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    Mr. Clean's Home on the Web - Sales site for Mr. Clean products, but also has good cleaning and stain removal tips pages.

    How To Clean It - Tips on how to clean just about anything, also sales of cleaning products.

    Household Cleaning Solution Center - Simple safe tips on how to clean everything in your home, a resource you'll use again and again.

    Stain Buster - From Goodhousekeeping, advice on stain removal from clothing, carpets, and upholstery.

    Stain Removal Guide - Solutions to common fabric stain problems. Most tips are for readily available, normal household cleaning items.

    Messy Gourmet Archive - Stains - An archive of stain removal tips for food and cooking related stains.

    Maintaining Your Oriental Rugs - A page of recommended homemade stain removal actions; part of which sells and services Oriental rugs.

    Carpet Stain Index - Stain Removal Guide for 60 or more common carpet stains.

    Ink Stain Removal - BIC pens presents a page of instructions on how to get ink and "wite-out" stains out of fabrics.

    Label Talk for Consumers - Includes guides to common care symbols, common home laundering and drycleaning symbols, and stain removal answers to common care questions; from Textile Industry Affairs.

    Problems with Utensils & Appliances - Stain removal and repair tips for common kitchen utensils, from aluminum to "woodenware"; produced by the Internet Chef.

    Cleaning Your Beanies - Cleaning beanie babies; from Cajun Connection Beanies.

    Dilmaghani's Interactive Stain Removal Chart - Searches a database for a specified stain type.

    Liesel's Practical Poufbunny Area - Stain Removal - Tips on removing stains from petticoats and crinolines. - Find cleaning tips and advice. Join our BBS for the cleaning industry and people looking for cleaning help. Find information on health standards.

    Stainfree - Tips on removing stains from carpets, upholstery, furniture, fabric, metals and glass.

    Stanley Steemer Carpet Care Tips - An interactive form covering such topics as removing spots, spills, pet accidents and common carpet problems and their remedies.

    Hint Hounds - Looking for a simple and cheap solution to a household problem? Consult this site for information on cleaning, cooking and stain removal.

    How to remove mildew from baby's plastic - Ever wonder how to safely remove that horrid mildew from your precious baby's plastic books? Let me tell you how.

    Mold Help - Information on toxic mold found in the home.

    Blackmon Mooring - Cleaning tips on multiple types of carpet stains.

    Milliken Table Linen : Stain Removal Guide - Definitions, general rules for removing stains from table linens, basic supplies needed, custom stain removal, and links to other sites.

    Stain Removal FAQs - For fabrics, holiday stain removal, stain removal tips, removing "ring around the collar" soil, and a link to a more comprehensive "Quick and Easy Stain Removal" publication available in PDF; from Iowa State University Extension.

    Bird Dropping Stain Removal - Question posted on a message board about removing the stain from paint; one answer posted.

    Why Does Hairspray Remove Ink Stains? - Question and answer from the Ask a Scientist Chemistry Archive, Dept. of Energy, U.S.A.

    Removing Mineral Deposits from Household Surfaces - Shows how to remove mineral deposits such as hard water stains, lime, soap scum and film from bathroom fixtures, sinks, dishes, countertops, and other household surfaces.

    Your Kitchen, Germ Warfare - Article about cleaning the kitchen, from Wellspring Media magazine.

    Cleaning Tips - Useful tips for cleaning your home including kitchens, baths, laundry and stain removal.

    DrClean - This site offers solutions to cleaning clothes, carpets and curtains. The advice given is accompanied by step-by-step pictorial instructions to help along the way. There is also a directory and dispute solving section.

    A Different Kind of House Cleaning - House cleaning from the perspective of eliminating negative energy along with the physical dirt; from Wellspring Media magazine.

    Hang Up on Germs - How to disinfect your phone; from Wellspring Media magazine.

    Piano Care - Brief couple of suggestions in cleaning piano keys and cases from a professional piano care and repair business.

    Denture Cleaning Tips - Cleaning all kinds of dentures, written by a dental hygienist.

    What's the Best Way to Clean My Coins? - Advice for coin collectors, part of a larger FAQ site on coin collecting.

    Mineral Cleaning - How to clean mineral specimens, written for rock collectors.

    Cleaning Your Dutch Oven - Instructions on cleaning different kinds of Dutch ovens; from a general site on Dutch ovens that includes recipes and cooking tips.

    The Soap And Detergent Association - Information on use and composition of soaps and detergents, including cleaning products overview, laundry products, dishwashing, and environmental topics.

    Clean Up Pages - Everything you need to know about cleaning and stain removal. A great resource for the do it yourself home owner.

