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    Tobacco BBS - Cigarettes, tobacco, and smoking-related news and issues, addresses, tobacco history, information on quitting, and a quote of the day section. - American Legacy Foundation tobacco education campaign covers cigarettes, smoking, other tobacco products. "The truth about how the cigarette industry operates".

    Tobacco or Health - Kind of a home page for tobacco from the World Health Organization. "Tobacco causes six per cent of all deaths in the world and the toll is increasing rapidly. Tobacco causes more deaths than all other forms of substance abuse combined." Quarterly bulletin, fact sheets, white papers, breakdown of smoking and tobacco disease and death by country. Tackling Tobacco - Overview and news on health and smoking; cigarettes and cigars; featured articles; risk profiler; quitting tips; diagnosis and prevention of diseases caused by tobacco.

    WHO: World Tobacco Facts - Terse fact sheet from the World Health Organization's tobacco conference. Tobacco will kill 10 million people a year, 70% of them in developing countries, within a generation.

    Tobacco: The Moral Issues - Short paper by Joseph Califano, former secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

    Nicotine Junkies - Information on kids and smoking, facts about smoking and addiction.

    Quit Victoria - "Tobacco smoking is the single most important cause of ill health and premature death in Australia." Not just quitting information -- health questions answered; effects of cigarettes; quit evaluation studies; information in languages other than English; smokefree workplaces and dining.

    World No Tobacco Day - Provides an opportunity to educate about the effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

    Nicotine, Tobacco, and Smoking - What's the Big Deal? - Basic information on smoking, quitting, cigarettes, and other tobacco products.

    Sylvester Stallone's agreement - Letter from Stallone documenting his cigarette product placement deal with Brown and Williamson Tobacco.

    Cancer Facts and Figures 1996: Tobacco Use - Concise summary from the American Cancer Society of tobacco use, cigarettes, trends in smoking, profiling smokers, costs of tobacco, nicotine addiction, secondhand smoke, spit tobacco, and industrial hazards.

    Report of the UK Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health - Report covers the scientific evidence on active smoking, passive smoking, nicotine addiction, price and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products, cessation, key conclusions.

    Nicotine and Addiction - ASH-UK factsheet on nicotine, its properties, and how cigarettes and tobacco products deliver it to the body.

    Smoking And Tobacco Factsheets - From the Missouri Health Department, a large set of factsheets on cigarettes, tobacco advertising, health effects, and secondhand smoke.

    WellnessWeb Smoker's Clinic - Information on cigarettes and other tobacco products, for smokers, those thinking of quitting, or ex-smokers.

    Tobacco Web - From Australia: cigarettes, tobacco history; current trends; smoking and health, the tobacco industry -- recent revelations; secondhand smoke; young people and smoking; smoking in the workplace; tqitting smoking.

    The Tobacco Reference Guide - Complete online book provides quotes, summaries, and factsheets on: scope of the problem and overall death and disability; demographics; mortality and longevity data; history; secondhand smoke; asthma and allergy; lung cancer; other cancers; heart disease; COPD; other healthproblems; impotence; pregnancy; children and teen smoking; spit tobacco; pipes and cigars; tobacco ingredients and additives; nicotine and addiction; low tar and nicotine cigarettes; quitting; women and smoking; advertising; and much more.

    Smoking Is Ugly - Created and sustained by Christy Turlington, an online resource guide, providing information and links to numerous lung cancer and smoking-cessation related websites. is part of Turlington's campaign to raise awareness about the effects of smoking, smoking related diseases and lung cancer.

    M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - Smoking, Tobacco & Cancer - University of Texas medical center factsheets on effects of smoking and tobacco, and tips and support for quitting. One-third of M. D. Anderson patients have tobacco-related cancers.

    Nicotine Addiction And Cigarettes - American Lung Association info sheets on smoking, nicotine, and related topics: does smoking help people relax? What quitting methods work?

    WebMD: Smoking - Effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products; who smokes? why do smokers fail to quit? what are methods for quitting? what should smokers do until they quit? Some tips for quitting.

    Tobacco Explained: The Truth About The Tobacco Industry In Its Own Words - ASH UK paper based on a review of thousands of internal tobacco industry documents that "reveal the most astonishing systematic corporate deceit". Covers industry knowledge, strategy, and action on smoking and health; nicotine and addiction; marketing to children; advertising; cigarette design; passive smoking; emerging markets; women.

    Obituary: Phil Walters - A Chicago newsman who died of lung cancer writes his own obituary: "No one knows better than I how insidious tobacco addiction is, how it can cause otherwise intelligent and rational people to deny and delay".

    Nicotine Addiction in Britain - Extensive report produced by the Royal College of Physicians. "Nicotine addiction is one of the major reasons why people continue to smoke cigarettes, and cigarettes are in reality extremely effective and closely controlled nicotine delivery devices".

    Tobacco in Australia: Facts and Issues - A complete, online, book, with all citations to the literature. Covers cigarettes, other tobacco products; statistics and trends; health effects; smoking in the workplace and public places; public policy; addiction; quitting; anti-smoking campaigns; the tobacco industry; and more.

    TCSG - Tobacco and The Elderly - Papers and factsheets on: tobacco and minorities, state tobacco settlement funds, tobacco and older persons.

    Tobacco on Course to Become World's Leading Cause of Death - "With 1.1 billion smokers worldwide, tobacco use has reached the proportions of a global epidemic. By 2030, tobacco is expected to be the biggest cause of death worldwide, killing one out of every six people". National Geographic article.

    He Wanted You to Know - Article from the St. Petersburg Times, Florida. Bryan Curtis started smoking at 13, never thinking that 20 years later cigarettes would kill him and leave his wife and children alone. Half of all tobacco deaths are people aged 35 to 69; this is one person's story.

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