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    Evolutionary Psychology Online - An international research information network and discussion group on brain, behaviour and evolution, with over 3200 members in 150 countries, including distinguished individuals at most good universities and institutes worldwide. The archive of over 17,500 items constitutes the world's largest database on evolutionary psychology and related fields.

    Evolutionary Psychology - Evolutionary Theory, Paleoanthropology, and Adaptationism resources, with a primer by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, Center for Evolutionary Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara. Includes chapter abstracts from 'The Adapted Mind' (1992), 'Mapping the Mind' (1994), and 'Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology' (1998). - "Writings and discussions on history, philosophy and social studies in the human sciences: Darwinian scholarship; evolutionary psychology, sociobiology and debates about them; cognitive psychology; neuropsychology, modularity; narrative approaches; hermeneutics; verstehen; biography and autobiography; behavioural genetics; psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches; and so on." Edited by Robert M. Young and Ian Pitchford.

    The Descent of Man - A well-designed site covering the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's four-part radio series on neo-Darwinism.

    The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about evolutionary psychology.

    The World of Richard Dawkins - An excellent overview of Dawkins' work including the full text of numerous articles.

    Evolution and Psychology - Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism linking Directed Mutation to the Baldwin Effect. How Psychology colours perception of natural realities.

    Evolutionary Psychology Primer by Leda Cosmides and John Tooby - An invaluable primer written by two of the founders of the field.

    Psychology, Culture, and Evolution - Speculations on the Psychology of Paleolithic Graphics, links to cultural-historical psychology, and links to articles about the evolution of brain, consciousness, language, and sociality.

    Dr. Leda Cosmides and Dr. John Tooby, UCSB - Has Natural Selection Shaped How Humans Reason? An audio lecture.

    Evolutionary psychology - NPR radio discussion on the assumption that evolutionary psychology claims 'that women have evolved physically and psychologically to be weaker, less assertive, and monogamous, while men are naturally stronger, aggressive, and promiscuous".

    Ethology and Evolution on the Web - A collection of resources for Ethology, Evolutionary Psychology, General Psychology, Cultural Evolution and Memetics. Includes links to research institutions, electronic journals, and professional societies.

    Jack Parsons Home Page - Comprehensive coverage of the scholarly work of the writer, lecturer, & consultant on population, development, & related social, political, & ethical problems.

    The Foundation for Humanity's Adulthood - FHA - Biological explanation of human nature, specifically biological exploration of the human condition, humans' capacity for good and evil.

    Evolutionary Psychology - Introduction to the evolutionary approach to human nature, including Wilson's ladder and other concepts in sociobiology.

    Climate Change and Civilization Collapse - National Geographic Society covers the story.

    BBC News: 'Oldest' Ape-man Fossils Revealed - A team of scientists unveil the remains of an ape-man said to be six million years old - twice the age of the oldest known so far.

    Biopsy - This site is maintained by Simon Gadbois, lecturer at Acadia and Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, and includes links and resources for animal behaviour, behavioural endocrinology, evolutionary psychology and biological psychology.

    Anthroglobe: Evolutionary Psychology - A directory of annotated links for understanding the evolution of human cognitive adaptations.

    Human Nature Review - Articles and book reviews on the nature of human nature, with good coverage of evolutionary psychology and sociobiology.

    Looking at chimpanzees ... - Information about research on the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony, the Family of Chimps and the most powerful chimpanzee of the Netherlands by Otto Adang.

    Pheromones - Pheromone-receptor genes have been detected before in mice, however, the discovery of the V1RL1 gene is the first to be reported in humans. Science Friday investigates.

    Human Genome Project - Where does the push to sequence the human genome stand, and what's the outlook for the near future? And what will knowing the genome be able to tell us? A genetics update on this hour of Science Friday.

    Human Origins Update - The recent discovery of 10,000-year-old rock paintings in a Brazilian cave has led scientists to question how early humans populated the Americas and what they did for a living. A discussion with Anna Roosevelt and Richard Klein.

    Evolution and Cognition - An interdisciplinary forum devoted to all aspects of research on cognition in animals and humans.

