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    Cotterill, Rodney M.J. - Neurophysiology of consciousness, considered as an active process. Implications of this view for understanding autism. (Danish Technical University, Denmark)

    Järvilehto, Timo - Finnish Psychologist with interests in psychophysiology, preception, education, and "the theory of the organism-environment system".

    Aloimonos, Yiannis - Artificial Intelligencier prominent in active vision research.

    Anderson, John R. - One of the leading pioneers of the field, and, inventor of the ACT unified theory of cognition (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., USA).

    Brooks, Rodney A. - Embodied cognition in autonomous robots. (MIT, USA).

    Ballard, Dana H. - "Animate vision". Computational theories of the brain with emphasis on human vision. (Univ. of Rochester, USA)

    Cziko, Gary - Educational psychology. Darwinian approaches. (Univ. of Illinois, USA)

    Cave, Kyle R. - Cognitive psychology of visual cognition, including attention, imagery, and object recognition. (Southampton University, U.K.)

    Modestino, Ed - A graduate student in the Complex Systems and Brain Sciences program at Florida Atlantic University, working on neuroimaging of complex systems and neural networks of cognition.

    Varela, Francisco - Bibliography and online articles by this distinguished Consciousness researcher, phenomenologist, and neuroscientist. In both French and English.

    French, Robert M. - Connectionism and philosophy of cognitive science (Univ. de Liège, Belgium)

    Harnad, Stevan - Categorical perception, Cognitive Theory. Harnad is editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the e-journal Psycoloquy, and a strong advocate of online publication, sponsoring the online archive CogPrints. The page also gives access to threaded discussions between Harnad and students.(Univ. of Southampton, UK)

    Thomas, Nigel J.T. - Imagination, mental imagery, consciousness. Curriculum Vitae with links to published and unpublished writings.

    Barsalou, Lawrence W. - Perceptual bases of cognition, situated conceptualization, dynamic representations of concepts, frames, category learning, event memory.

    Johnson-Laird, Philip N. - Psychology of reasoning and logical thinking, mental models, AI.

    Hayhoe, Mary M. - Active vision and visuo-motor coordination in natural situations, robot vision.

    Kirsh, David - Representation in everyday activity, cognitive complexity.

    Kosslyn, Stephen M. - Mental imagery, perception.

    Koch, Christoph - Neuroscience and consciousness.

    Kubovy, Michael - Perceptual grouping.

    Loftus, Elizabeth F. - Psychology of memory, false memory, eyewitness testimony.

    Calvin, William H. - Theoretical neurophysiologist and popularizer. Author of "The Cerebral Code," "How Brains Think," "Conversations with Neil's Brain" and "A Brain for All Seasons," amongst other works.

    McCarthy, John - One of the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence research. Creator of LISP.

    Minsky, Marvin - One of the pioneers and most creative thinkers of Artificial Intelligence research.

    Moravec, Hans - Mobile robots and their psychology.

    Pylyshyn, Zenon W. - Visual attention and preattention, critique of "pictorial" theories of mental imagery, foundational issues in the computational theory of the architecture of cognition.

    O'Regan, J. Kevin - Visual perception: "change blindness" (nice animated demos), active perception, eye movements, consciousness, and "the world as external memory".

    Sun, Ron - Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and connectionist models and hybrid systems. Computational approaches to consciousness, commonsense reasoning, learning and skill acquisition in humans and machines.

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