1) How did you get interested in history?

It is by playing the board game "Axis & Allies" with family members that I got the first spark on World War 2 history. I then started learning more on all kinds of military equipment by playing strategy computer games as "Panzer General" and "Steel Panther". Each opponents in WW2 had equal chances of winning and that is why these games are fun playing and the player learns to improve his strategy skills, learn all equipment innovations from battle to battle and learns important military operations that have taken place. Games are perfect history teaching tools!

2) What area of history are you most interested in?

My great interest in WW2 in comparison to other major conflicts comes from the boost in human knowledge in technology. In this six year clash, the technology evolved at a factor never seen in the human history. Million of engineers from all countries were pouring new ideas on the drawing tables to get the advantage on the battlefield. We have seen the birth of the rocket engine (V1 & V2) and the jet engine (Me262) created by the Germans, the USA-UK doomsday weapon: the nuclear bomb, the super Japanese submarines carrying bombers inside it, the UK and German bomber target acquisition radio wave assistance and the fast Russian T-34 with thick slop armor and innovative suspension that helped turn the tie in favor of the USSR. And that's only the tip of the iceberg of this 39-45 incredible knowledge wealth acquisition period.

3) Tell us some of about how you read and research history? Books or Internet? Both?

For my PuzzQuiz series, I thoroughly study my subjects and retrieve all my information on the internet since it is easier to do a simple copy-paste procedure to create my quizzes. I rather read a well graphically documented history book when it is only for the passion of learning when no quizzes are planned for my PuzzQuiz web site. I just love those dictionaries on a particular subject of history like the WW2 Oxford Companion: They have created a fine tool for historians that need to research all kinds of information from military obscure leaders to special equipment created to give the advantage on an opponent.

4) Do you read history on ebooks?

I will read iPhone ebooks coming from WW2 magazines when I cross them in the upcoming future. For now, I focus my reading time only on the history of technology development of WW2 in old fashion illustrated books and I use Wikipedia documents to do the research on WW2 leaders PuzzQuizzes.

5) Who is your favorite historical figure? Why?

Winston Churchill. Country leaders that have gone to war in their past are the best suited to priorities what should come first in government wartime expenses and to choose the right option from a broad possibilities of strategies coming from their army personnel so their country wins the war with the less causalities and Winston had all these qualities in addition to be a fine spokesperson that inspired his people to surpass themselves in front of adversity.

6) Tell us about your web site?

I wished for people to remember durable facts on leaders, operations and technology related to WW2. PuzzQuiz helps for long term memorization since you can replay it and the answers are in different order from game to game so you can improve your knowledge measured by the final score that gives you your retention knowledge level. With all the players comments on the game, my first version of PuzzQuiz was far too hard to play without hints to help the player and there was a bit of confusion when the player wanted to start the game without reading the "How to Play" help file. Also the graphic design needed much improvement to stand out in comparison to other quizzes on the internet. With a lot of effort and pleasure improving PuzzQuiz, I am finally satisfy with my last engine installment and I am now free to build content on all kinds of subjects.

7) What are your favorite history books?

The French book series of Chronicles of WW2 that is a grouping of daily articles on the major facts on this era: Refreshing. I also highly recommend Oxford Companion of WW2 that is a bible in alphabetic order of everything on WW2: Very informative.

8) Who are your favorite history authors?

I am a movie lover. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks created a marvelous TV series called "Band of Brothers" that is a must to watch for WW2 adepts. I also love the "Military Channel" that has plenty of war documentaries that are very well made and innovative.

9) What battles are pivotal to the outcome of World War II? Why?

The battle of Moscow in 1941 was one of the main battles that Germany must have won to break the Russian spirit. But Hitler made a big mistake by halting the German advance and divert his armies to capture Leningrad. The Germans lost precious time before the harsh Russian winter and this delay helped to create a good defense line around Moscow. General Winter and general Zhukov counter-attacked and pushed far west the German held positions. Hitler lost ground, troops, equipment and time to create is Lebensraum dream. That was the great battle he should have won.

The Italian desire to recreate their ancient empire in North Africa was one of the great waste of resources to the a Germans and Italians. The Axis forces in North Africa were too stretch out and the Italian fleet was not efficient to defend their cargo ships supplying the Axis forces in the Mediterranean since they did not even have radar on their ships; big mistake! The Italian soldiers did not want to go to war and that was clear when the English counter-attacked them on their advance to Egypt. They surrendered to the English that were five times less than them. Great lost of manpower and the Italians were now on the defensive until the German Afrika Korps came and rescue them. If all that human and equipment were used to move forward against Russia, that could have meant the difference in the great battle to take Stalingrad and Leningrad leaving only Moscow to capture by a major last blitz later on.

10)Why is World War II history so fascinating for you?

The entire World history as we know it today has been modified by this 6 years event. The return to prosperity for many countries that suffered tremendously from the 1929 stock crash; the acknowledgment of USA as a superpower that greatly helped saved the World from tyranny, the birth of Israel golden Jewish land, the creation of the Russian empire with the annexation of the Balkan countries, the start of the space race between USSR and the USA and the atomic age safeguarding the World so no major aggression would ever take place again.

11)What is next for your web site?

Since my PuzzQuiz Adobe Flash engine is completed at my satisfaction, I can now put all my free time on creating content for my web site. I wish to concentrate on creating history quizzes because they have more durable factor in comparison to other types of short live quizzes as for example weekly news on celebrities.

I invite all history lovers to contact me so we can create together PuzzQuizzes(external link) on our favorite subjects and my efforts are completely free for nonprofit objectives. For the upcoming months, I will invest substantial time and energy to get the word out on the fun way that PuzzQuiz.com(external link) can be used for long lasting learning benefits.

12)What is your next history project?

I wish to study the history of arts and keep on creating PuzzQuiz.com(external link) so that my new knowledge on this subject be spread to satisfy my quest to keep the information flow from one in another. I have study graphic arts for almost two year at the university and the history of arts courses blow my mind away when I discovered with my co-students all the ingenuity put in our past sculptures and paintings master pieces.