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    EP2DS-14 Prague - 14th International Conference on the Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems, Prague, Czech Republic : July 30 - August 3, 2001

    NSREC - Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference - IEEE sponsored meeting presenting the latest techniques for enhancing performance of microelectronic circuits used in radiation environments.

    PhysicsWeb - Calendar - Find information on physics conferences, workshops and summer schools.

    STATPHYS 21 - IUPAP 21st International Conference on Statistical Physics in CancĂșn, MĂ©xico (July 15-21, 2001).

    Physique en Herbe 2000 Congress - European conference of PhD students in physics during June 2000. Presentation of research work, lectures (Pierre-Gilles De Gennes and Valeri Ozhogin), and employment discussions.

    MAMOA Workshop - National Workshop and International Symposium on the Mathematical Aspects of Modern Optics and Its Applications (WS-MAMOA), Physics Department, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia, from 29 January to 9 February, 2001.

    ICPS 2000 Zadar - International Conference for Physics Students in Zadar, Croatia (August 4-11, 2000).

    ICAP 2000 - 6th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference September 11-14, 2000, Darmstadt, Germany.

    100 Years of Quantum Theory - A symposium and celebration held in Berlin, Germany in December 2000 celebrating the 100th anniversary of Max Planck's famous lecture on the theory of black body radiation.

    The Ninth International Conference on Particle-Induced X-ray Emission and its Analytical Application - The subject matter will span the basic PIXE physics and chemistry, technological and computational advances, and diverse PIXE applications, either as the sole analytical technique or as part of a suite of methods used to solve a problem. To be held at the University of Guelph, Canada, June 8-12, 2001.

    Non Linear Dynamics Conference - The Conference is a cross disciplinary meeting for all scientists interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of the applied non-linear dynamics, covering the whole spectrum from semiconductors to information technologies.

    ICHS2001 - International Conference on Hydraulic Structures - Internationl Conference on Hydraulic Structures ICHS2001, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran

    Frontier Science Research Conferences - Promote and diffuse first rate research achievements in science worldwide.

    Intermag Europe 2002 - An annual conference organised by the IEEE magnetics society on fundamental and applied magnetism. In 2002 the conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    The Megagauss Institute - US sponsor of the Megagauss Conferences on high magnetic field science and applications - Information on Megagauss.

    International Conference on Magnetism ICM 2003 - The International Conference on Magnetism (ICM) belongs to a series of Conferences, held triennially under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), with the purpose of providing a forum to the international magnetism community.

    Eurocvd 13 - International conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition. Glyfada, Greece.

    2000 CP Physics Conference - The Conference will focus on experimental and theoretical aspects of CP violation in elementary particle physics. It will consist of plenary sessions only, aimed at giving a complete picture of what is presently known and of the future progress in the field, both theoretically and experimentally.

    Symmetry In Nonlinear Mathematical Physics - July 9-15, 2001 Topics include symmetry analysis PDE, representation theory, q-algebras and quantum groups, dynamical systems, solitons and integrability, supersymmetry and parasupersymmetry

    Condensed Matter & Materials Physics Conference (2000) - The annual CMMP meeting is a major international conference. This year it will be held in Bristol and will again have a range of symposia with speakers and contributors from the UK, elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The wide range of invited and plenary talks will cover novel aspects of condensed matter and materials physics and applications into other areas of science and technology.

    INPC2001 - INPC 2001 will have a very special character since it will be the first major international nuclear physics conference of the new millennium. The general theme of the scientific program will be Nuclear Physics in the 21st Century.

    1st International Conference on Physics in Culture - This Conference deals with the development, adaptation and application of solid state physics methods for the study and treatment of cultural materials.

    ICBP 2001 - International Conferences on Biological Physics have been held first mainly in the field of biopolymers. The scope has been widened significantly in the 3rd Conference.

    First Global Grid Forum & European Datagrid Conference - The Global Grid Forum is the combination of the mostly US-based GridForum and the European GridForum together with the leaders from the Asia-Pacific grid communities. The decision to link these activities was made during the latest GridForum (GF5) meeting last November in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Boston area). This is the first Global meeting in a series which will be held regularly as a continuation of the original GridForum meetings.

    FESP 2002: Frontiers in condensed matter physics: electronic structure and properties - Conference on condensed matter physics: Correlated matter, superconductivity, spectroscopy, novel states of matter. Date: 10-14 june 2002 Place: Groningen the netherlands Registration deadline May 1st 2002.

    Strings 2001 - Over 300 physicists working in "String Theory" from all over the world, including most of the leading figures in the subject, will participate in the conference.

    Particle Astrophysics Winter School - The main goal of the school is to review major experimental efforts in the particle astrophysics field, their underlying theoretical motivation and implications.

    17th International Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference - Includes conference information, invited speakers, registration form, and travel information.

    RIKEN Symposium - Soft dipole mode, coherent mode and molecular structure in drip line nuclei. Change of shell structure and new magicity in nuclei far from the stability line. Effects of halo and skin vs. deformation on radii, magnetic and quadrupole moments. ...

    16th Annual Workshop on Nonlinear Astronomy and Physics - The objective of the workshop is to bring together for three days experts from galactic dynamics, solar system dynamics, and applied mathematics to discuss problems and recent progress which has been made in applying the technology of nonlinear dynamics to problems relevant to galactic astronomy and exo-solar planetary systems.

