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    Treasure Hunting Vermont and New England - Treasure hunting finds, photos and research tips. Colonial tavern sites, muster fields, military roads, old cellar holes and even parks in the New England area. Links to other metal detecting sites.

    M&B Metal Detectors - Metal detector information. Civil War relic finds from around the south, links, and detecting related subjects.

    Michigan Detectorist - Metal detecting web site for folks hunting for old coins and relics.

    Spindle Explorations - Treasure hunting and finding gold. All you need to go out and detect. Also, books for sale and research services. Multi-purpose website.

    Treasure Hunting at - Information on, treasure hunting, metal detecting, and gold prospecting.

    The Golden Olde - Magazine for metal detecting and treasure hunting. Over 150 articles with lots of pictures.

    Eureka - This site deals with various aspects of the Treasure Hunting hobby. From getting kids involved to some of the things to consider with the hobby.

    The Beachcomber Inn - This site is dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. It includes two message forums and a chatroom.

    B. Schulte - About metal detecting in common, and searching in and under water in particular. Besides the use of a metal detector, there is also attention for hunting with a magnet. Bi-lingual site.

    Silver Mike's - Full-featured website, with Bounty Hunter metal detectors and accessories. Links to chats, forums, field tests, and reader stories.

    Greg's - Reviews other treasure hunting and metal detecting web sites. It also has an excellent stories, tips, links, and treasure finds sections.

    Coin Troller - Person metal detecting site, including log book, photos of finds, personal stories, and code of detecting ethics. Unofficial web page of local detecting club included.

    Caveman's Cave - Caveman's home-on-the-web, dedicated mostly to metal detecting/treasure hunting. Best finds, tokens, coins and miscellaneous.

    Buds Metal Detecting - Finds of Northeastern Massachusetts, and Southern NH. Coins, relics buttons, bullets, beach, information, and artifacts.

    Toms Treasures - Metal detecting resources, club and dealer directory, largest metal detecting user directory on the internet. Detecting tips and tricks page.

    Lost Treasure OnLine - Treasure, treasure hunting, metal detecting and metal detector how-to information and news.

    TesoroWorld - All you need to know about using Tesoro metal detectors to hunt Civil War relics and coins and treasure. Detector comparisons, choosing a metal detector, discount Tesoro dealers, information for beginners and pros.

    Moregold Treasure Hunting - See the bounty from the sea. How to successfully hunt the beaches for gold treasures. Some helpful tips on beach hunting, and pictures.

    Bob Detects Arizona - Freelance writer and long-time detectorist Bob Theriault shares finds, stories and tips on metal detecting and treasure hunting scenic Arizona. 3-D animation and country-western music.

    TreasureNet - Treasure hunting resource. Includes business directory, links to historical photos, search, recovery and preservation information, free literature, and online shopping feature.

    Metal Hunters - Civil War relics found by the good, the bad and the ugly.

    International Detectorist Banner Exchange - Free to non-commercial sites. Place the banner exchange code at the top of your front page and receive unlimited banner exposures.

    Coin and Relic Gazette - Online metal detecting magazine. Offers tips for selecting a detector, cleaning finds, and hunting strategies.

    Thomas Mueller Treasures - Devoted to metal detecting and archeology, German site of multiple interest to hobbyists. Roman and Celtic coins, artifacts and history, medieval finds, treasure hunting laws and ethics discussed.

    Metal Detecting Enthusiast - Share knowledge and experience on metal detecting, including promotion of non-destructive hunting techniques. Finds range from early neolithic period through Roman and medieval. Multi-purpose website.

    Metal Detecting Connecticut - Devoted to treasure hunting in Connecticut, and containing displays of recovered coins, Civil War era finds, relics and research material.

    Robert's Treasure Chest - Civil war relics, tokens, coins, gold, medals, and other metal detecting treasures. Includes the Relic Hunter Game.

    Detecting Italy - Bilingual multi-interest site, with build-it-yourself instructions, books, videos, news, forums, finds, events and related links.

    Lost and Found - Pennsylvania based detectorist Mike Hardy shares finds, hunting tips, and topics of interest on metal detecting. High resolution photos and large silver coin display are featured.

    Eaton's Metal Detecting - Dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting, with an extensive listing of good places to hunt. Tip of the week, code of ethics, contests, and links.

