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    Fractal Cosmology - Denies the Big Bang theory and claims that the universe is of infinitely replicated fractal structure.

    Information Central - Your source for information on almost virtually any topic available. Special emphasis put on geology, volcanology, astrophysics, and especially evolution. Divided into two portions, Information Central gives you info on secular sciences and sheds light on the evolution vs. creation debate. An anti Talk.Origins web site.

    Accreation of the Earth and Solar System - Introduces a new theory of creation of the Earth and Solar System.

    The Universal Theory Of Contiguity - A cosmology showing that the interstellar medium is an ideal blackbody, emitting blackbody radiation. The emission product (bb radiation) results in stellar and planetary formations.

    The Living Cosmos - Argues that biological universe is stabilized by life and that planets, galaxies, and other objects are similar at the phenomenological level.

    Cosmic Perspective - Book which claims to eliminate the Big Bang as a viable theory of creation.

    Cosmos 2000 - Recent discovery of the nature of atomic particles reveals a meaning of the Universe.

    Universe as Turbulence and Model of Structure Formation - A paper describing possible evidence against big-bang cosmology and support for a fractal universe.

    Cosmology and Dark Matter - Cosmology article about emerging universe theory.

    The Cause of the Cosmological Red Shift - The red shift is caused by gravitational interaction with masses passed in space, thus there is no expansion of galaxies.

    Seven Dimensional (and up) Einsteinian Hyperspherical Universe - Updated material from the archived "Cosmology Review" site written in cooperation with UNC. A conceptualization in plain English of an eternal, dual, periodic universe model according to Special and General Relativity.

    The New Universe - Cosmic theories based on spectral theory of the atom explains planetary evolution and orbits, creation of the universe and galaxies, particle and wave nature of light. New ideas in celestial mechanics and physics.

    Olbers' Paradox - This is a short essay on Olbers' paradox. It is different from the other versions found on the web.

    Personal Cosmology - A philosophical study of the Cosmos. Believing that the Cosmos has a very simple basis.

    The Discal Universe - The Universe has a nucleus and a gravitational field. The Nucleus of the Universe produces the Universal Gravitational Field, where the galaxies orbit.

    21st Century's all New Cosmology - As Galileo changed our understanding of the Solar System, this book changes our understanding of the Universe.

    Cosmic Commode - A proposed resolution of general relativity theory and an alternative to the Big Bang theory of cosmological creation.

    Cosmic Queries - To persons perplexed by the cosmos. Is the space picture a hostage of the sunlight?

    Cosmological Redshift - Variable electric charge may be a contributing factor to cosmological redshift. Quasars may be closer than we think.

    Simple World Explanation - Best solutions for hierarchical system of matter in cosm, world formula, wave mechanics bound with relativity, chat about it, downloads of articles and cohesions

    The Universe Is Not Expanding - The author claims that the Shapiro effect is the source of the redshift of distant galaxies instead of the Doppler effect.

    An Alternative View of the Universe Idea - How do we know that there really is such a thing as the universe? Here is an analysis of the universe idea that leads to a startling conclusion.

    Cosmic Oilers - A view of the sky from Russia, the country where now more 90% of oil is produced with water injection, in 2-3 cubic km per year. The impression of the universe under exploitation is created, no fiction.

    OmniCosmology - A new model of the universe capable of answering philosophical questions on meaning, purpose, Tao and destiny.

    Hubble-bubble of Omega - The idea that our metagalaxy is being exploited outwards (to the universe) through heavenly wells (holes).

    Impossible Correspondence - 24 yr study in science / religion / metaphysics. 39,510 books read in 1000's of subjects.

    True Structure of the Solar System - Contains what has not been said, with elements for its verification.

    David Calder Hardy - A new theory of the origin of the solar system.

    On the Structure of the Solar System. - An alternative theory.

    The Collapsing Universe - Observed phenomena explained in terms of a nonhomogeneous closed universe, with a central singularity, undergoing gravitational collapse.

    Fractal and Turbulent Universe - Formation of large-scale structures in the cosmos revealing a fractal distribution of galaxies, clusters and superclusters explained by the theory of turbulence. Requires JavaScript.

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