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   See Also:

    Ask the King - Elvis answers your yes/no questions with a pithy soundbite.

    Ask Jewboy - Pseudo-Jewish pseudo-homosexual advice column where Jewboy answers readers' questions.

    Ask Mr Bad Advice - You can count on Mr Bad Advice to tell you exactly what you didn't need to know.

    Ask Dr. CyberLove - Answers questions about cyber-relationships.

    Ask Sister Rossetta - Nuns, clergy, and regular sinners like you ask questions of the lavender nun.

    Gorm the Wired Viking - Choose your topic and be rewarded with an "ancient" Viking proverb, or help to create new proverbs in Gorm's Olde Proverb Factory.

    Ask Mr Teacher - Answers teachers' questions about education, with humor.

    How To Make Women Happy - The failsafe "Points System" on how to make women happy. Advice according to women. - Funny advice on love and stupidity. You submit the questions and our panel will provide you with answers.

    Agony All Gone - Humourous but touching and sensitive irish agony aunt.

    Forum 2000 - An automated system using natural language and neural network ideas to provide advice from a number of generated "personalities", including Jet Li, Charles Darwin and Dogbert.

    Dr Pitman's Advice to the Lovelorn - Advice seen as a sort of tough love.

    Magnetbox: Dear Eddie - Advice column for the damned.

    Draeger Reality Enhancement Services International - Solve all your life problems thru the expertise of those from Dresi.

    Dear Aunt Nettie - Aunt Nettie is America's oldest Internet guru.

    The Naked Dancing Llama - A tangoing, frolicking, peanut spitting llama who is here to help you with your problems.

    Ask Skippy - Dumb computer questions. And even dumber answers.

    Ask Fallafel - Funny advice.

    Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice - Old advice for contemporary dilemmas, covering the age-old topics of dating, love, living together, puberty, marriage, sex, etiquette, housekeeping, and even home repairs.

    Dear Duke - A friendly humor advice column for those who want to know.

    Mr Answer Guy - Offers flippant and not-quite-tasteful advice on moral dilemmas and problems.

    Ask Barry - Ask him questions and he can give the answers or just chat about what's on your mind.

    Anne Slanders - Advice for the brave and masochistic.

    Real Advice from Real Retards - Some special differently-abled folks will give advice or answer questions.

    Bimbo Lore - How to be a good bimbo.

    Ask the Peanut Guy - Advice from the Peanut Guy.

    Flip-flop Dot from Sevenoaks - Dot's household advice and problem solving pages and information on herself and the strange people of Sevenoaks.

    Dr. Ravage - Dr. Ravage replies to questions you didn't want answered.

    The World of Dooda - Offers advice on anything through email.

    Bill's Arctic Tundra Advice Centre - Advice on any topic from a penguin who plans to rule the world.

    Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy - Page of short non-sequiturs from Saturday Night Live.

    Ask Dr. Skinn - This site is not for those who seek actual advice or knowledge, but it will give you quite a big grin.

    Area 808 - Contains useful and wise advice to help you survive these dangerous times.

    Beev's Muse - A weekly essay about life as seen through the eyes of the living.

    The Man Page - This page is everything a man needs to survive in this world, humor, advice, sports and women.

    The Truth According To Iago Steele - The truth about life's big mysteries and senseless little annoyances by Scott Charles Adams.

    Guru Jeff's Page of Truth - An illustrated guide to ass-kissing, take on online quiz to see if you are enlightened, or discover the truth about men.

    Mad Biggles Humour - Everything you ought to know, but wish you didn't about flying and all things related. Updated frequently.

    Mr. Joel's Hollywood Beauty Tips - Mr. Joel of Hollywood offers humorous Hollywood gossip, beauty tips, and sexual advice to women.

    FABland - Comedy website featuring "Ask Rob." - Part of a community of 200+ sites that offer users free access to thousands of guru approved tips and links related jokes, books, puns, becoming a comic, links to sites of comic books, comedians, comics, cartoons, video and funny movie clips, and parody.

    Jack Handy's Handy Page - Random Jack Handey Humor along with ramblings, rants and ruminations.

    Nanna Online - Let your dear ol' Nanna take your phone calls, speak your Windows, and dish out warm, fuzzy advice.

    AdviceWorld - Advice to laugh at, learn from or scoff at.

    Ask Dr. Metropolis - All manner of advice for those who dont need to know. - We ask the experts the toughest and funniest questions on the internet.

    Ask Dodgy Mike - An un-trained, un-qualified idiot who will be of no help whatsoever.

    Ask Dr. Joe - Dr. Sammy Joe, a very educated bird, provides practical advice for all questions.

    Ask Marlboro Daniels - Offers to answer life's difficult questions, for free.

    Dear Reid - Utterly useless advice from a completely unqualified guy.

    Dear George - Humorous advice on dating, personal ads and blonde jokes.

    Ask A Gay Guy - A site for advice about dating, relationships, fashion, decorating, manners and etiquette.

    Life's Mysteries Explained - Advice about any subject, answers to puzzling questions from the unusual point of view of Mr. Steele.

    Ask the Answerman - Haro Online's own Answerman answers your questions.

    46 Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew - Every woman should read this and learn the truth about her man.

    I'm a Moocher - Thrifty advice. Tutorials, photos, humor, guides, and contact information.

    The Macking Manual - A guide for the young macks out there, the players, and the veterans.

    Chop Shop - A catalog of pokes at daily life.

    Uncle Dirk's Q&A Newsletter - He'll tell you what the real deal is with some of life's more pressing questions.

    Missing socks - A sock retention veteran giving humorus advice on how not to lose socks.

    Ask Taco - Advice from Taco on relationships, sex, or just about anything under the sun.

    Top Tips Page - Random tip generator, all submitted by readers.

    Ask Jeez - The Son of God operates this advice driven search engine.

    Ask Four Poles - Four guys that shouldn't be giving advice, give advice. - A TON of man bashing and a little woman bashing thrown in for the guys.

    Ask Socrates for Advice - Get advice from Socrates himself about any problem of life that you may have.

    Ask Bob - An advice column featuring a highly unqualified and unappealing invisible man.

    The Bitter Single Guy's Relationship Advice Site - Real advice with a fun twist from a guy who's been dumped too many times.

    Ask Ken! - Offers advice on any subject to anyone for free.

    Screwed Up This Time - Advice you shouldn't follow, at all.

    Inside Jim's Brain - A look at some of the bizarre things in Jim's brain.

    The Agony Entity - The Agony entity promises to provide questionable advice to the willing and unwary.

    Mrs. Scattere' D. Brain's Solutions for Modern Living - Mrs. Brain offers how to survive modern life.

    Ask Dr Hump - The Internet's very own love Doctor is here to answer your sex related questions.

    Space Buddha - Sage advice from the enlightened one.

    What Would John Wayne Do? - The Duke gives advice and direction by channeling old movie lines.

    Get a Life You Whinging Bastard - Spoof Agony Aunt offering ridicule therapy to personal dilemmas.

    Ask Spacefem - Questions about women, relationships, and the random weirdness of our world.

    Ask Zeus! - Get answers directly from the omnipotent King of the Gods, Zeus. - Advice about the outdoors from Auntie Al Fresco. - Humorous relationship advice, consumer information, and celebrity revenge.

    Shawn Knows It All - humourous advice on any subject.

    Ask Tim - A spoof on ask jeeves.

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