    New England Yankee Digs Olde England - Report of English vacation of a lifetime shows the excitement, activities and recovered coins and artifacts from many yearly tours with a metal detecting group.

    Superron's Detecting Adventures - Includes digging Decatur, detecting Japan, special 1864-L, token gallery, buckles, buttons, brooches, ring and hat pin collections.

    Norbert's Metal Detecting Finds - Pictures of my finds with a metal detector.

    San Francisco Diggin's - Finds from Bay area, including stamped and numbered brass skeleton room key, toothpaste pots, eyeglasses, buckles and hooks, clay pipes, with all sizes and varieties of glass bottles. Takes a while to load.

    Metal Detectors and Metal Detecting - Helpful information about metal detectors. Includes buyers guide, field tests and links to forums.

    Jack J's Place - Combines metal detecting hobby with law enforcement and locating. MD section contains special tips and hints for beginners, finds, equipment, and links.

    Kam's Treasures - Contains how-to information for beginners. Published magazine articles, and finds of coins, medals, and jewelry. Detecting items for sale.

    Indian Affairs - Features unique treasure hunting and prospecting software. Also, affiliate program for same for clubs, organizations, and webmasters.

    Carolyn's Metal Detecting Corner - Photos of recent and her all-time favorite finds, and links to forums, friends' detecting pages, and reference sites.

    Historical Research and Development - Treasure hunting, treasure diving, historical research, archaeology, books, videos, treasure, artifacts, and coins.

    Metal Detecting CA Gold Rush Era - Includes metal detecting the Sacramento Valley, treasures, coins, silver, relics, antiques, Civil War, and California Gold Rush.

    Darlington's Web - Full listings of links to metal detecting sites, dealers, sales of equipment and accessories, and subject related clubs.

    Metal Detecting for Placer Gold Deposits - Dedicated to the electronic metal detectorist searching for placer gold nuggets. Metal detectors and accessories for sale, in addition to detecting information.

    Persuets Metal Detecting - Coins metal detecting, artifacts and history.

    Dad's Den - Personal homepage dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. Includes local history and links to other metal detecting places of interest.

    Treasure Hunters Hideout - Dedicated to treasure hunting in Utah, also covers detecting in Cancun Mexico and Hot Springs. Spanish treasures and ancient civilization research.

    Gold Hunter - General information source for metal detecting, treasure hunting, and coinshooting resources. Related links and information.

    Successful Metal Detecting for Buried Treasure - Information about the hobby for new detectorists.

    DetectionNet - This is a large site dedicated to metal detecting, including general information and equipment sales. Multi-purpose site.

    Detectoman's Test Garden - This site is geared toward metal detecting in the north Florida area. It has tips and useful links. Focus on beach and relic hunting, as well as coinshooting.

    Treasures of Santa Clara - Personal metal detecting/treasure hunting website. Brian hunts the beautiful Santa Clara area of Calif., and his finds range widely from old coins and relics to old bottles and marbles. Tips and related resources.

    Finding New Treasure Sites with the Internet - If you are you in a rut finding sites in your area to detect, this site can help you in your research. Shows you how to use the USGS site finder.

    DieHard Detectorist - This site is a show place for some of my finds. Metal detecting can be a great hobby if you are willing to spend the time and effort learning it.

    Glenn's Detecting Page - Florida detectorist's site includes extensive finds from many different locations, with local history of each. Very rare token is displayed as featured in Western and Eastern Treasures.

    Jids Artifacts and Metal Detecting Finds - Complete metal detecting site included in a personal collection of Indian arrowheads and artifacts, and old bottles. Should be of interest to treasure hunters of all types.

    Wesley's Metal Detector Finds - Gallery of a Norfolk (England UK) metal detectorist. Includes saxon, medieval, buckles and coins.

    The Detectorist - UK based husband-and-wife detecting team turn up over 400 coins and artifacts in farmland areas. Many interesting photos of find.

    Bob Bailey's Place - A personal metal detecting site dedicated to this fascinating hobby. Program your XLT or Eagle, farm holiday guide, hints and tips.

    Jimmy Sierra - Everything related to the hobby of metal detecting, including sales of equipment and accessories. Jimmy's Discovery Tours International offers yearly metal detecting tours to England.

