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    Human Gene Therapy Research Institute - Develops new methods and applications of human gene therapy for cancer prevention, treatment and cure; includes staff listing with bibliographies, descriptions of ongoing projects, background on gene therapy.

    GeneBrowser - Commercial site focusing on the current state of retroviral vector development for gene therapy with numerous helpful links - from Nature Technology Corp.

    DirectGene, Inc. - Focused on the clinical development of technologies to enhance the efficacy, specificity and safety of gene therapeutics. DirectGene has clinical development programs in prostate cancer, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, brain tumors and osteoporosis.

    Cobra Therapeutics - Developing gene therapies for cancer and DNA vaccines to stimulate cytotoxic T cell (CTL) responses. Also offers custom GMP manufacturing for plasimd DNA, viral and non-viral vectors.

    Gene Therapy Systems - Commercial firm providing reagents for gene delivery and gene therapy research, including unique pGeneGrip fluorescently labeled plasmid vectors and GenePORTER cationic lipid transfection reagent.

    The Journal of Gene Medicine - An information source on all aspects of human gene therapy. It offers an international comprehensive summary of both published and ongoing clinical trials. Also includes reviews on basic and therapeutic issues.

    Institute for Human Gene Therapy - Providing a foundation for basic research necessary to assure the success of human gene therapy. from the University of Pennsylvania .

    InvivoGen - Tools for gene therapy and cancer research including plasmid and cloning vectors, gene collections, selection antibiotics, mycoplasma curing kit, and prodrugs.

    Center for Cell and Gene Therapy - Clinical and fundamental research, job opportunities, faculties' interests and links to gene therapy sites - joint project of Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, and The Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX.

    Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. - A leader in the development of gene therapy products to treat a variety of cancers.

    UCSD Program in Human Gene Therapy - Facilitates the application of basic and pre-clinical research to the treatment of human disease through vector development and gene discovery and characterization.

    Molecular Medicine - A development and manufacturing company based in San Diego dedicated to the production of high-quality, clinical grade, gene and cell based therapeutics and reagents.

    Gene Therapy at MD Anderson Cancer Center - The human cancer gene prevention and therapy program conducts basic research, clinical trials and vector development.

    Office of Biotechnology Activities at the NIH - Monitors scientific progress and ethical issues in basic and clinical research involving recombinant DNA and human gene transfer at NIH funded institutions.

    American Society of Gene Therapy - Organization dedicated to promoting gene therapy research through public education, scientific meetings and scientific committees targeting specific therapeutic areas and also vector technology.

    Retroscreen Ltd. - Virological research and clinical trials company that work on most model systems and carry out projects from laboratory based assays to full ethics committee approved clinical trials.

    AcuVector Group Inc. - Developed advanced technologies to formulate and test gene-therapy vaccines and is in the process of developing commercial product lines

    Collateral Therapeutics - A product-driven cardiovascular gene therapy company, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel and innovative non-surgical gene therapy products.

    Laboratory for Cancer Gene Therapy at Hamburg University - Gene therapy research program in colon, lung and bladder cancer are being conducted by the laboratory of Dr. Andreas Block.

    Gene-Cell, Inc. - Focused on the targeted genetic modification of human somatic stem cells for gene therapy.

    REPLICor, Inc. - Development of technologies controlling DNA replication for applications in a platform for gene therapy vectors and in the discovery of new therapeutic agents for cancer and tissue regeneration.

    Puresyn, Inc. - Develops separation and purification processes for manufacturing gene delivery products such as supercoiled plasmids, synthetic oligonucleotides, recombinant adenovirus and adeno-associated virus.

    Cell Genesys - Focused on the development and commercialization of cancer vaccines and gene therapies to treat various cancers including leukemia, hemophilia A and B, restenosis after angioplasty and Parkinson's disease.

    Virapur - Sells virus purification kits for gene therapy and virus research which do not require cesium gradients.

