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    International Space Business Council - Council promoting the space industry with news, conference pages.

    Euro Space Center - To dream of reaching for the stars, climbing on board the Space Shuttle, walking on the Moon. At the Euro Space Center, this dream becomes reality.

    JHU/ APL Space DepartmentSpace Resources - Course notes from the University of Wisconsin.

    Space Center Online - U.S. Space & Rocket - Lou Dobbs space site including news, science, business, television, books, entertainment.

    Launchdate - Space Information - Aerospace industry and scientific information about space and spaceflight. Launch date information and related government and aerospace industry web sites.

    Federation of American Scientists Military Space PagePBS Deep Space Links - A varied list of interesting and informative links from Public Broadcasting.

    ASTE - Advanced Systems and Telecommunications Equipment - Top stories of the European Space Agency's ASTE program.

    Military Space Links - Space CommandArchimedes Institute - Nearly 200 links to other space policy entities.

    Space Week - Worldwide event to involve the public in space activities. Supported by the UN, it is now celebrated Oct. 4-10 each year.

    Space Camp - Few day long events for young people.

    Space and Astronomy Reference Links - Good set of over 100 space and astronomy links.

    Space Exploration by Astrodigital - Features astronaut interviews, articles on space history, space stations and future space technologies, and tutorials on various concepts.

    James Oberg's Pioneering Space - Articles and research on the past, present, and future of the Russian and US space programs.The Mir and the International Space Station.

    MirCorp - An internationally funded company that has officially leased Mir to preserve Mir through private enterprise and to open the station to private industry and individuals.

    Frank Knight's Space Links - Large list of links related to space organized by category. Categories include: Space Companies, Space Missions, NASA Sites, University Projects, Space Enterprise, Military Organizations, Military Space Systems, Launch Vehicles, Astronomy, etc.

    Spacewatch.UK - All things space. Images, sounds and video.

    Reel Orbit - Collection of space-related links.

    Woomera On The Web - This web site relates the history of Australia's activities in rocket and missile testing at the Woomera Range during the 1950's, 60's and, to a lesser extent, beyond. Woomera was once one of the world's busiest missile test centres. Many ex-residents relate their personal memories of Woomera.

    Space Exploration Online - Information on space history, current missions, rocketry, planetology, and general information. Includes bibliography and links to related resources.

    SPACE-TALK - Talk about Space, Astronomy and related topics.Catergories with forums are: Manned Exploration, Unmanned Space Missions, Space Exploration, Astronomy, How-To, Astrophysics and Astrobiology, History

    Encounter - Real Space Missions - Space missions for public participation. Individuals around the world can launch their photos, messages, and DNA beyond the solar system.

    The Astronaut Connection - Guide to space, the history of its exploration, and a cross-section of the men and women who have been in it.

    Tech Museum, The Satellite Site - Good general information including a satellite of the month.

    Space Jokes - Space and astronomy related jokes and songs.

    Exploration of Space - Latest news on events in space, including Mir, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle.

    Space - Subject directory of past, present and future missions. Includes imagery from NASA and observatories and provides information on comet and asteroid impact hazards.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Links - Answers to questions from the Kennedy Space Center. Complements the Oxford FAQ above.

    Space Exploration See The Moon Sun And Stars - Space news, moon viewer, Solar tour, satellite predictions, NASA facilities and programs, Space Telescope, and space weather. Includes science fiction links. - News and on space science and fiction. Provides links to NASA, Mir, and current launch schedules.

    Where Were You July 20, 1969? - Collecting and offering stories from people who witnessed the most famous day in the history of Earth, the day of the first Moon landing.

    The Ultimate Guide to Space - Personal page with space links.

    Space Links for the 21st Century - A resource with links to hundreds of aerospace-related sites: Aerospace and Defense Industry; Educational Institutions; Libraries; News; Publications; Research and Development; World Space Centers and Government Agencies. - Interactive archive on space program in the former USSR. Historical information on the Soviet and Russian programs.