    Evolution's Voyage - Evolutionary Psychology For The Common Person. Includes articles, book reviews and reading lists.

    Reconciling Darwin and Chomsky with the Human Brain - by Calvin and Bickerton. Conversations between a neurobiologist and a linguist cover the issues relating to what enabled structured language to emerge from protolanguage. This may have also enhanced the intelligence and planning skills of early humans.

    The Genetics of Complex Traits - Science Friday discussion on the genetics of complex traits.

    The Human Face - John Cleese and Liz Hurley discover some of the mysteries hidden behind the mask of the human face.

    Flight from Science and Reason - Paul Gross and colleagues take issue with what they see as a trend toward irrationalism in in science and academia.

    Beauty Worlds: The Culture of Beauty - All about beauty in nature and cultures past and present with informative articles on body image, fashion, cosmetics, eating disorders and much more from the viewpoints of evolutionary psychology, anthropology, and psychoanalysis.

    Evolution and Human Adaptation Program - Work by faculty and students at the University of Michigan in the area of evolution and human behavior, including work relevant to Darwinian medicine

    The Role of the Skeptic - A discussion including Eugenie Scott.

    X chromosome - Radio discussion on the alleged assumptions of evolutionary psychology featuring Natalie Angier Author, 'Woman: An Intimate Geography' and Meredith Small Author, 'Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent' (Anchor Books) Professor, Anthropology Cornell University Ithaca, New York.

    The Savanna Groves - The Savanna Groves is an online forum set up to accommodate an informal discussion of evolutionary psychology and related topics (such as evolutionary anthropology and evolutionary biology).

    Evolution & Cognition Research - The Konrad Lorenz Institute's website includes details of research and publications.

    Intelligence: Evolution and Uses - Short essays on topics such as consciousness and the brain; how dreams and religion might have emerged; and the chances that human intelligence arose through evolution.

    Biology Rules - Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould's review of E. 0. Wilson's book Consilience.

    Darkness in El Dorado: Information and Links - News, position statements, email, and other information on Patrick Tierney's book "Darkness in El Dorado".

    The Atoms of Language: The Mind's Hidden Rules of Grammar - Larry Trask assesses the evidence for Noam Chomsky's "Universal Grammar" as presented by Mark C. Baker.

    Boxmind - Superb online video lecture series featuring Steven Pinker, John Searle, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins and others.

    The Norms and Preferences Network - The Preferences Network is an interdisciplinary group headed by Herbert Gintis, an economist and Professor at the University Massachusetts, and Robert Boyd, an anthropologist and Professor at UCLA. There are working papers and internet resources here.

    Film Archive of Human Ethology - Archives of Films, Videos and photographies on the Ethology of Humans comparing different cultures

    Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses - Replicators are the fundamental units of any process of natural selection. They were first defined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as any entities of which copies are made. The concept of replicators has diverse applications in a variety of areas, including biology, sociology, linguistics, and philosophy.

    BBC Evolution Weekend: the Darwin Debate - Melvyn Bragg chaired a debate on the significance of evolution theory on human society.

    Wells-Pigliucci debate online in Real Video - A debate between Jonathan Wells, of the creationist Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture, and evolutionary biologist Massimo Pigliucci.

    Evolutionary psychology: An emerging integrative perspective within the science and practice of psychology by Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair - Evolutionary Psychology (EP) is an emerging integrative approach to the study of Human Nature, founded upon evolutionary biological theory and cognitive science. This article by Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair evaluates the theoretical foundations and implications of EP from a Scientist-Practitioner perspective.

    Emotions and Disease - The U.S. National Library of Medicine has mounted an online version of an exhibition which the library's History of Medicine Division produced "live" from November 16, 1996 to May 1, 1997 in conjunction with the Third International Congress of the International Society for Neuroimmunomodulation, held at the National Institutes of Health.

    The Evolutionary Psychology of Beauty - Synthetic beauties automorphed from 10 American females and 10 Japanese with a program developed by us which can create prototypes, analyze skin surfaces, symmetry and the complexity of almost any stimulus.

    World Database of Happiness - A continuous register of scientific research on subjective appreciation of life directed by Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Evolutionary Psychology at Cogweb - A very detailed, searchable site.

