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    Mountain Math Software - Free software and free speculation.

    Curt Renshaw's Physics Page - the Radiation Continuum Model of Light

    Archimedes Plutonium - descriptions of "Atom Totality" and other theories

    Gravity: A link between electricity and gravity - Gravity as a pseudo force

    Time will tell - An essay about the nature of time.

    Free Energy from Keelynet - Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health

    The Incunabula Papers: Ong's Hat and other Gateways to New Dimensions - The on-line account of renegade researchers who broke the dimensional barriers and were pursued by the "powers that be" because of it. Told through the person of investigative reporter Joseph Matheny who discovered their story years later.

    The Physics of Electromagnetic Masses - [book review] Book that challenges fundamental principles of modern electromagnetic field theory and unveils a new model for electromagnetic masses as they move from the point of origin out into space.

    Time Travel Research Center - A company dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time and time travel capabilities.

    The Nature of Existence - A detailed, ex nihilo model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by the consensus of informed opinion - in experimental physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

    How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud? - Series of pieces on: atom bomb as empiricism, not science/ myth of 'superfluid helium'/ problems of detecting tiny particles/ Heisenberg/ anti-relativity paper which was unanswered - explains gravity as an inertial phenomena

    Walter Russell's Physics / Cosmogeny - Alternative Physics Concepts Images and Links of Walter Russell

    An Alternative to Modern Physics - This idea postulates that, as all energy has mass, wave and particle must constitute, at the fundamental level, a single dynamic entity oscillating between states, these oscillations occuring at each point of inflexion along the axis of wave propagation. This gives a simple solution to the duality paradox with many ramifications.

    The Swedish Association for New Physics - A non-profit association aiming to be a forum for research at the border of or outside established scientific paradigms.

    Spatial Dimensionality - Discussion of alternative view of space and time.

    Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge - Alternative science and philosophy.

    Time and Gravity Control, Free Energy - Experimental proposals, projects and theories.

    Prime Mover - Article about the prime mover (generator) that drives the universe, and how it influences the very fundamentals of science.

    Timeless Physics - new physics explains in simple terms the paranormal including: ESP, the creation, spirits, God, astrology, gravity, ghosts, reincarnation, memory, religion, healing, predictions, psychics, learning, hypnotism

    Theories with Problems: by Keith Mayes - Examination of theories in physics from the Big Bang to Quantum Theory, time travel, superluminal speed and Time itself.

    Space Plasmas and Radiation Processes - Inconsistencies in present theories and alternative solutions

    UTTU physics (Unity is Totality, Totality is Unity) - From the beggining I would like to mention that this thessis does not contradict the laws of nowadays physics, but it gives them a larger interpretation, from a different point of view. It makes possible to interpret the phenomena and experiments unexplained till now. This thessis is the result of more than 20 years of study on different subjects.

    Structure of the Solar System - Derives structure of the Solar System from numerical and geometrical relations and from some microscopic physics.

    The Solid Universe - The universe is a crystalline solid. Empty space is the solid. All forms of matter, energy, and forces are waves,or perturbations, or ripples, or vibrations in that solid.

    Truth Unification - This site explains science of pursuit, which studies all kinds of pursuit behaviors. Universe is explained as a "perfect action pursuit system". Other pursuit systems can also perfect their systems by following these axioms.

    A Novel Nuclear Reactor - A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

    Gravity on the Internet - A logical and intuitive explanation of gravity as a push, not a pull.

    Energy Misdefined - New mathematical test of energy definition shows that original concept was incorrect.

    Gravity Research by Morton F. Spears - Provides downloadable reports on a new approach to understanding gravity based on electrostatic relationships and the permittivity of open space.

    Fundamental Proof of Static Nuclear Structure - This paper details a conclusive proof of static nuclear structure. A theory on the electrons is also presented which is derived from the theories of Planck and Einstein.

    The Science of Miracles - Revolutionary spectral theory of the atom explains particle and wave nature of light, Unification Theory, creation of the universe, UFOs, OOBEs, NDEs, Shroud of Turin, psychic abilities, consciousness, unexplained phenomena.

    A New Approach to the Origins of Matter - Interstellar space designated by the term ether is not empty and uniformly occupies an infinite space.

    Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages) - Weird Research, Anomalous Physics

    Less than hypothetical physics - Contains information on light, prime numbers,space-time and many of my own ideas on these subjects.

    On The True Structure of the Solar System - Contains what has not been said. With elements for its verification.

    Shade Tree Physics - Articles on Newtonian physics applied to astronomy and cosmology. Emphasis on works of Walter Ritz. Anisotropic quasar redshift histograms. Index of early bremsstrahuung journal articles. Commentaries and URLs dealing with Velikovsky.

    Einstein Conspiracy - Conspiracy to suppress history of alterantive physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton through the missing link of 18th century genius Boscovich.

    Alternative Answers - Mars, Moon, and space anomalies.

    A new look at the Basic Laws of the Universe - Description of physics based on discrete time and space and their effect on the basic laws of Physics including the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

    UEF Theory - Analyses of outstanding physics problems in many disciplines - with some surprising results.

    DiskFlight: The study of disk-shaped aircraft design. - Join in the quest for flying saucers of our own. Responsible physics. Study, counter-rotation, right-angle turns, attitude control through gyroscopy, ribbon propellers. Free newsletter.

    Gravitational Force Vectoring - We will be able to create gravity in the context of the conservation of energy and quantum mechanics.

    Scientific Materialism / The Derivation of All Science from Newtonian Contact ForcesAlternative Physics Based On Particles' Internal Energy Model - Commonsense alternative explanations of so called relativity effects and many other phenomena.

    Rotor Systems - When excentric masses at spiral tracks are accelerated and decelerated, additional kinetic energy will be available at the output

    Dinosaur extinction - The gravitational hypothesis - An original, serious and well-argued theory explaining dinosaur extinction, especially why dinosaurs disappeared when reptiles survived! What all other thories are unable to explain.

    Foundation Physics - This work is based on an elementary particle, the P-Particle, and includes amongst other topics, discussions of relativity, origin of background radiation, nature of black holes and the nature of light.

    Hypermetric Universe - Derivation of Classical Forces

    Universality of Movement - A new concept. The clock doesn't measure time. Mental time, Physical time. Fourth dimension physically inconsistent.

    Turning the Star Trek Dream into Reality - All comets are composed of antimatter. Learn about antimatter comets in our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy. Updated Periodic Table contains 218 Matter-AntiMatter elements.

    Reappraisal of Physics and Cosmology - Site rectifies errors of Relativity,Quantum theory,Uncertainty Principle,theories of Quarks,Expanding Universe,Darwin theory.Opposes existence of Higgs Boson,weak charge.Gives scientific bases of Homeopathy,spirituality.

    Proceedings on the Neutrosophic Logic and their Application in Neural Networks, Computer Programming, and Quantum Physics - [book review] Unothodox theory effecting quantum mechanics. Here there are more information on it taken from: Dr. Florentin Smarandache's newest book: "A Unifying Field In Logics. / Neutrosophy: Neutrosophic Probability, Set, and Logic"

    Distance, Time and Space - Time and space are fiction - only distance is reality.

    The Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy - Themes on this page include Vortex as a basic physical mechanism, a new look on Thermodynamics, and Action at a Distance. A new co-ordinate system based on tetrahedral geometry is proposed.

    Gravity Polorization Theory by Phil Russell - Gravity polorization theories may explain phenomena of inertia; also provide basis for creating a warp field which could be used in conjunction with lasers to establish stable fusion reaction.

    TRUTON - The Rational Unified Theory Of Nature

    Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise - New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.

    Scientific Materialism and The Fluid Universe / The Derivation of All Science From Newtonian Contact Forces - An alternative theory of physics based on Newtonian contact mechanics

    The Gravity Society - Claims that high-Tc superconductors cause a weak local modification of gravitational acceleration.

    Ultimate Physics - A theory of everything, claims to start with a superstring and a geometric world view and to construct reality using simplicity and common sense.

    About Subtle Energy Physics: SRT - Learn about ground-breaking research in Sympathetic Resonance Technology and how EMF radiation affects human biology.

    Antigravity - Process & Installation for Generating a (Anti-)Gravitational Field

    Alternative Physics and Cosmology FAQ - Attempts to address a number of "blind spots" in "establishment physics."

