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White House Launches New Site, Expands Public Access to Government Information and Services

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FlipDog - Delivers the Internet´s largest job collection; all direct from the source - employer web sites.

    ZNet - An extensive online progressive magazine and community of alternative news, opinions, resources and more from Z Magazine.

    Ratical - Alternative news, essays and other features.

    Electronic Policy Network - News, analysis, commentary and links to information resources from organization advocating liberal/progressive national public policies and politics.

    Albion Monitor - Underreported or ignored news stories from original reporting and compiled from alternative and mainstream news sources. Some articles are free; others require a subscription.

    Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life - Irreverant and thought-provoking articles from a progressive perspective.

    Redress Information & Analysis - Seeks to address issues of injustice in international and UK politics and to provide a radical interpretation of current political and social developments.

    The New Liberator - Agitates for private spirituality as inspiration for civic values and reform modeled after abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison's newspaper The Liberator. Advocates true democracy, freedom from want, security, equality, and the abolition of the evils of capitalism. 

    The Hollow Planet - Political news and writings concerning activism and social justice.

    daily world news - Links to alternative news coverage from around the world. - Website with information and principles of "the Progressive Challenge."

    Progressive Review - Founded in 1966 and based in Washington, PR challenges conventional wisdom inside the Beltway. Edited by Sam Smith.

    The Information Subway - A clearinghouse hub for independent media in the service of participatory self-government and democracy, in association with the Seattle Independent Media Coalition.

    Zenger's Newsmagazine - San Diego-based alternative magazine on alternative lifestyles, politics, culture and health. AIDS, bi, and trans issues as well as economic and social justice issues.

    Ideas, Opinions, and Thoughts... - Ideas and views, presented free of ads, with the purpose of finding solutions to reach a more equitable and sustainable society.

    The MoJo Wire - Mother Jones Interactive - Daily news for the skeptical citizen from a leftist view.

    Progress Report Daily News - Progressive news, issues, and talk. Covers economic justice, corporate welfare, sprawl and more

    The Progressive - Online version of The Progressive magazine

    In These Times - Weekly publication with news, analysis and features from the progressive left.

    Institute for Global Communications - News and information related to peace, labor and social change movements

    The Awful Truth - Michael Moore's satirical television show. Episode guide, highlights, mailing list, forum, and books and videos available.

    Dissent Magazine - Culture, politics, art and criticism magazine of the independent left.

    Subversion - Webzine featuring articles on political, social, and economic issues. Oriented towards leftist political philosophy.

    Social Policy Magazine - Progressive quarterly covering politics, culture and activism.

    Drastic Magazine - Progressive news and opinions from the world press as well as jazz, hip hop, poetry, and soul.

    Guerrilla Media - Vancouver-based group of media critics that creates popular education projects around social justice issues. Using satire as their main political tool, GM creates and distributes parodies of daily newspapers, and government and corporate promotional materials.

    Alternative Journalism at RigarontasofTime - Radical writing from an underground writers' group based somewhere in India. Contemporary thought, politics, literature, new existentialism, alternative thought, ideas, digital philosophy.

    Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine - Timely, in-depth interviews with progressive activists fighting for a just world. Covers political and economic topics from an alternative news perspective, with sources under-utilized in corporate media.

    New Internationalist - Reports on issues of world poverty and inequality, and debates and campaigns for radical change.

    The Dubya Report - News and commentary with a critical eye on the policies, record, family history, and political associates of George W. Bush.

    Squall Magazine Online - Radical news and cultural analysis.

    The Other Side - Government watchdog site that isn't afraid to disagree with American popular opinion or government policies.

    Cafe Progressive: Education, Politics, Community, Resources - Cybercommunity for progressives. Website containes news, opinions, user forums, directories of resources.

    The Nation - News and analysis on politics and culture from the left. Includes Real Audio access to the Nation's radio commentaries.

    Common Dreams - News, analysis and links to progressive organizations and information.

    New Statesman - Founded by Beatrice and Sidney Web, Bernard Shaw and other Fabians. Incorporates New Society, Marxism Today, The Nation, The Athenaeum and The Weekend Review. NS has a fairly Blarite persepctive these days.

