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    Astron International, Inc. - Custom software development.

    AspenTech - Provider of Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management software and services for the process industries.

    Hyprotech Ltd. - Provider of HYSYS (Process simulation environment), HTFS (Heat transfer simulation package), STX/ACX (Heat exchanger modeling packages), Flarenet (Flare system simulation package), BDK (Batch system simulation package) and other process system modeling packages

    Chempute - Computer Software and equipment for the Engineering Industry and for teaching engineering principles

    Bryan Research & Engineering, Inc. - Supplier of PROSIM (HC processing simulation software), TSWEET (Gas processing simulation software), and ControlMax.

    Computer Toolbox - A collection of computing tools for chemical engineering calculations. Examples include Spreadsheets (MS Excel), Maple V, Aspenplus and ASCEND.

    Simulation Sciences - Provider of PROVISION GUI Package, PRO/II (Chemical/HC Process simulation software), PIPEPHASE (Piping simulation software), Visual Flare (Flare system network simulation software), ROMeo (Process Facility Online Modeling software) and others.

    G&P Engineering Software: Chemical Engineering, Physical Properties, Property Estimation - Chemical physical property data base and property estimation tool.

    Cape Software's VPLink - An easy to use simulation package for control testing and operator training needs. VPLink connects to most DCS and PLC systems in place of the real I/O allowing thorough testing of control software before plant start up. The package also provides flexible, low cost operator training simulators.

    Intelligent Optimization Group - Specializes in advanced process control, multivariable predictive control, real-time optimization, expert systems and neural networks for the refining and chemical processes.completed and available training courses.

    Engineering Process Tools - Unique collection of online and free engineering and scientific tools/calculation aids.

    AQUAlibrium - A software package for predicting the fluid phase equilibria in natural gas-water systems, in particular sour natural gas.

    Free Online Applications for Engineering Design - Interactive online engineering applications to assist you in designing, constructing, and maintaining your facility. Current Categories:Liquid & Gas Flow, Pumps, Heat Transfer, Vessels&Tanks, Valve&Piping, Civil/Structural

    Prode - Software for chemical engineering and process industries , PPP integrates with Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, Lotus 1-23 etc. for quick and rigorous process simulation, PD-Plus is a low cost simulator for petrochemical processes.

    Van Mierlo Software Consultancy Product List - Custom built software and a number of ready made products, including DAx Data Analysis software, CA Contact Angle Determination software, DigiBall Digitising software, and instrument control packages.

    DESIGN II for Windows Process Simulation - Rigorous Process Simulation for Chemical and Hydrocarbon processes including Refining, Petrochemical, Gas Processing, Gas Treating, Refrigeration and Pipelines.

    Vapor Pressure of Binary Mixture - Downloadable spreadsheet to help find the vapor pressure of binary liquid mixtures with minimal inputs.  The spreadsheet is based on Excel 97.  Complete with a comprehensive list of Antoine Equation constants needed for the calculations.

    CACHE Corporation (Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering - A not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote cooperation among universities, industry and government in the development and distribution of computer-related and/or technology-based educational aids for the chemical engineering profession.

    WinPipeD - A fully-featured Windows program for calculating hydraulic pressures, temperatures, flow patterns and liquid holdups in steady multiphase flow in a single pipe. It is freely available for download in a basic version for private, non-commercial use. A full commercial version and source are also available. Also an Excel 97 add in is available.

    DataFit 6.1 - A science and engineering tool that simplifies the tasks of data plotting, regression analysis (curve fitting) and statistical analysis. A 30 day evaluation copy may be downloaded.

    VLECalc, shareware for VLE w/ UNIFAC, NRTL - A shareware tool for chemists and engineers who develop manufacturing processes using organic solvents and chemicals. VLECalc can estimate the vapor pressure and boiling point of an organic mixture using UNIFAC or NRTL activity coefficients. It can simulate a simple batch distillation or solvent replacement operation. Requires EXCEL 97

    CemoS - Chemical exposure model System - A model developed for prediction of fate and distribution of hazardous chemicals released to the environment, from the University of Osnabrück. The model is available for download; a textbook is available for order.

    GTT's Technical Thermochemistry Web Page - Source of information on the application of technical thermochemistry. It focuses on software (ChemSage, ChemApp, ChemSage-Teach, etc.)

    ChemicaLogic Corporation - Thermodynamic Properties of Steam, moist Air, CO2 can be calculated with given software tools and excel add-ons.

    ProSim, software solutions for process industry - A complete set of process simulation software and services dedicated to chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

    The Web Page of MTB - Free Software for the chemical engineering found on the web. Only FREEWARE programs.

    Techical Spreadsheet from Kinematrix - Chemical engineering specific spreadsheet that allows unit conversion and complex calculations.

    Gaseq Chemical Equilibrium Program - A free Windows program for combustion related chemical equilibrium calculations: flame temperatures, compositions, shocks and detonations.

    IP-Sol - Integrated Process Solutions for Chemical Engineering - Products are ProPred (an interactive property prediction tool), ProCAMD (design molecules having specific properties - solvent design) and modules for phase behavior calculations, dynamic and steady state simulation and modeling.

    Chemical Engineering Software -- TriMAX - TriMAX v2.2 is a big scientific database designed to make getting engineering data easy and quick

    Tank Volume, Ice Cream, Engineering, and Factory Floor Calculations - Engineering calculations for: factory floor, tank volumes, milk plant and ice cream formulation, air conditioning, electronics, PLC, ladder logic & links to useful sites.

    Aurel Systems-Process Simulation Software CADSIM - Chemical process simulation software. Dynamic and steady state process simulation. CADSIM products.