    Center for Gene Therapy at the University of Michigan Medical Center - The center links basic science, clinical investigation and technology transfer endeavors in the area of gene therapy, while also serving as a resource for information and education.

    VirRx, Inc. - A biotechnology company with a primary interest in cancer gene therapy.

    Ceregene, Inc. - Pioneering genetic therapies for neurologic disorders.

    Finnish Gene Therapy Society - Fosters the exchange of ideas between research groups and individual scientists, organizes scientific meetings and training courses and informs general public about basic aspects and recent developments in gene therapy.

    Amaxa Biosystems - NucleofectorTM technology allows non-viral gene transfer directly into the nucleus of primary cells and cell lines, thereby providing rapid target gene validation, acceleration of drug development and new applications for gene therapy.

    Salus Therapeutics, Inc. - Developed a series of proprietary technologies for the discovery, development and delivery of nucleic acid-based therapeutics, including antisense and gene therapy drugs.

    Transgene S.A. - Gene therapy company based in France is developing products for cancer and cystic fibrosis. Vector platforms include adenovirus, retrovirus, vaccinia virus, cellular and synthetic vectors.

    The New Childrens Hospital Gene Therapy Research Unit - Research is being performed on gene delivery technologies and gene therapies for cancer, HIV infection and inherited genetic disorders by Dr. Ian Alexander and Dr. Jason Smythe, who jointly head the Unit.

    Oxford University GeneMedicine Research Group - Focused on the development gene therapies for diseases of the airway, such as asthma, lung cancer and in particular, cystic fibrosis (CF). Work includes formulation development, reagent production, pre-clinical testing, and human clinical trials.

    Human Gene Therapy - A reference resource for the latest information concerning human gene therapy.

    European Society for Gene Therapy - ESGT - Organises annual meetings in Europe to promote gene therapy research.

    University of Minnesota Gene Therapy Center - Clinical gene therapy research programs focusing on metabolic disorders.

    Genteric, Inc. - A rapidly growing biopharmaceutical company that develops novel gene-based methods to treat human diseases.

    Copernicus Therapeutics, Inc. - Developing human gene therapy products for cystic fibrosis and hemophilia B and DNA vaccinations. The company creates proprietary PLASmin Complexes which are efficient non-viral vectors and REPLIsome vectors which allow replication of non-viral vectors.

    Alberta Gene Therapy Group - A network of researchers looking to foster collaboration in several therapeutic fields.

    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Gene Therapy - Working to translate gene therapy research from the laboratory bench into Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of hematologic and endocrine diseases. The center has a GMP facility for clinical grade gene vector production.

    The Gene Delivery Group at the University of Birmingham - Works primarily on developing non-viral and polymer vectors for cancer gene therapy.

    Valentis, Inc. - Developing gene-based therapeutics or "gene medicines" for the treatment of certain cancers, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, rheumatological and pulmonary diseases.

    Oxford Biomedica - Focuses on developing gene transfer technologies for human gene therapy, gene-based immunotherapy, and gene-based drug discovery for cancer, AIDS, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.

    Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics - Focused on developing gene therapies for lipoprotein lipase disorder, inflammatory bowel disease and neuroregeneration. Also provides contract development and manufacturing of gene and cell-based products in their GMP facility.

    Pittsburgh Human Gene Therapy Center - Fosters the growth and development of multidisciplinary preclinical and clinical research programs aimed at the use of gene transfer technologies for the treatment of human disease.

    Molecular Virology Lab at Leiden University - The group performs basic research on viruses in order to facilitate the development of efficient gene-transfer vectors for use in gene therapy. Current research concerns the human adenoviruses and the systems required for producing recombinant-adenovirus vectors.

    Japan Society of Gene Therapy - Facilitates interdisciplinary gene therapy research between investigators performing basic and applied research and clinical trials through academic conferences, international symposia and publications.