    John Gowan's General Systems - Articles on gravitation, cosmology, unified field theory, particle physics, and general systems.

    Classical Mechanics - New dynamics which establishes the existence of a new universal force of interaction, called kinetic force.

    The Universe is not Expanding. - Alternate explanation for redshifts of galaxies with shapiro effect which does not require an expanding universe.

    Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely - Master Index of SVP web pages.

    New Unified Theory of Fields and Matter - A revolutionary theory has been proposed by N. A. Liashko that represents a new view of physics.

    AW-Verlag - Information about Space Energy - The search for the cosmic clean energy source usable for almost all applications in transportation and energy supply is our chance to overcome today's worldwide dependency on oil and atomic energy.

    Creative Science and Research - Fuelless engines and generators, Built and tested by Inventor Rick Harrison. Product information on plans and kits that are available for sale.

    The 'Spinning-Top' effect of 'precession' is finally explained - A deceptively simple look at our 'spinning-top' Earth also reveals the real cause of 'precession' - but don't tell the old professors and physicists: they can't understand it.

    The Discovery of Nothing, a new interpretation of reality - Book review.

    Free Energy from a collapsing magnetic feild - Fuelless engines and generators, Built and tested by inventor Rick Harrison. The fuelless heater, Creative Science and Research sells Plans and Kits.

    Scriptural Physics - The application of scriptural principles to the study of physics leads to some fascinating insights.

    Vic Mansfield - A member of the Pyschic and Astronomy Department at Colgate University. Includes an archive of his published papers and essays on subjects concerning physics and metaphysics.

    Physics Myths and physics facts - Flaws in concepts and theories of modern physics

    Unconventional Physics - Models of energy density quantification and of eternal oscillating universe.

    Time and Gravitation Control - Theory and experiments on time and gravitation control, free energy and DNA resonance.

    Process Physics - Process Physics is a new way of modelling reality. The fundamental premise derived limits to logic implied by Godels theorem used to create a model generating both General Relativity and Quantum field theory at a higher level.

    Absolute Motion Institute - Claims to do research based purely on facts and experimental proof, rather than already-accepted theories. Series of essays available.

    Simplicity in Nature - A simplistic naturalism theory. Building physical universe without material paradox (creation and plurality). Simplifying matter and energy as space curvatures only.

    Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) - A Quantum Unitary Field description of human consciousness incorporating Bose-Einstein condensed-field/quantum forces theory.

    Physics Campfire Forum - Unmoderated forum devoted to discussing physics and physical theory.

    Our Unitary Universe - Rationalization of the methodology of quantum- and astro-physics so that physical constants vanish from quantized equations

    Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - A master index of SVP web pages. Some very interesting links and files, including some from publications of the 1800's on various "scientific" theories.

    Pulsed Plasma Energy - Revolutionary energy source , plasma based radiation and overunity

    TimeScience Pages - Time quantizing, time sensing, autoadaptation-theorem and the algorithm of life. A new universal theory described, by Erich Bieramperl.

    Gravity The Process of acceleration - Gravity is the acceleration process caused by the distortion of relative time space.

    How Much of Modern Physics Is A Fraud? - Includes articles questioning the physics behind the atomic bomb, superfluid helium, the speed of light as a limitation, and the theory of relativity.

    Quantum Consciousness by James Forberg - This book on disk by Jim Forberg details the new physics of the unlimited human mind: Metaphysics, Hypnosis.

    EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space - A new physical theory on space, matter and radiation

    Elusive Perception - This Website deals with a system-theoretic model for elusive perception processes and quantitative statements about systems of elusively communicating entities. It contains a speculative part with an application of this model to electromagnetic interactions and the derivation of a theoretical value for their coupling strength.

    Theory of Reciprocity - The theory which reconciles the phenomenon of 'Existence' with the principles of logic.

    Abolish - Gives you the chance to abolish a physics FORCE. And then helps you do just that! These UEF pages are going to change science.

    Gravity made simple - An unusual description of how gravity may work based on time and motion and the superstring theory where all things are vibrations.

    A Unified Field Theory - A mathematical description of nature based on the geometry of Space-Time. General Relativity,Energy-Stress tensor, a set of current densities and Quantum mechanics for Spin 1 Bosons. Space-Time dimensions calculated and not put in by hand.

