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    The Non-Linear Lab - An excellent page covering many aspects of chaos and appliations of nonlinear math. Uses interactive Java applets to illustrate concepts and allows users to experiment.

    Nonlinear Sites - A list of links to non-linear, chaos and turbulence sites.

    Online Chaos Course - A 5-part interactive and nontechnical introduction to chaos physics and chaotic motion in classical and quantum mechanics.

    The Chaos Experience - Nontechnical information on chaos, including demystification of terminology and some applications to everyday life.

    Chaos at Maryland - Impressive chaos page by the University of Maryland's Chaos Group. Chaos papers, gallery, database, abstracts, software, book recommendations, more.

    Adapting Science to Chaos and Complexity Theory, Chaotic and Complex Dynamical Systems - The Heisenburg uncertainty principle, given chaos and complexity theory, limits experimentation. Optimizing science against chaotic and complex dynamical systems requires new math, based on the logic of evolution, instead of on non-linear functions of rational measurement. Here's one proposal--new mathematics and metaphysics specifically designed for chaos theory and complex systems.

    Dynamical Systems Home Page - Conference listings, survey articles, open problems, people, jobs, and seminars.

    AUTO WWW Site - The official WWW site for AUTO, the Continuation and Bifurcation Software for Ordinary Differential Equations. Topics include Bibliography, Documentation, Download, and more.

    Chaos: Making a New Science (James Gleick) - An excerpt from the award-winning bestseller that brought the forefront of chaos research to public eye for the first time (includes link to bookstore site)

    Dynamical Systems and Technology Project - A project designed to help secondary school and college teachers of mathematics bring contemporary topics in mathematics (chaos, fractals, dynamics) into the classroom.

    A Farewell to Chaos - A conception of decimal numbers that shows the birth of a new dimension in a natural phenomenon, and the inevitable and simultaneous surge of chaos. With this conception, fractal dimensions of Mandelbrot become more general than the whole dimensions with coordinates, and the paradoxes of Cantor's infinite numbers vanish.

    The Computational Beauty of Nature - Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.

    Feigenbaum Constants - An excellent description of the Feigenbaum constants.

    CompLexicon - A cross-referenced guide to the concepts, terminology, and key figures of modern dynamics, the main tools used to investigate complexity in nature.

    Applied Chaos Lab - The applied chaos laboratory (ACL) of Georgia Tech does research covering a broad range of analysis and application of chaotic behavior and related phenomena.

    Emergence of Chaos - Demonstration of how chaos emerges following a change in a parameter.

    Classical And Quantum Chaos - Lecture notes on periodic orbits: A comprehensive webbook.

    The Feigenbaum Fractal - Complete run-through of the Feigenbaum fractal.

    The Chaos Hypertextbook - Mathematics in the age of the computer. The theory behind the sumptuous images and technical jargon of chaos, fractals, and nonlinear dynamics. Simple experiments for programmable calculators, instructions for drawing fractal images, the meanings of dimension, and more.

    sci.nonlinear FAQ - Version 1.5 (Sept. 2000) of the Frequently Asked Questions document for the newsgroup sci.nonlinear.

    The Fractal Music Project - Claus-Dieter Schulz shows how to make nonlinear mathematics hearable.

    Applied Chaos Tutorial - Evolving web text.

    Chaos Research Group - The Chaos Research Group studies deterministic chaos and nonlinear dynamics in engineering systems.

    An experimental approach to nonlinear dynamics and chaos - This book provides an elementary introduction to the basic theoretical and experimental tools necessary to begin research into the nonlinear behavior of mechanical, electrical, optical, and other systems.

    Chaos Theory: Complexity and Chaos - Chaos theory books, and links to other chaos theory sites.

    Chaos in Chemical Systems - Presented by the Chemical Kinetics group, University of Leeds.

    Nonlinear Dynamics - A comprehensive listing of nonlinear dynamics pages.

    Continued Fractions and Chaos - An activated text by Robert Corless.

    Chaos Theory without the Math - History of Chaos Theory and details of its inner workings without the math.

    Visual Math Institute - Nonprofit research institute devoted to mathematics, dynamical systems theory, chaos theory, applications, and education.

    Crawling Chaos Labs - Research labs devoted to Chaos Mathematics and Fractal Topology in 3+ dimensions.

    Chaos Mathematics - Mathematics Consulting - Catatrophe Vanda, 1:10 trillion. Mathematics of the chaos traces a fantastic equation that reveals the Universe. Five theorems reveals the Universe and they change the traditional thought.

    Chaos Theory - An Introduction to Mathematical Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry, by Manus J. Donahue III.

    Fractional Sanity - Chaos Theory - A brief introduction to the theory and ideas behind chaos and fractals.

    Climate Dynamics, Chaos and Quantum Mechanics - A theory of everything for chaos,quantum mechanics and gravity applicable to subatomic dynamics as well as turbulent fluid flows.

    Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences - Membership information, publications, meetings, tutorials, other resources.

    6th Experimental Chaos Conference - July 22- July 26, 2001. Potsdam, Germany.

    A Visual Exploration of the Bifurcation Diagram - In-depth analysis of the logistic map and bifurcation diagram.

    Sequences, Bifurcations and Cycles - Diagram cycles for sequences and series. Six (6) parameters for visualization. Free. Applet and programs for Windows, Mac OS9 and Mac OSX.

    Billiards and Chaos Theory - An interactive applet that shows billiard motion in various shaped tables.

    A Beginner's Guide to Chaos - A guide to fractals and chaos for the beginner with a fractal art gallery.

    Quantum-like Chaos in Prime Number Distribution and in Turbulent Fluid Flows - A.M. Selvam, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

    Chaos Metalink - The Chaos MetaLink is a resource for the Chaos community and all those interested in Chaos and things fractal. Bringing Chaos to the Web since 1995.

    Chaos Theory and Education - Describes how chaos theory can be applied to education and teaching.

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