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    Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity at the GHCC - Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity at the GHCC (NASA). Learn about LIS, OTD, LMS, and other space based lightning detection instruments designed, built, and maintained by the Lightning Team.

    National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI) - National Lightning Safety Institute performs Consulting, Education, and Research relating to lightning hazard mitigation. Lightning exhibits random and unpredictable behavior. By adopting a proactive defense, safety levels can be improved and harmful consequences from the effects of lightning can be reduced.

    PolyPhaser units divert lightning and surge damage - A commercial site, but one of the best for lightning information, photos, and links. Some good info on the effects of lightning on power lines.

    PSPhotos Severe Weather Photography - Photos and videos of severe weather events including lightning, hurricanes, tornados and more. Also, chase accounts, informative links, viewers photos, breaking weather.

    Information Please: Lightning - A short brief on lightning lore, statistics, and safety tips.

    West Virginia Lightning - A compilation of a variety of educational resources, photos and sounds on lightning for all ages. Some excellent original photos.

    Global Atmospherics Lightning Detection - Global Atmospherics provides lightning and thunder storm detection equipment and services worldwide.

    Unisys Weather: RCM Radar Images - A wide variety of real time weather maps. This web site contains thousands of weather related images. As a result, links to these images are grouped by data type, image type and region.

    Florida Media Communications LIVE Lightning Tracker - Real-Time Lightning Detector - 300 mile radius From Tampa Florida.

    Weather Web - The Resource for Weather in the Net: Lightning Network. Live Lightning maps, data, and photographs.

    Lightning Prevention Systems - Manufactures and installs static dissipation systems: Grounding, surge protectors, and site inspections. Lightning protection for homes, buildings, towers, factories, petro facilities, and boats. Includes educational lightning section.

    Lightning: The Shocking Story - The science and the stories behind the bolts that strike our earth a hundred times every second. National Geographic report on lightning.

    USA Today - Lightning information index - Lightning information index. Lightning creates thunder. By definition, a thunderstorm has thunder, which means it has lightning even if you don`t see it. How lightning reaches the ground.

    Lyncole Industries, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, and installs the originally patented XIT Grounding System. Some good information here on grounding for lightning protection.

    All You Need to Know About Lightning - Detailed information, photos and video of lightning, thunder, sprites, elves, blue jets and myths and mythology and more.

    Suburban Thunder - High-resolution digitally recorded severe thunderstorm. Entire storm from start to finish on an hour-long CD. Recorded August 1998 in Tampa Florida.

    Lightning - Information about types of lightning, lightning mythology, and safety tips.

    Weather and Lightning Photography - About 5000 photographs of lightning, storms, sunsets, sunrises, rainbows and all types of clouds, carefully classified. Includes a guide to weather observation.

    The Strike - Closest 12 Stroke Lightning Strike Caught On Video - See the severe lightning damage caused to the tree. See the Strike Stills with frame by frame of sizzling action by the millisecond.

    EUCLID: European Cooperation for Lightning Detection - Information and links to lightning detection networks across Europe. View real-time maps of lightning activity in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Slovenia.

    Earthing Systems - Long tutorial on earthing (earth grounding) offers complete instructions for getting a low resistance, or when that is impossible, low impedance - even on solid rock. Explains lightning protection from a capacitance standpoint.

    Lightning Information Center - Melbourne, Florida. A resource of lightning information for east-central Florida.

    Graphite Sales, Inc. - USA manufacturer concentrates on purity of material instead of offering installation services. Free site engineering provides an economical alternative to a turnkey solution.

    About Earth Links (Ground Connections) - Do-it-yourself conductive-concrete grounding allows contractors, telcos, utilities, and other grounding-savvy companies to save by doing their own installations. Free support services are said to ease the way.

    Red Sprites and Blue Jets - Red Sprites and Blue Jets - upper atmospheric optical phenomena associated with thunderstorms that have only recently been documented using low light level television technology.

    Los Alamos Sferic Array for Lightning Studies - Lightning research using a ground-based array of low- frequency lightning electric field sensors. One data "product" is a daily map of lightning of a large portion of the contiguous United States.

    Lightning Links - Provides links to relevant news articles and other sites on lightning, photos, lightning variations, fulgerites, lightning victims, books, and research sites. An extensive and useful compilation. | The World's Lightning Experts - provides lightning and thunderstorm detection services online nationwide. Includes a real time lightning map of the US.

    Lightning Stalker - David O. Stillings' quest for the ultimate storm. Site includes lightning photos and information for photographers. - Van der Heide, Dutch manufacturer and system integrator of lightning protection and location equipment and related services. Offers online services for the Benelux region including lightning display, notification, analysis.

    The Kenerson Group - Your Custom GIS Solutions Provider - TKG provides lightning analysis software to use with data from Global Atmospheric Incorporated's National Lightning Detection Network. Computer-displayed maps allow analysis of facility exposure and correlation of faults to lightning.

    Flash Lightning - Animations, pictures and discussion of strange atmospheric or lightning phenomena.

    Understanding Lightning - Lightning is described, defined, and illustrated briefly. Discusses European research including lightning's preference for certain grounds. Covers Franklin rod, Faraday cage, and ionizing air terminals.

    Oklahoma Lightning - Lightning Photography by Charles Allison. Some nice photos of lightning.

    Ice Storm '98: A Case Study In Response - Case study of this largest natural disaster recorded in Canada including reports and interview, post-storm reports, deficiency reports and survey reports.

    whethernut's homepage - Weather site that includes lightning pictures, weather related pictures, favorite weather links, weather music.

    Photography of lightning and other phenomena - weather photography, halos, sunset/sunrise, rainbows, lightning, clouds, noctilucent clouds

    Boltek Lightning Detectors - Boltek StormTracker and LD-250 Lightning Detectors display lightning strikes live on a map of your area. Can detect and track thunderstorms up to 300 miles away, right from your personal computer.

    Strike One Lightning Photos - Artistic photographs of lightning in Australia with descriptions and safety tips. View and access photos via a map.

    Creative Lightning Postcards - Postcards of Lightning are available, 5 X 7 inches in size. Preview shows full color images of lightning in the Mojave Desert. Real photos of lightning with no computer enhancements show ligtning and the desert landscape.

    NOAA PHOTO Library - Weather (Lightning) - Some of the best lightning and severe weather photos on the net.

    Lightning's Hand - This page has lightning photographs, a description of the science of lightning (with simple graphics of charges), and links. It includes the "Top 10 Myths About Lightning," with an emphasis on personal protection.

    Savage Planet: Deadly Skies - How Lightning Forms - A Channel Thirteen presentation shows how lightning is formed and research with triggered lightning. The animation "A Cloud-to-Ground Strike" provides a clear basic understanding. There is access to other phenomena on this "Savage Planet" plus lightning links

    Ball Lightning - Nature magazine presents theory and experiments of New Zealand scientists indicating that ball lightning consists of the oxidation of nanoparticles of soil minerals.

    Sandia Laboratories - Triggered-lightning research from a U.S. Government laboratory, focusing on how to protect concrete buildings from the electromagnetic fields of lightning strikes.

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