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    The Skeptic's Dictionary - Skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, pseudoscientific ideas and practices with references to skeptical literature.

    CSICOP / Skeptical Inquirer / July 1995 / The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul - The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul

    The Secular Web - The most comprehensive site about agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, and rationalism on the Web

    The James Randi Educational Foundation - Foundation headed by professional magician exposes psychics, faith healers, and such. Offers $1.1 million to anyone who can actually demonstrate something supernatural.

    The Skeptics Society - The Skeptics Society is a scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers, and anyone curious about controversial ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas and the promotion of science.

    Norwegian Skeptics - Critical evaluation of paranormal phenomena, UFOs, fire-walkers, more.

    Quackwatch - Exposes unproven and scientifically questionable claims of alternative health therapies, vitamin peddlers, and other health frauds.

    Skepticism at Suite101 - Monthly, wide-ranging articles and discussions on skepticism. Links to a wide variety of sites skeptical from scientific, philosophical, political, medical, nutrition, and other viewpoints.

    Skeptic News - Tracks new information on various skeptical web pages.

    Blather - Skeptical discussions of unexplained phenomena and human belief.

    Society for Sensible Explanations - An organization that promotes science, critical thinking and sensible explantions for alleged paranormal events. It meets in Seattle, Washington, USA.

    Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - World-wide organization that encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view.

    Bad Science - About well understood phenomena which are persistently presented incorrectly by teachers and writers.

    Rocky Mountain Skeptics - Nonprofit educational and investigative organization, founded to promote critical thinking.

    Kidnapped by UFOs? (PBS Online). - Believers and skeptics, including Carl Sagan, explore case histories of alien abductions.

    International Network of Skeptical OrganizationsBlinded by Science - A fresh look at some central physics problems, in view of objective analyses.

    Altruist Survivor - Argues against Darwinian theory, by claiming that the weaker species survive by adaptation while the "strong" perish.

    Alien Comms - Unbiased look at the 'aliens' who may be able to communicate with us.

    The Skeptic Report - The blow against pseudoscience.

    SIMPOS - Netherlands foundation for information on social problems and occult tendencies.

    CICAP - The Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal, promoting a scientific and critical enquiry of supposed paranormal and mysterious phenomena.

    Skeptical References - A bibliography of materials for skeptics.

    Eric's Skeptic Page - A skeptical look at all sorts of sciences and pseudosciences.

    SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography - Brief reviews of hundreds of books concerning paranormal and fringe science claims, usually taking a skeptical point of view. Also lists periodicals and organizations.

    Free Inquiry - Argues for free inquiry and thought; the philosophies of naturalism, empiricism, rationalism, and skepticism.

    The Skeptic Magazine - United Kingdom publication, taking a skeptical look at pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal.

    The T-Files - Large collection of links to skeptic magazines and other truth-seeking resources on aliens, urban legends, science, and medicine.

    Astronomical Pseudo-science: A Skeptic's Resource List - A bibliography from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, for those who want to examine with a skeptical eye some of the claims at the fringes of science that seem connected to astronomy.

    Tampa Bay Skeptics - A nonprofit scientific and educational organization that critically examines paranormal and fringe-science claims and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

    Skeptic´s Digest - Here you can access the best skeptical articles on the Web about the occult, paranormal, pseudoscience and other weird things

    Zetetics Laboratory - Laboratory at the University of Nice where paranormal phenomena are studied.

    Australian Skeptics Home Page - The Australian Skeptics Inc. is a group that investigates the paranormal and pseudo-science from a responsible scientific viewpoint.

    The B.C. Society for Skeptical Inquiry - British Columbia association of skeptics.

    #Skeptic IRC - Weekly internet relay chat for skeptics.

    The Daily Skeptic - Online newsletter, devoted to skeptical inquiry.

    Skeptical Information Links - Links to materials for skeptics, and about skepticism.

    New Zealand Skeptics - Dedicated to increasing public awareness of the dangers and inanities of pseudoscience and bogus paranormal claims.

    Penn State University Skeptics Club - Examining paranormal oddities from a realistic perspective.

    The Ontario Skeptics - An organization for people who wish to keep informed about scientific investigations of claimed paranormal events.

    Massimo's Skeptic and Humanist Web - Links to sites addressing skepticism and secular humanism.

    The Scratching Post - Home of the Ottawa Skeptics.

    Skeptix Mailing List - A mailing list for scientific discussion of the paranormal, the list has a skeptical viewpoint.

    sci.skeptic FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the sci.skeptic newsgroup.

    The Skeptic's Refuge - Gateway to The Skeptic's Dictionary with skeptical articles on the occult, the supernatural, the paranormal and the pseudoscientific.

    Skeptical Pages by Tommy Persson - Links to newsletters, organizations, and websites.

    The Skeptic's Bunker - A personal page, intended to advance logic and rational thought over blind faith.

    X-Project Paranormal Magazine - Web e-zine featuring a series of skeptical articles.

    Debunker's Domain - Dedicated to debunking all manner of dubious claims.

    The Skeptic Report - Debunking pseudoscience.

    Annapolis Valley Skeptic - A skeptic's site, aimed primarily at religious issues.

    Gary P. Posner, M.D. - Founder of the Tampa Bay Skeptics.

    Psychologists Educating Students to Think Skeptically - PESTS is a meeting place for educators (specifically psychologists, although anyone is welcome) to discuss issues involving skeptical thinking and ways to introduce and teach skeptical thinking in the classroom.

    The Left Hemisphere - Skepticism, religion, and secularism on the WWW.

    Skeptic Friends Network - Examines a variety of claims with emphasis on debunking "creation science."

    Roahn H. Wynar's Clearinghouse of Pseudoscience and Quackery in Central Texas - A series of 600 word columns designed to bring some sense to the pseudoscience scene in Austin.

    A Skeptical Manifesto - 1992 article by Michael Shermer defines and discusses skepticism.

    In Pursuit of Reality - A skeptical look at auras, Kirlian photography, reincarnation, spiritualism, astral projection, and astrology.

    The Surfing Skeptic - Skeptical quotes, debating techniques, secret societies.

    Keep It Real Science Forum - A place to discuss and debate new developments in the sciences, explored from a Realist perspective.

    Practical Skepticism - A how-to guide for examining claims and debunking myths, math abuse, and misleading arguments.

    Criticism of Scientific Skepticism - Criticizes self-identified "skeptics," saying that their "skepticism" translates into scorn and condescension toward people and data that contradict current scientific beliefs. Gives examples of the excesses of skeptics.

    North Texas Skeptics - An organization devoted to promoting the use of science and rational thinking in viewing the world. Features events, newsletter, cartoons, and articles.

    The View from Number 80 - 80 lists sites pertaining to, amongst other things, pseudoscience, flim-flam or irrational claims and tries to give them critical attention and, in many cases, a certain amount of ridicule.

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