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   See Also:

    Veritas Medicine - Clinical trial listings for high blood pressure. Perform a personalized search to find ongoing clinical trials that match your needs.

    G.S. Nace M.D. - Questions and answers about high blood pressure.

    Managing Hypertension - Learn about the forces behind high blood pressure and how to protect yourself against their effects.

    Iowa Women's Health Center - An in-depth look at high blood pressure in pregnancy.

    Nutritionist Maureen Keane on High Blood Pressure Disorder - Dietary recommendations, as well as information on salt reduction, the Dash Diet, and the benefits of potassium.

    Antigonish Community Network - Looks at what is normal, dangers, causes, and how to protect yourself and others from hypertension.

    Dangers of High Blood Pressure - Discusses definition, risk factors, and symptoms. [University of Michigan Health System]

    University of Pennsylvania Health System - An extensive look at hypertension including risk factors, what it is, testing and treatment options.

    Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension (PIH) - Report of the Canadian Hypertension Society Consensus Conference.

    Health Canada - Provides data and statistics, objectives and responsibilities for hypertension.

    MCW Health Link - Articles on hypertension, including a quiz to test ones knowledge about this disorder.

    7th International Symposium on Hypertension: Dec 2-6 2001 - Screening, investigation and therapy. Includes information on the event and registration.

    Page Wise - An article about high blood pressure including the risks, the statistics and what the reading means.

    Healing High Blood Pressure - An article from Page Wise about controlling hypertension with a healthy lifestyle.

    Mamas Health - An extensive look at what blood pressure is, including what it means and how to control it.

    Dr Blood Pressure - Information about hypertension, including the damage, how to measure and what to do in case of a high reading.

    International Health News Database - Summaries of the latest research concerning fish oils and hypertension.

    High Blood Pressure Website - Features drug information, the latest news, message boards and personal online medical calendar and diary. [Free registration required]

    National High Blood Pressure Education Program - From the National Institutes for Health. Features information about the diagnosis, treatment, and repercussions of high blood pressure as well as tips for making lifestyle changes.

    American Heart Association - Facts about high blood pressure and how to live a more heart-healthy life along with some recipes.

    Rose Men's Health Resource - An article on how to keep your blood pressure under control. Includes a description, the causes, symptoms and some tips. - Learn about hypertension. Images as well as links to articles about woman and high blood pressure, headaches, symptoms, measuring, stress and related diseases.

    McKinley Health Center - A look at factors that affect hypertension and what blood pressure means.

    My BP - A free online resource for people with high blood pressure, which helps users monitor their health and improve understanding. Registration required.

    Health A to Z - Learn the risks factors for high blood pressure, and what complications arise due to hypertension. Includes a quiz, current news, an E-mate to keep track of your blood pressure.

    Accent Health - Provides detailed information on types of high blood pressure as well as exams and medical history, ambulatory monitoring, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, home monitoring and testing for pregnant women.

    Cardiology Channel - Treatment, diagnosis, and information on high blood pressure and how to control it. Monitored by board-certified physicians.

    Health News - Summaries of the latest research concerning detection, prevention and treatment of hypertension.

    National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - In-depth look at this disorder and what it is, what happens when it is high, who gets it, how it is checked, what the numbers mean, causes, prevention, and diet. - Looks at hypertension and its management, testing, symptoms and risk factors.

    How To Prevent High Blood Pressure - The Daily Apple presents an introduction along with a look at weight, physical activity, salt, sodium and alcohol. - This topic is discussed in five sections, importance of knowing about hypertension, how it is checked, how to prevent, what else may prevent it and recap and more information. Also a sample walking program. - A look at the causes, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

    Medicine Net - A focus on high blood pressure: Medical information about hypertension, its treatment, therapies and prevention.

    Regular Physical Activity Can Help Your Blood Pressure - The silent killer, what kind of exercise is best, losing weight, aerobic exercise precautions and how often to do resistance exercise.

    Hypertension and Health - Novartis explains what high blood pressure is, how to tell if you have it, lowering the risks and treatment.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypertension - Describes in detail how TCM practitioners in China solve this disorder with traditional strategies and herbs.

    Novartis - Promotes healthy living by providing the general public with educational material, drug information, community events and support for the cause and treatment of hypertension.

    Advice on Hypertension - Information about high blood pressure including the causes and how to prevent it.

    The Merck Manual - Discussion on signs and symptoms, diagnosing, treatment and life style modification for arterial hypertension.

    Natural Healthlink - Detailed information on hypertension/high blood pressure, the symptoms, treatments, diet changes and related nutritional and herbal supplements.

    The Daily Apple - An article about taking control of high blood pressure by means of diet and exercise.

    Pediatric Oncall-High Blood Pressure in Children - Hypertension; its causes and treatment.

    Cozaar and - Information about the control and treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP). It is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

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