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    Fisher Scientific - Fisher Scientific's online catalog. Good search function.

    Biomax is distributor of diagnostics products - Biomax is distributor of bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, allergy, autoimmune, phytodiagnostics, veterinary and blood grouping products.

    Synoptics Ltd. - Highlights manufacture of the ProtoCOL colony counter for use in microbiology labs for applications such as inhibition zones, radial haemolysis, AMES Test, Spiral Plating and DEFT.

    Products for clinical parasitology and mycobacteriology - Manufacturer of diagnostic reagent systems for parasitology (fixatives, stains, concentration systems, QC slides) and mycobacteriology (digestion, decontamination & buffering systems, stains, QC slides).

    Marypaul Microbiological Laboratories - Marypaul Laboratories is an ISO-accredited, certified, contract, industrial microbiology testing laboratory, conducting FDA, USP, CTFA, AOAC, EP tests for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices, food, air and water.

    Chr. Hansen BioSystems - Chr. Hansen BioSystems - probios, silage inoculants, yeast cultures, probiotics, direct fed microbials, nutraceuticals

    Automation in Microbiology - Hardware and Software for running microbiology experiments automatically.

    MicroPro - Microbiological Laboratories - Microbial Prospection for Oil and Gas (MPOG) - an additional method for hydrocarbon prospection

    RIBOTechnologies - RIBOTechnologies - Advanced molecular diagnostics for the microbiologist.

    Micrology Laboratories, LLC - Micrology Laboratories' Coliscan, Easygel, and other supplies and kits, combined with their commitment to producing educational materials and proven success in the community, make them a premier supplier in the microbiology industry.

    Alken-Murray Corporation - Having septic tank problems or trouble with alga in your aquarium or pond? Alken-Murray has some products that may help. Their solutions work without using caustic chemicals. They use microbiology to do the work instead.

    Immunology Consultants Laboratory - Wholesale supplier of diagnostic reagents for over 25 years. Online catalog of purified antibodies, conjugates and antigen.

    Alexeter Technologies for BioDefense - Markets equipment for the collection, detection and identification of biological threat agents in the environment.

    Swift Microscopes - A retail scientific supply company that carries a complete line of Swift microscopes.

    Legionella Testing Laboratory - GTS laboratory has been testing water samples for legionella bacteria since 1981.

    Biorepair - Supplies diagnostics for human and veterinary medicine.

    Don Whitley Scientific Limited - Leading supplier of scientific instruments and innovative solutions for microbiology

    Copan Diagnostics - Manufacturer of culture swabs for clinical microbiology.

    Biopruf - Rohm and Haas offers a family of Bio-Pruf biostabilizing additives, to protect products from premature microbial degradation and failure, thus increasing their effective and useful life. Long after the purchase, consumers will realize that the small premium paid for the added value of Bio-Pruf antimicrobial protection has been well worth the price.

    Medipharm USA - Medipharm USA information and general product literature categories consisting of direct-fed microbials, silage inoculants, culture concentrates and microbial gels.

    Scigenics - Manufacturers, fermentors, shakers, agitators, laboratory, industrial equipment, Life Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, science.

    Jblab microbiology supply - supplier to microbiology culture media to NHS and private pathology laboratory. now add our name to Oxoid, LabM southern group and see the difference.

    EnviroLogix, Inc. - Rapid immunodiagnostics for environmental, ag/crop, food and beverage, and water quality monitoring, including GMOs, water toxins, pesticides and industrial contaminants.

    NetForce - Netforce provides software solutions and consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, supporting the positive public health impact of their products. NetForce has extensive experience in pharmacovigilance, epidemiology, safety, regulatory affairs, clinical systems integration, quality assurance, validation, and data conversion.

    Ultraclear/ABI Inc. - Manufacturer of biological products for ponds, waste water and industrial processing water.

    Advanced BioTech products for agricultural, industrial and home uses. - Advanced BioTech offers products such as Wastewater Treatment, Dairy Wastewater Treatment, Algae Control Technology, Bioremediation, Septic Tank Treatment, Soil and Crop Enhancement and Pet Care.

    Orca - The solution for controlling Legionella in water systems - Water treatment for hospitals, care homes, cooling towers and office buildings. Control legionella, Legionnaires disease using specialised Copper and Silver ionisation.

    SL Microtest GmbH - Laser Microdissection - The UV Laser Microdissection is a highly developed method to isolate small areas of tissue as well as single cells from histological slides. The dissections can be used for further microbiological applications resulting in contaminant free DNA and RNA

    MIDI, Inc.- Identify Anthrax Bacteria, Plague Bacteria and 2000 Other Species - The Sherlock Microbial Identification System identifies biological weapons bacteria (Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, etc.) and 2000 other microbes by GC analysis of cellular fatty acids.

    Microbial ID - Bacteria and Microbial Identification - We are a microbiology service laboratory which uses the MIDI Sherlock Microbial Identification System to identify aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and yeast by fatty acid analysis.

