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    History of Astronomy - This is the "official" history of astronomy page on the web. It is an extensive resource to the field.

    The Antique Telescope Society Home Page - The society's site with information on old telescopes. Historical documents, galleries and information on maintaining and restoring old telescopes.

    Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum Web Site - Has a nice section for the history of astronomy, with pictures and virtual exhibits.

    Some great folks in the History of Astronomy - A nice page with a pretty humorous approach in the description of some great names in the history of astronomy, and that makes us forgive some slight inaccuracies.

    Archaeoastronomy Web Sources - Archaeology - Internet resources on archaeoastronomy, from Mining Co.

    History of Astronomy Discussion Group Archives - This is the archive of the History of Astronomy Discussion Group, which is a mailing list for scholars.

    Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius - Atlas of the heavens as seen by the astronomers of the time of its 1661 printing: Copernicus, Ptolemy, Brahe, and Aratus. Entire book has been digitized and the images may be browsed or searched.

    The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras - An illustrated article (originally published in Biblical Archeology Review) by David Ulansey about the astronomical teachings of the ancient Roman "mystery religion" of Mithraism. The article is based on Ulansey's book "The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries" (Oxford University Press, 1989).

    Birr Castle Demesne - A site devoted to the astronomical, engineering botantical and photographical work of the Parsons family based in Birr Castle in Ireland.

    400 Years of Astronomy on Merseyside - To celebrate 400 years of Astronomy on Merseyside, the Lassell Dawes Conference is to be held on 1999 October 16 at Merseyside Maritime Museum. Speakers include Drs Patrick Moore and Allan Chapman, and Professor Mike Bode. Exhibitors include the University of Liverpool, John Moores University, National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, and Liverpool AS.

    Star of Bethlehem - Examining ancient Roman coins an astronomer found evidence that the biblical star did appear in the east in the sign of the Jews - Aries the Ram.

    Early Greek Scientists Struggle to Explain How the Heavens MoveJewish Astronomy, from ancient to modern times - Astronomy in Israel: from Og's Circle to the Wise Observatory.

    Vatican Observatory History - Lights from the nearby Città Eterna have rendered the observatory obsolete for its original purpose. It's now the site of an outstanding museum housing the writings of some of the Church's early opponents. Its library contains works by Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Brahe, Clavius, and Secchi, and is home to a unique meteorite collection. What about astronomical observations? It's perhaps less Romance-oriented, but the Vatican has opened a second observatory in Tucson, Arizona.

    Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures - This website is about the history of astronomy. It contains images from the history of astronomy, old telescopes, pictures of astronomers, and so on.

    Astronomy and Ancient India - Describes developments in astronomy in ancient India.

    The Star of Bethlehem - An investigation of the science and history which bear on the mysterious star said to have accompanied the advent of Christ.

    Rundetaarn - Astronomy in Denmark.

    Exegesis of Hindu Cosmological Time Cycles - Discussion of the Hindu cycles as an accurate calendar and the progenitor of the sexagesimal (base 60) "degree, minutes, seconds" measurement system.

    Ancient India and Astronomy - Articles about astronomy in ancient India.

    History of Astronomy Pages - Frederik Kaiser (1808-1872) and the professionalisation of Dutch astronomy; The "Lost Letters" of J.C. Kapteyn (1851-1922); Many history of astronomy and history of science links with a Dutch flavour.

    Mythical Ireland - Explores the Stone Age in the context of astronomy, mythology and art, and concludes that the ancient people were master astronomers, acutely aware of the lunar cycle and precession, and able to predict the solstices and equinoxes.

    Tholos Of Epidavros - The circular building of the Tholos at Epidaurus was a complete astronomical monument.

    The Runic Sky - Shows how the Norse runes can be applied to star patterns in the Northern Sky and how it relates to the runes' meaning.

    Smithsonian Magazine - "Stars in Their Eyes" - The exquisite telescopes crafted by Alvan Clark and his sons helped make the last half of the 19th century a golden age of astronomy.

    The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery - On-line version of the book by William Sheehan.

    The Àryabhatíya of Àryabhata - A discussion of the oldest known exactive astronomic constant, the ratio of earth rotations to lunar orbits in Aryabhata's AD 498 writing.

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