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    The Talk.Origins Archive: Evolution FAQs - A very informative site about biology and evolutionary theory.

    Science and Creationism - Considers the science that supports the theory of evolution - from the National Academy of Sciences.

    Evolutionary Theory Outreach Group - Discussion group on evolution dedicated to promoting the biological sciences and evolutionary theory.

    The Evolutionary Tales - Recasting of Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" to present evolutionary theory and the pseudoscientific nature of "creation science" by Ronald L. Ecker. Full text available online.

    National Center for Science Education - Clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out.

    Life Sciences Site - Wide-ranging life science topics, covering evolution, animal behavior, exobiology, artificial intelligence, and other eclectic links.

    Graham, John - Berry College - Current research includes the theory and practical application of developmental stability in evolutionary biology and ecotoxicology.

    Nearctica - Evolution - Extensive annotated collection of links on the process of evolution.

    Evolution Happens! - Information about biological evolution in a Q&A format. Explains why creation science is not science. Includes photographs and many links.

    Evolution - Page with links and background to evolution debate, plus outline of a new model for large scale changes.

    European Society for Evolutionary Biology - The Society aims promotes evolutionary research in a wide sense. It publishes the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, and organizes a conference every other year.

    Essays on Evolution - Essays on dinosaur origin and extinction, bird origin and flight, and human origin.

    Evolution Update - A tool for academic research in evolutionary biology and its associated controversies.

    A Delicate Balance - An article by Russell F. Doolittle which discusses the evolution of vertebrate blood coagulation in the context of irreducible complexity.

    Hans-Cees Speel's Homepage - The Evolution and Philosophy section discusses evolution in biology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and memetics.

    Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses - Extensive and interactive educational resource providing information on biological and cultural evolution, language development, and philosophy.

    Triumph of Life - Companion to PBS series on evolution. Features essays, video clips, and special interactive features that explore the story of life on Earth.

    Nick Friedenberg's Research Interests - Evolution of dispersal propensity in heterogeneous landscapes.

    Evolution Web - Evolution and information review (author Yves Decadt) : physical, bio-chemical and biological evolution ; semiotics and biological information as DNA, a gene and meme in genetic evolution ; evolution vs creation ; symmetry , replication , reflection and hierarchy ; order from chaos and emergent complexity, attractors in thermodynamic evolution.

    A post-darwinian probabilistic model - A probabilistic model of biological evolution with a new interpretation of Darwinian natural selection and 3 examples: 1) 5 mass extinctions (including causes of the dinosaur extinction at the KT limit) 2) hominization 3) the PO2PAL increase.

    Evolution's Arrow - Web version of a book written by John Stewart about the direction of evolution and the future of humanity.

    Behavioral Ecology of Spiders - This site covers the research of Dr. Jutta M. Schneider into the behavioral ecology of spiders belonging to the genera Nephila, Stegodyphus and Argiope. Areas of her research which are covered include sexual conflict, mating systems, cannibalism, sociality, brood-care, sperm competition and sexual selection. The reproductive advantages of various behaviors are explored within an evolutionary context.

    Radiation of the First Animals - Illustrated lecture transcript by Dr. Jere Lipps. Discussion of the evolutionary record of the pre-Cambrian period and the Cambrian explosion, including the traces and impacts of non-skeletal life forms.

    The Evolution Evidence Page - A collection of articles about evolution from a variety of sources. These articles, most of which deal primarily with human evolution, include anatomical, fossil and genetic evidence. Some articles are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat format).

    Change Through Time - Evolution is one of the most important theories in the history of science. This educational site provides an interactive environment in which to explore this subject. It includes pictures, games, quizzes, a Q&A section and links.

    Introduction to Phylogeny - Univ. California Museum of Paleontology virtual exhibit explores the relationship of phylogeny and evolution.

    Evolution of evolvability - This paper shows how evolution tunes the content and frequency of genetic variation to enhance its evolvability, organising genetic systems into hierarchies. Genetic evolution is neither random nor blind.

    Origin of Life: Prebiotic Synthesis of Amino Acids - Two articles discussing chemical evolution in light of the Zeeman effect and the lightning cloud experiments of Stanley Miller.

    Polls of U.S. Public About Evolution - Beliefs of various economic, educational, and religious groups about evolution and creation - from Gallup, About, and others.

    Evolution by Natural Selection - An overview by Derrick Farnell aimed at the general public, based on the work of Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker.

    National Association for Objectivity in Science about Evolution - Promotes teaching of critical thinking about the theory of evolution.

    Jean Baptiste Lamarck - - A brief biography of this scientist and pioneer of biology. Provides information on Lamarck's ideas and achievements, dispelling commonly held myths and misconceptions. Includes quotations & images.

    Songbird Shows How Evolution Works - BBC News article about study on Himalayan songbirds that suggests how one species can evolve into two.

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