    Alpha Chemica - Exporters of microbiological media & laboratory chemicals, glassware,and scientific equipment for educational purposes. - Philom Bios is the inoculant company. We develop, manufacture, and market yield-building inoculants for all major crops. We've been in business since 1980 with the clear purpose to deliver high-end inoculants which serve individual customer needs.

    BioLogics, Inc - Profiles manufacturer of the OMNICON Image Analysis System with specific applications for "Zones of Inhibition - Antibiotic Potency Testing" and "Tumor Colony Analysis - Soft Agar Assays".

    PARRETT - Technical Developments ,London UK - Manufacturers of MicroBio Air Samplers (for airborne microorganisms), Easifill Peristaltic Dispenser Pumps, Micro-T-Log miniature Temperature Datalogger, Dust Sampling pumps, Deter Microfoam Dust Suppression.

    Vicam - A world leader in agricultural biotechnology and bioseparations, delivers improved animal reproductivity, increased agricultural productivity, and safeguarded food quality with patented bioseparations and detection products worldwide.

    Topac Instrumentation for Molecular Biology - Product specifications and information about instruments used in microbiology including gel electrophoresis, spiral platers, colony counters, power supplies and accessories

    CEBTech Services, Consulting for Biotechnology and Engineering - fermentation, cell culture, bioprocess control, laboratory, pilot plant design, start-up, biosensors, bioreactor modification, down stream processing

    BLQ Consultants - BLQ Consultants provide a range of microbiological consulting services for the Gulf area.

    Evap-Guard - Manufacturer of slow release chemical sanitiser capsules to control bacteria and algae in evaporative air-conditioning systems.

    Biotechfrontiers - Microbiological quality control company.

    Oxoid Ltd - Profile of manufacturer of dehydrated culture media and diagnostics products.

    Britania Laboratory - Founded 39 years ago for the manufacture and development of diagnostic reagents and culture media.

    Hemosystem - improving safety in the blood transfusion field - Hemosystem develops innovative technology to improve safety in the blood transfusion industry, providing solutions to bacterial contamination problems as well as the storage of blood products.

    Boston Probes, Inc. - Boston Probes is a recognized leader in the development of probe technologies for use in human diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetically inherited disorders and cancers, as well as, food, beverage and water testing.

    N-CON Systems company web site - This site provides a list, description, and picture of our products for water pollution control. This includes wastewater composite samplers, respirometers, and on-line inhibition monitors.

    P. J. Whalen & Associates Ltd. - Consulting Engineers Specializing in ATP Adenosine Triphosphate and Microtox Testing. Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Acid Mine Drainage, Ion Exchange Automation, ATP Adenosine Triphosphate, Arsenic/Sludge Removal etc.

    Q Microbiology Laboratories - UKAS accredited laboratory, specialising in helping companies to produce products safe from microbiological and chemical contamination. Focusing on food, pharmaceutical and household products.

    Microbiology International - Microbiology International was formed to provide the best microbiology automation from around the world to the modern laboratory. We supply systems that increase laboratory productivity while improving the quality and consistency of data generated.

    IDG (UK) plc - International Diagnostics Group - specialising in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of high quality products and services for microbiological analysis and quality assurance programmes worldwide.

    Lab M. - Microbiological Diagnostic Products - Specialising in microbiological diagnostic products, dehydrated culture media, media for anaerobes and salmonella detection. providing services such as SMART QATM and 'QC Assay' control cultures.

    Malthus Systems - Providing automated analysis of microbial activity, suitable for a wide range of applications including foods and toiletries. Approved by the AOAC, MAFF, BSI and USDA.

    Biocompare - The Consumer Guide for the Life Scientist - The consumer guide for the life scientist. We offer product reviews, comparative product information and purchasing aids for laboratory products.

    Erie Scientific Company - Microscope slides; cover glass; clinical products; hand care products

    Ted Pella, Inc.- Electron Microscopy Supplies - electron microscopy supplies and instruments, light microscopy, atomic force microscopy, laboratory supplies

    Exakt-Pak Medical Packaging - Exakt-Pak produces packaging that protects tissue samples during transportation.

    Korean Laboratory Equipment Collection - Laboratory and pilot fermenters from Korea

    Biological Consulting Services - Biological Consulting Services of North Florida, a microbiology consulting firm.

    Terra - Microbiology equipment designer and manufacturer, glove boxes, vacuum chambers, desiccators, storage cabinets, hoods, wet stations, and more.

    Cole Labs - growth promotion, GroPro PLUS, USP, ATCC derived cultures, microbial suspensions for quality assurance testing of culture media, also meet AOAC, CTFA, NCCLS test specifications

    Bilco Biocide Laboratory - Bacteria analysis kit for hygiene or water-based goods.

    ID Bio - Offers its expertise in two complementary fields: health and beauty. Provides raw materials for reagents manufacturing.

    Help for Black Mold Infestation - Direct resource for information and assistance regarding mold infestation in homes and buildings.

    Biomolecular Screening - Comprehensive information on biomolecular screening and high throughput screening

    Coy Laboratory Products - Microbiology equipment designer, manufacturer and distributor, for glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, dry boxes, humidity, oxygen, and temperature control glove boxes/chambers, incubators, and PCR/UV light work stations.