    Quattrogene LTD - The products of Quattrogene are based on the latest development in molecular biology, virology and immunology. Quattrogene also develops new treatments and diagnostic products for cancer and coronary heart disease.

    The New Children's Hospital Gene Therapy Research Unit - A joint initiative of The New Children's Hospital and the Children's Medical Research Institute is undertaking gene therapy clinical trials in Australia. Research projects include cancer immunotherapy, vector development, HIV infection, targeting gene delivery to specific tissue types.

    Oxagen Limited - Perform genetic analysis on collections of family samples so as to understand the mechanisms and causes of common diseases, in order to identify new drug targets, the validation of targets and the development of diagnostics.

    BioVex - Gene delivery technology allowing pharmaceutical and genomics companies to assess the therapeutic value of identified genes and also allows genes to be used as therapeutic products to treat diseases from cancer to nervous and immune system disorders

    International Association for Cytobiological Therapies - Represent scientists and the general practitioners of cell therapy. Includes annual conference, news, courses, and bulletins.

    Retroviral Gene Delivery and Vector Production - Engineering approaches of retroviral gene transfer and viral production system. The studies and research being done by Young Jik Kwon, a graduate student at USC, are discussed.

    GenVec - An emerging biopharmaceutical company developing novel gene therapies for diseases where local delivery of a therapeutic gene has potential benefits over currently available treatments. New product development initiatives have been formalized for coronary artery disease with BioBypass angiogen, restenosis prevention and cancer.

    Crucell - Formed through the merger of IntroGene B.V. and U-BiSys B.V. Crucell combines IntroGene's human cell line platform, PER.C6, with U-BiSys' subtractive phage antibody-display selection technology, called MAb'stract, providing a powerful and effective means to discover, develop and produce a variety of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of human diseases.

    Centre for Gene Therapeutics - McMaster University - The mission of the Centre is to investigate, create and implement approaches utilizing the delivery of genes as therapeutic agents in the treatment of human and animal disease.

    Gene Therapy - A professional community website that aims to act as a single business portal for all who are actively involved in gene therapy.

    Ark Therapeutics - A gene medicine company developing a broad range of products based on vascular and endothelial molecular biology to treat vascular and circulatory diseases and cancer.

    Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative - Provides plasmid construction and virus production services for gene therapy in both research and therapeutic applications.

    Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy - Aims to enhance the development of safe and effective gene therapy by supporting research projects - from vector development and construction to production of biologicals for human use and their application in well designed GCP clinical trials.

    Eleanor Roosevelt Institute - Conducts basic biomedical research into therapies for Down Syndrome, ALS, cancer, and Rec8 Syndrome. Includes map of chromosone 21, employment details and links to related resources.

    Gene Therapy Advisory Committee - GTAC - Advises on the ethical acceptability of proposals for gene therapy research on humans taking account of the scientific merits and the potential benefits and risks, and provides advice to UK Health Ministers on developments in gene therapy research.

    Selective Genetics - Aims to commercialize site-specific gene therapeutics and DNA devices for tissue repair and regeneration.

    GenStar Therapeutics - A biopharmaceutical company developing innovative gene therapy products, for the treatment of serious medical disorders, focusing on hemophilia, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

    Cardiovascular Gene Therapy at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center - Conducts gene transfer research and clinical trials for those who suffer from coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Isner and his colleagues.

    Généthon - Research, development, production and delivery of vectors for therapeutic aims .

    Replicon Technologies, Inc. - Focused on use of genetically modified polioviruses, referred to as replicons, as therapeutics for human diseases. Uses include targeted delivery of therapeutic genes, and for treatment of cancers by direct oncolysis of tumor cells.

    Murdoch Children's Research Institute - Cell and Gene Therapy - The CAGT group of MCRI focuses on gene therapy research for neurological, haematological and liver diseases affecting babies, children and adolescents.

    Institute for Human Gene Therapy - University of Pennsylvania - Features the basic science, training and education, seminars and events, employment, and related links.

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