    'Dawkins vs. Gould' by Kim Sterelny reviewed by Herbert Gintis - Ginits provides a characteristically robust perspective on Dawkins vs. Gould.

    The Origins of Violence: Is Psychopathy an Adaptation? by Ian Pitchford - Violence has been attributed to many causes including mental illness, brain damage, child abuse, and social deprivation. This article provides a brief overview of some recent work on sociopathy and psychopathy and argues that models of violence, and explanations of violent acts such as rape and homicide, need to accommodate the possibility that a large proportion of such acts are committed by individuals whose psychology is very different to that of the general population.

    Archive of News in Brain and Behavioural Sciences - A review of the year's news and book reviews from the weekly newsletter on human nature.

    Managing the Tribe - An evolutionary perspective on mental illness, discussing depression and other disorders as part of the human design.

    Tomorrow's World - Stories - Evolutionary psychology explains why humans are attracted to verbally skilled partners.

    Mindship - Video interviews with Chris Frith, Karl Grammer, John Casti and many others.

    The biology of humour - Brain scans show that puns and other types of joke are deciphered in different parts of the brain.

    Did the caveman teach us to queue? - The cult of evolutionary psychology has received another boost with the theory we were born to queue. But can caveman behaviour really explain everything we do?

    Women's choice of men goes in cycles - Women are attracted to more hunky men at the most fertile time of their menstrual cycle - this may be part of an evolutionary explanation of infidelity.

    What makes a good rumour? - A rumour spread by a small radio station saw UK motorists trying to beat a phantom fuel blockade. What makes a rumour so successful?

    Skeptic's Dictionary: evolutionary psychology - An ill-informed critique of the field.

    Boxing clever - Great claims were being made for a new website showing off some of the world's biggest brains. But how useful is what they say?

    Paul Ehrlich: Human Natures - How much do our genes determine our behavior? Is there such a thing as "genetic destiny?" And is evolution merely a biological process, or is it a cultural process as well?

    Baboon key to human stress - The stresses and strains that afflict humans are evident in baboon societies - as are the long-term health effects.

    Human Genome Project - Who owns the map of the human body?

    Unlocking the brain's potential - Scientists think they have identified the part of the brain, which if switched off, can stimulate artistic genius, a BBC documentary shows.

    Brain region for understanding minds - Researchers in Canada identify the part of the brain that helps us understand the thoughts of other people.

    Egroups : evolutionary-psychology - Discussion group and archive.

    Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Online edition of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

    Brain learns while sleeping - Scientists working in Britain and Belgium say they've discovered what appears to be one of the most important functions of sleep.

    Evolutionary Psychology - The study of how our minds have evolved, and the traces left by that evolution.

    Pinker on 'The Language Instinct' - NPR audio interview.

    Evolutionary Psychology - An helpful outline of a course on evolutionary psychology.

    Evolutionary Psychology Challenges the Current Social Sciences - This article attempts to describe evolutionary psychology and the challenge it poses to traditional social science, and then discusses opportunities evolutionary psychology opens for Christian apologetics.

    Pinker on 'How the Mind Works' - NPR audio interview.

    Enter Evolution: Theory and History - These exhibits trace evolutionary thought as it has developed over time, pausing to ponder the contributions of scientists and thinkers including Aristotle, Darwin, Wallace, and many others.

    Evolutionary Psychology - Papers on Evolutionary Psychology.

    Evolutionary Theory - Entry at the Prinicpia Cybernetica.

    Language gene - NPR interview with Steven Pinker on the discovery of the first gene linked to speech and language.

    Esther Sternberg - Audio interview on NPR about the book The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions in which Sternberg looks at how researchers have uncovered the connection between mind and body.

    Evolutionary Psychology: An Elegant Solution - Evolutionary Psychology is a relatively new approach that treats the human mind as a product of evolution. According to EP, the human mind consists of mental modules that, like the body's organs, evolved to handle specific adaptive problems.

    Will Wilkinson / Tools / Research / Evolutionary Psychology - A short collection of links.

    Synaesthesia - Scientists are working to understand just how sensations are experienced and interpreted.

