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    Newton Basins - Introduction to basins of attraction for Newton's method and the fractals they form.

    Dynamical Systems Data Base - Data base of around 50,000 planar dynamical systems.

    Fractal Clouds Info - Fractal Clouds (i.e., made of water)

    Limit Sets of Kleinian Groups - Graphics, software.

    Dynamical Systems and Technology Project - An educational site on chaos and fractals.

    The Spanky Fractal Database - Large categorized index.

    Our Fractal Universe - A site devoted to covering many different aspects of fractals, such as mathematics, music, applications, image compression, and advanced math.

    Fractal Adventures - The purpose of this site is to help the beginner to create fractal images. An overview of programs is provided along with a program-related fractal Gallery.

    Fantastic Fractals - Tutorials for all ages, fractal-generated music and realistic landscapes. The Fantastic Fractals 98 software is available for download. Workshop, message boards, and discussion forum.

    Fractal Explorer - A fractal tutorial for beginners. Covers Mandelbrot and Julia sets, as well as 4D fractals. Also features an interactive fractal generator.

    Fractal Dimensions - An easy to comprehend mathematical approach to understanding the significance of the applied study of fractals

    The Computational Beauty of Nature - Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.

    Introduction to Fractal Lacunarity - Lacunarity is a counterpart to the fractal dimension, and describes the degree of gappiness of a fractal. It finds many uses in ecology, image analysis, etc.

    Fractal Screensavers - A site with two free Screensavers. Each is a fractal produced by a random number generator and a set of transformations.(Based on Barnsley's Chaos Game)

    The Chaos Game - This site outlines Barnsley's Chaos Game, in which a random number generator is used to produce various fractals.

    Fractals Unleashed - The most comprehensive website about fractals on the net. Contains enourmous amounts of information, including fractal applications, lots of Java applets and CGI programs, a well-organized gallery, and a fractal art contest. Download software and learn how to program fractal.

    Fractal Pages at - Enter the wonderful world of fractals - where mathematics meets art and music.

    Chaos Theory and Fractals - History of chaos as well as extensive information on Chaos Theory and fractals. Contains several pictures of fractals and links to other Chaos Theory and fractals pages.

    Fractal Seeks Wavelet - A research project for De Montfort exploring links between Fractals and Wavelets for 1D-Signals.

    Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Techniques, Algorithms and Applications - The IMA conference on Fractal Geometry will be held from 20-22 September 2000. The conference will be a forum for discussing the mathematical basis of fractal geometry, the computer implementation of fractal algorithms and their applications to modelling and analysing complex processes and patterns.

    efg's Computer Lab: Fractals & Chaos Page - Several Fractal and Chaos projects, including "Evolution of Mandelbrot Set," Fractal Discovery Lab, IFS images, Lorenz and other Strange Attractors.

    Fractal Journeys - a beautiful page of fractal imagery with a simple explanation of what it means to be fractal and sequences of images each of which record a journey down into an area of the Mandelbrot set - plus a key to indicate how each image was derived from the previous one.

    Center for Complex Systems Research - A research group which studies phenomena of systems with a large flow, such as turbulence, lightenings, and information flow on the internet. Uses nonlinear dynamics, neural nets, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and artificial life models to describe these complex systems.

    The Fractal Translight Newsletter - A News Letter of Fractals, Chaos, Art, Poetry and Graphics run by Roger L. Bagula.

    Fractals: Nature's Numbers? - This site explores the relationship between nature and numbers with fractals.

    What are Fractals? - Explanation of fractals, along with fractal art and uses.

    Mathematical Figures Using Mathematica - Robert M. Dickau's page. The "Fractals and Chaos" section has figures of attractors, L-systems in 2 and 3 dimensions, Sierpinski gaskets, bifurcation, and Julia and Mandelbrot sets. Includes Mathematica code.

    Mandelbrot Set Explorer - A Java applet for discovering interesting regions of the Mandelbrot Set.

    Fractal Map - A fun and addictive online Mandelbrot viewer.

    A Sketchbook on L-systems - Modeling and visualization of plants using parametric L systems.

    Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer - Clark University hosts incredible graphic images and links to fractal and other mathematical methods of imaging.

    Fractal Text - Turn words into fractals.

    Fractalized! - Java animations of different fractals, including the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

    Groupe Fractales - Research group at INRIA Rocquencourt. Research details, publications and software: FRACLAB, Algon, Xalpha, EASEA.

    3D Fractals using bicomplex dynamics - Fractals you've never seen before: The Tetrabrot is the bicomplex generalization of the Mandelbrot set as realized by Dominic 'Ramdam' Rochon. Articles, pictures, news and other cool stuff to download.

    Fractals by Paul Bourke - Images of several attractors, some Newton Raphson method fractals, L systems and more. Includes programs and explanations how to write such programs.

    The Mandelbrot and Julia sets Anatomy - A virtual investigation with interactive, animated fractals, articles and fractal math equations.

    Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee - Computer Generated Fractal Images -- plus an exhaustive list of fractal generators, galleries featuring fractals, and other fractal related information, such as the "Fractal Census".

    IFS Attractors - Index to Named Fractals

    Chaos Theory Resources - Fractals - Directories - Links - A Directory of Internet resources on chaos theory and fractals.

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