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    Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia - Specialst center for treatment and research in skin conditions.

    University of Maryland Medicine Skin Cancer Guide - Facts about skin cancers such as actinic keratosis, their causes, and prevention with links to treatments, sunscreen information, and medical center services.

    skin cancer photos and advice from a practising dermatologist - skin cancer and other skin disease photos, self-diagnosis sections, advice, surgery tips. etc from a medical consultant dermatologist

    Dark side of the sun - Article about the dangers of tanning.

    Introduction to Skin Cancer - A general introduction to Skin Cancer, with links to specific information available around the Net.

    OncoLink: Skin Cancer - This is the primary document on OncoLink for information regarding skin cancers (all types).'s Skin Cancer Online Guide - Free Information and photographs of skin cancers. Learn about malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and more. Find out how to tell if your mole is cancerous.

    Skin Cancer - The Facts - Skin Cancer Information - What is it? How do you get it? How do you treat it? How do you prevent it? Where to get help, and a true life story.

    Imperial Cancer Research Fund - Skin Cancer - Details about Bowen's Disease, Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, Sunbathing, Skin Cancer and You, Melanoma Skin Cancer, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer, Protecting Children's Skin From The Sun, Skin Cancer And Outdoor Workers, Skin Cancer Research, Sunbeds and Skin Damage

    Skin Cancer - Basic information from European Institute of Women's Health.

    MedicineNet - Skin Cancer - Some basic information and articles.

    Skin cancer - An overview for patients from the CancerNet from the National Cancer Institute.

    Sloan-Kettering Skin Cancer Page - Exposure to the sun is the major risk factor for skin cancer, which will be diagnosed in about 800,000 people this year. From the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

    How is Skin Cancer Treated - Treatment information for skin cancer patients, their families, and general public from the National Cancer Institute.

    Booklet: What You Need to Know about Skin Cancer - An important booklet from the National Cancer Institute for skin cancer patients, general public, and healthcare professionals. Highly recommended for initial reading.

    Non-Surgical Answers for Skin Cancer - Learn about skin cancer and natural roots and herbs that are available to treat it. Become acquainted with their application and pro-active in your own recovery.

    Skin Cancer - Another highly diagnosed cancer. Learn about the symptoms and preventions. Information on treatment and diagnosis of this disease.

    Wade Forest University Baptist Medical Center - Catch Cancer, before it's too late. A program of preventive skin cancer screenings administered by licensed physicians, complemented by educational seminars and informational literature.

    Project Links - An overview of basal cell carcinoma, followed by links to pictures, research articles and clinical trials.

    Catch Cancer...Before It's Too Late - Catch Cancer, designed specifically for tournament anglers and professional fishing crews, is a program of preventative skin cancer screenings administered by licensed physicians, complemented by educational seminars and informational literature.

    Actinic Keratosis Society - A resource center dedicated to providing information on the prevention and treatment of Actinic Keratosis, or pre-cancerous skin lesions.

    Understanding Skin Cancer - Cancer Backup - Information on skin cancer written by cancer specialists for skin cancer patients on all aspects of skin cancer including diagnosis, treatment and resources.

    The Sun and Your Skin - Provides information on sun protection and skin cancer.

    Sunlight and Skin Cancer - Scientific American article.

    Protecting Children's Skin from the Sun - Skin cancer is the commonest cancer in the UK. Research suggests that skin damage occurs many years before the development of skin cancer. This means that protecting children's skin from the sun is extremely important. Imperial Cancer Research Fund

    Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer - American Cancer Society.Here you'll find answers to questions about the nature of cancer, its causes and risk factors. Discusses the latest strategies for prevention, new diagnostic techniques, and the latest treatment options. - Includes information and tips on curing skin cancer. Skin Cancer Page - THE starting place for exploring cancer information on the web, brought to you by your Cancer Guide.

    Skin Cancer Treatment For Women - Skin cancer risk exists for everyone, even people of color. Learn the best preventions and treatments.

    Imperial Cancer Research Fund - News and information about the prevention, treatment and cure of non-melanoma skin cancers.

    Project S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Sun Awareness For Educating Today's Youth) - M. D. Anderson's skin cancer awareness and education curriculum for science and health teachers - grades 4-9. Module contains a CD-ROM in Mac or PC format.

    InteliHealth: Skin Cancer - Includes basic information, prevention, and treatment options, and an ask-the-expert section. Reviewed by Harvard Medical School.

    Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer? - Melanoma is one of the most visible cancers, yet it's often overlooked. This report covers how and when to get checked for skin cancer, plus risk factors and prevention information.

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