    KeelyNet - Free Energy/Gravity Control/Alternative Health - A loose network of researchers, experimenters, interested people and groups who communicate freely and share information. We long ago realized the only way we will ever see these advanced technologies used in our everyday lives is by freely sharing our ideas and discoveries. To achieve that end, we collect and correlate information from many sources which provide insights and direction toward making these goals a reality.

    The Gravitational Sea - The nucleus of the universe produces the universal gravitational field or gravitational sea. In this field, the galaxies orbit around the nucleus of the universe.

    Hurricanes electromagnetical analysis. - electromagnetical explanation of the hurricanes.

    Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics - Summary on Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics

    Hypothesis on MATTER - An alternate approach to provide simple and logical explanations to all physical phenomena related to matter.

    Welcome To The Collected Works of Bert Schreiber (1924 - ) - Includes new theory of physics based on the theory of limits; the limits to physical measurement. Quantum - Quanta Theory : The Theory of The Universe. Destroys all prior physics theories.

    The Theory Of Absolute Space-Time - Discovery of Errors in the Logic of Speed of Light Measurements and the Michelson-Morley Experiment lead to a Complete Refutation of Relativity's Curved Space-Time. Space and Time are Linear.

    Classical Physics News - Watch Classical Physics become Universal Physics. Concepts analyzed and corrected include, Newton's "inertia", acceleration, force and time. Visit us today.

    Science Forum of Debates - alternative physics articles

    Gravitational Waves Sensor - Data from sensor which is claimed to observe gravitational waves.

    Smarandache Hypothesis and Quantum Smarandache Paradoxes - Smarandache hypothesis that there is no speed barrier in the universe, and the quantum Smarandache paradoxes about certainty/uncertainty, visible/invisible, stable/unstable.

    The Dilemma Facing Science - How the universe was created and what science must overcome to make the observation.

    Universal Relativity / Relativité Universelle - Theory of Everything. Shrinking Theory of the universe and Universal Relativity. Théorie unificatrice de la relativité et de la physique quantique. Consequences of the relativity of the speed of light, speed, distance, size, mass, time, etc. Putting Einstein's theories back into qu

    Dampened Oscillator as a Model for the Material Fractal - Unified theory using dampened oscillator statistics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

    George Gati - A Theory of Gravity introducing the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe as the Primordial force and gravity being a resistance/reaction of all Mass/Energy/Space to the acceleration componant of this expansion

    Physics and Humanity - R. van Spaandonk offers views on several topics and describes a new model of the hydrogen atom electron that purports to demonstrate the equivalence of the magnetic field energy and kinetic energy of the electron.

    Flux Theory - Flux theory is a complete theory of everything ... including Gravity, The four forces, and a completely new way to understand the way dimensionality actually works.

    The N-particle Model Home Page - a TOE - right hand and left hand branes inventory and exchange the N-particle. The N-particle is the quantum of mass and and the quantum of energy.

    Quantum Smarandache Paradoxes - The quantum Smarandache paradoxes are based on the antitheses visible/invisible, stable/unstable, determinancy/indeterminancy, certainty/uncertainty.

    Stars, brown dwarfs and planets: M M Woolfson & S Oxley - Paper describing an alternative theory of planetary formation, seen by three referees, all of whom recommended against publication: Paper, objections, responses, and general comments on the ethics of scientific refereeing.

    A Discussion of Subspace and Warp Fields - Especially as they Apply to Momentum and Energy Conservation.

    Origin of Universe, Big Bang And Gravity - New physics theory on density of space, matter and space energy, elementary particle, mass, magnetism, non-existence of charge, speed of light, time and anti-gravity.

    atomism - A collection of theories

    PHYSICS5.0 - A unified force theory - A simple theory that explains light, radioactiivity, chemical bonds, dual slit experiment, quantum and wave nature of electrons, and other phenomena without new subatomic particles

    protaldo´s particle physics theories - This site is entirely vowed to scrutinizing the relationships between particles and the electromagnetic field.

    Gravity-is this a possible theory ?. - This site makes the suggestion that the energy of a nucleus may be altered by the magnitude of the gravitational field around it and this gives rise to the force of gravity

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