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   See Also:

    National Attention Deficit Disorder Association - Articles, personal stories, interviews with ADD professionals, book reviews, and links to other ADD-related sites that provide information which may be helpful.

    National Attention Deficit Disorder Association - Articles, personal stories, interviews with ADD professionals, book reviews, and links to other ADD-related sites that provide information which may be helpful. - An online ADD/ADHD support group based in the UK. The site contains information, news, events, links, natural remedy information, original free software, regular live chat, and more.

    Student Alliance on ADD - Seeks to promote a discussion between students in college with learning disabilities and those who are about to enter college, including study tips for students with ADD and ADHD.

    Attention Deficit Disorder Resources - Includes links to a variety of ADD Internet resources.

    Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - This site includes information on diagnosis, treatment, and research, and includeds links to booklets and magazine articles.

    MedicineNet - Symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, and links.

    ADDitude: The Happy Healthy Lifestyle Magazine for People With ADD - The online issue of a new print magazine.

    Neurological Issues with ADD/ADHD - A discussion of the involvement of the reticular activating system.

    The WWW Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) FAQ Site - A site designed as a resource for parents, teachers and adults interested in information about ADD.

    Information Site for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students with ADHD - A site for those students with a hearing disability.

    ParentPatch - Links to information on ADD/ADHD, such as articles, education, advocacy, medical news and research, support groups, books, and message boards.

    All About ADHD/ADD - Comprehensive guide to online resources, support, treatment information, and symptoms of ADHD/ADD.

    Child Development Institute - About Attention Deficit Disorder - Provides comprehensive information and practical solutions for kids and teens with ADHD.

    The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology - Factors in early development, for the majority, often underlie learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD and coordination problems. Find out about the primitive reflexes and how early development sets the scene for later learning.

    ADHD On-line Community - offers information and support on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There are forums, articles of interest, editorials, links, and submission areas.

    ADD Focus - Useful ADD, ADHD information on diagnosis, treatment, medications, diet supplements and practical solutions to help students improve concentration, learning, and study habits.

    Born to Explore- The Other Side of ADD - A noncommercial clearinghouse for positive and alternative information which explores creativity, nutrition, giftedness, allergies, and temperament.

    Attention Deficit Information Network - A non-profit, volunteer organization which offers support, information, and resources for parents, professionals, and adults who deal with Attention Deficit Disorder. Has conferences, one-on-one telephone information.

    The Parent Guide - Help for parents wanting education/training about ADD/ADHD.

    The Dove's Nest - Here you can learn all about Attention Deficiet Disorder, both with and without hyperactivity, and what that means to the millions who have this disorder.

    ADD Clinic - Comprehensive, detailed and current information to the medical and lay community about ADD, ADHD, OCD, and TS.

    AtHealth - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Weekly newsletter and links to ADD resources.

    Taming the Triad - Margie C. Sweeney, M.D. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adults. Articles, tips, and directory of related links.

    ADDvance 2001 - ADDvance is the only site on the web designed as a resource site for women and girls with ADHD, providing articles, information on women's ADHD support groups across the country, and a comprehensive list of books, tapes and videos.

    ADHD Support Company - Your resource to help you successfully manage your child's ADHD.

    The Voucher System Behavior Management Program - A behavior management program for children with ADD/ADHD and ODD.

    Learning With LD - Collection of documents about ADD/ADHD and general learning disabilities.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) on - Find out about ADHD on

    Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder - Information on DSM-IV Criteria, articles, resources, chat, bulletin board, family bulletin board, and a clinician's forum.

    ADHD Owner's Manual - This site, created by a medical doctor, includes information on educational and behavioral interventions, medication, and tips for teachers.

    ADHDNews - Information on the research and treatment of ADD with emphasis on special education, behavior issues and advocacy. Includes free monthly newsletter and discussion groups.

    Advice For Parents - Advice for raising children and a form to submit questions answered by parenting professionals.

    Classroom Strategy For Students with ADD and ADHD - Students with ADD/ADHD require more time and attention to stay on-task and focused. A reinforcement schedule of tangible rewards often help this challenge.

    The Whole Child/Adolescent Center - Introductory description of the terms, causes, and treatment.

    ADD on AOL - Main Menu - Information and support group for Attention Deficit Disorder forming on the Internet with a core of AOL users.

    ADD/ADHD - Includes articles, news items, books, letters and FAQs.

    Effective Parenting - Professional parenting advice from James Windell on children with behavior problems and ADD/ADHD.

