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   See Also:

    The Onion - A satirical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.

    Institute For Implausible Ideas - Site of the Institute For Implausible Ideas, which promotes the unlikely, and upholds the improbable. Includes The Improved News, Weenie Babies, and bad art links.

    Planet EgoMania - A satirical look inside the life of an online Princess. Home of Feed Celine Dion, Biological Nightmare, Hanson girls rule, Starving Artists and Fan Club For Forgotten stars.

    Ask Mr Ed The Advice Guru - Advice and general wisdom to enlighten the karma starved masses. - Provides funny but practical answers to all sorts of nontraditional etiquette questions. Etiquette behind calling shotgun, using public restrooms and stealing office supplies.

    The Golden Age Of The Bunny Film - The amazing true story of the once great Bunny film industry as told by "The Greatest Bunny Star of Them All."

    The Moon - A look at the world's news through the eyes of a surrealist.

    Mr. Hefley's Site of Satire - A site of satire. Some of it offbeat; some of it confusing. A high level of comedic understanding is necessary to enjoy this site. Also a bit of extraneous world knowledge will help you.

    The Van Gogh-Goghs - Satirical essays, website parodies, and sketch comedy from this acclaimed L.A. comedy group.

    Get Odd - Humor, satire and parody with entertaining games and amusements. Fun gifts for those you can live without.

    The Valley - Weekly humor columns with content ranging from band interviews to the conspiracy involving fried cheese.

    al-Bassaleh - A satirical look at the Israel-Palestinian conflict in the style of The Onion, focusing on current news, events, and political leaders. Monthly updates.

    Fraudutek Industries - Highly satirical site mocks the ideas of huge, Orwellian corporate structure by striving to create a better world by destroying Nature with new technological advancements.

    The Bureau of Missing Socks - The first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks.

    Just Plain Pookie - A hilarious satire of personal home pages. It's a tongue in cheek look and the satire's pretty thick.

    From The Hip - For people who take their humor seriously.

    Pen And Pixel - Hard-to-believe true stories and could-be-true fiction by humorist, Mitch Lemus.

    Captain Japan's Sake-Drenched Postcards - Delivers a weekly column that features Japanese culture as viewed through sake bottle glasses.

    The Culture Dept. - Providing satire, humor and a very strange web surfing experience. Online comedy best described as Wired and SNL meets the Onion.

    The Daily Smear - Hot headline humor dished up daily.

    Lemonfresh - A site which takes an acidic look at world and British news, with sections on culture, sport, the city and country life. Refreshed every two weeks, on Monday.

    PostGonzo Gazette - De-hyphenated satire featuring articles and stories.

    On Sexism in Language - A brief satire of the argument against the view that using "he" all the time is sexist.

    Miaworld - Geek girl's satire.

    A Hopeless World - Murphy's laws, funny quotes, taglines, famous last words, sayings of losers, and funny definitions.

    Navel Fluff Collection - Satire by Graham Barker.

    ALR Advocate - Spitting in the face of pop culture and society.

    Head Out On The Highway - Two girls travel cross country with the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Sidney.

    Septi-Verse 2.0++ - Part satire, a little fake news and some true tales of stupidity.

    Willow Tree Books - Publisher of humorous, sarcastic, satirical books by Wayne Allred.

    AfroSquad - AfroSquad's headquarters for fighting "The Man". - Satire for the bored and uninspired.

    Tales From The Sea Side - A collection of stories from Tramore's unique and some would say shameful history. - Satire, parody, 'toons and humor... Not for the easily alarmed. Misfortune cookies. 101 least effective pickup lines, coversation hearts. Harvey comics send-ups.

    How I Tried to Bite Off Miss Piggy's Ear - The further adventures of "The Greatest Bunny Star of Them All".

    Anarchy Steering Committee - Changing how you listen to the world.

    Wit World - The site for orignal satire, wit, and humor. - A spoof of apocalyptic stuff. Home of "True Evil".

    Winnie The Pooh Goes Ape - What happens when Winnie The Pooh goes Ape.

    The Clinton Liebrary - Cyberspace counterbalance to the inevitable Clinton Presidential Library

    The Crabgrass Connection - A site detailing how to save America from the Chinese midgets.

    Jokezine - A satirical look at politics, entertainment, and the Internet.

    Smirknet - Reviews and links to other sites on the Internet that may think they are serious, but which look funny to the rest of us. Sites are ranked with between one and five "Smooshes".

    So You've Decided To Be Evil - Primer detailing the eight essentail steps to becoming a successful member of the forces of darkness.

    Planet Trash - A group of immature and underachieving college students shares their humorous and sarcastic view of the world.

    Kput Komedy Korner - Satirical website featuring - audio comedy, children's letters to God; children's letters to Satan, seldom asked questions, news, reviews and libel.

    The Frontline - Free comedy spoof site, loosely based on the environmental health profession.

    Republicans Get Caught With Their Pants Down - Funny, biting, political satire on the sexual activities of over 100 Republicans -- their affairs, criminal arrests, and idiotic remarks.

    Uncle Batjew's Stupid Review - Satire, movie, games, and music reviews, retouched Garfield comics.

