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   See Also: - A sizeable selection of station history, information, maps, and news on the Mir reentry. With several videos, including reentry footage.

    Shuttle-Mir: An Experiment in Science and Politics - Discussion of the political and scientific goals of the Shuttle-Mir missions and how successful the program was in achieving these goals. Includes interviews with crew members that worked on the station. [CNN]

    Six Months on Mir - Feature Article. NASA Astronaut Shannon Lucid chronicles her 6-month sojourn on the Russian MIR space station. [Scientific American]

    Mir + 10 - A report on the tenth anniversary of the Mir space station and a discussion of its future in the face of the limited funding and resources of the Russian space program. [CNN]

    Ground Control - Transcript of an interview about the mission of the Atlantis space shuttle to the Mir station in 1997, and about the increasing problems with maintaining the aging space station. [PBS]

    Mishaps on Mir - An annotated chronology of the numerous technical problems and human errors that plagued the Mir space station in 1997 and 1998.

    Mir Reflections - A short editorial commentary on the Mir station. [John Shepler]

    After Glory Era, Cash Woes Hobble Russian Space Program - The Soviet government gave its space program a high priority. In the post-communist rule, the Russian space program is impeded by a severe cash shortage and its future looks bleak. [CNN]

    NOVA: Terror in Space - A NOVA documentary about the mishap-filled visit of American astronaut Jerry Linenger to Mir. Includes information on a typical day aboard the station, mission mishaps, an interview with Linenger, and a timeline of space age disasters.

    Moscow, We Have a Problem - An interview with NASA officials about a serious accident aboard the Mir station caused when the Mir cosmonauts lost control of a resupply ship, crashing it into the space station. The collision caused a depressurization and damaged the station's solar panels. [PBS]

    With Us Via Satellite - An interview with American astronaut David Wolf, who served on the Mir space station in 1997, and his Russian counterparts. [PBS]

    Coming Apart? - A report on the future of Mir and the continuing American participation in the space station after a series of dangerous mishaps and critical system failures in 1997 threatened the lives of Russian and American crew. [PBS]

    Mir in 3D - An interactive, three-dimensional model of the Mir space station. Requires the Cult 3-D plug-in.

    Office of Space Flight: Mir - NASA's guide to the Mir Space Station, including a guide to the missions which have supported it.

    MIRed in Mishaps - An interview with NASA and Russian Space Agency officials about a series of critical accidents and system failures aboard the Mir space station in mid-1997. [PBS]

    Mir's Woes Raise Doubts about U.S.-Russian Cooperation - A report on the Mir station's problems in space and questions about the reliability of the Russians as partners in the International Space Station program. [CNN]

    Mir Space Station - A report on the Mir space station, describing the assembly of its modules in orbit. Includes video clips of the station.

    Mir Space Station Photo Gallery - A small gallery featuring photos of Russia's Mir Space Station.

    Mir Space Station - History, news, images, and information on research on the station.

    Mir: A Rich Chronology - Descriptions of key events in Mir's history. []

    Mission Mir - A handful of CNN articles and multimedia about the Mir spacestation, from 1997-1998.

    The Men Behind Mir's Financial Rescue - Information on the financial plan telecommunications entrepreneurs Walt Anderson and Rick Tumlinson that saved the Mir station from being shut down and reentered into the Earth's Atmosphere in 1999. Includes links to related stories. []

    Pacific Ditching for Mir in February - The aged Mir space station will be ditched in February in a controlled descent that will send it hurtling into a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, Russia's Cabinet has said. [CNN]

    Russia Loses Contact with Mir - Russia's mission control has lost contact with the unmanned space station Mir, a mission control spokeswoman said on Tuesday. [CNN]

    Mir Dumping Delayed - Russian space officials have postponed the dumping of the Mir space station until mid-March. [CNN]

    Mir Gets a New Crash Date - News notice that the new estimated date for Mir's demise is March 20, with some re-entry information. [Wired News]

    Mir's Fiery Finale - News coverage of the Mir reentry, from Includes multimedia, an archive of past stories, and reentry footage.

    Mir Falls to Earth - A CNN in-depth site with news and resources relating to Mir's demise.

    A Mir Retrospective - Streaming audio from NPR's Talk of the Nation, with several guests commenting on station. [National Public Radio]

    Orbital Complex Mir 1986-2001 - Excerpts from a book containing pictures, drawings, and photos of the space station's modules.

    Space Station Mir - Aggregate listing of many New York Times articles on Mir, 1997-2001. Free registration required.

    Mir: Will It Crash or Splash? - A look at the risks before Mir's splashdown. [Wired News]

    Mir: A Look Back - Mission history, facts, overview, and wrapup. [Discovery Chanel Canada]

    Mir Today, Gone Tomorrow - News on Mir's descent, and crash contingency plans. [The Guardian]

    Keep Mir Alive - Historical information on efforts to keep the Mir space station in operation through non-government sources of funding.

    The Mir that fell to Earth - Early report on a rumored Russian decision to end the Mir mission. [BBC News]

    Mir: The End - News announcement of Russia's plans to deorbit Mir. [BBC News]

    Mir Maneuvers Before Risky Plunge - Russian mission controllers prepared to stabilize the spinning space station Mir before its final plunge. [CNN]

    Rest in Peace, Mir - A look a Mir's pending demise. [Discovery News]

    2 Soviet Cosmonauts Lofted Toward New Space Station - An original report from the first manned mission to Mir. Free registration required. [New York Times]

    Chat Transcript: Miles O'Brien - A space correspondent answers questions about Mir and its pending demise. [CNN]

    Mir Space Station Sees Final Days - News summary of Mir's finale. [Washington Post]

    Mir Space Station 1986-2001 - BBC News presents an illustrated history of the station.

    Mir Set for Final Descent - Russian officials announce Mir is ready to be scuttled. [BBC News]

    eBay Shuts Down Mir Auctions - The leading auction site halts several Mir wreckage listings. [News.Com]

    Slate: MIR Crashes Cartoons - A dozen editorial cartoons about the reentry.

    Past Point Of No Return - News update that Mir is below sustainable orbit. [CBS News]

    Mir Makes Fiery Plunge Into Pacific - News report with pictures and video. [Associated Press]

    Mir Crashes; Wreckage on eBay - A look at the alleged Mir remains being auctioned. [Wired News]

    Pranks Show Lighter Side of Mir - A look at the fun times had aboard Mir. [Moscow Times]

    Russia Unveils Mir 2 But Spacecraft Construction Not on the Agenda - An early report on plans for Mir's successor.

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