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    University of California, Berkeley - The Zettl Research Group create tiny frictionless bearings and springs out of nested multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

    Watch Station Tau One - Brief information and links on using biological motors for nanotechnology.

    San Jose Mercury News - Nanotechnology from science fiction to fact

    Feynman - There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom - a transcript of the classic talk given by Richard Feynman at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society at Caltech.

    Small world - It's a small, small, small, small world by Ralph C. Merkle. This is an extended web version of the article published in the Feb/Mar 1997 issue of MIT Technology Review. This version has greater technical detail and embedded links

    UpsideToday Ebiz - 16 hours in the life of Zyvex, by Jerry Borrell.

    A Mechanical Artificial Red Cell: Respirocytes - First nanorobot device design paper ever published in a peer-reviewed, mainstream medical journal.

    First Chemical Reaction performed via STM - Major Milestone: scientists at the University of Berlin use a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to manipulate single molecules to perform a complete chemical reaction.

    World's Smallest Nanotubes - Scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have succeeded in fabricating the smallest single-walled carbon nanotube in the world, with a diameter of only 0.4 nanometers. (Standard nanotubes are 1.3 nm).

    Hewlett-Packard Labs Worldwide - News - HP Labs scientists have created the first molecular-based logic gate.

    The New Nanofrontier - Scientific American - Nano-copter, Nano-arm, Nano-hand, and Nano-box

    Intel builds world's smallest transistors - Transistors three atoms thick could boost chip speeds sixfold in five years.

    NEC: Press Release - Ultra Precise Nanometer-scale 3D Production Technology used to make world's smallest wineglass

    Nanotubes Fall into Line - Technology Review - IBM researchers develop a technique for growing nanocrystals which yield perfectly aligned, dense groves of single-wall nanotubes, and controls exactly where the crystals are deposited.

    Is the future nano? - Chembytes e-zine - Overview of nanotechnology: yesterday and today.

    Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) face the future - PhysicsWeb - A host of novel applications and new physics could be unleashed as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) shrink towards the nanoscale (significant useful technical detail)

    Silicon Buckyballs - Scientific American - replacing carbon atoms with silicon atoms in buckyball like structures

    Buckyball-filled Nanotubes - Scientific American - metal atoms inside buckyballs inside nanotubes

    Scoring with Bucky Balls - Scientific American - using a buckyball on the end of a nanotube as a scanning-force microsope (SFM) tip.

    Researchers close in on single-atom switch - EETimes - Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research is close to developing the first single-electron tunneling transistor capable of operating at room temperature.

    Tighten your nano belt! - Why Files - Nanobelts join nanotubes in the world of nanotechnology.

    Carbon Nanotube Integrated Circuit - Physics News - current densities hundreds of times greater than that of common metals; also: heat conductivity almost as high as that of diamond; superconductivity in nanotube ropes; nanotube/buckyball peapods; nanotubes as atomic force microscope probes.

    Size Matters - Smaller is Better - Cornell Magazine OnLine - The Nanobiotechnology Center at Cornell University, and what their interdisciplinary group is up to.

    Carbon Nanotube Transistors - IBM News - IBM scientists have developed a breakthrough transistor technology by building the world's first array of transistors out of carbon nanotubes using a new technique called "constructive destruction".

    Space Elevators Get A Lift - Space Daily - using nanotubes to construct the cable for a space elevator

    DNA Nanomechanics - - The nanomechanical properties of DNA are discussed with references to in vivo implications of supercoiling as an ionic switch.

    Introducing Molecular Electronics - Materials Today - Introduces the basic concepts of molecular electronics, looks at the promise that molecular electronics holds, and describes the fundamental questions that still have to be answered for these promises to be fulfilled.

    Inorganic Nanotubes - - The arrangement of atoms into cylindrical nanocrystals is a stable phase for numerous elements. The inert nature of boron nitride and tungsten disulfide nanotubes makes them particularly durable molecular components for NEMS.

    Honey, I shrunk the scientist - MSNBC: Technology on the Frontier - Virtual reality technology enables microscopic probing

    The Once and Future Nanomachine - Scientific American - The Case Against Assemblers

    Single Molecule Organic Transistors - Bell Labs - Scientists from Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs have created organic transistors with a single-molecule channel length (for an updated version of this article, see

    Non-Metallic Room Temperature Magnet - New Scientist - Russian physicist Tatiana Makarova heated and compressed buckyballs to create an at-room-temperature magnetic sheet.

    The Problem of Nonsense in Nanotechnology - MNT, being a new, highly interdisciplinary field with revolutionary implications, is bound to attract more than its fair share of bogosity. Short paper by K Eric Drexler.

    Moletronics: Future Electronics - Materials Today - Surveys recent work in the field of molecular electronics.

    Designer Molecules: It's Time to Think Small - Far Eastern Economic Review - Nanotechnology has long had the potential to revolutionize a host of industries. Now it's on the threshold of having real-world applications.

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