    Medical Resources - Microscopes - This medical equipment site sells new and used microscopes for use in ENT and Laboratory applications.

    Brinkmann Instruments, Inc. - Provides products, applications, frequently asked questions, and literature for PCR, protien quantification, microinjection, and nucleic acid purification.

    Research Instruments - Micromanipulation - Research Instruments specializes in micromanipulation. We understand micromanipulation and micropipette preparation and are highly skilled in providing training and research.

    Microbial analyser for Microbiology , Controlled Rate Freezers for Cryobiology - Microbial analyser for Microbiology , Controlled Rate Freezers for Cryobiology made by SY-LAB

    DIEHARD Mycorrhizal Inoculants and Horta-Sorb Super Absorbent Gels - DIEHARD mycorrhizal inoculants and Horta-Sorb® gels are used as amendments, injectables, and bare root preparations to inoculate trees with beneficial fungi to promote plant health.

    Park Bioservices, LLC - Park Bioservices designs and manufactures microenvironments and biocontainment devices to keep sterile things clean or to keep infectious items contained! We also are producing new products to handle mail contaminated with biological agents like anthrax

    Environmental Micribiology - Testing laboratory providing analysis for mold and bacteria contamination. - professional optics - Finest professional optics: microscopes, telescopes, night vision, and accessories. Our information section will help you to choose the device you need.

    Molecular Microbiology and Genomics Consultants - scientific consultant company specialising in the molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics research of bacterial pathogens of clinical and veterinary importance, working for academic, industrial, and governmental institutions

    Abgene - life sciences and PCR - Abgene, formerly Advanced Biotechnologies - reagents, plastic consumables and instrumentation for the life sciences market, including products for PCR.

    INT MICROBIO : MICROBIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTIC TESTS - Company focused on the conception, manufacturing and marketing of microbiological diagnostic tests

    Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung - datastorage datensammler Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung ebro ircon metrisa monitek controller indicater regler anzeigegeräte schreiber humidity logger feuchtelogger feuchteschreiber

    Legionella control - Legionella when does it occur? What are the dangers? Which solutions are available.

    Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung - datastorage datensammler Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung ebro ircon metrisa monitek controller indicater regler anzeigegeräte schreiber humidity logger feuchtelogger feuchteschreiber

    Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung - datastorage datensammler Datalogger datenlogger logger infrared thermometer writer turbidity datenerfsassung ebro ircon metrisa monitek controller indicater regler anzeigegeräte schreiber humidity logger feuchtelogger feuchteschreiber

    BIS - Biological Instrumentation Services Ltd - UK Distributor for Titertek equipment and spares including high throughput plate readers, washers and multipdrops with the Titertek Titan stacker. BIS can also service and repair instrumentation

    Ionisos, treatment with ionising radiation to sterilise, preserve - Processing by ionising radiation to sterilise, preserve, decontaminate and crosslink. Ionisation ensures food safety.

    Anthrax Testing - Microtest Labs Now offers Anthrax Testing in our Agawam Facility.

    Bioscience International - Bioscience International is the world leader in environmental sampling products. It is most famous for the SAS 100 and SAS 180 air samplers, which are used by major governmental organizations (including NASA and the National Institutes of Health), hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies across the world.

    Difco Microbiology Products - We provide all DIFCO microbiology products. BBL EM Science and PML microbiology products also offered.

    Mushroom Equipment and Supplies - Over 600 Mushroom species available in beautiful colors, scents and flavors easily grown in home landscapes or chambers. Kits, spores, live cultures, growing supplies, equipment, 1,000 photographs, directions, identification services and much more.

    Bioshield Technologies, inc. Antimicrobial / Antiviral Products - BioShield is an antimicrobial and antiviral company. The Companys antimicrobial technology is a revolutionary alternative to conventional sanitizers, disinfectants, or biocides primarily because it kills bacteria, and viruses, including HIV, on contact and can remain active for extended time periods.

    Marine BioProducts - Buy Agars Dehydrated Culture Media Products - Marine BioProducts Inc produces agars for Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Molecular Biology.

    Agrisept - candida - Agrisept-L® was formulated to maintain flora and fungus balance in the body for an overall sense of wellness every day. Agrisept-L® is an all-natural non-toxic product. It has been laboratory and clinically tested. The agricultural grade has been used for years to maintain healthy conditions for barns as well as healthy conditions for animals.

    Zeta Corporation - Biofouling and Biocorrosion - Description of bacterial biofouling in water systems.

    Biosan Laboratories, Inc. - Industrial microbiological laboratory focusing on research and development in addition to routine technical service as well as manufacturing microbiological test kits for metalworking, water treatment, food processing, and clinical applications.

    Antibiotics for your lab! - The best place online to find antibiotics for your lab! Education and corporate buyers welcome. Discounts for online orders. We accept purchase orders and credit cards

    Bacteriological agar culture media - Bacteriological agar culture media

    Brinkmann Transferpette - Brinkmann Transferpette model at reduced prices!

    Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. Environmental Microbiology Services - Analytical testing lab services include bacterial identification and methods development.

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