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    ORNL Image Science Research - Contributions to science and technology from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Image Science and Machine Vision Group. Application areas described on this site include biological sciences (e.g., mammography and tomography), law enforcement and forensics, military applications, and measurement and controls for industry.

    Acquisition of (Physiological) Images - Electronic imaging.

    Center for Imaging Science - Five U.S. universities in partnership to enhance the science of image understanding in a variety of research endeavors. R&D to create automated understandings of complex real-world scenes including imaging in the biomedical, planetary and defense areas.

    Imaging Science Foundation - Establishing new standards and methodologies for the video and home theater industry.

    Millennium Technology Inc. - Medical imaging company focusing on the manufacture and sale of MRI systems.

    MEG, EEG and the Integration with Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) - A Ph.D. thesis on the integration of various brain imaging techniques, like MEG, EEG, MRI and PET (by H.J. Wieringa, 1993).

    3D Nonlinear Inversion via Entropy of Image Contrast Minimization - A novel approach to 3D acoustic/seismic tomography of stratified media (nonlinear inversion of wave equation), based on a semblance in an image space rather than in a space of input data: a few novel notions, strategies, algorithms- including RGA-algorithm for global optimization.

    PseudoGrey - This page provides an overview of the pseudoGrey concept, which allows the accurate encoding and decoding of 1786 levels of grey within a 24-bit color image. A text description, sample images, and source code to a Java test program are all included.

    Thermal Vision - World wide firm providing thermal imaging services, based in Ireland. Excellent examples of imaging.

    Computerized NDT - Tomography - Industrial tomography 2D and 3D tomograms.

    Vipera Systems, Inc. - Developing a patented technology for a dual IR/visible endoscope and borescope, compatible with several off the shelf IR cameras.

    Bio-Imaging Research, Inc. - Designers and markers of industrial x-ray inspection imaging systems.

    I-cube Image Analysis / Image Processing - Image analysis and image processing systems integrator and value added reseller of imaging products including frame grabbers, digital cameras, software and image analysis workstations.

    Retinex Image Processing - Provides description and examples for the new non-linear image enhancement technique called the Multi-scale retinex.

    LemnaTec GmbH - Automatic evaluation of biotests by image-processing. Fast, accurate, reproducible, cost-effective By LemnaTec.

    High Performance Cost Effective Infrared Imaging Cameras - Thermal imaging cameras which have high accuracy, are radiometric (measure temperatures) and are computer driven for easy use are presented. Cost considerations combined with value are key design parameters.

    Linescan Camera - Linescan camera systems with easy computer interfacing. Systems for automation and spectral diagnostics in the UV, visible and IR range.

    Welaptega Marine, Ltd. - A subsea engineering support firm specialising in marine imaging technologies for the offshore petroleum industry. The Digital Chain Measuring System uses digital imaging for remote inspection of offshore mooring chains.

    Video Imaging Borescope - Videoborescope for inspection of turbines, building forensic investigations and utilities.

    Roper Scientific, Inc. - The world's leading manufacturer of high-performance CCD and ICCD digital camera systems designed for biological sciences, physical sciences, spectroscopy, and x-ray detection.

    Image and Color Coding - Frequently Asked Questions and articles on various image and color coding techniques and issues.

    Soft Imaging System GmbH - Image analysis software and hardware for machine vision, image processing, medical imaging, biometric and metallographical applications. Soft Imaging System develops analySIS, the software package for image acquisition, processing, analyzing, archiving.

    Biocom: Universal Laboratory Imaging - Biocom's originality is to offer hardware and software complete solutions in image analysis.

    Pixel Devices International, Inc - Designs and produces low noise, high quality, image sensor products implemented in CMOS technology.

    Pinnacle Visions - High performance vision products and solutions for image acquisition and machine vision by Pinnacle Vision.

    Clinical Imaging Processing - Image processing software for medical researchers.

    SAMx - A microanalysis company designs software packages for microprobes, SEM and TEM, EPMA automation software, thin film applications. Also, develops and markets an EDS hardware and software package and imaging software for video signals (SE, BSE) and X-ray maps (quantitative maps). A USB Pico amp meter device is also available.

    Itronics Imaging Technologies - High speed digital camera systems for motion analysis. On-line store, quick quotes and rental. Representing Roper Scientific MASD, Redlake, Cooke Corporation and more.

    FOCUS - Intelligent Infrared Sensor System on the International Space Station (ISS) - Technical demonstrator for autonomous on-board hot event detection, combined high resolution imaging, spectrometric sounding of fires and volcanoes on the International Space Station.

    K-Space Associates, Inc. - Scientific Imaging systems.

    BioImaging Systems - Gel documentation systems and imaging and analysis software. UVP designs, CCD cameras, image acquisition and analysis software for chemifluorescence, chemiluminescence, fluorescence and visible light imaging.

    Optical Imaging Lab at Texas A&M University - Develops new optical imaging related techniques which have potential applications in biomedical science.

    Edge Detection - About a new method for image edge detection.

    'X-Ray Technology' at Keele University - Microfocal x-radiographic imaging of electronic components, adhesives, catalysts, composites, foods, beverage containers and turbine blades. Resolution is 5 microns, magnification is upto 200 times and coatings of 0.2 micron thickness can be detected.

    Image Solutions OnLine - Expertise in Scientific Imaging - Experts in imaging system consultancy and design. Design and build best of breed solutions to all of imaging problems.

    Aaroflex, Inc. - Manufacturer of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager(TM), a machine which creates three-dimensional physical models representing Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) files.

    Nuclear Interface - Offers complete solutions for the PET (Positron Emission Tomography) laboratory. Targetry, synthesizers, quality control, hot cells and dispensing units.

    Digirad - Gamma cameras for nuclear medicine imaging and solid state nuclear medicine technology by Digirad.

    Rad-icon Imaging Corporation - Design and manufacturing of high-performance Radiation Image Sensors and Cameras utilizing CMOS image sensor technology.

    BIOQUANT Image Analysis Software - Includes neuroanatomy, bone histomorphometry, biomaterials, stereology, 3-D modeling, toxicology, pathology, cell biology, and time-lapse imaging. []

    Clarte Imaging Solutions, Inc. - Imaging equipment consulting firm specializing in IMAGEQA standardized testing programs for cardiac cath fluoroscopy, digital, and cine image quality characteristics. Provides recently adopted NEMA-SCA&I cardiac fluoro benchmark phantom testing.

    Kinetic Imaging, Ltd. - Suppliers of scientific / bio imaging software and systems. Applications include: genetics and toxicology, tissue and cell culture quantification and live cell, ultrasound and dynamic imaging.

    BCC Microimaging, Inc. - Offers microscopy consulting, confocal microscopy, image processing, digital micrographs, stock images, imaging software, and labeled antibodies for mapping cell structures and oxidative DNA damage.

    Visual Communication - Rigorously extends information theory to the optimization of end-to-end imaging systems to provide the best possible pictures for the least data.

    Soft Imaging System - Image analysis software and hardware for machine vision, image processing, medical imaging, biometric and metallographical applications.

    Scanalyzer HTS - Product and software does screening for biotests and assessment of plant damage. Explains speed, use and capabilities of instruments and software.

    Datascan - A free, public-domain "open source" data analysis program in Java, for the analysis of images, especially images from scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM, etc.).

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