    ADD Resource - ADD Resource is a search engine and directory for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities.

    ADD in School - Over 500 classroom interventions helping ADD students to be more successful in school. Written by teachers and therapists.

    ASK - Adults Seeking Knowledge about ADD - A large collection of information on ADD. Information of use to the individual learning about ADD, as well as for those experienced with ADD.

    Understanding ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder Focus - Find information on attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, and alternative medications and treatments for hyperactivity in children and adults.

    Critical ADHD Questions Answers - ADHD questions answered, including diet, supplements, behavior management, and stimulant drugs.

    Women With ADD - This site exists to lend support, provide information, and to offer resources to women with ADD and those who surround them.

    OPTAx Systems, Inc. - System to measure a child's capacity to stay still and pay attention and quantify the response to treatment for children diagnosed with ADHD.

    LD OnLine: Preventing Antisocial Behavior in Disabled and At-Risk Students - Information on learning disabilities, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, speech disorder, reading difficulties, special education, parenting, and teaching.

    Outside the Box - Helping Misunderstood Kids - Provides research, original articles, personal testimonies and support in order to better help ADHD/special needs kids succeed in school and in life. - Search engine and directory for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, ADD/ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. Free monthly e-zine covering online news from the ADD/LD community.

    Attention Deficit Disorder - Dr. Levinson was the first to discover that Dyslexia or LD and ADD all stem from one and the same inner-ear cerebellar-vestibular) dysfunction.'s ADHD Online Guide - Free guide to ADHD/ADD, including interactive questionnaire, signs and symptoms, treatment, and other resources.

    ADHD Assessment and Information Services - Information and services to help parents and professionals promote the healthy development of children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder.

    Attention Deficit Disorder: Treatment, Prevention, Cure - A wide range of helpful Attention Deficit Disorder information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, and personal stories.

    ADD-Holistic Resource Center - Resources provided by the 19 of the world's top Holistic Medicine practitioners on treating and understanding Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Access to the ADD-Holistic Internet discussion group. - A comprehensive ADD information site. Browse anonymously or sign up for a personalized report with ADD information specific to your needs.

    Teaching the ADD Child - Strategies for engaging the ADD child in learning experiences.

    ADD Helpline - Resource center, support group and monthly interactive newsletter for parents dealing with ADD/ADHD.

    Help Your Attention Deficit Disorder Child Succeed in School - Help your attention deficit disorder child succeed this year in school, by teaching them about organization, study habits, and responsibility through scheduling and encouragement.

    On Beyond Ritalin - Humorous but fairly accurate look at the medications used for treatment-resistant adult AD/HD.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of several childhood disorders that encompass behavioral difficulties. Inattention or hyperactivity by itself is not sufficient for diagnosis. Get information about diagnosis and symptoms.

    About ADD and ADHD - The National Center for Learning Disabilities definition of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, along with coping strategies for students.

    Children and Medication for ADHD Resources - Listings of and links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites to find information and resources for issues involving the medication of children with ADHD/ADD.

    Kimmie's ADHD Information - Adult newly dxed;come visit&learn.

    Frontline: Medicating Kids - Frontline investigates the growing controversy over ADHD. The site includes interviews with psychologists on all sides of the debate; drug information; federal laws and state legislation; and a resource guide.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), HYG-5268-96 - Ohio State University fact sheet.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Overview and Theories on its Causes - Seeks to present every therapy currently being used for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and to indicate the clinical evidence to support these treatments. Organized by theories of ADHD, therapies for ADHD, links to useful sites and articles on ADHD and a discussion group.

    ADD/ADHD Information Library - Information for parents on ADD/ADHD, including description of ADD/ADHD, diagnosis, treatment options, classroom interventions.

    Behavioural Assessment - Identifying behaviours that are significant in the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and identifying appropriate behaviour management strategies as an alternative or adjunct to medication.

    ADHD Ezine - ADHD research, nutrition, and behavioural issues. Explores ADHD from a holistic point of view. Monthly ezine.

    ADHD Medications - Deciding which medicine to use to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder used to be easy. Learn which medicine is right for your child.

    ADHD Treatment Guidelines - This policy statement from the AAP offers standarized guidelines for the treatment of school aged children with ADHD, including the use of stimulant medications and/or behavior therapy.

    Twilight Bridge - ADHD - A comprehensive guide of articles and webcasts for parents, relatives, and carers of a child sufferring from ADHD. It highlights the disease and treatment including both pharmaceutical and behavioral therapy. - Information and education for ADD.

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