    Don's Metal Detector - Finds include Buddha medallion, Van Buren token, and 1807 busted half cent.

    Shannon's Page - Finds from pre/post Civil War, Southern plantation related, buttons, relics and coins.

    Pentechnic - Metal detector repair specialists, service, modifications, and upgrades.

    Sherm Horn's Place - Finds from metal detecting trip to England; includes Saxon silver buckle, stirrup mount, and seal of the City of Norwich.

    Arty's Detecting Page - Collection of finds, photos, and stories from over 34 years of detecting in the UK. Edward VI Sixpence and Henry IV Groat included.

    The Coinist - Forums, XLT custom programs, tips and hints, research center, finds and links to many other interesting sites.

    Bill and John's Metal Detecting - A selection of our finds; including coins, jewelry, badges, toys, bottles, pot lids, and artifacts.

    Rob and Peg's - General metal detecting information, suggestions and hunting tips, collections of finds, and related links.

    Treasure Hunting in Ancient England - English metal detecting and treasure excursion travel highlights, tour information, prices and booking details.

    Spectrum XLT Interactive 3d Metal Detecting - Virtual reality treasure hunting in the search for coins and rings.

    Everyday Metal Detecting - Free advice on metal detecting and treasure hunting. Tips on using White's detectors.

    Mike's Metal Detecting - Rare 1887 offstruck seated liberty dime, and many other finds of old and unusual coins.

    Have Detector Will Travel - Writer/detectorist J.R. Hoff shares knowledge, stories and photos about treasure hunting and coinshooting.

    Kevin's Tesoro Page - Personal page with information on metal detecting, pictures of finds, and a place to add photos to site.

    The On-Line Treasure Hunter - Includes how-to info on coinshooting, prospecting, relic and beach hunting, treasure diving, equipment-related information, recommended reading, forum and related links.

    GArebel Relics - Website displays some unique finds from plantations and civil war training camps in Georgia. Among these finds are Georgia Military Institute buttons, which were rated among the Best Finds of 1999. Many interesting finds.

    Diggers Diary - Civil War relics recovered while metal detecting around No. Virginia are displayed. High historical content, good graphics, and catalogued by campsites.

    McCalip's Artifact Recovery - Metal detecting live links, with nationwide MD events, finds, field tests, product reviews, MD club reviews and stories about special people.

    Dirty Knees Metal Detecting - Extensive directory, including links and information for and about metal detecting, treasure hunting and gold prospecting.

    Detecting Graphics by Robin - Dual purpose website includes personal metal detecting finds and personalized MD computer graphics.

    Treasureport - Metal detecting based home page containing photos of favorite finds, links to resources, a chat room, voting booth, and detecting forum.

    Passport to Treasure - Finds are grouped by year, from 1978 to present. Site includes detector depth comparison test, and nice section on local history of Kingston, NY area.

    Ground Fishing - Developed around the concept of metal detecting as "fishing" for treasures, site contains coins, jewelry, "what-is-its", and directions for making a holehog-like recovery device.

    Kentucky Coin and Relic Hunter - Personal hunting sites and finds, equipment used, detecting buddies, and complete guide to cleaning coins with electrolysis.

    Two-Bit Detecting - Resources for metal detecting, MD equipment sounds, and MD competitions. Photos, chats, links, and games.

    Outer Banks Treasure - Join Capt'n Seaweed and the Soda Pop Pirates as they search for buried treasure along N.C.'s outer banks, beaches, and the famous Graveyard of the Atlantic.

    The Treasure Chronicle - A personal view of the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting. Treasure images gallery, equipment, links and clubs.

    The Treasure Spot - Designed to provide those old and new to the hobby of metal detecting/treasure hunting a place to discuss strategies, finds, tactics, and history. Complete range of finds.

    Carolyn and Mikey's Metal Detecting Forum - Post messages about your finds and experiences using metal detectors. Information about all brands and types are welcome.

    Bulletman's Metal Detecting Finds - Meet Bulletman, and his detecting friends in "N'Awlins Luziana". Don't forget to order his special "Po Boy" sandwich. Finds from the Civil War era, and resources.

    Dan Clark's Somewhere in Time - Personal detecting finds, links to forums and detectorist home pages. Southwest Michigan Seek and Search Club newsletter site.