    The Hamster - Digest of progressive news and commentary from sites throughout the web along with original content.

    Labor Party Press - News, commentary and information resources from Labor Party, a coalition of labor organizations and other organization advocating for workers rights and progressive values.

    Impact Press - Covering politics and social issues. Topics include the war on drugs, government policy, animal and human rights, political satire and indie music reviews.

    The Last Word - Leftist/populist E-Zine, with story archives 1997 - present.

    Social Justice E-Zine - Electronic journal of social justice issues.

    Media Transparency - News, opinion, analysis and investigative data related to links between conservative think-tanks, funding sources and influence.

    Open Hand - Arguments and information on ethics, criminal justice and capital punishment.

    Zero - Anti-authoritarian magazine with articles and essays on politics, culture, art, literature and the media.

    CounterPunch - Muckraking leftist newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

    Corporate Watch - News and analysis about corporate activities and influence, from critical progressive perspective.

    Divisiontwo Magazine - Blend of news, information, opinion, and satire.

    Red Pepper - The independent magazine of the green and radical left, featuring links to progressive sites worldwide.

    The Voice of the Turtle - A nonsectarian cyberjournal of left-wing politics and culture.

    Operation Newsdrop - Alternative newslinks.

    Alternative Radio - A weekly one-hour public affairs radio program that provides analyses and views that are ignored or distorted in most media.

    People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo - A bilingual monthly newspaper "devoted to the idea that an economic system which can't or won't feed, house and educate its people ought to be and will be changed." for culture and current affairs - A progressive and radical forum for ideas and the arts, offering articles, reviews, galleries, and debate on philosophy, politics, creative writing and visual arts. Submissions welcome.

    DifferentVoices - Selection of articles culled from the alternative media.

    The Sagen Scrypt - Zine that publishes anarchist and anti-corporate opinions. It is an alternative to mainstream media and promotes do it yourself philosophy.

    The Spark: The Voice of the Left Online - News service for progressives with daily updates.

    Amerikuh.Com - Digest of stories exposing the basic silliness of American politics and corporate life.

    The Forum- Venue for a Free Republic - News excerpts, commentary, and message board for progressive thinkers.

    The Social Edge Ezine - Social Justice and faith magazine - Monthly online social justice and faith magazine providing a mix of alternative articles, columns, commentary, editorials, book reviews, and interviews.

    News from a Multicultural Perspective - Daily news and commentary on racism, stereotyping, pop culture, the media, violence, terrorism, and the culture wars from a Native American and multicultural perspective.

    The News Insider - Small print news magnified daily for the progressive reader. Editorials and analyses, plus alternative news resources from 199 countries around the world.

    The Baffler - Introduction, excerpts, current issue information, submission guidelines, subscriptions, books and links.

    Stay Free Magazine - Articles and interviews highlighting consumer culture and fallacies.

    Essential Information - Founded in 1982 by Ralph Nader as a non-profit, organization that provides information on topics neglected by the mass media and policy makers.

    Takver's Soapbox - Current news summaries and notices on the rightwing attack on workers and the poor in Australia, from an anarchist point of view.

    All That Hype - Political opinion and current events with a progressive view. Articles about globalization and the military-industrial complex.

    Progressive Populist - Twice-monthly journal from the Heartland that reports on issues of interest to workers, small businesses and family farmers.

    This Magazine - Canada's alternative magazine of politics and culture.

    Bear Left! - Political commentary and leftist links, updated weekly.

    NewsForChange - News and resources from progressive perspective. Includes online content and audio service. From Working Assets. - News and discussion forum. Articles cover politics and society, usually from a progressive standpoint. - Canadian-based news, analysis and comment from progressive perspective.

    Progressive Portal - Gateway to progressive activism, includes links and resources.

    The Dissenting Voice - News, views and resources from left and progressive perspective.

    Misanthrope Manor - Links to alternative news sources and articles. Focus is on the media, environment and Microsoft.

    American Ressurection - Website to inform and inspire actions to return power to grass roots.

    Media Junkies - Daily updated news log focusing on activist articles such as protests, police brutality, riots, environmental issues, and animal rights.

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