clan playing Action Quake 2, Team Fortress, Rainbow Six, D-Day, Paintball and StarCraft.

    ORA - A legit Diablo, StarCraft, Diablo II, WarCraft, and Tiberian Sun guild with over 200 members.

    S.F.CLAN - European Wars clan site. Features event updates, news, and information on how to join.

    Clan Vortex - Features Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Day of Defeat clans.

    Global Clan Directory - Gaming clan directory.

    Graystone Dragons Clan - Plays the Diablo series, Motorcross Madness, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Worms Armageddon, and Warcraft 2.

    The_Kings - Plays Starcraft, AoE, and Diablo 2.

    Eldar - Holds tournaments and is involved in many gaming competitions. Plays Freespace 2 and Freelancer.

    The Jaeden Army HQ - Playing Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and Diablo.

    space Wolves Of Fenris - Playing Diablo 2 och Star Craft.

    Dirty Deeds - A clan that plays many games from different genres.

    Drunken Posse - Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, Operation Flashpoint Rogue Spear, and Ghost Recon clan site featuring member listings and message boards.

    U S C M clan - Battlezone 2, Quake 3, StarCraft and CounterStrike clan feature member listings and discussion boards.

    Slayers Guild - Featuring multiple guilds, rules, member lists, and message boards.

    Order Of Evisceration - Multiple game clan features Half-Life, Counter Strike, Quake III Arena, and Dark Age of Camelot.

    Freaks From Within - Plays Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, NoX, Starcraft, Myth 2, Tribes 2, and Unreal.

    Clan Rabidd Saint's 2000 - Plays Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and Heretic II.

    Start4all Clan Page - This is the clan page of, the global virtual internet site.

    Clan of the Burning Dog - Plays Quake 2 and 3, Unreal Tournament, and Everquest.

    Phoenix Gate - Plays Planetarion, Star Craft, and Diablo 2.

    GuildPortal - Directory of guilds. Registration required.

    Lost Ronins - Plays StarCraft and Counter-Strike.

    Ordered Kaos Clan - Factions for Blizzard games, Unreal Tournament, Quake and Half-Life.

    Lambda Corps - Plays Half-Life and Age of Kings.

    The International Stocky Federation (Jamaica) - An upcoming gamers site, situated in Jamaica, come and check us out. Site still under construction.

    SanusTech - Plays CS, Half-Life and Starsiege. Contains daily news, downloads and information on members.

    Main Clans - Clan listings, game demos, cheats, themese, patches, hints, and trainers.

    The Cabal - Plays CS, Diablo 2, and AoE.

    Tallon's Claw - A Quake 3 Arena, Centurions, Counter-Strike, and Starcraft clan.

    Clan FBR - Plays Starcraft, Rainbow 6, Homeworld, Forgotten Worlds, and Diablo.

    Real Clan MO - Clan information.

    Matthew's Fortress - Contains information on Dragonballz, Starcraft, Robotech, and episode guides for Dragonballz. There are also character profiles for all of the subjects.

    Dirty Dozen Gaming Group - Multi-player action game hub. System requirements, forums, contact information and links.

    GamerClans - Features message boards, chat rooms, downloads, news, events, reviews and previews.

    Sea Lords Virtual Fleet - An online organization of naval war game simulation enthusiasts who play Age of Sails II

    Tournament World - Gaming league where clans can report their scores.

    The Space Dragons - Plays Starcraft, Diablo, and Half-Life.

    Squadron of Apocalypse Clan Page - Plays MechWarrior and Diablo 2.

    Canadian Rapid Response Team - Plays Rogue Spear, Swat3, and TF2.

    United States Virtual Navy - Plays Rogue Spear, F/A-18, and Fighters Anthology.

    Tilde Clan - Clan for the WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo series.

    Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - Clan featuring multiple games, member roster, and message boards.

    Silent Lightning - Clan information.

    Vanguard Legion - Plays Starcraft, Diablo 2, Half-Life, and Quake.

    Scorched Darkness Ultimate - Gaming corporation hosting clans. Games hosted are Starcraft, Diablo II, and Counter-Strike.

    CTB - A clan on ARC, a free multiplayer game.

    Evil Rubber Chickens - Plays Quake, Half Life, and Diablo 2.

    ClanTools - Provides tools and resources for clan homepages.

    Leagecy of blood - Features StarCraft and Counter Strike clan information.

    HeavyStorm- Clan hosting - Offers website hosting for clans.

    Team BattleZone - BattleZone and Tribes guild featuring downloads, member roster, and membership details.

    Guardians of the Force - X-wing Alliance and Jedi Knight clan.

    The HellBringers ThB - Features message boards, rank system, and guild application.

    Soldiers of Doom - Features member roster and message boards.

    Death to All - Features Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament clans.

    Clan World - Offers clan recruitment, file downloads, and message boards.

    Snipers From Hell - Clan for Unreal Tournament, Diablo 2, StarCraft, and Quake III Arena featuring message boards and download sections.

    VF-96 - Home of the VF-96 "Fighting Falcons".

    Hell Hounds - Diablo and Age of Kings clan.

    Team International Gamers Alliance - Multiple game clan featuring tips and tricks, game tweaks, downloads, and message boards.

    Live 4 Fight - Redmoon Army site containing screenshots, character guides, downloads, and member listings.

    Clan Phoenix Legends - Clans for the Diablo and StarCraft series.

    Alpha Omega Squad - Clans for Star Trek: Armada and Motocross Maddness 2.

    D-Day Warriors - Plays Half Life, Tiberian Sun, Day of Defeat, and Diablo 2.

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