    Are Men Irrelevant? - NPR audio discussion between Lionel Tiger, Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University. Author, 'The Decline of Males' and Ronald Levant Dean and Professor, Center for Psychological Studies NOVA Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Author, Masculinity Reconstructed; Changing the Rules of 'Manhood-At Work, in Relationships, and in Family Life'.

    The Evolutionary Models in Social Science (EMSS) Web Bibliography - A very useful web bibliography.

    Sexual selection and the mind - A talk with Geoffrey Miller at The Edge.

    Internet Resources for Psychology, King Alfred's College - Internet Resources for Psychology, including evolutionary psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology.

    Monkey Math - What do experiments on mathematical ability in other species say about the fundamentals of math -- and of psychology?

    New neurons - Scientists at Princeton University have produced a research finding that goes counter to long-held wisdom about the brain. They discovered that new neurons are continually being added to the brains of adult monkeys, even to parts of the brain responsible for very high-level functioning.

    Decision Making - A discussion on the psychology of making the right call.

    Inside the Animal Mind - A superb website on animal intelligence.

    Physiological psychology - The award winning SALMON web site which contains support material for courses taught by Dr Paul Kenyon in the Department of Psychology, University of Plymouth , Devon, UK.

    Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization - Resources compiled by M.K. Holder.

    Chimpanzees and Romans--Why Animals and Humans Make War - Paleopsychologist/mass-behavior specialist Howard Bloom explains the animal instincts that drove the ancient Greeks and Romans to make war.

    Koen DePryck - Links to publications on evolutionary advantages of learning disabilities and other items.

    Animal Behavior, Comparative Psychology and Ethology Resources - Resources on animal behavior, comparative psychology and ethology; this class of behavioral adaptations are known as instincts that typically evolve over many generations.

    The Science of Sleep - Harvard researchers recently identified a "slumber switch" that tells us when to go to sleep. But why do we even need sleep? A discussion hosted by Science Friday.

    Stress and Disease - Audio discussion with Robert Sapolsky on the biology of stress.

    Human Culture, Human Mind - A discussion about the minds of innovators and whether technological advances are a mixed blessing featuring Howard Gardner and Robert Ornstein.

    Evolutionary explanations of human behaviour - A quiz.

    Pinker and the Brain - Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker plumbs the evolutionary origins of language and behavior while keeping his detractors at bay.

    Bio-Feminism Web Resources - A collection of resources compiled by Time.

    Biology of Aggression - An audio discussion of the role of genes in aggression.

    Behavioural genetics to get public scrutiny - The public is to be asked how scientists should investigate the possible link between genes and behaviour.

    Origins of Language - When did we first start talking and how did language evolve over the millenniums into the diverse form of communication it is today? An audio debate.

    The Science of Beauty - Nancy Etcoff, Doug Jones and Steve Gangestad discuss the science of beauty.

    Biology of Language - Steven Pinker and Myrna Gopnik in a Science Friday audio discussion.

    The Qualitative Genesis of all Principal Forms of Cognition - The development of all main forms of cognition up to inspiration and creativity. English/Deutsch.

    Darwin Wars: The Scientific Battle for the Soul of Man - Information about and from Andrew Brown's book on current debates between the Dawkinsians and the Gouldians over Dawkins' concept of the "selfish gene" and related matters.

    Science of Matriarchy - Science of Matriarchy hosted by Artemis Creations Publishing for the Matriarch's Way Journal Project. Books, papers, articles, images, essays, feme dominance, male submission, feme supremacy, evolutionary science, sex and reproduction, myth, free ebook.

    Evolution and Higher Cognition - A fascinating archive of papers from theorists at the cutting edge of evolutionary psychology.

    The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy - Wwb site of the debate between Sue Scott, Kenan Malik, Rita Carter and Christopher Badcock. There are useful links and contact information.

    CRSC "Wedge Strategy" Document - Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture allegedly seeks nothing less than the overthrow of materialism and its cultural legacies, according to this document widely circulated on the web.

    Learning and Dreaming - A Science Friday audio discussion on the science of dreaming featuring Robert Stickgold and Matthew Wilson.

