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    The Land of No Horizon - Hollow, expanding Earth and its effect on Evolution.

    Pole Shift Forum - Debates about earth-bound mechanisms that might cause such events as polar shift, crustal displacement, pole wandering and disturbances to the earth's rotational balance.

    The Need for a New Model of the Earth - The evidence indicates that the present model of the Earth is seriously flawed, and that a new model of the Earth resolves present anomalies and mysteries.

    Catastrophic Theory of Mountain Uplifts - Most of the ideas suggested for crustal deformation over the last 150 years offer explanation for only one type of deformation. They cannot address crustal deformations such as upthrust, shear, stress, compression, tension, tilting, dip or slip, and riding. This article asks: "What is the source of the energy and force causing change?"

    Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Book which provides an explanation for the gigantic sizes of dinosaurs: the theory of an Expanding Earth which began smaller and thus had less gravity.

    Earthfiles - Environmental anomalies.

    Earth Changes Its Rotational Axis - Earth's axis shifts 120 degrees. News of the inevitable coming shift in 2012 possible.

    Hapgood revisited - New research vindicates the life work of unsung scientific pioneer Charles Hapgood. Also looks at the Catastrophism vs. Uniformitarianism debate, and Rotatation Bending.

    Earth's Magnetic Field - A theory on how Earth's magnetic field reverses its magnetic polarity.

    Central Expanding Earth Exchange - Offers proof the Earth is expanding rapidly by external accretion of cosmic dust/meteorites and internal expansion of the core. Subduction is false.

    Palatian Enterprises - Investigation of causes of cataclysmic events, earthquakes, floods, etc. Discover how technological advances to date can help determine the exact nature of Environmental Disasters and Cataclysmic Events. Developing film about Atlantis.

    Poleshifts - Six page article on how terrestial pole shifts happen, with evidence for previous shifts. Investigates the works of Hapgood, Velikovsky and Bowles. Lots of pictures and diagrams. - Investigation of the ever changing world around us.

    Geological Anomalies - Fossils, formation of coal, Aeolian deposits in Alaska, extinction of the mammoth, nitrate deposits in Chile.

    Geodetic Measurement - Relations between the cubit, the remen, and geodetic measurement of the earth, also the relation between the stadium and the length of a degree of Latt.

    The Sirius Research Group - Scientific analysis of the mathematical relationship between Earth's complete period of revolution, the tropical-sidereal year and our civil calendar indicates that earth's precession is not a scientific fact.

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