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    Famous Curves Index - Curves you've heard of and curves you haven't, from Astroid to the Witch of Agnesi.

    Recreational Mathematics (David Eppstein) - An extensive list of web resources for recreational math.

    EFF Cooperative Computing Awards - Between $100,000 and $250,000 will go to the first individual or group who discovers a new prime number above 10 million digits.

    Mathematics for Fun - Interactive math pages including java Kali and a page on the world's largest prime.

    Bamdad's Math Comics Page - A collection of math-related comics and cartoons.

    Mathematische Basteleien - Topics include Flexagon, Soma Cube, Pentominos, Cube-it, Rubik's Cube, Froebel's Star, Tangram, House of Santa Claus, Chronogram, Numeric Palindromes, Latticework of Letters. English/German.

    A Disproof of Pythagoras' Theorem? - A method of disproving the Theorem of Pythagoras is presented. The author is adamant that this is intended only as a puzzle to find the mistake in the arguments, and not as a serious proposal.

    Mathematics Museum (Japan) - At Mathematics Museum (Japan) you would be surprised how interesting mathematics is. You will find exhibition rooms produced by Japanese researchers and educators.

    Mathematrix - Mathematrix is a web site devoted to exploring mathematical recreations - the more entertaining (and generally lesser known) areas of mathematics. This site can be enjoyed by anyone, from individuals with little or no math background to professors of the subject.

    Mathematical Quotation Server - Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server - random or searchable math quotes.

    Math Doodle - Sells t-shirts and mugs with mathematical proofs printed on them including the Divine Section and the volume of a sphere.

    Eureka - The annual journal of the Archimedeans, the mathematical society of the University of Cambridge. It regularly contains articles on recreational mathematics.

    Scott Kim - Puzzles for web, computers, and print.

    Table of Numbers Problem - Given a m * n rectangle, place all numbers from 1 to mn that minimizes the sum of the products of rows and columns (both in Spanish and English).

    The Sound of Mathematics - Algorithmic music determined by mathematics and by the musical preferences of a human. General MIDI files.

    Maths Quiz 2000 - A contest to be played on the internet on 17 October as part of the World Mathematics Year.

    Mathematical Spectrum - Mathematical Spectrum is a magazine for students and teachers of mathematics in universities, colleges and schools worldwide. It may be read by anybody interested in mathematics as a recreation.

    Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion - A table to convert any number from 1 to 255 to Hexadecimal.

    Iamond - A page on polyiamond puzzles. Includes many pages on tessellation.

    Roman Numerals - Contains a introduction to Roman numerals including a translation of the digits used and a convertor which can convert decimal to Roman numerals and vice versa.

    The Snarking of the Hunt - Visitors are invited to analyse the verses to discover mathematical puzzles and riddles. They are invited to offer solutions.

    Fun With Mathematics - Includes pages on the topics of primes, fibonacci numbers, PI computation, data encryption and links to calculator programs.

    Recreational Mathematics Forum - A forum for posting messages about math recreations. Hosted at Delphi.

    The Aesthetics of Symmetry - A brief digression into how we perceive symmetrical patterns -- what makes them boring, interesting, or overly intricate

    World of Numbers - Contains a collection of randomly gathered numbers, curios, puzzles, palindromes and primes.

    Mathematical Fiction - A list of mathematical fictional movies, books, stories, plays and shows. Split into categories including children's books. Can be sorted by mathematical content and literary quality.

    MAA Library List in Recreational Mathematics - Book list split into categories. Includes title, author, publisher and date information about each book.

    Alphametics and Cryptarithms - Cryptarithms are puzzles in which letters or symbols are substituted for the digits in an arithmetical calculation. If a cryptarithm utilizes letters in place of the digits, and these letters form sensible words or phrases, the puzzle is termed an alphametic.

    Soft T-shirts with Beautiful Math Images - MathImage t-shirts have artistic math graphs and equations in soft and brilliantly colored sublimation images (even after a hundred washes).