    Doubting Thomas, "The Wedge" - The Wedge: A Christian Plan to Overthrow Modern Science?

    Discovery Institute's "Wedge project" Circulates Online - A recently-circulated position paper of The Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture (CRSC) reveals an ambitious plan to replace the current naturalistic methodology of science with a theistic alternative called "intelligent design".

    The Emotion Project at King's College London - Details of a three-year research project based in the Philosophy Department at King's College London, investigating the evolution of the emotions. Also contains details of international conference on emotion, evolution and rationality to be held at King's on 27-28 April 2002 (speakers include Antonio Damasio and Jon Elster).

    The Undiscovered Mind - A conversation with John Horgan on his dismissive views of contemporary research.

    Designer Babies - BBC Horizon web site.

    Brain Development - Marion Diamond and others on how genes and the environment work together to shape the young developing brain.

    An Anthropologist on Mars - A conversation with well-known neurologist Oliver Sacks.

    Discovery Channel: Stone Ages - feature highlights prehistoric human life, with stone age interactives, games, galleries and latest news about human evolution.

    Ancient Cannibalism - A report in Nature may settle once and for all a contentious debate in the world of anthropology.

    In Search of Human Origins: Classroom Ideas - Lesson Plans Introduce evolution, classify species, and write quizzes about early humans to get a better understanding of human origins.

    The Leakey Legacy - A discussion featuring Virginia Morrell, author of Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings.

    Cloning humans: Can it really be done? - Dr David Whitehouse, answers some questions about cloning and whether the technology can be made to work in humans.

    Eugenie Scott on Creationism - Kansas State University present the Landon Lecture series both in RealAudio format and in transcripts.

    Identifying the accident prone - Your personality could determine how likely you are to be involved in an accident, say researchers.

    When babies 'see' - Babies start to see complex objects in the same way as adults at the age of seven months, according to new research.

    Brain Plasticity, Language Processing and Reading - Information at the Society for Neuroscience website.

    Genetics, Ethics and Theology - Audio resources on genetics, ethics and theology.

    The original 'rock music' - Many Stone Age relics lying in our museums might not simply be tools but could also be musical instruments.

    Grandmothers' Role in Evolution - A study in the February 1998 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides an alternative to the theory that evolutionary success of humans is the result of male behavior.

    Scientists 'locate' intelligence - British and German scientists believe they have identified the specific area of the human brain responsible for intelligence.

    Secrets of the brain - The organ of thought is the subject of a major new BBC television series 'Brain Story'.

    The Journal of Mundane Behavior - Radio interview with the founder.

    Of mice and men - Discussion of genetic determinism.

    Nature/Nurture Debate - Audio discussion featuring Dean Hamer.

    Consciousness - Radio debate between Dennett, Chalmers, and Koch.

    The Feeling of What Happens - NPR audio interview with neurologist Antonio Damasio.

    Matt Ridley: The Evolution of a Darwinian - Article on 'Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters'.

    A Discussion with Matt Ridley - Audio interview - question and answer session.

    An Essay on Evolutionary Psychology - An interesting summary of some of the issues.

    shufflebrain - Quest for the biology of the mind. An interesting collection of popular articles and links on the human brain.

    The Art of Dementia - Are people with artistic ability born or made?

    Earliest evidence of art found - Archaeologists uncover evidence that early humans used paint for aesthetic purposes far earlier than previously thought.

    The Dance of Consciousness - In an audio interview, neuroscientist Walter J. Freeman discusses his view that consciousness springs from action.

    A finger on sexuality - Finger length may be an indication of sexual orientation, a study by Marc Breedlove has shown.

    Intraspecific Exploitative Mimicry in Humans - Humans have evolved to rely very heavily on cooperation with conspecifics. This web page presents the best possible explanation for this complex phenomenon.

    Sue Savage-Rumbaugh - Audio conversations with the noted primatologist.

    Creationism and Evolutionary Psychology - What is the Biblical perspective? A creationist broadcast on the evolutionary influence in psychology.

    William Calvin - Audio interview with the theoretical neurophysiologist at the University of Washington.

    Frans de Waal - An audio interview with the primatologist and author.