    SyberShack - The SyberShack explores the home and work life of a twenty-something couple. Humor covers the office environment and the quirks of a young marriage.

    The Diva Experience - Live the adventures of Aeon, glamour girl extraordinaire. Read her thoughts as she ponders boys, girls, clubs, fashion, and the mysteries of the universe in general.

    Skep-Ti-Cult - Satire about the kooks of the world.

    Comedy Outhouse - A humorous, satirical, and always cynical look at current headline news, politics, and sports with captioned photos. Updated daily.

    I Am Sick I Need Help. - Satirical and politically incorrect looks at various facets of the human experience.

    Freakboy - Freakboy is a hot new (and funny) recording artist, armed with only a computer, a 32-key piano, and a kazoo.

    Humor Is Dead - Cultural decay, political stink, social critique, biting satire and a bunch of goofy pics.

    Waffleland - The home of the Prime Minister of Waffleland Justus Cleveland.

    Tony's Musical TipTop Tips - A funny song about do this and don't do that. Contradictory stuff your mother said: be nice to everyone but never talk to strangers.

    My Place To Bitch - Bitching, moaning, whining, complaining and some satire. - An insider weekly webzine, written by Hollywood writers that satirizes today's entertainment news from music, television and filmmaking to Internet, gossip and world news.

    12 Foot Cock - A cynic's view of the world.

    Breaking News - Crazy satirical news, horoscopes, TV listings.

    In A Perfect World - Ian MacKenzie lives in Muskoka, his girlfriend's brother is a beer rep. But if you think Ian MacKenzie is living in a perfect world you've got another thing coming.

    Homedespot - Fake Slayer interview, gothic Platypus dreams, conspiracy ranting, gay pirate rap lyrics, absurd and satirical short stories, nothing trendy or 'cyber.'

    Low Pass Industries - Satirical articles, reviews, comics and web toys.

    The Mental Relaxorium - Los Angeles' premiere location for advanced treatment of the very very stressed.

    The Use Of Cellular Phones - Satire about cellular phones.

    Esquire Magazine - There are awards for excellence, and then there are Esquire's Dubious Achievement Awards. This annual feature is now given each week for the biggest blunders, pratfualls, and goof ups of the day.

    Dan Sroka's Digital Diarrhea - Adult satire, humor, comedy, and sarcasm.

    Prisoner Exchange Program - Comedienne Actress Nanci Meek satirizes prison life with PEP (Prisoner Exchange Program) and other comic web pages. Mugshot Mugs and campaign to Free John Gotti.

    Australis 100 - A travel guide to a perverse state of mind.

    The Twisted World Of Footos - Insight into culture and other issues by Footos.

    Captious Commentary - The real breaking news. Presented in a media fashion with a sarcastic edge.

    Mwoody - Contains, amongst a slew of other subjects, various satirical or otherwise humerous works of writing by the venerable Mwoody.

    Wolves are Killers, claims PETA - A brief parody of the "meat is murder" attitude.

    Slings and Arrows - Slings and Arrows is a weekly satirical assault on stupidity, corruption, and slow pizza delivery. Especially stupidity and slow pizza delivery.

    Sperry Comedy Network - A comedy network featuring retro polycomedy.

    Jiggs Casey's Domain of Ideas - Berkeley's latest entry to the online humor community. Targets include politics, movies, music, relationships, college life, and booty. Updated at least once a week.

    The Stray Lake Signal-Gazette - A fictional, online weekly newspaper about a small town and its strange citizens.

    The Angry Ferret - An angry ferret vents about various political issues, including his own animal rights as well as his rights as a member of the world. - Explore your inner apechild at - is your guide to what's new, abused and confused. - Satirical news with equally satirical quasi-legitimate soundbites from politicians, musicians, athletes, and entertainers that are lame and deserving of ridicule.

    Ask Professor Crazy - A humorous parody of Ask Jeeves, with a Q. and A. page, articles, reviews, interviews with people even crazier than you, and polls.

    The Bladder - An Australian site focusing on Cricket, Australian Rules Football and other sports that are the staple diet of the Aussie sports fan.

    Brain Transplantation - Do you want to be young again, well brain transplantation can help, there is a wide selection of human bodies to select from.

    Two Blue Monkeys - Home of the Two Blue Monkeys. Columns, wit and wisdom from those BU nutballs, the Two Blue Monkeys.

    Satire TV - John Contini's daily multi-streamed show of newsworthy social and political satire. There is a chat and message board for your witty remarks.

    The Leek - A satirical newspaper that pokes fun at the film and television industry, including upcoming and current releases. Parody, mockery, and general ridiculousness are featured bi-weekly. - An association committed to relinquishing bras to the bowls of history.

    Robincam2 - A daily cartoon, sound, movie cliche, site of day, animated gif, photo, satires, photo essays, sound pages, humorous(true) childhood diary with Amelia Earhart.

    Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom - Chronicles ongoing research into psychic development, including prophecy, clairvoyance, and pyrotechnics.

    Hubrizine - The drug you can hum. That unnameable, half-forgotten desire that bleeds when you scratch it.

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