    Applied Technology Space and Satellite Training - ATI: the leading short course provider in space, satellites, and communications design courses. ATI provides 30 public short courses in space for working engineers and scientists.

    Synthetic Aperture Radar - Sandia National Laboratories is a world leader in analyzing, designing and building high performance Microwave Imaging Radar systems, including Synthetic Aperture Radar.

    Space Exploration and Mars - Annotated links on NASA's Mars exploration program. Includes Pathfinder, follow-up space probes, current problems with NASA's Mars Program, manned missions, and advanced propulsion systems for spacecraft.

    The Trench - A former NASA Flight Dynamics Officer provides information on Mission Control, manned space missions, essays, interviews, and links to related resources. - Space reference with sections including events calendar, astrobiology & life science, astronomy, companies & commerce, education, exploration & missions.

    Brad Gould's Space Resources - Many space-related links covering media, aerospace industry, government, institutional, and personal sites.

    Space Glossary - Terms used for space.

    Student Space Exploration & Technology Initiative - A network of students,educational institutions and organisations to facilitate the distributed design, construction and launch of micro-satellites.

    Mars: Exploring the Red Planet - Multimedia presentation on the physical features of Mars, Mars exploration, and the possibility of sending manned flights to Mars. Includes related links.

    Project Starshine - Schools can participate in building and tracking a satellite launched by the NASA Space Shuttle. - Information and links relating to the exploration of outer space.

    Space Station Expert Q & A - Talk online with NASA Astronaut, Dr. Joe Allen about the first International Space Station during an ongoing question and answer session from November 6 through December 22, 2000.

    Space Design References - Links to space design and specific satellites.

    Space Component Registry Corp. - Space news, discussion, and aerospace industry information. - Resource for space education, entertainment and exploration -- featuring exciting online space exploration experiences, providing access to astronauts and their heroic stories and dreams, and live space-related events both on- and off-line.

    A Field Guide to American Spacecraft - On this site you will find the location of over 200 artifacts of America's space program including X-15's and rocket boosters.

    Cosmiverse - Cosmiverse is a portal for space and science enthusiasts.

    Valid Space Related Links -- FAST - A well-organized list of regularly validated space links, graphics-free compiled by a chapter of the National Space Society.

    Encyclopedia Astronautica - most complete resource for rockets, spacecraft, launch vehicles, astronauts, cosmonauts, spaceflight, engines, space history, & exploration

    Destination Space - Scientific insight, video clips, images, and interactive poll on the future of space exploration from National Geographic.

    Mars - Site about Mars right now, life on Mars, unmanned and manned missions, colonization, and terraforming of the planet.

    Space Exploration - Links to space, mars, astronomy,nasa,weather,scanners,web cams,science,mir,RCMP,ISS,

    Space Projects and Info - Online guide to spacecraft, space stations, launch vehicles, space planes, propulsion, history of space exploration. - SiteMap - Space portal including news, science, business, missions and launch.

    The Falcon's Nest, Space Page - Track satellites, see MIR and the International Space Station fly over your house. Plus, listen and see NASA TV, Space Shuttle LIVE, and audio clips from Kennedy Space Center.

    Eads Launch Vehicles - Civil and military space vehicle industry, Eads Launch Vehicles offers all information linked to knowledge concerning spacecraft on line: projects, equipment

    Brian's Space Hotlist - Thousands of links to quality space information. The site is intelligently organized into a number of topics, and annotations make it clear what each site listed is about.

    Space Telescopes - Source of information about space telescopes, including NASA Space station, Space shuttle, astronomy, Hubble, Ngst news.

    Russian Space Web - News and history of the Russian space program by Anatoly Zak - The latest information on the MIR reentry.

    Communications Center - Consulting services to the satellite industry with assessment of technology, financing and marketing for telecommunications systems. - A bilingual, international directory of space-related information, including constructive reform proposals focused on making space access far more affordable.

    Gareth's Space Web 2001 - Information on space, astronomy, International space station, MIR, and Mars mission

    SpaceWeb - Personal page about Space.

    Space Travel and Exploration - News, information, and resources about space exploration for the armchair space traveler.

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