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    MuPAD - Free computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computations. Library routines for linear algebra, integration, polynomials, graphics and more. Can generate and be called from C or Fortran code. Started in 1989 and used worldwide. [In English and Deutsch]

    GB and FGB - Software for solving algebraic equations: GB computes Groebner bases and FGB solves polynomial systems.

    Macaulay 2 - A new software system devoted to supporting research in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.

    Computer Algebra and Problem Solving Environments - Abstract for Stanly Steinberg's article in "Comparative CAS Reviews and Philosophy", suggesting 6 ways in which computer algebra systems could be improved.

    Mathscribe - Mathscribe is free dynamic graphing and modeling software for use in algebra classes. Lesson plans for linears and quadratics are included.

    Symmetrica - collection of routines, written in the programming language C, for doing computations in the representation theory of classical and symmetric groups, and related areas.

    Groups and Graphs - A software package for graphs, digraphs, combinatorial designs, and their automorphism groups.

    CLICAL - A calculator type computer program for vectors, complex numbers, quaternions, bivectors, spinors, and multivectors in Clifford algebras.

    CoCoA - A special-purpose system for computations in Commutative Algebra.

    Fermat - Computer algebra system that does arithmetic of arbitrarily long integers and fractions, symbolic calculations, graphics, and other numerical calculations. Free download. Documentation.

    RWCA'00 - Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra. Bregenz, Austria; 22--24 March 2000.

    Comparison of Polynomial-Oriented Computer Algebra Systems - By Robert H. Lewis and Michael Wester. Presented as a poster to the 1999 ISSAC Conference.

    Algebra Problem Solver - Personal Algebra Tutor - Enter your algebra problems and get instant step-by-step solutions with explanations.

    Macaulay - Macaulay is a computer algebra system for mathematical computations in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. At its core is a carefully tuned implementation of Grobner basis methods for manipulating systems of polynomial equations.

    CMAT - A matrix calculator program, written in C. Calculations can be performed on matrices with complex rational coefficients using exact arithmetic routines, as well as on matrices with elements mod p.

    Sheafhom - Tools for computation in the category of combinatorial sheaves. It is intended for research involving complexes of sheaves and the derived category.

    Derive for Windows - Compact, easy to use, reliable computer algebra software. It intelligently applies the rules of algebra, trigonometry, calculus and matrix algebra to solve a wide range of mathematical problems. This nonnumeric approach goes far beyond the capabilities of dedicated statistics packages and equation solvers that use only approximate numerical techniques.

    GiNaC: An open framework for symbolic computation within the C++ programming language - The name GiNaC is an iterated and recursive abbreviation for "GiNaC is Not a CAS", where CAS stands for Computer Algebra System. Its design is revolutionary in a sense that contrary to other CAS it does not try to provide extensive algebraic capabilities and a simple programming language but instead accepts a given language (C++) and extends it by a set of algebraic capabilities. It is published under the GNU Public License (GPL).

    FRISCO - A Framework for Integrated Symbolic/Numeric Computation - The FRISCO project aims to develop highly efficient, versatile polynomial solvers for industrial users.

    LAPACK -- Linear Algebra PACKage - written in Fortran77; provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems.

    SymbolicNet - Directory of links on Symbolic Algebraic Computation: Frequently Asked Questions, Live Demos, software for download, events, bibliography, research groups, researcher directory and more.

    MuPAD Research Group - University of Paderborn, Germany.

    Aldor - Originally an extension to Axiom, now a separate product. Binaries are available free for non-profit use, with documentation, tips, projects and links.

    Online Gröbner Basis Calculations - Online computation of reduced ideal bases.

    Algebra Word Problem Tutor:Miss Lindquist - The world's first web-delivered self-improving intelligent tutoring system able to tutor students in writing expressions for algebra word problems.

    KAN - Rings and Computer algebra software, part of OpenXM.

    LAPACK++: Linear Algebra Package in C++ - (v. 1.1a) a software library for numerical linear algebra; however, it does not include all of the capabilities of original f77 LAPACK.

    SINGULAR - a Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations with special emphasize on the needs of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory.

    Felix - Computer algebra system for computation in commutative and non-commutative rings and modules.

    AXIOM - Symbolic solver complete with a high-level interactive language, user extensible library and visualisation tool for the manipulation of graphical output. For Unix and Windows. No longer produced: support ceases at the end of 2001.

    WinCoCoA Home Page - A version of CoCoA for Windows.

    Combinatorial Representation Theory (CREP) - CREP is designed to deal with categories whose morphism spaces are finite-dimensional over a field k. The main example of a category with this property is the category of finite-dimensional representations of an associative unital k-algebra.

    ZEN - A toolbox for computation in finite rings.

    Vector Enumerator - A program by Steve Linton which constructs finitely-presented modules for finitely-presented algebras over certain fields and rings.

    HartMath - An experimental computer algebra system written in Java and available free under GPL.

    A Tutorial Introduction To AXIOM - By Martin N. Dunstan.

    MathPad - Scientific Matrices Calculator - Java applet based online Matrix calculation program for analyzing various simultaneous equations.

    Computer Algebra Benchmarks - Collated by Computer Algebra Fachgruppe, Mannheim.

    Computer Algebra Pages and Servers - A collection of links.

    GIAC - Is A Computer algebra system. A semi-classical CAS by Bernard Parisse, available for Windows, Linux.

    Seventh Meeting on Computer Algebra and Applications (EACA-2001) - The main goal of this series of Meetings on Computer Algebra and Applications (EACA) is to provide a forum for researchers on Computer Algebra as well as for researchers who essentially use these techniques in their investigations. Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain; 12--14 September 2001.

    RWCA'02 - Eighth Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra. Mannheim, Germany; 21--22 March 2002.

    MAS - The Modula-2 Algebra System - MAS is an experimental computer algebra system with algebraic specification capabilities for the design and study of algebraic algorithms. Downloads, documentation.

    JACAL - An interactive symbolic mathematics program. JACAL can manipulate and simplify equations, scalars, vectors, and matrices of single and multiple valued algebraic expressions containing numbers, variables, radicals, and algebraic differential, and holonomic functions. Linux RPM distribution.

    Math Forum - Algebra Software - Algebra software resources compiled by The Math Forum.

    Matrix Expression Templates (MET) - C++ matrix class library which promotes the notational convenience of linear algebraic codes. Free download.

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