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    A Passion for Parrots - Dedicated for parrot lovers with parrot wordsearch, postcards, and backgrounds.

    The Pet Bird Page - A resource of information on everything from budgies to cockatoos with a strong focus on parrots.

    Mamabird's Nest - Dedicated to her pet parrots and is an expression of her love for all birds. Photos of cockatoos, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, congo african greys, hahn's macaw, blue fronted amazon. Tips on care and diet, parrot species personality descriptions.

    Parrotlink - A site dedicated to parrots with interesting information, tips, links and pictures of these exotic birds.

    E and L's Aviary - A site devoted to their parrots, conures, quakers and an amazon.

    Poozleanimus - Parrot and tropical bird resources, image gallery, and online shop.

    Planned Parrothood - Dietary, veterinary, and other general parrot husbandry information.

    CKC Birds - Information and advice on african greys, amazons, cockatoos, and macaws, including diet, accommodation, breeding, and suitability as hand reared pets.

    The Jolley's - About the family and their pets, severe-mini macaws, greys, cockatiels, double yellow head amazons and lovebirds. Also pictures on handfed cockatiels and timneh african greys. - Parrot chatboards, behavior forums and e-mail lists. Lost and found ads, breeder listings and bird-care information.

    Feather Care - Cockatiel, lovebird and african grey baby photos. Nutrition information.

    Parrot Paradise - Dedicated to the owner's parakeet, african grey, and macaw with stories and pictures.

    The Jardine's Parrot, Cobba - Her experience of owning a black wing jardine's parrot. A site with photos, tips and information about the species.

    Bird Crazy - Photos, products, experienced veterinarians, information about birds, links, free samples, children's pages and contests.

    C and C Indian Ringnecks - Information on indian ringnecks and their general care. Also a story and photos.

    Thor Cape Parrot - Dedicated to their baby Thor, with pictures on him and other birds.

    Ellen's Parrots - About her budgie Rakker, lovebirds Pucky and Sweetie, and senegal Mickey. With photos, general care information and download bird desktop themes.

    Merga's Mates - A brief guide to Neophemas and Bourke's Parrots, their descriptions, housing and care, feeding, breeding and genetics.

    Parrotcare - Articles on care, purchasing, cages, and diet. Also has information on breeding, incubation, and handfeeding.

    Parrot Place Australia - Offers bird keeping tips, a message board, and classified area.

    Whispering Wings - Includes java applets, ICQ skins, and short information about different parrot species.

    Your Parrot - Audio and graphic files of talking parrots.

    Parrot Bill's Bird Show - Information about him and his performing parrots including pictures from the shows.

    Starbirds - Personal site about the authors amazon and cockatoo.

    The Polite Parrot bird behavior and consulting - Offers avian behavior consulting, behavior modification for challenged birds, boarding, rescue, and adoption. In your home grooming also available.

    Pernilla's Birdies - Personal site with pictures and stories of Budgies and a Senegal.

    Gwen's EGGciting Home Page - See a parrot chick hatch and mature. Lots of species photos and Java Applets.

    The Gumbo and Taylor Show - Meet a halfmoon conure and a military macaw, and read about their adventures.

    Michael and Sandy's Parrot Page - Dedicated to their parrots a green-cheeked amazon, an umbrella cockatoo and lovebirds.

    Avian Goddess: Amber's Place - Articles on behavior, nutrition, toy safety, handfeeding, chemicals and other dangers. Also has behavior and nutrition consulting, and offers boarding and grooming services.

    Feathers n Hand - Dedicated to parrots, breast cancer and stocks. Chat room once a week about parrots.

    Riki's Perch - Dedicated to their two amazons and an eclectus parrot.

    Parrot Science - A site that features all sorts of species information, streaming videos, newsgroups, and the BirdTV program.

    Chrissy Marshall's Parrots - Dedicated to her parrots. Each has its own page with pictures. Also has sound files of her birds, information on general care, diet, and feather plucking.