    Jared Diamond - An audio interview with the author, physiologist, evolutionary biologist and biogeographer.

    Margaret Hagen - Audio interview with an expert on visual perception.

    Orlando Patterson - Audio interview with the historical sociologist and Professor at Harvard University. He won the 1991 National Book Award for Freedom in the Making of Western Culture, appears regularly in The New York Times, Newsweek, and The New Republic. He also served as special adviser for social policy and development to Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley during the 1970's, was on the faculty at the London School of Economics, and has published three novels.

    Frank Sulloway - Audio interview with the visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, author of 'Born to Rebel'.

    Evolutionary Perspectives on the Behavior of Humans and Other Primates - Living Links is a center for the study of ape and human evolution at Emory University and the Yerkes Primate Center. Through behavioral, neurological, and genetic research on great apes - 'living links' to our past - we look to illuminate human evolution.

    Sex on the Brain - A National Public Radio Interview with Deborah Blum.

    Evolutionary cybernetics - A guide.

    Evolutionary psychology - A comprehensive evolutionary psychology must be able to deal with our future psychological evolution as well as our past. This paper begins the extension of evolutionary psychology to our future evolution.

    'Origins of War' by Richard Wrangham - Video presentation by a scientist who has has conducted extensive field research on chimpanzees and other mammals. He is widely respected, having received a number of fellowships and awards including the Royal Anthropological Institute Rivers Medal, and is quickly becoming one of the foremost field researchers and primatologists of our time.

    'Origins of Communication' by Dorothy Cheney - Video presentation by an authority on behavior, communication, and cognition of monkeys and apes, with a focus on the similarities and differences between human and primate communication.

    'Origins of Culture' by William McGrew - Video presentation. McGrew has written several books including, 'Chimpanzee Material Culture: Implications for Human Evolution' and 'Tool-use by free-ranging chimpanzees: The extent of diversity'.

    'Origins of Human Language' by Steven Pinker - Video presentation by the Director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT and one of the world's leading evolutionary psychologists. An expert in the field of linguistic theory, Dr. Pinker has done extensive research on language acquisition and development. Both controversial and thought provoking, two of his recent books, 'How the Mind Works' and 'The Language Instinct', were NY Times bestsellers.

    'Origins of Peace' by Frans de Waal - Video presentation by the Director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center, Emory University and the C.H. Candler Professor of Primate Behavior, Department of Psychology, Emory University. Dr. de Waal is a widely known and published expert in the field of primate behavior. He is the author of four best selling books including the recent 'Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape' and 'Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes'.

    Francis Fukyama - Ray Suarez in a conversation with the controversial author and political scientist.

    Psychological Anthropology - An Introduction to Psychological Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Human Mind.

    MFTSource Theory: Evolutionary Psychology - Theory Page on Evolutionary Psychology organizes useful clinical resources for working from this framework on a variety of issues and diagnoses.

    Andrew Brown on Evolutionary Psychology Online - A review in Salon.

    What is Evolutionary Psychology? - A useful tutorial on the basics.

    No Nobels, One Failure, a Few Regrets - How did the genius sperm-bank donors turn out?  by David Plotz - The strange story of The Repository for Germinal Choice as told by David Plotz in Slate magazine.

    So you think you're logical? - An online implementation of one of the most famous experiments in social/evolutionary psychology.

    Human evolution - Humans and chimpanzees are more closely related to each other than either are to gorillas.

    A tutorial on evolutionary psychology - PDF by Edward Hagen of UCSB.

    Talkin' 'bout my evolution - Dave Hill on the "new black of science fashion".

    Darwinian Evolution and Human History - The talk was broadcast on BBC Radio Three in association with the course, 'Science and Belief: Darwin to Einstein', 1980.

    Richard Wrangham - Audio interview with the Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University. His book 'Demonic Males' popularized ideas he has developed in scholarly research focused on the influence of ecology on the evolution of primate social behavior.

    The Ascent of the Mind - A review of a book by William Calvin.

    Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution - Edited by ANDREW LOCK Massey University, Palmerston

    The human species: our evolution and future - The human species in ecological perspective. A useful collection of links.

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