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4ft² - Office and Warehouse Available (American Listed) $6
New Zion, SC -- Conveniently situated Simply Eastern Of Cleveland,. Just off of the Expressway of route two and course 90,,. Few brief miles from Interstate 271. We have multiple workplace devices available at 29111 Anderson Rd in Wickilffe, Ohio. Workplace is 1410 square feet and a separate extra 500 sq @ $6/sq Ft . 29115 Anderson Rd, storehouse room of 1200 square feet @ 4/sq foot. 29005 A Anderson Rd, 1085 sq-ft mix workplace and stockroom $4/sq ft. 29005 B Anderson Rd, 1465 square ft mix workplace and warehouse $4/sq/ft. Kindly call 614-560-XXXX to establish a proving. Please DO NOT approach existing tenants,. Thanks for the interest. Keywords: logistics, truck, trucking, trailer, trailers, park, parking, tractor, storage, terrific deal, transport, workplace, garage, land,.

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