    My Secret Garden Exotic Birds - Species specific information related to cockatiels, lovebirds and parrotlets.

    The Birdie Page - Changes weekly, with personal information about different bird species.

    Dawns Domain - Information about her pet birds, cockatiels and budgies, and pictures of their new babies.

    Judy and Jerry's Place Birdie Rooms - Living with pet parrots, a story about each one of them. Do's and don'ts of purchasing parrots from their experiences.

    ParroTalk Parrot Forums - A forum where to discuss and chat about all parrot species.

    Lexicon of Parrots - Contains english, german and scientific names, description, illustration, habitat information, natural and captive diet for each species.

    One Flew Over the Cockatiel's Nest - Offers information on the basics of bird care and ailments. Also has a photo album.

    My Birds and I - Personal site presenting her and her birds.

    Colour Genetics of Parrots and Budgerigars - For aviculturalists, birdkeepers, and others with an interest in the genetics of color, biology, and taxonomy, of the budgerigar and other parrots. - Descriptions and pictures of different parrot species such as macaws, cockatoos and conures. FAQ section.

    Exotic Love Aviary - Story of parrot egg production and development. Registry to locate mates for single parrots. Located in Broomfield, Colorado.

    BirdsnWays - Articles on parrot information, including species profiles, toy making, diseases, nutrition, and breeding. Also offers classifieds and chat message boards.

    Hagen Avicultural Research Institute - Offers information on nutrition, incubation, and aviculture research.

    Bird Care Tips - A site dedicated to providing new budgie and cockatiel owners with information on their care.

    Haley and Sammy's Place - Visit Haley, Sammy, and Athena, soloman island eclectus parrots, along with Zowie a severe macaw, Gabriel a gold capped conure, and Sterling a senegal parrot. Pictures and stories.

    The Parrots - Small collection of photographs and history of the parrots that share their lives.

    Beak Street - A personal site with stories and pictures of an african grey, a miligold macaw, and a harlequin/greenwing macaw.

    Greeson's Sweet Spot - Information on cockatiels, quakers, and African greys, including articles on breeding and aviary management.

    Bird Picture Gallery - Album of over 600 parrot pictures.

    Parrots Canada - Information for new owners and those considering a purchase. Also has information on types of birds, tips for breeders, pictures, services, and birds for sale.

    Just For The Birdz - General information on the smaller species, including breeding, feeding, and care. Also has a message board.

    Parrots 'r' Us - Information on the housing, breeding, and general care of patagonian conures, African greys and other parrots.

    Brotogeris.Com - Gneneral information on the grey cheek, canary wing, white wing, tovi or bee bee, and plain parakeets.

    Marilyn Whalen's Flock - Pictures and stories of the authors flock of birds.

    White Bird's Pet Parrot Information Site - Basic information on the care of parrots such as feeding, toys, and behavior. Pictures of webmaster's parrots and descriptions of each bird.

    Specialist Breeders of Mutation Ringnecks - Breeders of indian ringneck parakeets. Offers genetic advice, and includes pictures of their birds for sale, and a price list.

    The World of the Parrots - General information on various species.

    Testing for Zinc in Parrot Toys - Article discussing the problem of zinc toxicity in parrots, including information on how to test metal toy parts for zinc.

    The Grey-cheeked Parakeet - Information and pictures of Brotogeris pyrrhopterus.

    Oscar the Jardine's Parrot - Information for the new and potential Jardine owner, with a few pictures.

    Senegal - Mailing list dedicated to senegals. Includes list information and a FAQ section.

    The True Parrot - Provides information on why parrots need to be carefully researched before you bring one home as a pet.

    Hawkhead Haven - General information about the species, includes some pictures.

    The Bird Cage Page - Pictures and audio recordings of pet birds, submitted by bird owners from all over the world.

    Chloe and Webster's Place - Stories and pictures of Chloe, a Lilac Crown Amazon Parrot and Webeter, a Pearl Cockatiel.

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