    3rd Workshop on Nonperturbative Aspects of Gauge Fields and Strings - Topics to be Covered : lattice vs. continuum gauge theories instantons, monopoles, and other topological defects AdS/CFT correspondence supergravity noncommutative gauge theories

    5th Topical Workshop at the Gran Sasso Laboratory - The last round of solar neutrino experiments has not obtained a convincing proof ("smoking gun") of the oscillations: Distortion of the boron neutrino spectrum, day/night effect or seasonal variation of neutrino flux. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss how such proofs can be found in the future experiments.

    NAP2001 - Nuclear Astrophysics 2001 - The symposium, which is organized in celebration of Karl-Ludwig Kratz, Claus Rolfs and Friedrich-Karl Thielemann, aims to cover the most exciting and important developments in nuclear astro- physics by a series of invited talks.

    4th Sigrav Graduate School on Contemporary Relativity and Gravitational Physics - The SIGRAV Graduate School in Contemporary Relativity and Gravitational Physics is held annually at the Centre for Scientific Culture "Alessandro Volta", Villa Olmo, Como. It is primarily addressed to PhD students and young researchers in Physics and Mathematics who are interested in general relativity, astrophysics, experimental gravity and the quantum theories of gravitation.

    2001 A Spacetime Odyssey - Two theories revolutionized the 20th century view of space and time: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Their union has spawned elementary particle theories with extra spacetime dimensions, the inflationary model of big-bang cosmology, dark matter in the universe, radiation from quantum black holes and the fuzzy spacetime geometry of superstrings and M-theory.

    Cosmion-2001 - 21 May of 2001 we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov. The foundation of CosmoParticle Physics, with which the progress in our fundamental knowledge is related, stands among the most important results of his scientific activity.

    9th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation - Topics : Instrumentation in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Experiments, Astrophysics, Biology, Medicine; associated Electronics Satellite Workshop on Applications, February 24, 2001 (W. Bartl, B. Sitar)

    Frontiers In Contemporary Physics - II - Topics : Search for the Quark-Gluon Plasma CP Violation and B Decays Cosmology: Cosmological Constant, CMB Spectrum, Early Universe Field Theory Developments in Neutrino Physics Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Tests of the Standard Model, and Beyond, With High Energy or High Statistics Data Prospects for Future Accelerator and Non Accelerator Programs

    LT23 23rd International Conference on Low Temperature Physics - Quantum Gases, Fluids and Solids, Superconductivity, Magnetism and other Lattice Properties. Quantum Electron Transport Applications, Materials and Techniques, Cryogenics. Hiroshima, Japan.

    Lake Louise Winter Institute 2001: Fundamental Interactions - The purpose of the Lake Louise Winter Institute is to explore recent trends in physics in an informal setting. The Winter Institute has been in existence since 1986.

    ElectroWeak Interactions and Unified Theories 2001 - The 36th Rencontres de Moriond session devoted to Electroweak Interactions and unified Theories will be held in Les Arcs 1800.

    NanoteC2001 Conference - The third international conference with the aim of promoting carbon science in the nano scale as, for example, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanowires, sp3 forms, etc. Brighton, Sussex.

    International Conference for Physics Students 2002 Budapest - XVII International Conference for Physics Students ICPS2002. Budapest, Hungary.

    4th International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation - BCP4 - B factories offer various opportunities to look for new physics at presently accessible energies. Belle, Babar, and CLEO are taking data and the next few years represent very exciting period for B physics.

    Spanish Relativity Meeting ERE 2001 - This is the site for the Spanish Relativity Meeting 2001 which will be held in Madrid at the Polytechnical University from 18-21 September 2001. The main topic will be Relativistic Astrophysics.

    Academia Exchange Network - Listings of various science conferences, Seminars, Summer Schools, Workshops.

    MECO-27 Statistical Physics Conference - This is the 27th Annual Conference organized in the frame of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO). The aim of the Conference is to bring together researchers, both experimentalists and theoreticians, working in different areas of statistical physics. Hungary.

    34th Annual Modern Infrared Detectors and Systems Application 5-day short course in Santa Barbara - For 34 years the University of California in Santa Barbara has hosted an internationally recognized symposium on the newest advances in infrared thermography.

    15th Workshops in Particle Physics, Italy - The Rencontres will bring together about 120 active experimentalists and theorists to review the status and the future prospects in elementary particle physics.

    2002 Glass Odyssey, Montpellier, France - 2002 Glass Odyssey. 6 th ESG Conference. Montpellier. Organized by USTV

    ETOPIM 6 - Conference on the properties of inhomogeneous media - Sixth International Conference on the Electrical Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media being held at Snowbird mountain resort, Utah. Geophysicists, physicists, mathematicians, and electrical engineers will participate.

    JEMS01 Joint European Magnetic Symposia - JEMS01 will gather EMMA, MRM, and will cooperate with EMSA.

    EPS-12: General Conference 2002 - EPS-12, the 12th General Conference of the European Physical Society, "Trends in Physics", 26-30 August 2002, Budapest, Hungary

    III Meeting of the Venezuelan Physical Society - General Physics Meeting,with 5 Satellite Schools and Workshops

    The 6th European conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics - Septembre 2-5, 2002 at University of Aveiro. The main purpose of this conference is to bring together scientists, application engineers, and managers in order to present and discuss recent advancements in the area of applications of polar dielectrics.

    Bianisotropics 2002 - 9th International conference on Electromagnetics of Complex Media May 8-11, Marrakech - Morocco Contact : Dr. S. Zouhdi,

    Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials and their Applications - Forthcoming meeting details about papers submission, deadlines, contact info, location, traveling, city maps, accomodation and general information.

    Kinetic Theory - Anogia, Crete; 16--22 June 2001.

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