    Natural Home Cleaning Product Recipes - Information on cleaning most household items with a few simple old-fashioned materials.

    Cleaning Recipes for a Healthy Home - Shows how to use commonly found household products to create environmentally friendly cleaners for the home.

    8 Household cleaners you need and 4 you don't. - Here's a power list of eight must-have cleansers, as well as four that you shouldn't waste your money on. This includes information in saving time and elbow grease, avoiding streaks on windows, and maintaining clog free drains.

    Cleaning Tips for My Little Ponies - How to clean the toy, My Little Pony.

    Barefoot Lass's Stain Removal - Free stain removal chart that includes getting out chocolate, blood, ink, wine and grease. Also includes stain removing tips that have been sent in by people just like you.

    Cleaning Tips - Cleaning tips for closets, kids' bedrooms, bathrooms, tile, kitchen, floors, carpets, cleaning up after pets; from ServiceMaster.

    Cleaning Ancient Coins and Metals - Detailed and sometimes technical instructions on cleaning old coins and metal artifacts.

    How I Clean my Old Bottles - Advice for bottle collectors.

    Pro Flooring Center Care and Cleaning Expert Tips - Carpet care, vinyl care, ceramic tile care, and hardwood care tips.

    Jenny's Hints - Cleaning and organizing home and garden.

    Do-It-Yourself Spot Removal - From Plush Carpte Cleaning, a comprehensive list, from A to Z, of different kinds of carpet stains and how to remove them yourself.

    Guidelines for Stain and Spot Removal from Carpet and Rugs - Has general stain removal guidelines as well as a list of specific stains for more detailed instructions.

    Carpet and Rug Institute - Care and Cleaning - Covers difficult stains, pet stains, water damaged carpet, and how to remove specific stains.

    How to Get Mold Off Old Books - Brief answer to a question about removing mold stains from books.

    Grape Juice on the Carpet - One mother's account of getting grape juice out that was spilled on a carpet.

    Common stain removal - Single page describing how to remove common stains from clothing and fabrics.

    Zippygirl's Messie Page - Cleaning tips designed especially for messies, including the Emergency Clean Sweep technique.

    How Stuff Works - Fully illustrated tutorial shows how home dry cleaning works. Home dry cleaning kits prevent you from being exposed to the solvent and perchlorethylene, used by commercial cleaners.

    Washing Windows Tricks - Learn the secrets of professional window washers. You can clean your windows streak-free with this simple window cleaning method.

    Swimming Pooling Cleaning - This site is dedicated to homeowners or small business owners who would like a unique way to clean and keep their swimming pools algae and bacteria free through the winter months.

    How To Clean Anything - An online resource for tips for removing stains, cleaning in and around the home, automotive, pets, and pools.

    Cleaning and Organization - Tips on inexpensive, efficient and earth-friendly methods to clean your home and organize your household; from Frugality Network.

    Down the Ages - A large collection of cleaning, polishing, and insect repellent mixes to make at home.

    Rug Doctor - Carpet stain removal chart. Find cleaning tips on getting out tough stains like blood, beer, vomit, candle wax, oil and ink.

    TheBugStopsHere - TheBugStopsHere is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy learning about home hygiene, bacteria, viruses and germs .

    Reduce Dust Mites for Healthy Living - Dust mites are present in homes and multiplying by the millions.Good house-keeping promotes healthy living. Some helpful suggestions on helping to get rid of some of them.

    Chemical Spots, Stains and Discoloration of Home Furnishings - Tips and advice for preventing chemical spots, stains and discoloration on home furnishings.

    Murgatroyd - A light hearted site aimed at offering advice on the removal of stains from clothing, mixing cocktails and recommending establishments (mainly in UK) offering top class service in their field.

    SoYouWanna clean your apartment? - This full-length article will teach you everything you need to know to give your apartment a good scrub-down.

    Water Nuisances: Alternatives to Cleaning Deposits on Household Surfaces - Discusses many cleaning problems and solutions. - Care of silver and silverplate. We have made every attempt to provide current information, and practices currently acceptable in the field of silverware conservation.

    The Clean Kitchen Test - Answer some questions about food preparation and kitchen cleaning. Learn how ot make the meals and snacks from your kitchen the safest possible.

    Quick Tips for a Clean Kitchen - Time-saving tips for cleaning your entire kitchen, including removing stains, unclogging drains, erasing coffee and tea stains and cleaning appliances.

    Reducing Hazardous Products In The Home - Provides information about hazardous products and homemade cleaners.

    Spring Cleaning Without Any Dirt - Providing information on environmental issues and cleaning.

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