    Gathering for Gardner - Contains math, puzzle, geometry, illusions, mazes, links, articles and problems.

    Math Cats - A magic chalkboard takes you to a math art gallery and lots of interactive math activities, including: magic squares, conversions, seasonal surveys, symmetry, tessellations, geometric designs, games.

    Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section in Nature - Puzzles and things to do, for schools, teachers, colleges up to university level students, or just for recreation.

    Math in the Movies - A guide to major motion pictures with scenes of real mathematics.

    Wade Edward Philpott - Profile and description of his mathematical games and puzzles.

    Wade Edward Philpott Collection - A special collection at the University of Calgary Library.

    Books and Articles on Mathematical Recreations - Information on list includes titles, authors, publishers and paperback or hardcover.

    Pocket Calculator - Online calculator, written in Java. Includes Square root button and number memory. Source code can be downloaded.

    Sir Roger Penrose - A article about him and his interests and contributions to recreational mathematics.

    Ken Duisenberg's Puzzle of the Week Archives - Challenging puzzles and problems.

    Who Can Name the Bigger Number? - An essay by Scott Aaronson on the quest for ever-bigger numbers, from exponentials to Busy Beavers.

    On the Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers - This is an article on a set of didactical games edited by the Portuguese Mathematical Society (SPM)

    A Primer on Cryptarithmetic - Instructions, examples, references and links.

    The Chaos Hypertextbook - The theory behind the sumptuous images and technical jargon of chaos, fractals, and nonlinear dynamics. Simple experiments for programmable calculators, instructions for drawing fractal images, the meanings of dimension, and more.

    Mudd Math Fun Facts - An archive of interesting math facts for use in the classroom or just for fun. Browse by subject, difficulty, keywords, or try the "random" feature. Based at Harvey Mudd College.

    Fair Dice - Contains a complete list of all possible Fair Dice, most of which are not cubes. Includes pictures.

    Rite Item - Geometrical shareware software. Anyangle (Windows/DOS) finds answers to problems involving triangles. Partydot creates patterns. - Celebrates math puzzles and Mathematical Recreations.

    MathPro Online: Online Reference to Mathematical Problems - database currently contains 20,945 math problems from 38 journals and 21 contests

    Geometric Packing Problems - By Joseph Malkevitch: "Given one shape X how and when can one pack identical copies of this shape into another shape Y?"

    Clever Games for Clever People - Games that interest John Conway including Rim and Traffic Jam.

    Impossible Constructions and Other Optical Illusions - Impossible constructions between mathematics and art (in German).

    The Nine Digits Page - Puzzles and problems connected with numbers using the digits 1-9.

    Mathematik - Individual pages on different topics in Mathematics. Examples : group theory, dynamical systems theory, geometry or number theory.

    Puzzle Fun - On-line newsletter edited by Rodolfo Kurchan about polyominoes and other puzzles.

    U of T Mathematics Network - Includes interactive games, problems and puzzles including the Monty Hall Problem and the Tower of Hanoi and questions pages with answers and discussion.

    Mathematical Diversions - Mostly original diversions in mathematics and word play.

    Recreational Mathematics - Links collected at CAMEL, the Canadian Mathematical Society website.

    Bob's Positive Integer Pages - Various articles about positive integers, including an alternative number system that avoids the digit and number zero, a look at number systems and at the concept of zero.

    Logic Puzzles - Collection of original numerical-logic puzzles. Many are long and difficult, involve sorting and comparing long lists and are intended to be solved using a good spreadsheet program.

    Mathematical Problems - Problem Solving - Mathematics Hots (Problems) by Bruno Kevius

    MAT 007 I News Information - A recreational mathematical newsletter edited by undergraduates of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto and printed bioccasionally (twice annually).

    Cross Sums - Cross-number puzzles with viewing software for Windows.

    Alphametic Puzzles - Nmerous puzzles, links, puzzle solver, and a generator.