    HES - Heat Exchanger Simulator - Educational software for shell and tube heat exchanger simulations.

    Software Tools for process integration - List of software tools on Process Integration and User's experience with those tools are presented.

    TDS Web Site - TDS has information services and software products for chemical, health and safety and environmental engineers.

    AEA Technology - Computational Fluid Dynamics Software - Fluid flow analysis and design optimization software.

    SODECO Engineering - Software for chemical, petrochemical, and building industries.

    ChemiSoft - A Community on the Internet for Chemical Engineers (Development of Software, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming.

    Chemstations, Inc - Process Simulation Software - Full suite of tools for simulating steady-state or dynamic chemical processes. Handles batch, semi-batch, and continuous systems. Full brochures available online.

    C&R Technologies - Products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis.

    Computational Dynamics Ltd - Software for calculations for heat exchange, chemical processes, stirred tanks, mixing vessels, static mixers, and cyclones.

    Thorn Technologies - Thorn Technologies, along with Simulation Solutions, provide Windows based chemical process simulators integrated with performance analysis tools.

    Inventech Ltd. - Provides details of software products for process engineers, specialising in the application of vacuum, condensers and thermocompressors to process inductry.

    Engineered Software - Fluid flow piping software and pump selection software to design, analyze, and simulate fluid piping systems.

    Gulley Computer Associates - Library of heat exchanger software. Site includes a monthly tip on heat exchanger related issues.

    Fault Tree Analysis Software from IsographDirect - Professional reliability software from Isograph - fault tree, event tree, weibull, simulation, reliability centered maintenance, life cycle cost, hazop, markov, reliability model.

    Binary Distillation Simulator - BDSIM performs bynary distillation calculations to establish the required number of theoretical stages, columns dimentions (height and diameter), etc. The program presents the resulting McCabe Thiele diagram for the specified separation.

    Combustion Emission Simulation Software - COMBUSEM allows the user to determine the emission impact of several combustion units, such as boilers, furnaces, etc. The software also performs atmospheric dispersion analysis of the effluent gas.

    Che-Comp Software Foundation - A not-for-profit international organization which seeks to foster the creation of quality and affordable chemical engineering software for the chemical engineering community worldwide.

    Kinematrix Software - Providing chemical engineering software solutions to every day engineering needs.

    NASA Glenn Equilibrium Program (CEA) - Computer program for calculation of complex chemical equilibrium compositions. Applications include properties for assigned thermodynamic states, rocket performance, thermal transport properties, thermodynamic properties, Chapman-Jouguet detonations, and shock wave calculations.

    WaveOne - Provides online chemical engineering software including free thermodynamics packages for predicting various states.

    Estimation of multiple-effect evaporators - A program for estimation of both single and multiple-effect evaporators for Windows.

    Pulmodel Programs - Computer simulation for pultrusion of composite profiles.

    Alchemy Software - Software for the simulation and modeling of chemical mechanisms for use by chemists in research laboratories and by academic institutions.

    Adaptive Resources - Supply advanced regulatory control technology. Products include the adaptive model-predictive regulatory controller and a modeling and simulation tool to create process models and predict process behaviour.

    Trident Computer Resources, Inc. / Autodynamics Simulator Systems - Custom dynamic operator training simulators to the process plant industries.

    EFFTech Engineering Software - Software and simulators for industrial equipment, polymers, quality control, and engineering education.

    Software for Simulation/Design of Sulphuric Acid Plants & Equipment - SULPHURIC is an engineering software package for design and simulation of plants producing sulphuric acid, oleum, liquid SO3, chlorosulphonic acid etc. This software is used for design of new plants as well as for simulation/analysis of existing plant performance.

    GE Enter Software - Power Plant Design and Monitoring Software - Heat balance and thermodynamic software for gas turbine and fossil power plant design, performance monitoring and optimization. Products include GateCycle, EfficiencyMap, Plant Payback and the Optimizer.

    Free key calculations for equipment sizing and rating for the chemical process industry. - General calculations for chemical and plant engineering. Free site with interactive Java applets.

    Chemb Consulting & Environmental - Provides comprehensive process engineering and consulting services throughout the chemical-process industry. Distribution of engineering and scientific software products specialising in process simulation and modelling, equipment design and statistical process analysis.

    Fantoft Process Technologies - Process design and verification, dynamic simulations, operator training simulators, advanced control and real time systems for process plants and pipelines.

    GSE Systems, Inc. - Supply a fully integrated simulation program of customizable software consulting services and training to reduce new product time to market minimize development costs and improve optimization.

    Katmar Software - Shareware programs for properties of ice, water and steam; packed column hydraulics; project risk analysis.

    Deerhaven Technical Software - Information on the PD-PLUS Chemical Process Simulator for steady-state modeling of chemical, petrochemical, and refinery systems.

    ERGUN : Fluidized bed design software - Ergun is a computer program for modeling and simulation in fluidization with details on grids, bubbling, TDH, cyclones, heat transfer and reaction aspects.

    Heat Integration - Hint is a free software that can be used to apply pinch technology to the design of heat exchanger networks for chemical and process industries.

    Kintecus Homepage - Modeling software to simulate the chemical kinetics of combustion, nuclear enzymatic, catalyst-reactor and many other chemical reactions

    MultiSimplex - Software for experimental design and optimization, with sequential design of experiments to optimize products, processes, and chemical analytical methods.

    ControlSim - Spreadsheet based simulation of PID controller and process - ControlSim is a simulation of a PID controller and a simple process model used for training and practice in controller tuning, for purchase and download from site.

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