    The Silver Diggers - Dedicated to metal detecting; included are forums, tips, coin prices, tokens, Civil War, research/maps, field tests, gold and silver, other collections.

    Connecticut Treasures - A large, personal metal detecting site containing a lot of pictures, stories and links to other treasure hunting places of pages.

    Mark's Detector Finds - From Dongen, Holland. Coins, militaria and links.

    Bunny's Detecting Place - Pictures of finds from around the UK, buttons and buckles, coins, a "can you identify these?" section, and links to club.

    Nuggetshooter - Dedicated to electronic prospecting (metal detecting) for gold nuggets. Includes links to related sites and forums.

    Yuri Kolokolov - Personal information, with electronic projects and programs. Download program for a frequency meter metal detector, or a virtual measuring frequency meter.

    Wonrat's Treasure Hunting - Everything metal detecting/treasure hunting related. Forums, articles, personal pages, information, retailers, research/maps, and on-line contest.

    Deepbeeps Metal Detecting - Dedicated to promoting metal detecting, and encouraging the beginner. Finds, stories and hunting tips.

    UK Detecting - An interactive database-driven UK metal detecting and archeology site. Contribute your finds and experience, or just browse and learn.

    St. Petersburg's Treasure Hunter - Bilingual metal detecting site featuring coins from Russian Empire and USSR, uniform buttons, buckles, medals, shields, religious artifacts, with German and Russian WWII relics.

    Jay Howe Metal Detectorist - Large display of recovered hoard containing 4,153 Roman coins in a greyware pot. Photo album, product reviews, and videos.

    Craner's Utah Relics - Finds displayed by year and best finds categories. Many gold coins recovered, resources, and barter page.

    Eddie and Geoff's Place - UK enthusiasts display photos of their finds.

    Jacque's Treasures - Dedicated to the history of the 1715 fleet, it contains complete historical details of the shipwreck, treasure map, and treasure hunting code of ethics and regulations. Also contains detecting links, forums and chatroom.

    Relic King - Detecting site contains relic hunting page with treasure journal, forums and research sites. Auction page and subject related family history.

    GeoQuest International, Inc. - Sub-surface ground and fresh water survey, search and recovery. Long-range detection, international legal services, and other forms of detection and documentation. Company profile, personnel, services and equipment details.

    Lil'Penny's Metal Detecting - Canadian enthusiast's site features photos of finds, diary, places to hunt, pet peeves and code of ethics.

    TH'ing Forum - Treasure hunting forums and chat room. Share pictures of your finds, or just shoot the breeze. All are welcome.

    Treasure Fish - A guide to treasure hunting, gold prospecting, bottle digging, metal detecting, ghost town exploring, shipwreck diving, Civil War and Revolutionary War relic hunting, and artifact collecting in all 50 states, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

    Bugler's Shack - Features live interviews with amateurs and experts in all aspects of treasure hunting, metal detecting, and prospecting, guests from manufacturers and dealers, field reports on equipment, and live coverage of major events and contests.

    Home of Detectorhead - Hints and tips. Features sample pages of a guide to finding coins and tokens with a metal detector. Includes sales information on purchasing the guide.

    Phil's Metal Detecting - This comprehensive web site contains information about the history of the hobby, hints and tips, equipment information, and great photos of interesting finds. UK based.

    Goldfinger - Help and information about the hobby. Includes background information, history, photos and finds sections.

    Legend Rallies - 1 to 4 day metal detecting rallies in the UK. Also features photos of previous rallies, and a short profile of Bill Stevenson.

    Detecting Tulsa - Oklahoma detectorist shares finds, log, photos and polls.

    HowStuffWorks: How Metal Detectors Work - Photographs and animations show how metal detectors operate, and the various technologies they use.

    JB's - A metal detecting resource site with an online metal detecting game, Spectrum XLT programs, 100's of forums, even more links, and lots of hints and tips.

    Yorkie Bill's Metal Detecting - Pictures of his finds, true stories of his experiences when detecting, latest treasure news, what is it? section, and message board.

    Fantastic Treasures - Author/educator/detectorist Tom Ivines brings you a photo galleria of finds. Many items recovered while beachcombing, including a wide variety of jewelry and unusual coins.

    Jeff's Metal Detecting - Find out how this detectorist got started in the hobby, see finds, and read stories.

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