    Recreational Mathematics - University of Newcastle, Australia. Pages, links.

    REC: Recreational and Educational Computing - A newsletter/magazine with programs, including optional supplemental PC disk. All back issues are available. Topics include puzzles & teasers, BASIC programming, math, letters, graphics, fractals, challenges, recreation, reviews, word-play, humor, tips, solutions, and Mathemagical Black Holes.

    Treasure Troves : Book List - Book list including titles, authors, publishers, prices, page count and some have links to

    The rec.puzzles Archive - This newsgroup archive is a list of puzzles, categorized by subject area. Each puzzle includes a solution, compiled from various sources, which is supposed to be definitive.

    Properties of Dice - Polyhedral dice and their properties.

    Recmath - Includes pages on magic squares and polyomino patterns and contains related java applets.

    Challenging Mathematical Problems - Contains algebra, geometry, number theory, inequalities, Combinatorics, probability and analysis problems. Includes hints but no solutions.

    Back to Square One - Includes description, solutions and other resources on this cube-like puzzle.

    Alphametics Page - Compiled by Mike Keith. Examples of various genres.

    Contest Center Cryptarithms - Examples of cryptarithms, with prize competitions for subscribers.

    Mathematical Lego Sculptures - Designed and built by Andrew Lipson. Images and LDraw files.

    Cryptarithms Online - 70 brain-teasers; a Primer on Cryptarithmetic; books and links to alphametics on the Web.

    Rubik's Cube Lecture Notes - Notes on the mathematics of the Rubik's cube.

    Group Games - Animations that develop the theory behind such puzzles as the Rubik cube.

    Critical Math - Articles and images on recreational math from fractals and magic squares to mathemorchids and Galois.

    HAKMEM - A collection of problems from MIT. Work reported herein was conducted at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research program.

    David Singmaster: List of Available Material - Teaching and recreational items in this personal collection.

    Math Forum: Algebra Problem Search - Try to solve the Algebra Problem of the Week and search this week's algebra problem or those of previous weeks.

    Mathletics - a complete mathematics resource - Mathematics, puzzles, conversions, areas, volumes, integration and other mathematics based resources. The puzzles range from the medium to hard difficulty level.

    Origami Mathematics - Information on the mathematics of paper folding.

    Zoma's Land O'Logic - Home of a logic puzzle called "Who Rode the Goat?". Includes Solution.

    Gardner Index - Rough index to the fifteen books containing Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games articles from Scientific American.

    Mathematical Induction - A page of uncommon problems, most closely connected with number theory.

    Mathematical Poetry - A Small Anthology - A fascinating selection of poems by various poets based on the seemingly incongruous aesthetic and theme of mathematics.

    Narcissistic Numbers - Those that are representable, in some way, by mathematically manipulating the digits of the numbers themselves.

    The Puzzling World of Barry R. Clarke - Original brain teasers, recreational mathematics articles and Puzzle Forum from Daily Telegraph (UK) compiler.

    The Eugène Strens Recreational Mathematics Collection - A special collection at the University of Calgary, including the archives of Martin Gardner. There is a searchable online index.

    Recreational Mathematics Topics - By Steven Dutch. Symmetry, Crystals, Polyhedra and Tilings; Pythagorean triplets and other things about sums of powers; Geometry Classics.

    Mathematical Quotation Server - A collection of mathematical quotations culled from many sources. You may conduct a keyword search through the quotation database.

    Mathematics in Art and Architecture - An interdisciplinary course on mathematics in art and architecture.

    Journal of Recreational Mathematics - A journal devoted to the lighter side of mathematics. Recent abstracts are available free, articles may be purchased.

    Spirograph - A java applet for creating Spirograph images.

    A Mathematician's Aesthetics - In his classic A Mathematician's Apology, G. H. Hardy likened mathematics to poetry and painting. This site elaborates on Hardy's remark with quotations from Stevens, Klee, Fry, Focillon, etc. Links to related sites are given.

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